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Droid does tablets: Verizon working on iPad competitor

Verizon Wireless CEO, Lowell McAdam confirmed in an interview today that they are working on an Android powered tablet computer with Google.

Google and Verizon have certainly had a lucrative partnership with Android thus far and Verizon’s advertising for the Motorola Droid is all the average consumer knows of the Android platform. Beyond that Verizon is of course the largest carrier in the U.S. so for a whole host of reasons they are the logical partner for a 3G powered Google tablet.

Unfortunately no details regarding a release date, manufacturer or specifications were forthcoming at the moment so we are left to speculate on our own.

As we discussed in the post on Google Editions; Google has been making a lot of moves that will be critical for the success of an Android tablet including their streaming video options, e-reader solutions, a touch friendly OS skin in BumpTop, and Flash and Air support to offer a complete web experience.

That just leaves us the hardware to speculate on; so what does your dream Android tablet look like and what does it have going on under the hood?

Update: A spokesman for Verizon, Marquett Smith, stated in a phone interview today that they will be releasing additional details regarding the tablet later this week. That places an announcement just days prior to Google I/O which may mean that we are finally going to see some tablet talk from the big G themselves (perhaps one of those TBA mystery sessions).

We’re looking at all the things Google has in its archives that we could put on a tablet to make it a great experience. Lowell McAdamCEO Verizon Wireless

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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  • http://Website justinp

    My dream android tablet looks almost exatcly like the WePad: )

    • Sean Riley

      The only thing I question is whether a slightly smaller tablet makes sense, something in the 7-8 inch range would be nice for reading ebooks and travel versus an 10-12 inch like WePad(WeTab).

      • http://Website joshg

        while a smaller tablet can be nice, reducing the screen size could hinder the device by making it more of a niche product. I much rather have a good sized screen and have the rest of the area “grayed out” for like a digital book then a cluttered app gui… hust saying id rather have more than less.

    • http://Website leiah
  • Canterrain


    Hopefully it comes in either a not verizon flavor, or prepaid 3g ala the ipad for those who don’t want verizon contracts.

    Also a built in solution for lap use please. Throw in flash, usb ports, and the usual google goodness and you got yourself a deal.

    • JackKnifeZero


  • http://Website Dan

    It would look like a giant nexus one. I still think its the most beautiful android phone so far

  • Gibbo

    Hopefully the acquisition of Bumptop will mean that the Tablet will have a truly revolutionary customer experience.

  • npkimmey

    At least a 1 GHz processor, of course, but this would be awesome if it was the first Android device with a processor faster than that. I’ve never held a tablet computer in my life, so I can’t really comment on the size. It should have camera and camcorder capabilities, with a camera that easily beats that of the Nexus One; oh, and a front-facing camera. Should launch with Froyo, and get updates just as fast as the Nexus One.

    • npkimmey

      Oh, yeah, and USB ports. Lots of them. Mobile hotspot would be great, too, and the Browser should be completely overhauled for it, and all other Android tablets. Something more Chrome-ish.

    • http://Website wallie

      i was gonna say, totally a front facing camera id love to have video conferences/messages on this thing

    • http://Website GadgetQueen

      I would think that since Verizon has an exclusive deal with Skype on mobile, a front facing camera would be a given ;-)

  • Zacqary Adam Green

    Hey, um, Google?

    Please don’t forget about all of the people who switched to T-Mobile in 2008 to get the G1. I know Verizon is big and has lots of money, but…we loved you first.

    • jjl84

      That’s why you got the N1, but you have to look at it from a business perspective…if VZW is willing to partner with them on a massive advertising campaign, it would be stupid not to join forces.

    • http://Website tmobile user

      I agree I am a faithful tmobile user!! Consider us please!!

  • http://Website Bryan

    Froyo, HDMI and video in and out with the ability to record, store and play videos (movies!). Awesome cameras front and back, video conference as accurate as phone calls, ability to run gallery app and others with news and weather widgets still exposed… Go Android! Beat Apple!

  • http://Website imitationcrab

    I’ll start to be interested if it’s able to do things the iPad should be able to do (beside run flash and multitask which I’m sure it will do) but other things like have a camera for video chat and a USB and/or an SD slot so I can upload pictures and other items while on the go.

  • http://Website scobra


  • http://Website Alex Wilde

    What I would want the specs to look like;

    Camera (Front): 5mp+ 720p video recording…

    Camera (Back): same as above :)

    Processor: 1.8ghz

    Slots: HDMI, USB, Micro SD (support up to 33gb)

    Screen: 1080p Full HD… ya I know… not gonna happen ;)

    OS: Android Froyo (Stock Android)

    HSPA: 12mbps down… 7mbps up

    Those are some of the features I would love that aren’t seen on everyday devices…

    • http://Website Alex Wilde

      *Micro SD slot (up to 32gb)… I’m not retarded :P

      • Mike Leahy

        I’ll settle for a dual core 1.8ghz processor.. ;P

  • http://Website scobra

    Gemini, nuf said

  • http://Website prelludeh22a

    mmm some of the specs people are demanding can be found on the HTC EVO 4G the 4.3 inch display looks pretty big…i wouldnt want to be carrying anything bigger than that

  • http://Website GT

    Wonder what VZW will charge for this data connection? $59?

  • http://Website Dee

    this is interesting…some of you peoples wants are a bit outrageous lol
    i think having a front facing and a back camera is a bit much…i would settle for a front facing cam
    usb ports
    sd slot
    anything but an AMOLED screen
    the OS to be something original and not just a rehashed implementation of android-maybe a google skinned android lol w.e that would look like…
    im interested in seeing if its android or chrome based…

    • macdrp

      I agree with your comment bout the basis of the OS… It would be really cool if they used this opportunity to release the Chrome OS to the masses.

      One of my major complaints with that other tablet is that they used a stock mobile OS on something that, in my opinion, requires more than a mobile OS can provide.

      I will definitely be watching for this announcement in the next week and to see if anything else is mentioned during Google I/O 2010!!!

  • http://Website manteka

    imo, I would like the tablet with just wifi and usb port. then I can just tether it with my n1. ^__^

  • http://Website Uther2000

    Does it have to be tied to VZW ?
    I am not bashing, but give some of us the choice of the provider.

  • http://Website MyName

    For the love of the gods, make it pen-enabled…. I BEG YOU! One cannot write notes reasonable with a finger. Please incorporate the strengths of tablets from the past and give it the ability to use a pen/stylus/whatever so that we can take notes, draw, etc. Sometimes typing just won’t do =P

  • http://Website MadMax

    If you have a Moto Droid with Verizon with unlimited data, I wonder if they will allow you to add the device like an additional line 9.99?

    • http://Website AJ

      THAT is something that would seriously get me to buy this thing. 80$/month is already pushing it for me. 90$ would be sweet for tablet and phone. deal.