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Dell Streak 5 confirmed for late summer on AT&T

We had a strong feeling the Dell Streak 5 was coming to AT&T and now Michael Dell himself has confirmed it. For his keynote speech at the Citrix Synergy conference, Mr. Dell surprised a packed house by pulling out a Streak to show off the Citrix Receiver app. His demo only lasted one minute, but Dell told the crowd the Streak 5 would land on 02 Telefonica in Europe next month and that would be followed by a late summer launch on AT&T.

Earlier reports had placed the Dell Streak 5 around a late August, early September launch, but this is the first time a U.S. carrier has been announced. We believe T-Mobile also has their eye on the device and a version with support for T-Mobile’s 3G was spotted on the FCC’s site. However, AT&T was the first carrier to partner with Dell when they announced the Aero, so it makes sense they get first dibs on the Steak.

Some expected we would see the Streak by now since Michael Dell has been flashing it around since January. Early prototypes of the device ran Android 1.6, but Dell is said to be working around the clock to upgrade the firmware to Android 2.1. Depending what we learn next week at Google I/O, I guess it’s possible Android 2.2 might even be included.

“This will be available starting next month, first with our partner 02 Telefonica in Europe, then later this summer with our pretty good partner here in the United States, AT&T.”Michael DellCEO Dell

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Source: eWeek

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  • http://Website bubbles says

    Wow, another device that isnt going to T mobile USA, T mob should just give it up. Who is running t mobile, they should be fired. I am either going to go to Verizon or Sprint. This device looks good also but don’t like at&t

    • http://Website phoebetech

      I totally agree. I wish it were going to TMo. I am not going to abandon ship just yet. My two year contract ends when TMo starts their HPSA+ rollout. I’m guessing that we will see a heavy hitter just for the rollout and not some 2nd rate phone.

    • robotmaxtron

      Not going to T-Mobile yet, there’s FCC documentation clearing the Tombile 3G bands. I’m sure this will end up as both AT&T AND T-Mobile.

      Secondly, the Nexus One I feel is the nicest phone currently available not to mention the support from the XDA Developers. T-Mobile was the only carrier to subsidize the phone at all unlike AT&T. Sprint AND Verizon both nixed the phone in favor of something a bit more exclusive.

      Third. AT&T has a nasty habit of locking down and removing all sorts of features like on the Backflip and the upcoming Areo,

      Big Red (Verizon) does seem to be jumping on the Android train pretty hard but I’ll never go over to Big Red until the LTE rollout. GSM > CDMA.

    • Ryan McKay

      T-mo hasn’t done bad, unsure why you’d jump ship just for a phone. Their customer service has been great to me, and they have had great phones in the past. The first Android phone came to them remember? They also have the only subsidized version of the Nexus One at the moment too. They recently also got the HD2, while not an android is still an awesome phone from what I’ve seen and been told. And the article says that it looks like the Streak will be going to T-mo as well. Not to mention that they are the only company doing non-contract plans out of the big 5.

      So why are you jumping ship again?

      P.S. I know it’s ultimately your decision, but if you’re going to jump ship over a phone, you’ll get stuck in a 2 year contract that will just annoy you once T-Mobile grabs either another great phone you want, or you’re forced to call customer service at AT&T.

  • http://Website Josh

    Come on TMO, Project Emerald better be something insanely good. I was counting on picking up this phone and once again you have dissapointed me. :(

    • http://Website MIkeU

      The phone is coming to TMO.. its just not coming first..

  • http://Website derek

    What lockdown on the backflip, you can change the yahoo search to Google and as far as no 3rd party apps can you really say you download enough to bother with it.

    • http://Website Switch L.

      Are you serious? The only feature you relish is changing your search engine! & Yes I personally use A LOT of third party apps. AT&T destroys the essential purpose of Android which is customization! And for the record there are a vast array of third-party apps floating around, in depth I get PAID apps for free on T-Mo and I know people who get PAID apps for free on Sprint. I can understand why AT&T would block this feature, but truthfully and in all honesty that sucks.

  • http://Website jp

    Yea I wish I had TMo. I have at&t but I’m not too satisfied with them. Plus I ended up buying TMo phones the last few times anyway :) I’ve been using my good ol’ g1 as of lately.

  • http://Website jp2dj1

    Bravo, bravo, bravo!!!! [(While clapping once for every bravo) slowly] LOL! Furthermore T-Mobile you’re still number five! Go #5! Go #5!

    • http://Website Switch L.

      Well I guess that makes AT&T a close 6th right. Choose AT&T: Because overpricing and putting profit over consumer demands is cool!

  • http://Website NODO-GT

    will this phone be available as unlocked???
    i want new android phone so much….
    EVO 4G, Dell or Samsung Galaxy S
    but i need unlocked phone, so i can use it with local carriers… :|

    • Ryan McKay

      You can get any phone unlocked. As long as you are current on your payments with your mobile company, just call them and ask them for the unlock code for your phone. It takes a bit of time but it’s way easy to do.

  • movers

    Did you guys not read the article Tmobile is getting the phone as well. I will be interested in this model….just wish the htc hd2 was android.

  • RollinRob

    What is t-mo doing over there? I’ve been waiting for a decent phone for years!! I know they like to push their MY TOUCH phones, BUT COME ON!! For all I care, as long as they pick up a good high-end android phone the can call it MY TOUCH (insert whatever they want here). I’m so close to jumping over to Verizon or Sprint. I don’t care what phones AT&T has, NEVER GOING BACK TO THEM!!

  • http://Website matt

    T-mobile rocks. Been with them for almost 5 years. I have the moto cliq droid and it kills my boyfriends Iphone. And they’re so much cheaper than att,verizon all of ‘em. Never swithching :)

  • http://Website Crecencio

    Tmobile customer service is awesome !!! just wish we had better choices of phones, but I never plan on leaving them. prices are great to match their customer service.

  • http://android dee

    this is my 1st choice if the price is close to nexus one!! whats taking soooooo long for them to release a price!!!!!! PLUS my friends are to cheap to get a great phone like this!!!!!!!!

  • TUG265

    I will be so let down if TMO doesn’t get this phone. It will be the 4 really good phone that they let slip through their fingers. WinMobile is garbage, and it’s a waist of a good phone…HD2, that phone should have been an Android.

  • http://Website kevin

    a dell? as if their puters are shitty enough? they are trying to branch out into phones? more shit they cant fix lmao

  • http://Website Glenn

    I concur with most posts. I believe Tmo & Nexus One is the best current smartphone combo available so I hope Dell gets the M5 with them ASAP and that it will be running Froyo (Android 2.2). Until then, I am VERY happy with Tmo and my N1 which greatly surpasses my years of inferior overpriced experiences with AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.