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Dell Streak 5 finally official, coming to U.S. this summer

Don’t call it a smartphone. Formerly referred to as the Mini 5, the upcoming Dell Streak is “the ultimate portable tablet PC”.

We were quite impressed with the specs of the Streak when Michael Dell showed it off in January, but don’t expect this phone in the United States till “later this summer”. The Streak will ship first in June across the UK at O2 stores, Carphone Warehouse, and

While it initially looked like a stellar device, the Streak has suffered the same fate as the Xperia X10. Both were revealed too early ahead of their U.S. launch dates and have been passed up by newer phones from HTC and Motorola. The current version of the Streak is still running Android 1.6 (like the X10), but Dell is expected to upgrade it to Android 2.2 and beyond later this year.

No carrier was officially announced for the U.S., but Mr. Dell himself said it was coming to AT&T and this was confirmed by a listing on the FCC site.

Is the 5 inch display enough to win you over? Or is it too little too late?

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Source: SlashGear

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  • http://Website derloos

    Good size, but I want webOS or iPhone OS on it.

  • http://Website Zed

    “Dell Streak 5 finally official, coming to U.S. this summer” – leave it out. The news/headline should be it is coming to the UK, then US.

  • http://Website plainbrad

    I don’t want that big of a display. I actually think the 4″ displays are too big. my phone has to fit in my pocket.

  • http://Website TheGMan

    Where do you carry this? We’ll need special pockets.

  • http://Website James King

    I love this phone concept. I am hoping the rumors of it coming to TMobile actually come to reality. I am sure that it will be awkward in a pocket, but the 5 inch screen is one of my favorite features. I just hope that they up the specs (2.2) to keep pace with current phones. If so, consider me sold.

    • jalberty

      I’m with you. I like this phone’s specs, and do hope it finds its way to Tmobile. I’m sure it will get Froyo.

  • http://Website Darkseider

    Coming to AT&T and is sure to be gimped to hell just like the Backflip, Aero and every other Android device going to AT&T in the near future.

  • http://Website joeskie

    Either you go fill blown tablet or dont go any biger than 4.3″. Akward sizes make pockets and hands angry. Not to mention the bastardized android os that will be on there. Its one thing to launch a phone today with 1.6 and its another to launch a phone with a cripple version of an outdated os. Go f yourself att.

  • http://Website Vlad

    As a phone this thing is useless. The Evo is about as large a phone as I would carry (and even it’s pushing it). But I can see this working as a small tablet. I will buy one assuming they offer it at a reasonable price without a contract (~$300-350). Otherwise I’ll stick to the iPad an wait for the Verizon Android tablet.

  • AndMac

    5″ is pushing it for a phone, but it may be nice. My problem is that Dell products, while generally well-made, are often of marginal design. The giant (not very attractive) logo doesn’t help, nor the rest of the writing plastered over the phone. Finally, OS 1.6 is really a no go. This thing will have a tough time against the EVO, the new Droid, and all the other Android goodies coming out in the next few months.

  • SadSack

    I’m more than ready to give the 5″ screen a go-round. So far the biggest screen I’ve used is the iPhone’s 3.5″ 480X320 pixel display. It should really hum with the rumored Amazon Video On Demand app (I have quite a lot of content on Amazon VOD).

  • http://Website jay

    that thing is fucking huge.

  • http://Website Pax

    I want one….only with Froyo

  • http://Website Pax

    Suppose to be shipped with 2.1 when releaded in USA, upgraded to 2.2 by year end.

  • http://Website Keith

    Y’all need to take some wieght gainer and hit some weights… This phone is not too big. Its just right. I wouldnt even mind a 6″ screen. Hopefully it comes to Tmo so i can scoop this up.

  • http://Website Verbosity

    Great, they chose AT&T which is going to 2 GB for $25 plus $10 per 1 GB there after for in-phone data usage. Basically that means if you actually use it once it has flash to stream full videos, be prepared to shell out $100+/month if you go to places that don’t have free wi-fi (like me) and actually use the power of this phone.

    Couldn’t AT&T at least given a discount if I knew I wanted to use 5 GB, 10 GB, or 20 GB per month. From personal experience, 5 days of streaming 2-3 hours of netflix is 3 GB of data (I was on vacation) – and that was before HD streaming was available.

    This device is getting close to what I want. Still would want to be able to ink on it for input (with good hand writing recognition, inking is a very natural way to input data on a small device), and I would definitely use a headset to use the phone aspect of this. Heck, I might even get into video conferencing with the front face camera since I hate the lack of facial/body signals that talking on a phone has – but, again, that all consumes in-phone data and I don’t want to have to find a wi-fi hotspot in order to avoid a $200+ monthly phone bill. If you didn’t have the caps AT&T, you may have gotten me off Verizon – quite a feat since their network is poor in the areas near where I live.