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Froyo is now officially Android 2.2 (Highlights)

In a move that shocked not a single person anywhere in the known galaxy; Google has officially announced Froyo at Google I/O.

No word yet on whose getting it (the Nexus One being the only safe bet) and the when is identified only as “in the coming weeks”, but we do now have the actual features of Froyo and while it may not cover every last bit of everyone’s wish list I think it certainly addresses quite a few of the concerns that were out there.

Lets take a quick look at some of the highlights:

This was the first point mentioned during the announcement and it is a big one. You’ll recall that we already caught wind of this last week when a leaked build of 2.2 revealed a 5x performance boost on the Nexus One. Officially Google is citing a 2-5x boost on all devices running 2.2 with the Dalvik just-in-time (JIT) compiler. The other notable speed enhancement was to the browser which got a helping hand from the V8 engine used on Chrome and will reportedly see a 2-3x performance increase making it “the world’s fastest mobile browser.” They demoed the Nexus One browser blowing the doors off the iPad on stage.

Flash Support
It’s Flash on your mobile device. Early reports indicate that the experience on interactive elements and video that isn’t optimized for mobile can get a little choppy, but hopefully that will get refined over time and at least you are actually seeing the whole web as opposed to just the parts that someone else wants you to see.

Exchange Support
This is definitely a significant step for Android as a platform as lack of Exchange support has been holding Android back from Enterprise adoption. Without delving too deeply into the specifics they added:

  • Improved security through numeric and alpha-numeric password options
  • Remote wipe
  • Exchange Calendar support
  • Easy setup with Exchange 2007 or greater through auto-discovery
  • Global address lists look-up in email provides auto-completion in Email

Tethering and Portable Hotspot
This is another feature that was outed last week. For those that don’t know; this allows you to share your 3G or 4G connection with other devices either by USB cable or by turning your phone into a wifi hotspot. Obviously people having been making use of this function either by rooting their phone or just through the use of an application for quite awhile now, but having it built-in can’t hurt. The only device they are citing at the moment is the Nexus One so the mystery of who else is going to see this option and which carriers are going to be charging extra for it (once devices receive 2.2 that is) remains.

App Storage on SD
Again this is something the root community has been enjoying for many moons now, but it is finally coming to the OS proper. Much as it sounds this will allow you to install and run applications directly from your SD card, which will free you and developers from the 256/512 mb bonds that were found on most Android phones. You will be able to either choose where you want each app to install yourself or you can let the system decide itself based on the app.

Update All and Auto-update
This probably shouldn’t qualify as a major change, but it makes a huge difference as it is simply a pain to go through and click 3 times to update each app. There will now be an “update all” button at the bottom of your “Downloads” screen and if even that sounds like a pain then you can just set it to automatically update any app that says it has an update available.

Those are the major headlining features; which one are you most looking forward to and is there anything missing that you have liked to see this time around?

Via: Engadget

Source: Android Developers

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  • http://Website Andrew Diaz

    They did not say anything about when it will be pushing out to devices? ie Nexus?

    • Hal (GT)

      I would expect it’ll be in next several months. Come the end of the year the cell phone market it going to look like all out war between Microsoft, Apple, and Android.

    • http://Website pol

      The report is correct coz it just so happen that many android phones still don’t have the android 2x platform and some mobile manufacturer still creates android 1.5x phones today.

      Although, I believe everything will change once the android 2.2 arrives. I mean it has flash, that fact alone will force mobile carriers to produce froyo ready phones.

  • http://Website Warden

    Have they said anything about when we can expect the OTA?

  • Aaron

    Same question as everybody else- WhenWhenWhen??

  • wirbly

    I was hoping they would say “since google-specific applications have been removed from the OS, 2.2 is now small enough that ALL devices will be getting it, including the G1!”

    No such luck though. :(

    • http://Website Cesar

      That is a posibility though….

