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Google I/O streamed live on YouTube

There are many potential reasons to get excited for this month’s Google I/O. If the rumors hold up, we could see Android 2.2 (FroYo), Flash 10.1, and Google TV. The conference sold out early, but anyone with an internet connection will be able to watch the keynotes live via YouTube.

To watch, just go to at the start of the keynotes each day.

Here’s the schedule for the keynotes at I/O – it’s also available on the official agenda page:

  • Day 1 Keynote: Wednesday, May 19, 9:00 -10:30am PT
  • Day 2 Keynote: Thursday, May 20, 8:30-10:00am PT

We will be attending Google I/O and also joining the handset makers and Android team at the Fireside chats. We are currently taking questions for the Android handset makers and look for a future post to submit questions to the Android engineers.

Source: Official Google Blog

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  • http://Website Angry HERO owner

    I dont care about android 2.2 and flash anymore. It will never come to HTC Hero (as it seems) and I will have to buy a new phone everytime they have a new version of android ready!!

  • http://Website Soul_Est

    You don’t have to buy a new phone. The xda-developers forums is quite alive with further developing android for it (and other HTC phones). Check it out although it requires voiding your warranty. Should you wish not to do that however, you will have to purchase a new phone.

  • http://Website hiddengopher

    yeah I would check out XDA if I were you. =)

  • http://Website nasko

    Does anyone know if we can stream this live on our droods?

    • http://Website B_Rush

      What is this drood you speak of??

      • http://Website birdy

        he obviously wants to watch it while playing World Of Warcraft, he has a drood :)

        • http://Website nasko

          Ok i am sorry for the misspel. I meant droid. I asked because my commute is during some part of the keynotes, so i wanted to know if i will be able to livestream it on my droid. And i dont play WoW

          • http://Website David B

            Actually, Drood is correct.

    • http://Website Daniel

      Hey dumbass did you know that streaming LIVE is something completely different from streaming an already recorded video. Go educate yourself on the the world wide web, if your on the net then you should fucking understand it!

  • stalker

    I’ve N1.. and I am very excited about froyo and flash.

  • Peter Burandt

    Nicely done mate. I agree most of what was written ideal here. This would undoubtedly make myself wanna return to your blog! Bookmarked!

  • Fritz Gutterrez

    Hi there, I observed this blog when, then lost it. Took me forever to arrive back and obtain it. I wanted to view what comments you got. Rather good blog by the way.