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Gameloft unleashes wave of Android 3D games, most don’t work

Gameloft first demonstrated what they could do on Android with their hit racer Asphalt 5 and now the company is back with a full stable of 3D games. Android fans can now enjoy envy 10 new titles, which many iPhone/iPod users might recognize.

In order to play any of these new games, customers will have to purchase them from Gameloft’s smartphone site. Only Asphalt 5 is located on Google’s Android Market, but we expect the others will eventually show up.

Buyers should beware because several users have reported problems when trying to download and install the games. Gameloft will offer users a refund, but expect to run into some issues. It sounds like Real Soccer 2010, Let’s Golf!, Modern Combat, and Asphalt 5 are the only titles working. The list of non-working games includes Assassin’s Creed, NOVA, Hero of Sparta, Dungeon Hunter, HAWX, and Gangstar.

If you try out any of the games, let us know which ones work and we will update our post with a list of issues.

Potential buyers should also know that many of these games are iPhone ports originally designed to work with a PowerVR graphics processor. This means that they will play better on the Droid (which also uses PowerVR) versus any of the Snapdragon phones (Nexus, Incredible, EVO) that have not been optimized. Users who own first generation Android devices should avoid these games.

Gameloft Android games

Gameloft Android games.

New Gameloft titles include:

  • Modern Combat: Sandstorm
  • Let’s Golf!
  • Hero of Sparta
  • Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X
  • Real Soccer 2010
  • Dungeon Hunter
  • Asphalt 5
  • Ganstar: West Coast Hustle
  • Assassin’s Creed – Altair’s Chronicles
  • N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance

Via: xda-developers

Source: Gameloft

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  • anakin78z

    Hmn… yea, I’ll go with lame. Not sure why Gameloft has such a hard time getting this right. Other companies, such as Polarbit haven’t had these issues. And the fact that the games are not even on the market is just bizarre.

  • http://Website Jokercpp

    Nova worked for me. Its not a bad game decent I would say. About time we got some more 3d games

  • http://Website marianop89

    tested working games for now: Real football 2010,Nova,Moderm Combat.

    Not working: dungeon hunter, hero of sparta.

    Never end loading: gangstar

    Not tested yet: assassins creed, tom clancy hawk, lets golf.

    • http://Website Craig16

      Do you know how to buy these games and get them on your phone because Ive been trying to do it for an hour. Everytime I try to buy on my Incredible it says Verizon is not supported. WTF its suppose to be for high end phones what does carrier have to do with it.

      • http://Website Zhor

        And they say Pirates dont want to pay when the real guilt lies on them self…

      • http://Website brandon ruiz

        Get the app market enabler, that should fix your problem

  • artesea

    Been playing Real Football 2010 today. Game not bad and the graphics pretty good. Need to test the multiplayer option when a WiFi network is available.
    Nexus One and Desire tested.

  • http://Website daveloft

    When I went to their site and tried to purchase a game it wanted to know where I was and what carrier. I selected Canada, Ontario and Bell and as such under the device list, it only listed devices sold directly from Bell. But I have the Google Nexus One which wasn’t an option. The only way to select the Nexus One was to select the US and T-Mobile but the only payment option was to bill the carrier.

    WTF. Why does it matter what carrier I’m with. Let me choose the model and pay with paypal or credit card and supply with a web link to download the game. This is such BS, they don’t even know how to take peoples money properly. What a failure of a company.

  • http://Website MooQ

    For the Snapdragon Users:

    Real Football 2010: – works flawlessly (only game so far)
    Modern Combat: – runs with a smooth Framerate but with heavy graphical errors. unplayable at all
    Nova: starts, but even the main menu doesnt´t render correctly. unplayable
    Gangstar: doesn´t install at all (same for milestone/droid) users
    Aphalt 5: runs without errors but with framerate issues

    Tested on Acer Liquid with Android 2.1

    So far it is absolutly pathetic what gameloft delivered to the android platform.

  • tenkely

    Not buying anything till they put them in the market.

  • http://Website dave

    I think it’s hard to test games. You have to first install them, then load them, and then play them a bit. Hard work. Better to just take people’s money and let them test them for you. “Oh, it doesn’t work? OK..uh.. here’s your money back. What didn’t work about it, by the way? We’re curious.”

    • Adrian

      Have your money back? Are you kidding? Have you *seen* their refund policy?

