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High-end Android phones benchmarked with Quadrant

We knew for awhile that Android was going to receive a nice performance boost with the new JIT compiler found in Android 2.2. Google proclaimed a 2x-5x performance increase when they unveiled Android 2.2 at Google I/O and now a select few with Nexus One phones are reaping the benefits.

Google accidently sent out a pre-release version of Android 2.2 that many manually installed on their phone. I’ve been running that firmware on my Nexus One for nearly a week and I can honestly say I  have noticed a big difference in all areas of my phone. Apps launch quicker, games perform faster, and my phone never slows down.

We have been in search of a comprehensive Android benchmark for quite awhile, but none have stood out so far. I recently came across Quadrant from Aurora Softworks and I think it’s what I have been looking for. Quadrant performs a series of tests which benchmark the CPU, memory, I/O, and 2D/3D graphics.

All the scores are grouped together in the free version (available now in the Android Market), but a professional edition is coming next month that will allow the user to run individual tests and monitor the results.

I wanted to see how the current high-end Android phones stacked up, so I benchmarked the Nexus One, HTC EVO, Droid Incredible, and Droid. As expected, the Nexus One running Android 2.2 came out on top by a wide margin. The EVO and Incredible ran neck and neck, but that is no surprise since they both use the same Snapdragon platform running Android 2.1. Pulling up the rear was the Motorola Droid, which features a slower 550 MHz TI OMAP3430 processor.

Based on this single benchmark suite, it looks like the Android 2.2 firmware boosted the scores by almost 300%. Android users who owns a high-end device should be pleased by these results because most will eventually receive Android 2.2. The Droid is expected to be updated first and then be followed by the EVO and Incredible later this year.

The benchmark only takes a couple minutes to download and run through all the tests, so share your scores in the comments. I’m curious what all the overclockers out there can achieve.

Via: Aurora Softworks

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  • http://Website Irfan Samuel

    so when the Galaxy S will get v2.2 it’ll easily beat Nexus with 2.2!

    it’s going to be an android year :)

    • Taylor Wimberly

      It could be possible. There is no way to know what firmware it was running, but we assume it was 2.1. Samsung claimed their Hummingbird core was the fastest Cortex-A8 based designed so we will have to wait and see.

      The Motorola MB810 is also interesting. That phone is said to include the newer 45nm OMAP3630 running at 720 MHz. If that test was also performed with Android 2.1, then we are in for a big treat later this year.

      • http://Website BlueScreenJunky

        Speaking of which, I’d like to see the detailed results, in order to know if the Shadow’s OMAP 3630 running at 720Mhz is really faster than than the Snapdragon at 1Ghz or if it only has a much better graphics processor.
        (or it could be that it was already running FroYo too…)

        • Taylor Wimberly

          I think it is a combination of both. I will buy the pro version when it comes out and do some more detailed testing.

        • http://Website mina

          A little bit comparisson in respect to specs, about the three superphones of the current market today.

      • Marek

        I can confirm that Motorola Shadow and Samsung Galaxy S were tested with 2.1-update1

    • http://Website anthony

      That’s the problem there that may not be true. The galaxy may get froyo and the nexus will have gingerbread you loose lol

    • http://Website spookie

      Sad that it’s now 10 months after you wrote about how fast the Galaxy S will be on Froyo, and Samsung still hasn’t got Froyo ON the Galaxy S…

      Glad I sold my Galaxy S–I LOVE my EVO!

  • Christopher Chavez

    NEATO!!!! I like this a lot more than Linpack… Awesome. Great find Android and Me. =)

  • http://Website Rovex

    Nice test, but its only the basic version. Im guessing that the GPU is making the HTC phones look slower than they otherwise would be. The advanced and Pro versions should let us run the tests without the 3D tests and should make the snapdragon look a lot better.

    The test also uses GLES1.1, which the snapdragon isnt great with, its much better at 2.0.

    • Marek

      GLES 2.0 version might be developed in the near future if the initial release proves to be successful.

