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Don’t be a Slacker this Mother’s Day

Ok guys, Mother’s Day is this Sunday. If you order from Amazon, there is still time to overnight your gift (you can’t go wrong with the Kindle).

Or…you could win your mom a free subscription to Slacker Radio Plus. In order to celebrate Mother’s Day, Slacker has created a special radio station for Mom and they are allowing us to give away five 1-year subscriptions to their Radio Plus service.

If you have never heard of Slacker, some of you Android fans might be familiar with Pandora. Slacker allows you to listen to free personalized radio on your mobile phone, with millions of songs from 1000s of artists. The services are similar, but Slacker offers 4x the music catalog of Pandora. This is because they work with the labels and they constantly provide fresh content.

The application is free for anyone to download(see QR code), but users can also sign up for a Radio Plus account with premium features.

The benefits of Radio Plus include:

  • No ads: Upgrade and you’ll never have to hear an audio ad or see a banner ad again! You’ll enjoy unlimited and uninterrupted listening with Slacker Radio Plus.
  • Unlimited skips: With Slacker Radio Plus you can skip as many songs as you want. Basic Radio listeners are limited to 6 song skips per hour, per station.
  • Complete song lyrics: Want to sing along? Slacker Radio Plus subscribers get complete lyrics to all available songs. You can read the lyrics as you listen to your favorites.
  • Unlimited song requests: Create perfect custom stations by requesting an unlimited number of your favorite songs. Simply search for any artist and pick the songs you like to add to your station.
  • Station caching: This let’s you enjoy your station whether connected or not and gives you about 5x the battery life vs. streaming.

How to win

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day from Slacker Personal Radio.

To enter the contest, just leave a comment on why your Mom is “the best”. Our readers will filter up their favorite entries using the comment voting system. The contest will run for 24 hrs and we will post the five winners tomorrow night. Please fill out the email field when leaving a comment so we can contact you if you win.


Ok so the comment voting idea didn’t work out, so we randomly selected 5 winners. Look for an email from Taylor to confirm your free 1yr subscription to Slacker Radio Plus.

  • Andrew
  • hiddengopher
  • Shawn Hunt
  • J4ck.exe
  • Scott Peterson
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  • http://Website Andrew

    My mother taught me how to cook, and I have to cook to eat, and survive. I love her for that!

  • Brombomb

    A kindle!? What Blasphemy! A Nook is where its at!

  • http://Website hiddengopher

    My mom should win this because she inherited my G1 and has a custom ROM, kernel, and theme on it.

  • http://Website @darifresh

    It’d be easier to list why my mom is not great and deserving! For one I’m a handsome young devil you see because I look just like her. Two, she raised me too be an individual anr go for what I desire. This of course set me free from Steve Jobs mind control and led me to strike out instead to my wonderful Android phone. Thirdly, and I’ll make this my final reason even though I can fill the internet with reasons is because she’s helped me so much and the least I can do is provide her some new workout music.

  • http://Website Stephen

    My mother is kinda crazy and bitchy.

    My kids’ mother (my wife) is wonderful and should get something for free. She deals with teenage angst from our 14 year old, and preschool precociousness from our 3 year old–and she does so without losing her cool. I do not know how she does it, because I want to choke the crap out of the teenager, and i get suckered into things by the 3 year old. There is no way I am in competition for Father’s Day, so somebody here should get some recognition.

  • Levi

    Where the iPhone failed, Android succeeded. Soon as my mother used Android, she left her “Feature” phone days behind and rocks the Nexus One now.

    How my mother ended up with a better phone than me bewilders me, but they always say “Mom Knows Best” and literally, she does.

  • Ramon

    My mom is the best because she worked hard to provide food and ensure I have a future!

  • http://Website Antonio

    My mom is the best because she’s just awesome and raised me up single and worked and yet she still had time for everthing else…never knew how she did it.

  • http://Website Kalil S

    My Mom Is The Best Even Dough I Got Lot of Beating,and Yelling Basically In N Lots of Trouble Being a Bad Kid When I was Younger She Stick By My Side and Supported Most Thing I Do, Now Imma Successful College Student But The Reason She the Best Holiday of 2008 When I Lost My Job & I Been Trying TO Save Up Enough Cash To By My G1 & Ps3, And Christmas That Year She came Thru And Brought Me My G1 & a PS3 EVEN Dough I Told Her I didnt Want Nothing For Christmas. Love U Mom

  • http://Website Ashlan Morgan

    My moms the best because despite the fact my dad would verbally abuse her and always put her down, she still has the courage to think shes beautiful. She’s a single parent working at a hard job that requires a lot of strenuous labor, and she can still come and want to hang out and watch a movie with us. She gives all that she has to my sister and I, and always puts us first, and does her best to put a smile on our faces. She may not be perfect but she’s definitely the best.