  • http://Website lotd

    Hero of sparta doesnt work on desire

    • http://Website andrius

      hero of sparta works great on my HTC desire … big step tho …

      gangstar never finish loading

  • Bristolboy

    When searching On Android Market there are a number of apps by Gameloft UK (5 at time of writing). Asphalt costing £4.99, Uno costing £1.99, Midnight Bowling costing £1.99, Prince of Persia costing £1.99 and Assassin’s Creed costing £1.99. Not sure if this is the versions of the games above though.

    Interesting to see the number of iPhone developers porting across to Android – I believe Breaking Art have started doing this today as well!

  • http://Website joeskie

    well that does it for me. gameloft can go pump th neighbors cat for all i care. any game they release that even remotly works(asfault) always gives you that one last “we hate you android owners”feeling (installs sounds to the music list)

  • http://Website Josh

    Same here, tenkely, I’m waiting until they’re up on the market. What’s stopping them from putting the games on there, anyway? Do they not want people to be able to refund the ones that don’t work or something? Seriously, what’s the deal?

  • http://Website aar0n

    How’s the resolution? If they’re iPhone ports then do they look bad on a nexus one?

  • http://Website Ted

    I attempted to download HAWX, despite the warning, but didn’t even get far enough. I entered my CC info, got a transaction ID and confirmation, but no download button was presented. When I went to the My Downloads page, it listed like 6 other games I have never purchased (all that I could download), but not the actual one I purchased. I emailed the support email, and complained, asking for a refund and that games be added to the Market because this was ridiculous.

  • http://Website Paul

    how do I download NOVA?? Or Modern Combat?? I go to the website with my phone and there are only 4 games to choose from: Assassin’s Creed, Dungeon Hunter, HAWX, and Hero of Sparta. Each for 6.99. I’m using a Motorola Droid in the US by the way…thanks.

  • http://Website ANdroidboi

    It’s funny how there willing to pay the apple tax but is trying to side step the android market at the moment and loosing customers do to fact that with tmobile USA you can only pay with carrier billing.

  • http://Website spencer

    Not buying till on market

  • http://Website Craig16

    When I try to buy it ask for my carrier and when I put my carrier Verizon in it says not supported. Why is my carrier important just let me puchase. I have a high end Android phone which is all that should matter. If its this hard to buy a damn game put it on the Market

  • http://Website ronabong

    Kudos for releasing 3D games for androids, but BIG FAILED on delivery methods. Stop treating Android users like ginning pigs!

  • http://Website David

    Amazingly lame.
    They only accept payment through the cell phone company and they don’t support Verizon.

    They list hundreds of phones, but don’t have a simple way to handle Android.

    They should ditch all the random phones and just support Android and iPhone. They’re making life too hard for themselves. Sounds like a big company that is very lost.

  • http://Website S250

    Tried Assasin Creed….but it’s not new 3D version,it’s OLD 2D Version!

  • Segal

    Bought a Dungeon Hunter for my Nexus One – doesn’t work, force closes. Gameloft support sent me a Hero of Sparta as a replacement and it doesn’t work either. :(

  • Mio Starkid

    I tried following:
    Modern Sandstorm
    Dungeon Hunter

    On Gangstars and Modern Sandstorm there was the most time problems with the download, Gangstars never worked…
    So, _IF_ they downloaded, it runs’ a new internal app and this force closes so, that the System don’t say: ‘Sorry, blahblah’ …
    But the Logcat says, that the phone wrote a dumprep…

  • http://Website Richy

    Im buying Nova, hawx, and maybe HOS as soon as theyre on the market

    ….and why are people complaining so much? Gameloft clearly dont have as much investment in android purely because of the effort it takes to get it working on phones, people’s attitude of “doesn’t work, refund”, and the fact people dont like spending money on things in the android market in the first place.
    If it doesn’t work, just let them know, hold on to it, and wait for an update. They’re not going to rush an update out if they sell 1000 copies, and 900 people refund it. But if they know there are 1000 people who have bought their product and are waiting for a fix, that puts a lot more pressure on them.

    Seriously, if you had an easy-to-develop-for, cash cow platform like iphone, and then begin to bring out your catalogue on android and immediately get a bunch of rude emails and instant refunds, where’s the incentive!? Just doesnt make sense from a business perspective.

    And I KNOW it shouldnt be an issue in the first place and the games should ‘just work’, but until android users show themselves worthy, i just dont see Gameloft ramping up their android dev team. It’s cyclical.

  • http://Website xXx

    went through all the buying process to be charged to phone carrier.

