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Google’s Android team loses two members

Though surprisingly close to Google I/O, Android doesn’t seem to be immune to deserters. TechCrunch is reporting that Cedric Beust, a senior software engineer for Android, is leaving the company to assume a position at LinkedIn.

The last two days have been particularly difficult for Android staff, as senior product manager Erick Tseng announced he was leaving to be “Head of Mobile Products” for Facebook.

On a side note, Beust also had some interesting things concerning the upcoming release of Froyo in his post, stating that we should “prepare to be blown away by what you will see very soon.” Whether this is a face-saving measure or not, it doesn’t hurt to hear optimistic things about the forthcoming update.

Weirdly enough, LinkedIn’s offices are right down the road from the GooglePlex. It will be interesting to see if there’s some inter-office warfare going on in the future. It’s unknown if Google has anyone coming in to fill the positions opened by Beust or Tseng, but we’ll keep our ears open for any new acquisitions.

I’ve been at Google for six years but it feels more like “Two years at Google and four years in a small start up called Android that plans to revolutionize the mobile industry”. I don’t know what’s the most surprising: how ambitious that goal was four years ago or how far Android has come today.Cedric Beustvia his personal blog

Source: TechCrunch

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