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Droid Eris owners are on the clock for Android 2.1

Verizon hinted that a major Droid Eris update was coming when they updated the release notes on their official support page. Now it looks like Eris owners might be the first in the U.S. to see their first-generation Android handset get an upgrade to firmware version 2.1.

An over the air upgrade is scheduled to begin May 11th, according to a leaked slide posted over at MobileCrunch. The document has today’s date, so chances are this information is still good. We already learned the Android 2.1 upgrade will require a wipe, so users should be sure to backup their important information to their SD card.

If you happen to receive the upgrade tonight, please chime in and let us know how the overall process went.

"Customers should back up all data."

Source: Mobile Crunch

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  • agentlotek

    Crossing my fingers that the new possible 2.1 v3 leak root access exploit is figured out soon…I may not have the will-power to hold off on the OTA…


  • http://Website Chris Lee


    We’re already rooted

    • http://Website Kyle

      Not useless at all. The whole android population doesnt root or know what that even means. Think about others, your not the only one with an android phone.

  • http://Website Chris

    Any idea if the OTA might work for people who have upgraded to 2.1 unrooted? I know it’s not possible to downgrade, but is it possible that the OTA will show up if 2.1 is already flashed?

  • http://Website yungwild

    @kyle you are definitely right. I have no clue what that is. I just got my first android in january

  • http://Website jo

    @ Chris: I read that if you have the leek that the real OTA update will have a higher firmware update number than the leek so you should get it. If for some reason we don’t get it, I’m sure some smart person will figure out a way how to get the official update.

  • enrique

    what about t-mobile my touch? when are we getting upgrade?

    • http://Website Bobby

      we’re getting a 2.1 update soon with Sense UI, hell yeahhhh!

    • bmhjhzouw

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  • Brye

    Silly question, but, I wanna know if we get the new wallpapers that the Legend and Desire have (the rainbow lens flare one). And if it gets live wallpaper. That would be awesome.

    • http://Website Beige

      No live wallpapers for Eris users because of CPU and battery concerns. Not sure about the new standard wallpapers but there’s no reason not to.

      • http://Website Andy

        There will be live wall papers they show it in the update demos

  • http://Website SG

    Its 9:30 here in NJ and still waiting for the long overdue update… and waiting and waiting…

    • http://Website Ad

      Im still waiting too and im in NJ

  • Poliko

    12:18pm central here in Oklahoma and still no update. Been playing WTD to pass the time…

  • http://Website Merella

    It’s almost 5 pm EST and I still haven’t seen the update.

  • http://Website marcus

    Its almost 5 here n Indiana, still no ota, I have leaked version.

  • http://Website Jonez

    5 here in jersey and still no OTA. wtf

  • http://Website Jason

    It’s about a quarter after eight, eastern time, and still have not seen an update. I’m really hoping for it by at least the end of the week!

  • http://Website matt

    What if I already updated it? Will it not work? I just typed into youtube like a month ago

  • http://Website kim

    I’m pretty sure they will wait until 8 or 9 at night due to phone use. Unfortunately a lot of people would be pissed they had to wait to use the phone in the middle of the day. And less data usage. With that said, I hope they hurry up.

  • http://Website yung kiid

    I read a post on that it may take up to 2 weeks for everyone to receive the update

  • http://Website Spizro

    10:43am in Az, no update yet. Anyone get it yet? I think they are a bunch of liars! Wouldnt be the first time they have lied to us eris users!

  • http://Website Patrick

    1st off. I have an Eris, and i’ve been waiting for 2.1 for-e-vur (the sandlot – in case ya forgot)

    What is a root? Rooting is essentially administrator access to a phone, unlocking it to do pretty much anything you want it to- with enough work.
    The downside is that rooting your phone often voids the warranty on it, and it carries a risk of bricking ( making as useful as a paperweight) your phone if done improperly or rooted from a bad carrier.

    As far as everyone wondering why they haven’t gotten the update yet: according to the forums
    (androidandme, androidcentral, androidforums, etc) Verizon is rolling out the update to 1000 phones the first day, then 9000 phones each consecutive day until everyone gets the update. This is to ensure (insure?) quality control as well as to keep the system from getting overloaded. Some verizon reports say it’ll be to everyone in up to 2 weeks, others in “a few days” and still others say definitively May 16th…. we’ll see – but we’ve been waiting for months, and it’s finally here..

    get excited people!

    • http://Website Patrick

      insure- i’m an idiot – sorry

  • http://Website justinpaix

    just got the Official OTA Update…. and Voice-to-Text & Pinch Zoom in Google Maps are non existent… I’m confused…. doesn’t this list of features: say that those would be included?

  • thompso510

    My wife has the Eris and got the OTA update a few days ago… since then, her phone as been ‘acting-up’… for example: trouble with text entry.

    Has anyone else experienced any issues with their Eris after the update?