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Froyo coming to most 2010 HTC handsets by years end

The headline tells most of the tale here, but HTC has stated that most of their Android devices released in 2010 will be getting an upgrade to Android 2.2 sometime in the second half of the year.

Currently available or soon to be available devices that get a specific mention:

  • HTC Desire
  • Droid Incredible
  • EVO 4G
  • MyTouch Slide

“Upcoming models” are also in line for the upgrade, but whether that means all upcoming devices or just some of them is a little unclear. If your device is not on that list I wouldn’t smash it quite yet as HTC will be getting a complete device list out later along with a more concrete timetable.  If we use the Android 2.1 announcement to release timeframe as a guide that would place the target somewhere around late September to early October.

Nexus owners we all know that you are expecting your update in early June so please keep your gloating to a minimum.

The relevant portion of the HTC statement is below.

…if your phone was launched this year, we will most likely offer an upgrade for it to the Froyo version. This includes popular models like the Desire and Droid Incredible as well as hotly anticipated phones like the Evo 4G, MyTouch slide and upcoming models. We will announce a full list of phones and dates once we are closer to launching the upgrades. We are working closely with Google and our other partners to ensure we have the earliest access to everything we need to provide a complete and solid Sense experience on Froyo. We expect to release all updates in the second half of this year but can’t be more specific yet.HTC

Via: Android Central

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  • http://Website dragan

    Whats with Hero?

    • http://Website renziegirl

      Yeah, I just got a Hero and now I’m standing with one foot off the ground so I’m ready to kick myself when the list of devices that’ll get the update comes out. They say that if a phone was released in ’10, the update should be available, but good ol’ Hero was an ’09 model, so I’m bracing for foot impact. ~grumble~ One of the downsides to living in the Info-Tech Renaissance, I guess. Sneeze, and the droplet spray will be outdated by the time it hits your tissue.

  • http://Website Mocha K

    Well i guess this is a hint to buy a new phone. Really i just want at least 2.1 soon. MT3G owner=[

    • http://Website Rob Koehler

      Root that mytouch and start loving 2.1 right now!

    • http://Website John

      Stable version coming this week:

    • http://Website dubya504

      Think about this. You root your phone to get a better ROM, you break the warranty. But the carriers hold back on the updates for the NEW MODEL smartphones to come out leaving you with original handheld outdated while always trying to persuade you to buy THE NEXT WAVE of smartphone. You’re damn if you root and it don’t work and You’re damn if you don’t root because you have to wait for the carriers to come out with the updates. Android 2.1 w/ Sense UI. Android 2.2 w/ froyo and my firmware is still 1.6. Recently I heard that there a version out there called Super D now what version is this? Come out with the DAMN updates already!

      • http://Website PacoBell

        So choose the lesser of the two evils and root. Problem solved.

    • http://Website Obry

      Like others said, CyanogenMOD-5.0.7 for Dream (G1)/Sapphire (MyTouch). I’ve been running it since “test1″ and it has been rock solid and running great. The final (non-test) version just got released and I’ve been running it for a couple of days now. No problems (even small nags).

      After rooting and putting CyanogenMOD, do yourself another favor and go to the Market and download LauncherPro Beta – the best Nexus One-like launcher that actually runs surprisingly smooth on the already overloaded MyTouch3G (Android 2.1 is a heavy system – Cyanogen has done some amazing work to have it run pretty much as fast as Android 1.6 that you have on your phone (if not even faster).

      Last favor you can do yourself is open the SpareParts application that will come with your shiny new CM ROM and enable “Compressed Cache” or “CompCache”. Seems to speed things up a tiny bit here and there.

      Make sure you read carefully and follow every step in his WIKI (

      Happy rooting!!!

  • http://Website koko

    Wonder wen the moto droid will get this

  • http://Website Anthony

    Glad I have a N1 its lonely being on top sense makes little sense

  • Simon

    I hope that the HTC Desire will be one of the first to get the update. And I also hope that it will not take until September. We will see when the actual announcement is made.

