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Hands on the T-Mobile Garminfone

Every Android phone in the U.S. features a built in GPS, but only one of them is made by Garmin. T-Mobile’s upcoming Garminfone will be the first Android-powered smartphone and Garmin GPS navigation device in one. Android fans looking for a high-end device will be disappointed with the specs (600 MHz ARM11), but I’m sure a select group of people out there will fancy the GPS features of the Garminfone.

The major advantage of the Garminfone software is its on-board North American maps. This allows users to get directions anytime, whether in or out of cell phone coverage. The Garminfone also uses multiple overlapping positioning technologies to ensure customers have one of the best location and navigation experiences a smartphone can offer. Other unique features include the Garmin Voice Studio app which allows users to record custom voice directions to share with family and friends.

Unfortunately the Garminfone ships with Android 1.6, but at least that firmware allows users the option to try the competing Google Maps Navigation.

No release date has been announced, but customers can sign up with T-Mobile for further details.

Our friends from TmoNews have shared a quick video walk-through of the Garminfone. You would think they would demo the Garmin maps application, but I guess the tester was under instructions not to reveal it yet. We do get a good glimpse of the custom UI which looks exactly as it did on the Nuvifone A50 earlier this year.

Any takers?

Source: TmoNews

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