      • Jagdish

        its been said by Google Devs that all android devices (yes including the G1) are able to carry out the 2.2 os, just a matter of installing the goole apps afterwards (as according to some cyanogen Roms if im not mistaken)

    • http://Website Matt

      But when will they let me get rid of Verizon’s “Visual Voice Mail” application? I don’t want to pay $2/mo for that garbage, so why do I need it installed on my Droid? : (

      • Z4KJ0N3S

        Because you didn’t wait for the N1. :(

        (99%) jk.

        Really though:. It’s possible (with root access) to uninstall apps that are normally un-uninstallable via ADB. I’d suggest rooting your Droid and looking into that. :) (Hey, $24 a year isn’t a bad thing. :))

  • http://Website Joe

    This is actually fairly ridiculous. Can someone please tell me what the point of this is; an “announcement” about a software upgrade we already knew was coming, containing features we already basically knew about, but no release? And no release date? Are you kidding me, Google?

    • SpykeZ

      It’s not google’s fault you knew about what was coming to 2.2 through leaked images and what and doesn’t mean that google has to go out of their way to please just you. All these articles and leaked images weren’t from google. If they wanted you to know about it they would have, if they wanted to be like steve jobs and start kicking peoples doors down to keep features a secret, they would have.

      If you want to be surprised, oooooo’d and aaahhhh’d, go sit at an apple convention.

    • z0phi3l

      The main Android site says in the next few weeks, happy?

  • ayocuz

    All those things are really really very nice, but all I want is a date I could expect to come on my sexii nexii please make it soon

  • http://Website Matt

    * Automatic error reports (with stack trace) sent to developers when their app crashes.
    * Download an app in a desktop browser and automatically starts downloading on your phone over the air.
    * This same cloud to developer messaging available to all! Send a link to your phone, send maps to your phone, etc.
    * Stream your entire desktop media library to your phone.
    * Backup app settings.

    Man this looks so cool. Still the most exciting thing is the speed boost. I would love to see that on my myTouch 3G.

  • http://Website Cesar

    WTF??!! i want a release date now!!! Everybody c’mon say it!! Release date, release date!!

  • http://Website andy

    How long after release until 2.2 roms come out? I don’t wanna unroot but 2.2 sounds enticing. Looking forward to jit working with apps2sd

    • Jagdish

      Paul (modaco) already got himself a 2.2 version running on a N1, guess its not too long before 2.2 Roms are available (probably without the sense UI thou)

  • http://Website Mike

    I’m going to guess that they are simply opening up the source tree today. They aren’t telling you when Motorola or HTC will be releasing their updates, because they know from past experience that some companies might be able to release an update faster than others.

    Since we have already seen Flash sites designed for the Nexus One and the Moto Droid, it’s safe to say that those devices are pretty close to a release.

  • http://Website franco

    so now the g1 can get 2.2? any words?

  • http://Website Joe

    You know I don’t put ANY stock in the idea that 2.2 will be available “soon”. They have been saying “soon” for the last few MONTHS. This is just dumb. What a huge letdown today is. Google, this could have been much, much bitter. Opportunity, FAIL.

  • Rajesh Segu

    MS Exchange support was something thats a game change for me. I am using NitroDesk right now.

    • Ryan McKay

      and it sucks don’t it? I hate using nitrodesk. True blue exchange support will make me happy.

      • http://Website Se7en2

        @Ryan McKay What don’t you like about Nitro Desk? I’ve been using it for quite a while and have no issues with it. Just curious.

    • http://Website geekosphere101

      HTC Sense does exchange great. My Incredible does everything I need it to for work. Good to see it hitting stock as well.

    • # Vinzent Vega

      Yesss, finally I will be able to get rid of google calendar sync and my extra [firstname].[lastname].exchange google-account I used to get my work-calendar on my phone!

      • http://Website George

        I was not aware that exchange calendar support did not work (at least it seems to work just fine for me on the Droid, but it´s probably a motorola extension).

