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Dolphin Browser HD arrives for Android 2.0+ users

Good news for you Android 2.0+ users. A new version of the popular Dolphin Browser, named Dolphin Browser HD, has just been released on the Android Market. Dolphin HD boasts some pretty awesome enhancements including multiple tab viewing, full multi-touch gestures,  a thumbnail “flick” menu, gesture based search and URLs, YouTube downloader, and browser extensions.

Dolphin Browser HD is now available on the Android market. More details on the browser can be found in the following video released by the developer.

Already trying out Dolphin Browser HD? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • http://Website aar0n

    Pretty awesome. it replaced my stock browser after two minutes of using it.

    • http://Website Lulu

      Me too. I have tried so many browsers but always go back to the stock browser. But Dolphin HD totally wins me over.

  • nathan118

    Only thing that bugs me is that while it’s still loading, the url bar at the top doesn’t move. Even if I scroll down to start reading an article, the bar stays there, and I only have this little window to read within.

    The tabs are neat, but other than that, meh. Fennec has me more excited, but it’s pretty much unusable in the pre-beta state.

    • http://Website mek

      Great..* I downloaded it recently on my nexus one today, although I cant say I would prefer this one than opera mini or fennec (future)

    • Zeak

      Turn on the Fullscreen mode in the settings. It pins off the bar from the top after the page is totally loaded.

    • uhanrodric

      I agree with the URL bar not moving. I mean it’s a small detail that doesn’t make this app a no for me by any means. I’m still in the “playing with it mode”. However, so far, I’ve used it longer than any of the “other” browsers out there. And it’s purdy!

      • uhanrodric

        Edit: Read Zeak’s comment after typing mine. Lol. I will be trying to unpin it. Thanks for the heads up Zeak!

  • http://Website LipGloss712

    nice! using dolphin on my G1 so i’ll use the new one when i get the evo.

  • JDuverge

    Feature-rich and just overall awesomeness. Replaced Skyfire on my N1.

  • Canterrain

    I’m curious, JDuverge. One of the main reasons I’ve used Skyfire in place of my stock browser is the video decoding for all flash. What benefits does this provide to outweigh that?

  • http://Website badkid

    Looks like they stole many features including UI from xScope browser. Plugins aren’t really plugins yet. They’re just the original features removed and seperated into something that can be a plugin now. Advertisement in free version, No homepage option.

    I don’t see this as a browser, I see this as a controlled viewing experience.

    This is not something I want.

    RSS feeds addon? Really? it’s a URL.

  • Zacqary Adam Green

    Ugh…there are ads on the bookmarks page.

    No, I will not tolerate in-app ads in my browser. It’s too much of a core program for me to be okay with that. If they offer an ad-free pay version, then I’ll take another look to see if I’d want to pay for it. But until then, I don’t want to get too attached.

    • http://Website Jive

      There is a paid ad-free version, just search “Dolphin License” in the market

  • http://Website erick

    great. another app half of the android community can’t enjoy..

    • Diz(WARE)

      Just download the regular version…there really isn’t that much different from this version and the original from what I can tell.

  • http://Website jerry_nz


  • j_norton

    This browser is awesome. Nexus One

  • MotoZine

    Work fine in my Motorola Milestone but not available yet for my Motorola Cliq XT. Dolphin HD cant play video youtube in the browser. Much better use my ‘Motorola Cliq XT’ built in ‘Flash Lite’, original browser can play video youtube and play flash game without third party application.

  • http://Website Krong

    Too bad, it does not have bookmark folder :(

    It is difficult to manage bookmarks without folder.

    And I cannot believe Android does not think about this!

    • Zeak

      Well, it doesn’t have the browsing history as well. Hopefully they’ll fix. Overall it’s the best browser out there.

      • http://Website Jive

        I’m able to access my history by going to Menu > Bookmarks > Most Visited (tab on bottom) and tapping “History” at the top of the list.