  • http://Website Charlie

    Really really hope that the mytouch 3g v.1.2 gets this. The original mytouch came out in 09 but the updated version with the 3.5mm jack and increased memory came out feb. 2010, so I wonder if that makes it eligible. Seeing the mytouch slide on the list is a good sign I hope.

  • Canterrain

    Then this adds to my wish to switch from the hero to the evo as soon as I can afford to.

  • http://Website Anthony

    I think a lot of people are forgetting one important fact. The Incredible, Desire,and yes the Evo all have one thing in common that’s sense. The mentioned phones may have better specs than the N1 but they all have the same processor but the N1 really looks the best IMHO. The biggest difference is stock android and yes like the Droid both these phones are really the ones who will succeeded until sense figures it out. I do like sense but that’s a sticking point for me. Google’s baby the N1 I guess is blessed perhaps Verizon, sprint not picking it up might have been a boo boo. I am so glad I have sexy nexy anyone else feel the same

  • thesuperstar

    another year to wait for Hero updates.

    • http://Website zedklind

      lol atleast you get an update… the first android phone got shat on with no updates and a required root to do ANYTHING with it.. and the g1 cant run rooted for longer than 4 hours… wtb tegra2 :(

  • islander

    Got my nexus one two months ago, convinced my boss to get one and he did. Both of us couldn’t be happier. I think we will still be ecstatic when we are getting gingerbread and everyone else is just getting Froyo.

    Main Vein all the way. I don’t know about continuing with android if google does not continue with the Nexus series of phones.

    • http://Website R3D3

      “Series of phones..”?

      What series? One phone does not a series make.

  • http://Website dan

    And the motor Droid? No froyo for the moto….. :(

    • http://Website Matt

      Why would HTC update the Droid?

  • http://Website Brian Douglas Hayes

    This may be good news for those that purchased the most recent top-of-the-line devices, but bad news for the rest of us that jumped in at the start.

    This is a pretty big burn for early adopters–and not just the earliest G1 adopters like me, but also people that purchased the Hero and Eris. As a G1 user, this announcement doesn’t speak too highly of HTC’s commitment to software updates… and because of that, I’m not sure if I’d buy another HTC device. The last update the G1 got was back in October, just 12 months after it was released. I knew we weren’t going to get updates forever, but that’s an awfully short lifespan when you’re stuck in a contract and there’s more and more apps requiring 2.1+ every day.

    Surprise: I’m not made of money, and quite frankly I can’t afford $400+ for a new device every 6-12 months. If that’s the way HTC wants Android to be, I might as well switch platforms, because I can’t afford to keep up. I can appreciate the drive to innovate newer and faster hardware, but HTC can’t possibly expect users to keep up when the hardware requires a good chunk of cash upfront–and/or the commitment to a contract.

    Now before you say it, I’m already running CM 5.0.7 Test5 on my G1, and it runs acceptably. Keep in mind that I’m speaking for average Android users, the kind that makes up 99% of the user base–not the hardcore users like you and me. If Android is really going to take off, we can’t rely on having to root and install third-party ROMs. It works for us but not everyone else. Google, hardware makers, and carriers need to have a little campfire Kumbaya session and work things out so this stuff doesn’t happen, because they’re going to lose users over it. Guess I can’t speak for everybody, but I’m certainly on the fence.

    Bottom line: slow down the hardware race (Android’s already ahead by a long shot) and focus on the software.

    • http://Website CLcross

      I get what your saying and I feel your pain in possibly not being able to join the Froyo love, but I’m not entirely sure that everyone thinks that way. I work at T-Mobile and people are STILL buying the last few G1′s we have. The average consumer who is just stepping into a smartphone, really isn’t even aware of the fact that it’s upgradeable. A vast majority of the user base is just coming in off of regular phones, they’re just happy to have a phone to jump on the internet. And I really don’t think they care. The ones that do tend to ask questions and know which devices to avoid like Moto Cliq or Samsung Behold 2.