    Still have not receive the download link.

    Do they send the link by SMS or MMS?

    I haven’t tested whether my MMS settings is working.

  • stalker

    Amazing. Finally gameloft came with a good collection of games on android after a cool asphalt release. Sorry iPhone you’re not a good gaming phone anymore.

  • adrianx

    hello to all

    it’s possible that same of the games are released for the upcoming the android 2.2 or flash 10.1?

  • Daniel H

    I went to their website with the full intention of buying Real Soccer 2010, but was frustrated when I couldn’t even find it.

  • Segal

    Quick update – while waiting for Gameloft reply, I’ve redownloaded games from links, they’ve sent me. Both Hero of Sparta and Dungeon Hunter are now launching without error messages. But both show message “this is not original copy” and then quite.

    I hope that means that Gameloft already fixed this FC error. Only thing left is to get new links from their support, because old ones are one-use only, as stated on their website.

  • http://Website marianop89

    @Segal, Can u post the links??? :P i have Dungeon Hunter with FC thing….

    • Segal

      I’m not sure if it is legal – they said in e-mail that this link is one time only.

      Also, games downloaded that way doesn’t work, so we all just have to wait for Gameloft to update us.

  • http://Website Ted

    They sent me a download link through SMS, and I installed HAWX. It works fine on my Droid, and looks great. I loved Armageddon Squadron from Polarbit, and this is very easily five steps up.

  • http://Website marianop89

    I got real football,nova and sandstorm working… but not the others…

  • Todd Moses

    Played Asphalt – not real fun. The problem is I was expecting a Grand Tourismo remake for the Android. No such luck.

  • Segal

    And another update. Got new download link for Hero fo Sparta – it works now, yay!

    I bought Dungeon Hunter though. Well, it costs 3 dollars, guess I will buy it again :)

    • Segal

      And I can safely confirm that Dungeon Hunter also works now :)

  • http://Website Victor Sirotek

    I bought it from their website on my Droid the way it says to in the Youtube promo video they posted. They took my money and then there was no download link. Real classy. Contacted support and haven’t heard a peep. Very unhappy customer.

  • http://Website worldbfree

    Wow, I’m really suprised by this news Guys… All the aformentioned games work like butter on my trusty Pre! Reminds of the days when Intel boosted that their Cpu’s had more GHZ than AMD, but AMD’s gaming ability came down to AMD cpu’s doing more work per clock than intel thus AMD became a gamers dream. In this case, my Pre sports a better GPU than the Snapdragon, thus it can game better than say a Snapdragon running at even a Gigahertz. However, Gameloft shares some of the blame here. They must build these games from scratch to work with (optimize) the Snapdragons gpu and that will solve the problem. Remember it took the Pre 6 months to really be able to game. So, in time I expect the same thing from Android…

    • grindking

      The pre is the same identical hardware as the Motorola Droid so just trying to claim it’s a ‘better’ gaming device is really not even accurate. Yes it has a higher fill rate than the Snapdragon, but it doesn’t even matter. It’s faster in every way other than 3d gaming performance. These aren’t ‘gaming devices’ as the main priority, they’re a functional device with tons of uses. I’m sure in time there will be some really good 3d mobile gpu’s aside from the PowerVR chipset a lot of companies are using right now. This is an Android site, we aren’t going to buy a tired Palm Pre, portrait keyboards are so dead to me. Lets continue the discussion in a more focused area rather than trying to say ‘my device is better than yours’

  • http://Website Lee

    I bought dungeon hunter and it works on my x10 ;)

  • http://Website indierocker774

    How did you guys even get to the site? I’ve been going to since 9:50 EST this morning and all I get is gameloft’s old WAP site that says there’s 12 new games for my Nexus One available but they’re all the old, 2D games that have been on the market for over a year now. Is there something i’m missing because really, as much as i’d prefer to purchase these games through the Market (like a whole Sh*t tone of you), i’d just like to actually see these running ON my phone….

    • http://Website indierocker774


  • http://Website tokinjedi

    these games are not supposed to be out until friday (5/21/2010), according to their twitter…..

  • http://Website mike

    can someone tell me if these games are working on other android phones that werent listed i am concidering buying the samsung galaxy spicq and if just one of these games work on it then its a done deal for me

    • http://Website R

      The Spica is a good little phone, but i would think that it probably comes under the “1st gen” category of android phones. And unfortunately a lot of new games coming out will only work on 2nd gen….I could be completely wrong, but that’s just what i would think anyway.