  • Zeak

    Amazing. Just don’t forget to change the default theme to velvet one.Super!

  • Saint_Viper

    Love it, much better than default (HTC Desire)

  • SpykeZ

    I like the other one a lot better, this one seems like its trying to be too did they leave out the fact the address bar stays visible? The amount of bookmarks it forces on you after install is ridiculous not to mention I had no need for any of them

    I went back to the original after 5 five minutes, dont fix what’s not broken

  • vkelman

    What I found particularly nice is “Mobile View (GWT)” feature, accessible through menu button. It allows to read web sites not designed for mobile phones.

  • vkelman

    I don’t understand what you’re saying about address bar staying visible. When you load a page it automatically scrolls down a little bit, hiding address bar. And I found it really convenient that you can scroll back up to see and copy URL.

  • http://Website CeZ

    absolutely top class browser for any smartphone! This is better than stock, or Opera Mini, or Fennic, or even Skyfire.

    One function i would love to have would be a easy switch between desktop version/mobile version just like skyfire. It seems this Dolphin HD can switch into mobile version but cant easily switch back to desktop version, or perhaps i havent found out how to do it.

    Anyway, this defintely sets the new standard.

    • http://Website Jive

      You can change to desktop mode by going to Menu > More > Settings and changing the User Agent setting. It’s not really fast, but it’s in there.

  • Mocha K

    wtf i can’t even try it. Wow t-mobile, just wow.

    • Anthony Domanico

      I’m on T-Mobile and I’m having no problems. What phone you running?

    • http://Website Garet

      You are blaming T-mobile?? maybe its your phone not T-mobile it says 2.0 are you using a phone with Android 2.0+

      • Mocha K

        Nope im still on 1.6, and not comfortable with rooting it.

        • http://Website Steven

          So the post obviously says 2.0+, not 1.6, obviously its not going to work on your phone.

          • Mocha K

            Obviously, thats why I said it.

        • http://Website meh

          Instead of blaming T-Mobile blame yourself for not reading the fine print that says 2.0+ not 1.6.

    • http://Website Nithin Jino

      Let me guess. You have the T-Mobile G1 or the Mytouch 3G (original, fender, or 1.2) and you have android 1.6. Or maybe you got motoblur devices (android 1.5) or the behold 2 (Android 1.6) and is not rooted.

      I have the original Mytouch 3G and am running a fully functional version of stock Android 2.1-update1 (CyanogenMod 5.0.7).

      I feel sorry for you.

  • http://Website jonathan

    Wow. This browser is the best there is, period. Those gestures are amazing. The purple theme is a nice Gallery 2.1 look. Addons. Everything is just great. I’m amazed.

    There is a paid version to get rid of the ads. I’m doing it.

  • Hugh Briss

    xScope is still better.

  • http://Website D.J.

    Is really nice so far. Love the the tabs, love the looks of the browser, even the gestures that I didn’t like or use in the original are good. If the stability holds up, this will replace the stock browser for me. I’ll continue to use Skyfire for Flash video.

  • Androlisis

    [...] Dolphin Browser HD ha salido hoy con la intención de meterse entre los grandes de la navegación [...]

  • bdveteran18

    As soon as i saw it in the Market I downloaded it and have been using it since. Great app. Definitely prefer it over the stock. Havent installed fennec yet. Probably will today to compare to the beta so far.

  • http://Website Steven

    I used the regular dolphin browser for a while but I liked the stock browser better. Then I eventually switched to Fennec, which I love. I have also tried Opera and didn’t like it either. I don’t know what everyone is talking about how Fennec does not work well in its current stage but its my stock browser and it works seamlessly just like the stock android one, with no problems. I’m using a Nexus One.

  • http://Website Steven

    I meant skyfire in my previous post ^ That’s what I used as my stock browser.