      I think we on tech blogs tend to loose sight of the fact that we don’t really make up the majority of the user base on Android. My friend got an Eris from Verizon, and when I texted him all excited about the fact that he got 2.1, he 1.) Didn’t even know what I was talking about and 2) Didn’t really see the point in it at all. Same thing when I talk to customers about upgrade paths and such for Android. Their eyes glaze over and eventually they just want to know if they can download Tetris on the device and go to Youtube. I just think more is being made of this fragmentation issue than it really is. Most customers who have these phones tend to be pretty happy with them and don’t know about the different versions and seem to not even care.

      • ExtremeT

        Don’t forget as well that Google plans to fight the fragmentation issue by dropping the more major applications that come with Android onto the market so people can get those updated quickly and that the manufacturers can hopefully just worry about core coding upgrades and push their updates out faster for everyone else.

        I agree the fragmentation issue is being made out to be more then what it really is at times.

        • nEx.Software

          Wish they’d do that with the Market client. There is no obvious reason that the Market client itself should be tied to the OS version. According to the recent numbers, a third of current Android users can’t even see screenshots in the Market. Developers, no doubt, are being hurt by this, even despite the return policy that allows buyers to test drive before committing to and app. By putting the Market into a separate release schedule, Google could have helped developers way back in October when donut came out with screenshots in the Market.

    • http://Website Anthony

      Brian youve hit the nail on the head. HTC is raping us with these phones consider N1 desire incredible all different phones yet cousins and same processor all they needed was one of these. I am so out the herd and cattle game. I wont jump at these phones as the cat delivers her litter. We the consumer created this situation. I gotta have the best etc. The truth is the best is always three weeks away that’s sad. I do like high tech phones I’ve had them all. I think at least for me ill wait until something significantly changes to jump in again. I have a N1 now previously g1,mytouch. The point is I’m nit changing phone unless the processor is dual core 2gig. I think you get my point. We keep feeding the cat milk she’ll keep dropping these clones.
      One more thing the Evo different phone? Really check under Hood.

    • SGB101

      i was an early G1 adopter and i was made up with it. i thought that it was supported really well, especially as it was the first android.

      you need to remember that the g1 changed the game, before it phones didnt recieve up dates and you can still use them, just as you can use a g1 on 1.6, it makes calls, text and web seach plus now it had a hat full of update, probably more than any new device will have, it actuly works, not like when i bought it.

      i jump off the g1 waggon about 6 weeks ago for a desire and wow, the next gen are awsome, so be thankful that you have had alot of updates, and if you want to progress beyond cupcake put your hand in your pocket.

      • http://Website Leto Atreides

        I disagree. I traded my iPhone for a MyTouch and within a couple months traded the MyTouch for a G1 and it is so many levels above the MyTouch. I have played with a few other android phones like the Droid, and again, I personally feel the G1 is the superior device. Its specs may be a little lower, but its physical design, and keyboard that is unmatched on any phone, the G1 out shines any of these ‘modern’ Android devices.

        Give me a N1 with the G1 keyboard, and I might change my tune :)

    • http://Website Ross

      Have to agree with you. Not sour grapes that my MyTouch is still sitting in 1.6, but more the fact I don’t actually believe HTC have any interest in updating existing phones much beyond their initial launch firmware – and with the scarily huge range they are also making a rod for their own backs in terms of building and testing.

      I wonder if there is a chance for a really nice android phone from a new manufacturer – a simple range, and an aggressive update policy.

      In fact I’d only ever get a Nexus One now, because it’s the only phone I’d trust to be kept current, and if Google can’t manage it on their own handset then there’s no hope for android.

    • juanito

      I agree. The contracts are what shapes the buyers’ cycle, especially sense most of the phones are underwritten by the carrier plan lock in. I love my G1, and have another year to go on contract. Sure I wish it were faster, but my largest complaint is that I just wish there were a published public roadmap that they would stick to. An update available, yes or no? Just that simple.

      And, yes, T-Mobile’s 3G coverage is thin at best. And seldom consistent. Another Android phone with a five row qwerrty KB in June of 2011 on any other carrier, and I’m moving.

  • stalker

    This is really a good news. Every phone which can run froyo, should get an upgrade from Google ASAP. And I hope Google is working very hard to provide it to every device.