  • http://Website Game Girl

    Are the games available to different types of Smartphones?

  • http://Website freealltheway
  • DJ Agent M

    Real Football loads on htc desire but shooting/passing works doesnt always work which is disappointing

  • mrben

    Bought Real Football (which was hard enough in itself) for my HTC Desire. Game actually works pretty well, but, as previously mentioned, the controls are a bit flaky. The joystick in particular is hard to manipulate, and the A/B buttons sometimes don’t act like they should – either not working at all, or not performing the selected move (ie pass instead of cross, etc).

    Good to see a “soccer” game on the Android, but it won’t take much effort for someone to do better, methinks. Won’t be forking out for any more Gameloft games (although Asphalt still seems to get good reviews…)

  • http://Website shasta588

    do any of these work on g1?

  • http://Website Amin

    I have just bought 3 games (Asphalt 5, Assasin Creed and Hero of Sparta ) and have tried the first two and seem working allright. Regarding difficulty to download , its true , i couldnt download using my brouser but instead use Opera Mini 5 beta and you’ll be able to buy the games for $5.00 each

  • http://Website nathan

    Just purchased the nova game in my droid phone yesterday and works perfectly. Havent gotten issues or problems but who knows

  • http://Website spary

    Too bad the games were screwed up. At least they allow you to re-download purchased games now:

  • http://Website Matt

    Well I downloaded them all for free. Got them to kind of work, just the screen resolution did not fit my HTC Hero. Still its great to see some good games are in progress of being made for Android.

  • http://Website Cheesewiz

    Dungeon Hunter works fine on my Motorola Droid. Fun game.

  • http://Website Sven

    I have a Nexus one running froyo (FRF91) and can report the following:

    - H.A.W.X. is running fine, so far no complaints
    - Asphalt 5 has difficulties, all tracks have problems with low frame rates but some are really bad (on my phone the Hawaiian track is unplayable… the rest well.. it’s okay as long as there are not to many cars… a head to head race or a time attack runs pretty smooth)

    It’s great that android supports different hardware to stay competitive but the downside for developing high demand/performance applications is compatibility. Different kind of hardware requires different api’s and/or interpretations… I think it’s hard for developers to keep up with the explosive growth of android phones and their respective hardware… If you like to game on an android phone currently the best option is to buy a Samsung Galaxy S. For the most important part (GPU/CPU) it’s running the same hardware as the iPhone 4, thus less compatibility problems… If I knew that before buying the Nexus one ;o)

    • http://Website dharmaboy

      Correction to this…both the iPhone 3Gs & 4 use the PowerVR 535 chip and the Samsung Vibrant uses the newer PowerVR 540 which is considerably faster than the iPhone’s graphic chip. I just upgraded from a 3Gs (which was no slouch when it comes to gaming) to the Vibrant which is flawless and is noticeably faster. Frame rates were smooth and it played the HD versions of N.O.V.A., Modern Warfare, Dungeon Hunter, Asphalt 5, and Gangstar much smoother than the iPhone….and the HD versions looked noticeably better too!

  • http://Website mike

    I hate this website. Yet another site that forces you to view its crap mobile version on a phone (nexus one) that can view full websites with ease. Link for ‘regular site’ doesn’t change anything.

  • http://Website Gregg

    I’ve tried using some of the gameloft titles on my samsung vibrant such as Nova, Hero of Sparta, and the gangstar game. They seemed to work at first but a few minutes in my phone started freaking out, the game would stop, my phone would go black and the only aspect of my phone that responded were the softkeys but they would do nothing beyond lighting up. I had to remove the battery to restart my phone and even on multiple restarts my phone would load really slow and then go black again. I found that I had a race against time to go into the application menu and uninstall the games before the phone would go black and lock up. After numerous tries I finally got all of the games uninstalled from my phone and after a final restart the phone started to act normally again. I contacted gameloft with the issues I was having, they sent me two links to download updated versions of the hero of sparta and gangstar game that they claimed shouldn’t cause problems. I redownloaded those specific titles, installed and, like before, they seemed to be working fine at first but they still eventually caused my phone to brick on me forcing me to, once again, have to quickly uninstall them as my phone was loading its usual software from a hard restart. My hope is that gameloft will work harder to fix the problems and maybe when my vibrant finally gets the 2.2 OS update it will be better suited to run these more high-end games.