  • Brian H

    My mom’s the best because of the crazy things she says…. she’s like the mom version of S*** My Dad Says. Oh, what’s that, you want examples?

    - Upon hearing that a former boss was gay: “Actually Brian, I kinda knew that… the Holy Spirit told me”

    - Upon seeing my dog get humped by an alpha male at a dog park: *Gasp* “There’s no penetration, is there?”

    And so on. Don’t get me wrong, I love her lots, but part of her charm is in the heightened sense of eccentricity..

  • http://Website alex

    Well my mom is like every mom in he world, a mom, lol, but i think she is the best no matter what happens i can tell her anything, at any time even in the worst situations, i couldn’t wish for a better mom, she helps me with everything if i need help with anything, that includes cooking when i need it, she gives me money, buys me clothes, most importantly gives me LOVE, something i would take over anything in the world, she taught me that no matter what happens i can get through it, that everyone falls, but you need real strength to get back up, this is the reason why i love my mom, and my dad=)
    Happy Early Mother’s Day to all moms out there

  • http://Website Joel

    My mom, she is great. When ever I need something she is there. Plus she can buy close for me, Unlike myself and my dad. Plus she let me Upgrade from my Instinct to a HTC HERO. Then I get a EVO day one because of Sprint Premier. She cooks like a beast man, Tuna Stake anyone? Sushi? Plus any crap I might wiggle my self in to she would be there to get me out, or at least help! She Finances any purchases i make,without interest lets see a Credit card do that!
    How can you compare moms? You freaking can’t they were made to be the greatest. They always know what is right, …. and left, But as a last note Happy Mothers Day to all of you Moms out there!

    • Shadow591

      My mom, she is great. When ever I need something she is there. Plus she can buy close for me, Unlike myself and my dad. Plus she let me Upgrade from my Instinct to a HTC HERO. Then I get a EVO day one because of Sprint Premier. She cooks like a beast man, Tuna Stake anyone? Sushi? Plus any crap I might wiggle my self in to she would be there to get me out, or at least help! She Finances any purchases i make,without interest lets see a Credit card do that!
      How can you compare moms? You freaking can’t they were made to be the greatest. They always know what is right, …. and left, But as a last note Happy Mothers Day to all of you Moms out there!

      I Just Made an Account.

      Also she had the best cars, 240Z, Saab Turbo, Prelude, Mustang, GTO. Dude sweet >.<

    • Shadow591

      I forgot that on Black Friday we went to NFM to get a laptop, we stood in line for 3-4 Hours. She stood in line for me when I needed to warm up and gave me her jacket, Fake Fur FTW, It shorted out my zune a couple of times though : ( When they came around with the Vouchers we did not get what we wanted, a Sony Laptop. So what does she do? Lets me pick a better more expensive laptop! Still have it to this day.
      Posting 3 times, maybe this is why my English teacher wants me to write a rough draft?

      Also who is the guy who though that -1 every post was a Cool Thing to do?

    • http://Website Joel

      It does not matter what i say about my mom some one is going to -1 this post!

      • http://Website Ashlan Morgan

        Yeah, people are doing the voting to win. Not for their moms. And thats what its all about right? its dumbb.

  • http://Website Joshua Santiago

    Well I came into this world knowing nothing and my mom has helped teach and is still teaching me to this day. She helped me in middle school because of the fact I completely hated school and refused to learn. Without her, I would have never been able to go to private school, and she wouldn’t have tought me the importance of education. She is helping me cook, managing money, and even the importance of family. I don’t know, I see lots of parents out there who don’t do as much for their kids as my mom has done not only for me but for my sisters as well. She cares about others and doesn’t judge. I love her so much and I wish her a happy mothers day, as well as every other mother. They deserve it.

  • http://Website Shawn Hunt

    My mom stood out in the cold for 3 hours on launch day of the droid while I was at school. Not only did she get me a droid when it first came out, she brought it to school for me so I could show it off to all the other kids in class. This was my first android phone and now I am hooked on android. She had this all planned out for me and took the morning off of work just to do this for me. The best part of all of this, was the fact that I had no idea I was getting a droid and figured if I was lucky I could get one for Christmas. I love my mom not only because she bought me a droid, but because she saw how excited I was getting reading androidandme and the forums about it before launch and went to all this trouble to make me the happiest kid in the world!