        But what they really have to include are some absolute basic features like signatures, folder support (!) and the ability to search exchange email on the device (absolute bummer that the search giant does not enable me to search through my exchange email on the device).

  • http://Website Ryan

    From the Android Developers blog:

    “As I said at the beginning, Android 2.2 will be here soon, and some devices will get the update in the coming weeks.”

    Also, why isn’t there very much info on the new music player? Weird.

  • http://Website Richard



    • Sean Riley

      True enough, updated to reflect that.

      After the whole Droid update debacle I’m a little leery of a time period as nebulous as “the coming weeks” though.

  • http://Website JOHN

    google, google google, most of us already knew all of this features, but when damn it should we expect this, i tuned in to the conference to get a date, why couldn’t you give us that?

  • http://Website Name (required)

    no fm radio..?!?

    • http://Website dethduck

      I’m not sure, but I think that would be hardware specific, not OS level, it would have to be a seperate app and not integrated as I don’t believe all phones have an FM radio receiver built in. Wish my MT3G did though.

  • http://Website Joe

    “Coming weeks.” Could the be ANYMORE vague??? This is not rocket science, people (and by people, I mean Google). There’s no reason why they have to announce highly anticipated products but then be incredibly vague on their release date. I mean do you or don’t you know when you are going to release it? Not a good sign for Google, IMO.

    • http://Website horaz

      Google release the source,
      HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG, etc, and the carriers, have to say date release for a specific device.

  • http://Website Bob M

    somebody knows if they fixed the touchscreen issue in the N1?

    • helfone

      “A scale gesture detector API provides improved definition of multi-touch events.”

      can read more on it on this page,

      not sure what that exactly means untill I test it

    • http://Website Derek

      There’s no way to fix the touchscreen issue. Its specific to the hardware, not software. The Incredible uses a different touchscreen sensor and doesnt have that problem. Its been well reported that the touchscreen sensor in the N1 is working as designed.

  • Ruben Sun

    wondering what the odds we’ll be seeing flash 10.1 on sub-snapdragon devices.

  • http://Website Brynthe

    This is why the G1 hasn’t received 2.1, it did not address the memory limitations. While 2.1 addresses the speed and memory limitations, i believe that this is why the G1 and Mytouch have been late to the Eclair 2.0/2.1 party, This is especially needed by these phones.

    • http://Website Brynthe

      CORRECTION: while 2.2 addresses those issues…

      Thank you

  • Mike Leahy

    Yeah.. Overall it’s looking groovy. Can’t wait to get the JIT running TyphonRT. I liked that they used Replica Island, a Java OpenGL game, to show the speed improvement as it’ll be aces for TyphonRT/Auriga3D. The only thing that could have possibly made it sweeter is if they provided a ROM/firmware download link for N1 ready to install today manually. The SDK is available now though which is at least a little more of a lead of sorts for us developers.

  • http://Website Icon

    Anybody complaining about Google not giving release dates, should just keep it to yourself. All your doing, is making yourself look like a priviledged little whiny brat. You have to understand that there are multiple manufacturers, and carriers that have to be on the same page as Google for this to go smoothly. Not to mention the different UI’s that some manufacturers use (HTC Sense, MotoBlur to name a couple). This kind of stuff takes time, and Im sure if they (Google + Carriers) pushed this out before it was ready, and it messed up your phone, you would be on here whining that they should have done more testing before they launched it. So just be patient, and it will come when its ready. Plus your phone (whatever model you have) will work without 2.2.

    Oh and 1 more thing, anybody with a N1 that is whining, you should really be ashamed of yourself. You will definitely be the first to get it, so you really have no reason to be complaining.


