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Dropbox now available in the Android Market

The title kind of says it all, but the much anticipated Dropbox Android app is now available for download in the market. You can just scan the QR code to download it immediately.

A simple description for those that haven’t heard of Dropbox, is that it is a file syncing, sharing and backup service. For further details on the service and the Android app specifically you can hit up our own Matt Demers hands on review of the beta from just a few days ago. I believe this quote says it best; “I really don’t have any complaints about Dropbox; the app simply works, and does exactly what I need it to.”

One complaint that I know arose during the beta was that the app doesn’t actually allow for syncing; hopefully they will figure out a way to handle that in a future update.

If you like accessing your files on the go this is a great solution and considering its free there is no reason not to give it a shot.

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  • http://Website Inspiron41

    works great. if you need a referral u can use mine…it’s kind of unlimited referrals.

  • http://Website jeff uberstine

    this is great im using it now. AMAZING

  • schwiz

    no use my referral instead ^.^

  • Jim nutt

    It doesn’t allow sync’ing? Then it’s not really any better than the already existing Droidbox. Mind you, I’ll download it and try it out, but sync’ing is the real reason I wanted an official app

    • http://Website Daniel

      It offers searching and proper session retaining (it won’t return to the root directory if you simply rotate the phone), plus free uploading. That already makes it better than Droidbox.

  • http://Website ChrisB

    Here is a referral that will give you an extra 250mb of storage space. So thats 2.25 gb of space
    You will see the extra space once the app is downloaded and you log into your account.

    enjoy! :)

  • http://Website Matt

    I was hoping for actual syncing. This is nice, don’t get me wrong…but I still want the ability to at least have a special mobile folder that will autosync. Manual download and upload is a fine feature and will come in handy, but I got my hopes up and am unfortunately a little disappointed.

    Oh well! One day it’ll happen.

    • mitchk

      I agree with you totally, ive been waiting months for such an app, and after using it today its great to have direct access to my dropbox, but there’s just those missing features that leave you a bit deflated, oh well, hopefully the lovely people at dropbox bring updates hard and fast :D

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  • mitchk

    Im liking it so far… but can anyone tell me. I currently use documents to go, and I was pleased to find out I could download my documents from dropbox and edit them! Amazing :D

    But… I cant find a way to upload them back to dropbox which is really annoying… Am I just missing something completely obvious? >.<

    Let me know if you have any ideas…

    • anakin78z

      Yea, I was really perplexed to see the limited upload types. Seems like you should be able to upload… anything at all. Kind of makes this a lot less useful for me.

  • anakin78z

    Ok, as much as I was waiting for them to release this soon, I think they could’ve waited. This is barely more convenient than not having the app at all, and the lack of functionality is sort of pissing me off.
    You can only upload from within the app, and you can only upload images, video, audio or text files. Here’s a suggestion, how about you let me pick what I want to download? On my computer at home I can add anything to my dropbox. Why on earth would you limit it on android? And to add insult to injury, I can’t use the common sharing option in any program to share to dropbox. That’s one of Androids best features, and they don’t use it. Lame. Super lame.

    There’s no option to download files. Once you click files in your dropbox, they attempt to open. Turns out, there’s a dropbox folder on your sd card, where files get added, but I don’t see any options concerning that folder… will it eventually just fill up? Will it randomly delete files? Is there a storage limit? I dunno. Do you? And you can only download individual files. How about letting me download a folder, or multiple files at once?

    And no syncing. I thought that’s what dropbox was good at. I guess not.

    I realize this isn’t even v1 yet (though it’s released, so really it is), but here are some suggestions for the ‘real’ version 1:
    Add real sharing options, and add them for any file type. From any program I should be able to share> dropbox.
    Allow me to pick which folders I want to sync to the device. Run a background service that checks for changes to both the local and online folders, and syncs any changes.
    Forget everything you’ve ever known about the dumbass iPhone. I’m assuming that some of the weird choices that were made are because developers were using retarded iPhones, where everything has to happen from the same program, and nothing can talk to anything else. Guess what, Android can do better.

    • http://Website id

      Couldn’t have said it any better.

    • http://Website Eurotrash

      EXACTLY! it was like the only coders they had were iphone fanboys…iphones assume that all users are [email protected]#$ stupid. And the only files they understand is “Photo” “video” or “text” file …. Gawd I hope they improve on this macware useless app!
      Btw way if you have a file manager installed and you choose “Text file” it will pretty much let you upload anything ….

  • http://Website Bob

    Use this link when you sign up to get an extra 250MB of memory – you get 250MB extra, I get 250MB extra, win-win!

  • http://Website MaxOmus

    Give this a read :

    Your comment’s may serve a better purpose there & if you read the thread the go on to say that the android app was modeled after the iphone app & this is only there “first pass” with more enhancements & android intergration to come… so hey, it can only get better right… hell, I’ve been using dropbox since the beginning & love it , am just happy to see an official app out, it’s a start atleast…

    And good lord, why do you fools spam your freaking links in every dropbox thread I come across, no one’ gonna use your spammy links ( I hope, don’t give them the satifaction, spite the bastards use… go spam your friends instead & get them to sign up under you…

  • http://Website nexxus

    Oh God these comments are worse than pocket empires

  • hasan