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Google Editions to offer over 4 million titles at launch?

We already knew that Google was planning to launch a digital book distribution network this Summer, but recent comments from Google officials suggest that this is a far more significant effort than was previously expected.

Japan Today is reporting that Google has managed to secure more than 25,000 authors and publishers to participate in the service at launch, which, if you are to include the existing Google Books library will give users access to over 4 million titles.

To put that in perspective the current number of titles available through iBooks has been reported as about 60,000, Amazon for Kindle is approximately 500,000 and Barnes and Noble boasts of over 1 million “ebooks, newspapers, and magazines.”

If Google manages to support all of this material with apps and software released across all major platforms, a feat which they are certainly capable of, then they could certainly put themselves in a position to control this market in short order.

Ignoring the implications for the market as a whole this is also another piece of the Android tablet puzzle falling into place. So now we have books, we have streaming video, and we at least have someone advocating for games.

What else do you think Google needs to get in place before the tabletpalooza hits in the second half of the year?

Via: Japan Today

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  • mitchk

    Is there any chance we will be able to view these books on our android phones, would be quite cool just to pick up my phone and read a book :D

    • Sean Riley

      I’m sure they will make an Android app available at some point, but whether there will be one in time for the launch of the Editions service I don’t know.

    • http://Website mr. Briano

      Aldiko. It’s awesome.

      • Sean Riley

        I love Aldiko right now and use it often, but if Google really delivers a library of this size I’m going to convert.

    • http://Website meeka

      Google promises that every books (majority) will be for free. Isn’t this great or what? Review:

  • Dylan Bennett

    Don’t forget that they also now have BumpTop as a possible tablet home screen interface. The standard Android home screen interface is really inadequate for a tablet style device, whereas BumpTop is perfect for that kind of device.

    • Sean Riley

      It will definitely be interesting to see how BumpTop gets woven into the OS and whether Google does start to take two different courses with Android for tablets versus phones.

      • http://Website kidphat

        The Android core will most likely remain the same; however, the launcher might get replace with a BumpTop version.

  • http://Website Tony

    Am I the only one who was never impressed by BumpTop?

    • http://Website mykenyc

      Never used it I’m sure Google will improve upon it.

  • hollyw0od

    Nook = Android…

    Android = Google…

    Anyone get where I’m going here?


  • http://Website jonathan m

    Just YouTubed this .. not a fan. Looks cheap. Hope Google comes up with a better UI ! .

  • http://Website Chad

    When are these companies going to get textbooks for school on board? That’s where the real money is!