    • http://Website Joe

      Ok, Icon, what you’re missing (at least from my comments) is not as much “whining” as it is simply not understanding why one would announce such a highly anticipated update that everyone already knew about, if you then aren’t even going to release it. I just don’t get the point of that. I mean what we go today was a rundown of features for a new OS version that was ZERO surprise to ANYONE on the planet. Really, what is the point of that? It simply doesn’t seem logical that they either A) wouldn’t have the announcement until the software is actually READY, or B) have the software ready BEFORE the announcement. So please don’t be so quick to jump on the cliche “stop your whining” bandwagon and try to better understand the reasoning behind the comments first.

      • z0phi3l

        No, you’re whining because “In the next few weeks” isn’t “good enough” for you, so yes you come off as a self centered whiny brat

      • http://Website clocinnorcal

        If you aren’t whining then why did you leave 3 comments all stating the same complaints? Like someone already stated, its not google’s fault that you were already aware of 2.2 highlights. If you are so disappointed then stop reading leaked information blogs. Think of it as conformation to the rumors

      • http://Website joeskie

        and a homo…

    • http://Website mapin

      nobody is whining. when you announce something you usually announce a release date. Apple did it for iphone OS 4. Also the nexus one is a plain vanilla android phone (no customized UI from HTC), so there’s no reason to NOT give a specific date for at least that phone. Especially since it is sold directly by Google, not HTC. Who is pushing out the update to the N1? I would imagine Google will, not HTC. That’s all I have to whine, I mean write.

  • http://Website Dee

    “With the LED flash now enabled for the Camcorder, videos can be shot at night or in low light settings.”
    can anyone say….awesome?


    * Voice dialing over Bluetooth
    * Ability to share contacts with other phones
    * Support for Bluetooth enabled car and desk docks
    * Improved compatibility matrix with car kits and headsets”
    can anyone say…..awesome-rific?

    “Apps on external storage

    Applications can now request installation on the shared external storage (such as an SD card).”
    how about AWESOMETASTIC?

    now all we need is a google music or something. im also extremely interested at the possibilities of google wave on android phones and tablets. could you imagine? being able to connect with a group of your business partners to work on something simultaneously and do research while your all in different parts of the world?
    if google really put the pieces of the puzzle together they could have a killer ecosystem.
    Gmail-Buzz/Lattitude-Wave-Gtalk-Gtunes, Gstream w.e they call their music app…get it together google!

    • Uncemister

      LED Flash for the camcorder!?!? Thats not just awesome, its PURE WIN!!!

      That also mean there might be some flashlight apps that use the n1′s led that’d be nice too :)

      • http://Website Hammerhead

        Yep, there’s a flashlight app from Teslacoil Software. It works great and is getting good reviews on the Marketplace.

  • scoopo16

    URGENT, URGENT, URGENT, URGENT, URGENT, URGENT, for all HTC HERO fans seriously check out this link I’m so excited really this is the best news ever no joking

    • http://Website Daniel

      Seriously, this is not really new. They’ve been doing the same since 2.0 (if not 1.6) for various devices, including the G1, and it’s absolutely no surprise that the Hero has enough hardware for 2.2. While it’s somewhat interesting to see, it’s not a good idea to use these emulator builds on a device.

      Just wait at least for the source code drop.

  • http://Website alex

    android central said most likely phones that are going to be realesed in 2010, and definetly the EVO 4G,My touch slide, Droid Incredible, Desire,and upcoming phones=). Hopefully they also mean Motorola Cliq Xt

  • ontheFritz

    trackball light?

  • http://Website Daniel

    Also worth noting: the browser now has file upload support.

  • http://Website Christos

    I love all the features of 2.2, but I would like to see some more languages supported by froyo. Hopefully the “coming weeks” are less than a month.

  • http://Website Edwin

    So…..i’m only reading of nexus and new phones. Any idea if the Motorola Droid is in the rollout plans? :(

    Or is this update only for 1Ghz processor phones only?