  • SGB101

    i have to say WOW WOW and WOW.

    this browser is as quick if not quicker than the stock 2.1 browser, but with the look that the new gen pones deserve. plus it is real feature rich.

    one con so far is the gestures tab is in the wrong position for me, instead of the bottom left is should be bottom right corner. sa when you sign in to accounts the gesture tab can overlay the sign in tab.

    apart from that very impressed :-)

    • Saint_Viper

      You can change it from bottom left to bottom right in the settings.

      • SGB101

        thank you my main man :-)

  • http://Website Jive

    I like it. Very nice polish, which was one thing I found lacking in the clunkier UI of the earlier versions. This may be the first 3rd party browser I’ll actually use! It has already replaced the stock browser icon on my homescreen.

  • http://Website philip

    Been using it for two days.I like it

  • nealtucker

    I love this browser so far. I do wish there was a quick way to change between desktop and mobile versions of web pages, like in Skyfire. I see that I’m not alone in that. Great browser, though! And, it seems faster than the others, but I don’t know that for sure. Highly recommended.

  • http://Website Matt

    Wow, the pinch to zoom seems so much smoother now.

  • http://Website TCT08

    It seems quicker than my default browser on my Incredible but it seems to lack the auto text reformatting when you zoom in. I’ll keep trying it for awhile but I’m rather fond of the aforementioned feature.

    • SGB101

      text resize’in seems to be fine on the (my) desire.

  • http://Website Josh

    One thing I miss is that circular pop out menu from the original browser. That was one of my favorite things about dolphin: its unique UI features, but now, they took out my circular pop up menu, and it’s a little bit annoying…one thing I love about the new browser though is sideswipe to show tabs.

  • http://Website onthefritz

    huge improvement. love it!

  • http://Website Kart

    No Yotube downloader is the Download video option is there

    • Sinanovski

      My Chrome died trying to decode that. lol :D

  • http://Website dave

    >No Yotube downloader is the Download video option is there

    Strong, the force is.

  • Sinanovski

    Needs moar powar!!

  • http://Website fallofshadows

    This is definitely replacing the stock browsing, which I have been using since I got my Droid Incredible. The Dolphin HD interface isn’t nearly as simplistic as the stock Browser, which isn’t a bad thing, I’m just not used to it yet.

    It seems like Dolphin took a few ideas from Fennec (Mozilla firefox for mobile, for those who don’t know) which is a pretty good thing, although I am still excited to see what Fennec is like when it’s finally workable on Android…

    Either way, from my experiences so far, I’ll give Dolphin HD a 4.5 out of 5. The interface is a tad weird, menus flying this way and that, but I’m sure with experience and a hopefully short learning curve, this will be a 5 star app!

  • http://Website donnie vaughn


  • http://Website jcnet

    just download for Samsung Epic I’m testing. Very nice. Has all the features that seemed to be missing from the stock browser. Open Platforms rule.

    Somewhat off topic, but any chance we might see support for java/jre on Andrloid browsers. There is this secure Gateway web based Juniper client that I’d love to see running on a mobile for access to intranet applications.

    Thank you.

  • http://Website Terrie


  • http://Website Terry

    This is my new default browser on my Droid X. Love this. This should be the standard on all smartphones. Can do so much more than any other browser I used. Switched after only a few minutes using it.

  • Technology Cloud
  • http://Website Dean

    I love it, looks so cool. Replaced stock dolphin browser, but I have a few niggles I would like help with.

    I have samsung galaxy s and use the return / back button all the time. But on dolphin hd it asks to exit each time. How do I fix it so it justs goes back to the last page???

    Also in full screen looks great but no menu phone or dolphin bar . If I go normal sreen, I have stock phone bar and half of dolphin bar. I would like full phone screen in use but with dolphin bar.

    Id also like to turn off this swype rubbish and just have direction arrows.

    Otherwise love it.

  • Alan

    dolphin browser is a great browser no doubt and now you can also get dolphin browser for pc by using bluestacks, it is really one of the best browsers for android .