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Hands on the $99 LG Ally

Verizon officially unveiled the LG Ally last night at a press party in New York. We already posted the full specs of the mid-range Ally and now Verizon has shared the official launch date and pricing.

The LG Ally will be available for pre-order online at starting tomorrow, May 13. Verizon Wireless will have the device in stores on May 20. Pricing will be $99.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate (debit card) with a new two-year contract. The full price of the device off contract is $450.

Considering this is a 600 MHz phone with 3.2 inch display, we think Verizon priced the phone just right at $99. Recent launches like the Verizon Devour (same CPU) were priced at $149, which was a hard swallow when you have the Droid and Droid Incredible going for only $50 more at Verizon stores.

Our friends over at PhoneDog attended the Iron Man 2 themed party and filmed a quick hands-on video with the LG Ally. We can see that even though this is not a Snapdragon phone, LG still included the 3D launcher and live wallpapers. LG also designed their own desktop theme, but thankfully users can toggle back and forth with the stock Android home.

If anything, it looks like the LG Ally will make the Motorola Devour obsolete in Verizon’s Android lineup. If customers are looking for a mid-range Android phone, the LG Ally features the latest 2.1 firmware, a better camera with autofocus and flash, plus a higher resolution display.

Via: PhoneDog

Source: Verizon

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  • http://Website Dee

    shouldn’t this have come out along with iron man 2 instead of almost 2 weeks later?
    either way, i can’t really say anything bad about this phone…its just a mid range phone lol.
    the iron man tie in is a bit campy but w.e, however i can say even with 600mhz it does still seem a little slow which would make me nervous about going forward with android and future updates…
    how much onboard memory does it have?

  • http://Website Darkseider

    The phone is nearly identical to the Devour in every way. The only differences are the the screen size 3.2″ vs 3.1″, higher resolution, camera flash and Android 2.1 vs Android 1.6 on the Devour. Otherwise they have the exact same memory ROM and RAM as well as the same processor. If/when the Devour gets 2.1 it will be a nearly identical handset.

  • http://Website plainbrad

    Does this foreshadow what T-mobile might price the mytouch 3g slide at as well? Or will the slide’s larger RAM and it being on T-mobile up the price?

  • http://Website blaH

    So my moto droid couldn’t get the Nexus One app drawer and the five screens but this lower spec’d mid-range phone can??? Someone tell me my eyes are deceiving me

  • http://Website Jack

    Why did the LG guy say that the capacitive touch screen is a spec requirement for Android when the Archos Tablet has a resistive touch screen?

  • Marissa

    How muh does the lg octane cost if u get it online from Verizon wireless ?? I might get one but forst I need to know how much they cost please email me at [email protected] thx

  • Marissa