    • jjl84

      The Droid will likely get the update after the N1. The other Snapdragon devices (HTC EVO, Incredible) use Sense UI…and we all know how long it took HTC to patch their UI to 2.1. Since the Droid is a “Google Experience Phone,” it is controlled more by Google. The Droid is still a highly capable device. Hopefully Google is working closely with Moto/VZW to ensure that 2.2 goes more smoothly than 2.1 did. I don’t really care about OTA Verizon, just give me a link…

      • http://Website Edwin

        Same here. I won’t wait for the OTA push. As soon as the file is available, i shall download and install. Performance wise it should be a lot better. Can’t wait!!

        Sadly i fear is gonna be like the 2.1. That a few weeks game shall be played again, just to let us wait a couple months. Hopefully is not the case!!

    • http://Website taras

      Since when is a 6 month old phone no longer “new”???!

      I really wouldn’t expect Motorola/Google to ditch the Droid and Milestone after half a year, especially when it’s the biggest commercial Android success.

  • http://Website Barkleyfan

    Bluetooth voice dial is a petty glaring omission… Safety should be a primary concern for any organization.

  • http://Website GuardianAli

    People need to stop with the when when when….it is already released!

    I ….REPEAT….it is already released!

    ……..from Google that is. The source is done. The manufacturers can get it to tinker with it.
    Why would Google give release dates for ROMS for phones they dont own or make?? They did release what they were going to..the code.

    If you want to whine about when its gonna come to your phone..dont whine to Google..they did their job. Whine to your manufacturer….ie HTC, Motorola, etc…

    • http://Website Edwin

      You hit one donkey so it pushes the other!! :p

      the sad part is that i don’t know if this update is gonna fly with verizon. This update allow the phone to become a hot spot and verizon likes to clamp down on features like that. Specially when it likes to charge for things like that. So unless they can track when the phone is used as wife hot spot, this release might be delayed until they do!!

      Hopefully i’m wrong……

      • http://Website Icon

        I work WITH (not for) VZW on a daily basis, and I will tell you right now, the hotspot feature will not stop VZW from sending 2.2 OTA. Keep in mind that when the Droid was launched, Google provided their free GPS service, and that cost VZW $10/month from every customer that got the Droid (VZ Navigator was $10/month). Now I’m not saying there won’t be an extra fee for it (which is likely), but it may be optional. And who knows, with LTE being launched this summer, they may decide not to charge for it. Only time will tell.

        To those who posted about the Droid being left out, absolutely not. The Droid will probably be the first Android device with VZW to get the update (before the Incredible, Devour, Eris). The reason is it runs stock Android, and has no custom UI to complicate things.


    • http://Website mapin

      Well let me REPEAT as well… the nexus one is not controlled by any carrier, it’s sold directly by Google, so i’m sorry but I believe it falls on Google to release the update to the N1. Maybe HTC will be involved? I don’t see why, the N1 doesn’t have Sense.

  • Mr.Droid

    And just when Apple thought the iPhone was going to catch up to Android in features. With all the features that Android has, everyone knows that it’s only a matter of time before Android kills the iPad.

    • http://Website Chris

      Everyone save the Apple fanboys anyways.

      I think that Apple has been well, rather supercilious and rested on its laurels, so to speak. A very unwise thing to do considering the rate that Android is growing.

      Furthermore, developers like myself really dislike the fact that Apple has set so restrictive terms in iPhone OS 4. Check out the 3.3.1 policy by Apple (just Google Apple and 3.31 to see). The only thing stopping a mass exodus is that phone for phone there’s more money to be made on the iPhone, because a higher portion of apps on the Android Market are free versus more paid apps on the AppStore. I suppose that a second reason is that Apple fanboys are eager to part with their money and hand it to Apple versus the rest of us who are more rational, especially with all of the free apps.

      Whatever else happens, I hope that an open standard and operating system wins. Android is not perfect, but it is better than what the competition (Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry, and Nokia) are offering.