  • http://Website Mast3rShake

    I like HTC but with their Sense UI you will always have to wait longer for updates no matter how great the phone is, so to me it just isn’t worth it. If the Moto Droid has Flash 5 months before the HTC Incredible who really cares if the Incredible is a little faster. Finally, for those complaining about getting new phones, with Verizon I can re-up my 2 year plan after 1 year and get a new phone at the 2 year contract price +$20. So this November I will sell my Droid and all its extras for a little over $100 and get the best phone out there (Droid2?). Unless you love Sense that much HTC is just not worth it.

  • http://Website webby

    I own a Droid since Day One, but want the larger screen of the EVO, so was going to spring for it, but wondering how long I would have to wait for 2.2 has poured cold water on my plan.

    On the other hand, I’m wondering how long it will take Motorola and Verizon to give us the 2.2 update for the Droid??? They kept saying that 2.1 was going to be released, but took a long time to actually release it.

    As for the Nexus, it has documented hardware issues, yet I still might consider it in spite of that, but for the fact that it is only available on the two worst 3G networks out of the 4 carriers. No thanks.

    • http://Website miguel

      Heh.. my 3g download speeds on Tmo are 3x Verizon’s speeds.

      • http://Website webby

        I was on T-Mobile for over a year with a G1, so am very familiar with their 3G network.

        I wasn’t speaking of the speed of T-Mobile’s 3G network. I was speaking of the very thin coverage of their 3G signal. Go look at a T-Mobile 3G map, then look at Verizon’s 3G map, and Sprint’s. No comparison in footprint. And even where T-Mobile has 3G, I found that sometimes if I drove as little as 15′ off a major thoroughfare, I lost 3G and went to Edge. Personally, I found that unacceptable. I never experience that with Verizon’s 3G coverage. It’s just factual.

    • http://Website Anthony

      Webby ur right the N1 has some issues the two I found were 3g and touch screen. The touch screen on mine is now flawless though I’ve swapped the phone 3 times perhaps they finally figured it out. The issues doesn’t affect all but I was unlucky. The 3g that issue is a bit tricky. T-Mobiles smaller foot print doesn’t help the N1 which appears to be a bit 3g shy.
      I still think its the best phone I’ve had and yes its Googles baby so updates first its a no brainer.

  • http://Website D.J.

    Well, here’s hoping the Droid gets updated fairly quickly. Either that or Koush/Cyanogen and others get good custom ROMs out for it.

  • http://Website Icon

    There was a good point made about everyday customers not really knowing the difference. The people like us, who are on tech sites and blogs, really are in the minority. Plus one other point that hasn’t been talked about yet is the fact that the older devices like the G1, are really limited by their hardware. The thing you have to take into consideration about phones getting updated, is the phone has to have the proper hardware in order to run the new features. I’ll use the G1 again as an example. It will probably never get 2.1 officially, because the hardware cannot smoothly run things like live wallpapers. Of course that is only one example, but you get the idea. As Android evolves, and more impressive features are added, the hardware for the phones has to get better. That is why we have seen the huge increase in processor speed, RAM, and GPU over the last year. So in the end you cannot blame manufacturers like HTC for not supporting their early devices. This is the nature of the beast, that is the smartphone/tech industry. This has been going on in the PC/MAC world for years, the only difference it cost a lot more to upgrade your MAC or PC.

    If you have an older device, you are probably eligible to get a new one, and don’t tell me you will have to drop $400 on a new one. Regardless of your carrier, you will never have to pay more then $250 for a brand new device with a contract, and if you have VZW you can get them for cheaper with NE2 (new every 2 credit). If you are not eligible to get a new one now, I will guarantee there will be a hot new device getting ready to be launched when you are available. This is the way it is, and unfortunately not everybody is going to satisfied.


    • Brian Douglas Hayes

      “This is the way it is, and unfortunately not everybody is going to satisfied.”