  • http://Website john

    Scored 383 on a freshly rebooted HTC Legend, that’s somewhere between the Droid and the X10.

  • http://Website Robin

    1597 on my Froyo Nexus One with pershoot OC kernel.

  • http://Website bam2000

    My Overclocked Milestone/Droid with 1 GHz get a score of 546
    If The Droid gets 2.2 and is overclocket, it will beat the nexus one ;)

    • SGB101

      but if you o/c the nexus to the same speed it wouldn’t!!! apples and oranges you fool.

      • http://Website bam2000

        But the nexus one is with 1 Ghz standart, i can overclock my droid/milestone up to 1,33 Ghz
        Don’t know how much OC the N1 can get, but the milestone/droid has one thing better than the n1, the grafic’s processor.

      • http://Website Josh

        I think his point was that if the processor was the same clock speed as the snapdragon that it would be better which is true according to the test is true. If they made a cpu from that company at the same speed as the snapdragon then it would out perform it

  • http://Website Chang

    droid OC to 1Ghz? what about nexus OC to 1.2~1.5Ghz?

    • http://Website Zak Jones!

      150% overclock? Sounds pretty crazy to me. I’ve no idea though. :p

  • http://Website acepelon

    Bugless Beast overclocked at 1 gig: 577.

    It is very hard to slow this beast down.

  • http://Website JAG

    What about Shadow? Does it have 2.2?

    this would be amazing if this can beat Galaxy S both runnig 2.1

  • http://Website Nic

    1625 on a nexus one with froyo running at 1.113ghz

  • Gerankle

    615 on a Droid 2.1, Cyanogen with a 1.0 GHz Bekit kernel.

    Droid, I am disappoint.

  • houserhythm

    Got 720 on my 1.2 GHz o/c’d Milestone. No apps stopped for the test, no fresh boot, I wanted to have “live” conditions. Also I have Apps2SD on just a class 4 card, which might drag the score down a bit. Of course using 2.1, since no custom ROMs are supported on the ‘stone.

    Can’t wait for this baby to get Froyo! :D

    Here’s proof:

  • http://Website Bugdog

    215 on Behold II running BH_MAN’s Galaxy 1.6 ROM – yowza.

    • http://Website Brent

      279 – Galaxy 1.6 FiNaL – Behold II

  • http://Website Kuraiba

    521 on my HTC Desire withtout overlock just with a custom ROM ( ITitanium). Better than the Incredible apparently !
    PS : Sorry for my English, I’m french. ;)

  • http://Website Tindola

    i’m rocking a huge 165 on a stock G1

    • http://Website JC

      My G1 scores a 213, but it’s on Chromatic v3.5 and clocked to 614MHz

  • http://Website Haggie

    Completely stock Droid that hasn’t been restarted for weeks, no apps/processes killed: 335

  • http://Website RightYouAreKen

    Got 570 on my Nexus One running out of the box CM Interested to see what a CM’ed build of Froyo can do!

  • http://Website mkrmec

    People.. don’t even talk about the Galaxy S…. if it comes with 2.1.. that’s where it stops.. Samsung is notorious for NOT upgrading their phones. So please don’t be so exited and spread the word to boycot Samsung..

  • Alex

    Killed all running apps and i got 1552 on my nexus running 2.2

  • http://Website TheBigCheese

    So does this mean I should think about replacing my HTC Magic? :P

  • nathan118

    I want to know why the author is calling this a pre-release version of froyo. Has google come out and said it was a pre-release version? And if so, what does that mean for all of us that have installed it? Google was pushing it out to the phones given to the press, so they have to know that some people got it “legitimately.” Just wondering if I’ll need to update it again, and if I’ll have any problems doing so.

    • http://Website reddragon72

      All N1 owners running 2.2 currently(OTA or downloaded from link and manually installed) are running a “non final” build. All owners will receive the OTA update of the final build as long as you are not rooted or running a custom build(does not include the 2.2 downloaded and installed manually).