  • Canterrain

    With every release of new code and features for any platform you can have one of two reactions.

    You can rejoice for what you got.
    You can complain for what you didn’t.

    Either reaction is technically a waste of time as they accomplish nothing and fail to change what is.

    But at least one of these reactions leaves you a more positive person who doesn’t come off as an overpriviliged spoilsport who takes too much for granted.

    This isn’t to say there’s never an appropriate time to address a lack of something that should be there, but one really needs to weigh the importance and need of said lack.

    2.2 addresses many needs and desires with few (and minor) omissions. Everything we could ask for.

    • http://Website B

      Somebody buy this man a beer

      • SpykeZ

        beer is gross, ill buy him a hooker

  • http://Website B

    Was there any word of the multi-color trackball now being unlocked or bugs with the touch screen and data connectivity fixed?

  • http://Website dave

    > For those that don’t know; this allows you to share your 3G or 4G connection with other devices
    > either by USB cable or by turning your phone into a wifi hotspot.

    Can someone clarify whether this means I can attach my phone via usb to an internet connected desktop pc and use the phone as a hotspot, or is it only via 3g/4g?

    • http://Website taras

      Guessing it is just 3G/4G like every other tethering/hotspot app that has ever been made.

      Really hope this feature is included in the Droid/Milestone update.

  • manhattan

    as long as 2.2 is out before the new iphone is available. i live with a bunch of apple fan boys, who are ready to chew my head off once the new iphone comes out. i need 2.2 to put them in their place; once they try to show off plain old boring OS 4.0 to me, which 2.2 will own!!!! i just cant see the iphone being on top anymore.

  • Nickedynick

    Since they’re giving out Evos at I/O, can we expect a Sense UI version of Froyo relatively swiftly? Or am I reading too much into things?

  • Alejandro

    Hi guys.

    I’d like to help clarify the “Copy to SD” functionality: The application needs to be compiled with 2.2 SDK, including some meta info (technical details at the end) to enable it, you can see an Screenshot of the “Manage Apps” with “Move to SD card” enabled for our app here:

    If you want to check it out we’ve uploaded to the Market an updated version of our app “Achievements & Trophies” (it’s called “Trucos” in the Spanish speaking Android markets).

    The nice thing is that the app is backwards compatible (as long as you don’t use any API call from 2.2), It’s just an XML attribute in the manifest that old Android versions just ignore.

    Tech stuff:
    To enable move to SD card to your app just add this at the manifest tag in AndroidManifest.xml : android:installLocation=”auto”

    Full example in our case:

    This is compatible backwards, in fact our app works great with firmware 1.5 and up (you just don’t see tha move to SD option if you are not in 2.2, everything else just works).

  • http://Website Rex

    Does anyone know when Day 2′s Keynote will be available on youtube? Just like day 1′s already are? cuz i missed it :(

  • http://Website justin

    Will the eria get this?

  • http://Website jp2dj1

    Now I’m hearing about 2.3 gingerbread coming in Christmas? What will it have???!!!!

  • trillex

    Statement from HTC:

    “… if your phone was launched this year, we will most likely offer an upgrade for it to the Froyo version. This includes popular models like the Desire and Droid Incredible as well as hotly anticipated phones like the Evo 4G, MyTouch slide and upcoming models. We will announce a full list of phones and dates once we are closer to launching the upgrades. We are working closely with Google and our other partners to ensure we have the earliest access to everything we need to provide a complete and solid Sense experience on Froyo. We expect to release all updates in the second half of this year but can’t be more specific yet”

  • wirbly
  • http://Website shansp3

    i followed the google io through twitter last was all exciting.but i honestly think that the announcement made yesterday was for froyo per wasnt for nexus wasnt for doir wasnt for i believe that probably for nexus users along with the froyo update they shall receive other goodies too like fm radio multi coloured track ball etc…cause i dont think they would want to mention a fm radio update for froyo as eclair in desire already has point is…it was os specific not phone specific update.peace.

