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Game On: Google continues to staff up for Gaming

Last month we saw Google hire a Developer Advocate for Games and now they are looking to further bolster their games division by casting their net for a Product Management Leader for Games.

To be clear this isn’t exclusively related to Android; Google did just buy a multi-platform game developer last month (LabPixies) and I’m sure Google is going to leverage them for more than just Android game development. LabPixies strength appeared to be puzzle games though and hopefully with Froyo’s newfound might, the boost from the NDK (r3) and the raw power that many Android handsets are wielding these days Google has more ambitious gaming goals in mind as well.

Beyond in-house development one of the listed responsibilities for this position is to, “Establish partnerships as necessary to drive the growth of Google’s products.” So working in tandem with the Developer Advocate we may finally see some of the larger game development houses pulled into the Android fold.

Gaming in general and specifically 3D gaming has been an acknowledged weakness of the Android platform for awhile now so watching Google take some positive steps toward correcting the issue is gratifying. Here’s hoping we will see the fruits of their labor sooner rather than later.

What game or genre of game are you most looking forward to seeing receive some Android love?

Via: TechCrunch

Source: Google

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  • http://Website Bob

    “Sky Siege” on iphone has a very gee-whiz quality to it. Search youtube for it.

    • Sean Riley

      I’m not sure if playing that game or watching someone playing that game would be more entertaining.

    • http://Website Arnoud

      Bob – good timing. Sky Siege for Android is now in beta, and should be available within the next 2 weeks.

      Fair to say it pushes every component on the device to the max, and is looking beautiful on the Nexus One and HTC Desire.

  • http://Website Austin

    Well this will be cool, The Google Game team can develop for the Nexus one while Force Closing frags all other hand sets out there.
    / slash /
    We can complain about lack of support for multiple key configuration. on our g1′s and droids and my touches, and the Hero’s can complain when they’re getting 2.2

    Despite the fact Android is open source, it should have a fine line requiring it meets a certain standard. I can’t go around and slap the Honda symbol on a go cart and claim it’s a Honda. Unfortunately, I could do so with Android.

    • SGB101

      i think it may be time for you to let go of your G1 and upgrade to a next gen model. the G1 is now two years old so you cant expect it to play the latest relases. if you want the laest stuff buy the latest phone.

      the g1 was the first of the first gen devces its time has SADLY come. i just upped mine to a desire it was a sad day but also a great day.

      sadly in 2 years time we will be bitching on how poor the desire and n1 is

      cant wait :)

      • http://Website Austin

        Yea I know/understand, but it sure is getting down to slim pickings come hard qwery TMobile Androids, I think I’m going to make the jump to the My Touch Slide, I’m not a fan of the keyboard, it looks childish, but I think here on A&M they said it was really slick so maybe it’lll work out well.

      • bdveteran18

        As a G1 owner still, my phone has reached is or rapidly approaching the point of going no further with it. Which i’m fine with being that it has been a great phone and is almost 2 years old. Time to get with it and upgrade.

        So complaining about it not getting 2.2, little Flash support, high-end gaming capabilities, etc. just makes you sound foolish. Look at the difference between a new gen phone and a G1. Everything about them is far more advanced. With that said, you didn’t really think the old gen phones were going to be supported forever did you?

  • http://Website Carlo

    Mystery / Thriller games ala Alan Wake or Heavy Rain would be more than welcome!

  • Killa

    Alpha Protocol style RPG. That would be awesome!

    Medal of Honor FPS!

    Destructive racing, like Split-Second!

    Now if I only had a phone that could handle these…

    • http://Website Austin

      Check this out
      It’s devoloped by the guy who made Forge Speed or whatever, it was for the Android develop challenge but it was too violent/some rules. I never saw it again, kinda sucks.
      p.s. I miss playing Doom by Sheff :(

      • Killa

        Yeah, I remember seeing that. It looked so cool! I was wondering what had happened to it.

        That sucks! If that’s too violent, then how the heck do they expect to get good games on Android!?

  • Dee

    how about a music playing app with EQ settings! im sure it would be a hit!

  • http://Website Anthony

    donkey Kong

  • Jeff Grubb

    Something along the lines of Mass Effect 2 or Heavy Rain. With a focus on decision making over straight-up action.

  • http://Website Ronnell

    I have never really been a phone game guy. The screen is too little for serious gaming unless I could get graphics like x box36o.

  • http://Website Kim

    I’d like to see more RPG and multiplayer games. Doom, more graphic games please? Redo of the Sim’s game.

  • SGB101

    ive just found Robo Defence and it is the greatest mobile game ive played since alian atack on my 3210.

    go check the free version out.

    do a review please:)

  • Duncan Leung

    I’d like to see a good RPG game for Android!
    And, also working at a mobile app development company, I’m a bit jealous to continually hear of Google being able to just buy up companies when they need specific talent =p

  • http://Website ronabong

    I wonder if StarCraft like games are possible? or even old skool Sid’s Civilization.