  • dethduck

    Yeah, my Mom’s the best because she puts up with me. Why would she do that? I’ll never know.

  • J4ck.exe

    My mom deserves the slacker radio plus membership because she agreed to go against her suburban country club friends and get us droids for Christmas instead of lame ole iPhones. Without her I would have never found my new favorite site android & me!

  • http://Website Scott Peterson

    The best Mom out there is mine for certain. She is the one who first introduced me to the Atari 800, Compute! and Antic magazines thus cementing my lifelong passion with technology. She took me to monthly geek gatherings at the local college and introduced me to a different breed of bright and fun people. My Mom helped me code a program as a school project. The program was a quiz on random facts about the Hawaiian Islands. It booted from a cassette tape deck and the questions/answers were displayed on a black and white television. It was much cooler than the half-dozen fizzing volcano projects that other kids did.

    In short, my Mom does all sorts of things that other great Moms do for their children. She provides love, security and understanding. But what makes her the best was that she encouraged my curiosity in tech.

    From a very early age I understood that a butter-knife was as good for spreading peanut butter as it was for prying open a perfectly good piece of electronics just to see how it worked.

    Thanks Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

    Your son.

    • http://Website Scott Peterson

      Thank you Scott. I am so glad we could share the journey together….. Make sure you pass the exploration of life on to you children.. Love MoM

  • http://Website angie kay

    My mom is the best every because she has always supported me and is even helping me plan my wedding in las vegas! She is always encouraging & listens whenever I complain about my job.

  • http://Website Randy Baker

    The mom in our house does it all, works to help others, cooks, cleans, keeps us in line and, pays the bills. She loves Slacker Radio while she does it all, but was bummed when her free subscription would not allow her to cache stations any longer. I know she would get the most from slacker plus and we will have to put up with a year of karaoke, but we can handle it.

  • http://Website Douglas Hill

    My Mom is the best because she taught me to be sceptical and to question “popular opinion.” This advice is what has led me to stay away from Apple and the I-phone and to embrace open standards and Android.

  • http://Website Dustin

    my mom rocks at mw2

  • MisterUgly

    My mom rocks because she puts up with all my breaking of things around the house due to my severe clumsiness and never yells at my half assed attempts to fix stuff. Her house is a prime example of ‘Duct tape fixes everything’. Another thing thats awesome is she didn’t smother me while I was sleeping when I was in high school so thats cool. I can only imagine how much restraint that took.

  • http://Website Ray

    My mother did a fantastic job of raising the four us and its only fitting that now that she’s terminal with cancer that I’ve been trying to repay all the effort she put into us and do anything in my power to make things easier for her. She doesn’t watch TV due to sight issues, but she does enjoy listening to the radio and has a cell phone that I picked up for her. She would thoroughly enjoy being able to listen to the music she enjoys most.

  • Dan

    She was the only woman in the house raising four boys. Even the pets were male and her first grandchild was a boy. Way to not buckle under the pressure mom!!

  • http://Website Jonas

    MY mom is the BEST! She laughs when I make fun of my brother. She also tells me to have a beer before I go to bed to help with falling asleep. All she really wants out of her computer is to played Bejeweled, and most of all, she listens and respects me and is proud of me no matter how lazy I become.

  • http://Website J D

    My mother should win because she bought me my first cell phone (unsolicitedly) before she herself owned one and she also encouraged me to get the Nexus 1 over the mytouch (best decision I ever made)

  • http://Website @darifresh

    Ouch a lot of negativity…at least I can cry to mommy.

    I hope everyone has a happy mothers day!

  • 0mie

    My mom was the best because she did everything above and beyond for me and my siblings, sadly I can’t get ever spend another day with her because she passed away in 2006.

  • http://Website jonathan

    my mom is the best because she thinks my moto droid is better than my sibblings iphone 3gs’s.

  • http://Website BrianH

    Something tells me this voting became pretty mean-spirited.

  • http://Website hiddengopher

    yay! I won!

  • http://Website Brian H

    Good for you gopher, would you like everyone’s email addressed so you can brag about it to them personally? What a douche.

    • http://Website hiddengopher

      what? haha chill out dude. Do you sit at drawings and tell people they aren’t worth shit after they win something?