  • http://Website diordna

    Wow a lot of excitement for Android 2.2 which is good to see. Don’t be so hard on the whiners at least they care enough about getting the new update which is better than no one caring at all. We all need to remember though Google IO is a developers conference that we get to look in on. They need to get the update first as time is needed to test and update the apps for the new version so the delay is understandable unless you like your apps force closing on you all the time. The SDK was just released so I would be surprised if they get it out in June but don’t be so quick to upgrade as the App updates may take a little longer. I’m gonna hold off a month or two after the release just to save myself the headache. Good things ahead for Google, Google TV looks really interesting.

    • http://Website B

      As you said yourself, its up to the developers to make use of the SDK for Alps, but this is a OS update, not an apparently update. There’s no reason to hold back the release just so devs can work on apps, especially when the update is supposed to make the system itself run more efficiently.

  • http://Website carlosx

    ok I’m guessing since the samsung behold 2 hasn’t got any updates and we still run 1.5 that they have been waiting until 2.2 was available

    • http://Website reddragon72

      We have a B2 on our account and I have personally called Samsung and was told that there will be no upgrade for the B2. I asked why and was told by an actual project manager(not CS) that the 1.6 update was canned by the marketing dept. They said that it is not worth the research money to update the phone. But then Samsung put this up on there twitter account, and this was after I called and makes me wonder if the guy I talked to was right. So I’m not to sure at the moment.

      “@xxxxxxxxx @xxxxxxxxx sorry no confirmed date on Behold II android 2.1 update.” (Samsung twitter)

  • http://Website carlosx

    If someone knows how I can root my behold 2 can you put a link for me thanx

  • http://Website 3william56

    Something no-one’s discussed: with the Dalvik/JIT upping the speed by 4 times, does this mean that, for the same task, the chip will be working less hard or for a shorter time, so use less power, so longer battery life? OK, the screen takes most of the juice, but the chip takes a decent slice.

    I’d keep the current speed, if it’d get me two days on a charge…

  • http://thanksforallthehardworkyoudeveloperpeople! vertumnus

    just say’n

    N1 = <3

  • mehak_klm

    Still No VOIP !

    • http://Website reddragon72

      VOIP will make it’s appearance in the Google Voice app. This app is separate from the OS and can be updated at any time.

  • http://Website Derek

    This sounds pretty good. I was waiting for iphone 4.0 to come out to get one of those. Maybe I’ll re-evaluate and get an android 2.2 phone. What sucks though is its only on the N1 now. And that phone sucks donkey balls with is terrible 3G reception, messed up wi-fi, and its pen-tile oled screen.

  • Ryan

    Does anyone know if you can take screenshot on the phone with 2.2??

    This is something small that makes me super jealous of the iPhone.

  • http://Website David

    Apple’s Developer Conference is June 7-11 I would expect FroYo rollout to Nexus on June 6th or 7th to try to steal some of the thunder from the iPhone4 release.

  • http://Website Artar

    Did it bug anyone else that he said two DOT two and not two POINT two?

    I cringed everytime I heard that. haha

  • tag159

    Is the issue of not being able to connect to Ad-hoc networks been resolved in this release?

  • http://Website taras

    You know what would be REALLY cool?

    If they fixed the Alarm Clock application so it actually sounded the alarm at the correct time, and not when you unlock it 45 minutes later to find out why you are late for work.

  • franky

    is anyone having signal issues with froyo?

  • eorourke

    If you have a Nexus One and you don’t want to wait for the official Froyo OTA, you can follow a couple simple steps to update your phone manually to Android 2.2. Read more here:

  • http://Website oldmoney

    how is it gonna be delivered to samsung galaxy? by ota? or by manual downloads?

  • Ä°slam

    by ota? or by manual downloads?

  • yenimahalle

    or by manual downloads?

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