  • http://Website Ray

    i donloaded all 10 titles to my samsung vibrant…all work great ive had no problems with any of them…

  • jennifer

    One of the better and older games from Gameloft. They’ve had a lot of time to sharpen this one up. Great campaign, great graphics.

  • http://Website atticus

    I got gangstar and NOVA to work. Dungeon hunter won’t finish downloading the game data.

  • http://Website dj

    Gangstar won’t. Finseh downloading

  • http://Website don

    They all run fine on Vibrant except for no gyroscope in Hawx.

  • http://Website micah

    Nova and modern combat work but Gangstar won’t even open on my evo. It works on my sister’s epic tho

  • Jawad

    If u didnt play this game then i would like to sy that u didnt take the real gaming thrill. may be i m exgaerating but this game is superb

  • http://Website Mike

    Just thought I’d update this list…
    I have the HTC Evo with Android 2.2 and so far I’ve played Asphalt 5, Hero of Sparda, Gangstar, and NOVA on my EVO and all have run flawlessly. Asphalt and NOVA do have occasional frame rate hitches which are certainly annoying, but not game-breaking. I’ve had zero issues with forced closes or loading screen lockups however.

  • http://Website DeX

    Have someone got link to assassin’s creed altair chronicles on xperia x10? i know guy,name’s wdyz ,here is his blog. . He optymalized many gameloft games special for xperia x10, but he done assassins creed and now he want money/donate for this game. can someone know how to launch AC on x10 or can someone donate wdyz for this game and give us link?

    sorry for bad english ;p

  • http://ANDROIDLGGW620 tunnaps


  • http://Website Somebody

    Just bought hero of sparta dungen game and 2 others and they work great I’m using the g2 its about time keep up the good work gameloft

  • http://Website Mario

    Well, a year after this post I own all but real-football and everything works great. Once I got lost in their Wap-Shop. A phonecall later they gave me a game for free for trubble. Just note their DRM policy and you’ll be fine (you buy the game for one phone with one number)

    Galaxy S i9000

  • http://Website Kevin

    I’ve tried to download Gangstar for Android OS 2.2 and it works good until I get a message to download stuff. Only the first time it downloaded 100% but it stucks then, I’ve tried again and the download won’t even work by now. And I’ve also downloaded Asphalt 5 and Modern Combat and they won’t even start. Gameloft must really try to fix all of those games.

  • http://Website shravan

    Oh no no no wait!!
    Gameloft is best with their graphics as is evident from their earlier android games – like avatar spiderman batman and many more (i’ve 14 of them).
    On my htc desire hd, nova works great but gangstar turned out to be waste of a dollar…
    Nevertheless our feedback will make their games working..

  • http://Website shravan

    And the best part is that all the gameloft games have an EXIT button…

  • puckhead

    Just installed Modern Combat 2 and Assassins Creed. Both work. Assassins Creed had a hard time with the additional data. Restarted download a few times and worked. Good luck…

  • NAJ

    hey guys ,hero of sparta workd for me, as well as nova,, but gangstar,and lets golf isnt givin a damn thing as response,got fed up afta smtym…try downloadin spiderman hd, grpahix really cool as the desktop version!

  • Hi, I have Galaxy Ace and I’ve tested Assassin’s Creed, Nova and Asphalt 5. Nova doesn’t work at all, AC works great and Asphalt crashes after the first race.
    If somebody knows how to make Asphalt and Nova work pls let me know by my email

  • ps3gamer

    ok listen up ALL HTC Evo users and Similar android USERS. I have accidentally stumbled upon a solution to the download/installation. I have been downloading and redownloading for 3 days now only to find that the game would not start, and would also constantly turn off my wifi whenever I would try to open “Assassins Creed HD” and “Gangster HD” This is what I did and now they work perfectly.

    Go to your *****Settings*****, scroll down and click on *****System updates*****, update your *** **Firmware*****, update your *****Profile*****, update your *****PRL*****, and lastly update your ******HTC Software*****

  • Soulcarber

    So far, Hero of Sparta, Asphalt, Dungeon Hunter,Assasins Creed,Gangstar, Lets Golf, Modern Combat are working on my droid 2 global, i haven’t tried the other because i don’t fancy them

  • Peter

    Game of TinTin does not work on my android, Sony Ericcson. It needs 897 MB, but the App calls for Wifi while Wifi is working perfectly. Everytime after 2 or 3 MB download it stops and cannot be installed. Do you know a solution?

  • aRia

    Hi im have xperia x8 and xperia mini pro !
    you cat download free games in this site :