      Well, that’s a problem, because Android is supposed to be all about openness, choice, and having “something for everyone”–as opposed to iPhone, which is (as Gundotra put it) “one man, one company, one device, one carrier”. In early 2009, I chose a phone that I was happy with. With the exception of the crappy amount of memory, the G1 is still a fine phone. I have yet to find a phone with a keyboard as nice as the G1′s. It’s got everything I need–touchscreen, GPS, autofocus camera, Bluetooth, and so on. Hardware innovation is great, but I don’t need an AMOLED screen. I do, however, need the ability to run apps, because that’s why I bought in to this platform.

      Also, those contracts of which you speak are largely a United States thing. The rest of the world buys phones upfront without a contract, which, yes, do cost $400 or more for current devices.

      If we’re going to accept that “not everyone is going to be satisfied”, we’re also going to have to accept the fact that those are people who may switch to another platform–or may not even choose Android in the first place. As a fan of Android (and someone that might develop applications in the near future), that’s not something I’d be too happy to accept, realistic or not.

  • http://Website Jozef Del Mundo

    what about the updated version of the mytouch 3g with the 3.5 mm headphone jack? it was released this year too..

  • Mr.Droid

    I course the Nexus One would get FroYo first, it carry’s the Google name.

  • ExtremeT

    Unfortunately this is becoming the standard conversation whenever there is an update to the Android OS (since 2.0) where people complain that their device won’t be getting the update because it is too old or they have to wait forever for the update due to having a custom UI such as Sense, whatever the case may be.

    I would be stuck with the G1 if it weren’t for the developer seeding program Google did where I got my N1 from so I can relate to how people feel when a new update arrives and you can’t get it unless you root your phone and run a ROM which usually does not have everything included feature-wise that the actual update has.

    The plus side to everything is, regardless if you have an older device, you should be getting close to your upgrade period in which you’ll be able to upgrade to the newest and best Android phone for a relatively low price which was what my plan was to originally do.

    It’s just a matter of patience. If you’re device isn’t new and can’t get the update, you will eventually and it’ll be on a nice new shiny device that we all will be wanting but you’ll get first =)

  • http://Website hl

    What about phones releasted last year like the HTC Hero, will they get the update to 2.2?

  • http://Website beholder

    well the behold 2 was released like a month before 2010 well that get an update and I don’t care if it it 2.2.? and for those who say the behold sucks i totally disagree bcuz it rocks only that it is outdated since it runs 1.5

  • asatiir

    can’t wait to get it on the desire

    • SGB101

      is there a time frame for the desire:)

  • http://Website Wayne

    Is it greedy to ask for this on the eris ?

  • http://Website dan

    It looks like the moto Droid might actually be getting the froyo update. This may be of some interest to you if you own a moto Droid . Like all have said before we just have to be patient.

  • http://Website Dan

    Sorry for some reason that link above does not work. Try this link

  • http://Website Andrew

    Was it expressly stated that the G1 “Will Not” be getting any updates after 1.6? If so..where?

  • http://Website Anthony M

    I have had a G1 since day 1 and have loved the phone. In fact, currently T-Mobile still has nothing that I would buy over it. My biggest single complaint is I am out of app storage space and I am not running that many apps. That is something that should have been addressed in 1.6. This is the biggest issue with the Android phones in my opinion. 2.2 fixes that but it is almost 2 years after the initial release. My next biggest complaint is only 3 home screens. I have tried other home screen applications and my phone has ground down to a halt with them. I have held back on rooting my phone, but I believe I have no choice now.

    • http://Website OM

      Anthony, this is exactly why most of us G1 users who want the phone to actually be useful run custom ROMs. I was in you exact position when I bought a used G1. Now, running CyanogenMod I have all what you were looking for and more. Try it – rooting and flashing is just following a sequence of well-defined steps these days.

  • http://Website Jay

    rooting sucks ass!!! all the functions never work right! it’s always something, either blue tooth not working or can’t get a gps signal in certain areas and on and on.

  • http://nil kure

    really like to anxious to know the release for Android 2.2 for HTC Desire :)

  • http://Website jonathan

    I wonder if the HTC aria will be getting an update