      • nathan118

        Ah, cool. Hadn’t seen that posted on any of the big android sites. Thanks.

  • http://Website chris

    D incredible last.. aww. But thanks for the update

  • http://Website mike

    got 544 on Droid Incredible completely stock… funny how this thing feels like it blows my old Moto Droid out the water even when i had BB running on it overclocked to 1.2… idk

  • http://Website Aviad

    Got 392 on HTC LEGEND with the original Rom from HTC with sens UI, kill all app, no restart, wait to see what will happens with the 2.2 and a little OC to 700mhz… great app. THANKS !!!

  • http://Website Josh

    Moto Droid 627 on CM with BeKit 0.8.4 5 Slot 1Ghz kernel, content that it beats the stock nexus, and cannot wait for JIT

    • http://Website Josh

      Enabled JIT with Jitter app available in the market and pushed my score to 727

  • http://Website dj

    181 !!!! ok i got a g1 what can you expect.

    now here is proof i need a new phone…. i know its kinda sad… just waiting for the nexus in a fam plain or the galaxy s… or for t mobile to get a android phone with a snap dragon or better…. i don know how much longer i can hold out!!

  • http://Website Am03ba

    Awesome app, got 211 on my magic…:D wish they would bring Motorola to south africa!!

  • http://Website Name (required)

    What is the #1 device that’s shown in the picture? “Your Device: 1489″

    What kind of device was it?

    • cobaltleo

      they mean which ever device your currently running the app on. its a way to cover any future or even current devices that arent in there database. even if your running 1 that is in there data base it shows you the difference from the stock 1 and yours.

  • Cole Loomis

    I am running a stock Motorola Droid with 2.1. I got an initial test result of 312. Then after restarting the phone I got 334. So not to much difference, and it is still below the average Droid benchmark.

  • http://Website Darrkman

    215 on my Sprint HTC Hero running stock Android 2.1.

    Makes me with the Droid Incredible was on Sprint. I prefer that size to the Evo.

  • http://Website Me

    670 stock rooted 2.1 Droid at 1ghz not too bad kills stock Nexus tho

  • http://Website zedklind

    184 on fully updated tmobile g1(no root) with no apps running…

  • http://Website Lithium98

    Got a 195 on my G1 running CM 5.0.7, which is an Android 2.1 build.

    That’s okay, though, the G1 still kicks ass! It’s got plenty of moxy!

  • Poliko

    Wooo 209 on my Eris running 2.1 v3 leak. *tries not to cry because he can’t afford the Incredible*

  • http://Website Brent

    279 – Galaxy 1.6 FiNaL – Behold II

    No 2.1 my A$$, outperforms pretty much any other 1st gen device.

    Really, Samsung should test their own hardware before saying that it cannot be upgraded past Android 1.6.

  • http://Website rennc10

    I just got 513 from a HTC Desire fresh from the box.

  • http://Website mleitman

    I got 465 on a bog standard Xperia X10a (Rogers firmware).

  • http://Website Mohammad Bahathir Hashim

    I got 1606 with my Nexus One, FRF50, kernel (Under Volted, 21 MB Hack, stock cpuspeed which I compiled myself with love and passion. :)
    Hint: To get better result,
    With SetCpu: set Min and Max cpu speed to the max… and set the Governor to Performance.

  • http://Website 3william56

    Is there any way to get a comparitive iPhone score?

  • http://Website Weeb

    535 on HTC Desire without stopping any apps, also havent restarted in days!

  • http://Website Cameltoad

    Stock Cliq. Score: 201 :(
    Sure would like that update that is supposed to happen ‘sometime in Q2′

  • mmitchum

    Sprint HTC Hero 2.1 –> 196!

    HAHAHAHA! I can’t wait to get the EVO!

  • http://Website mariano

    My Benchmark was 510 points with my motorola milestone OC to 800Mhz Android 2.1 ;-)

  • http://Website Zak Jones!

    Nexus running 2.1 (CM at 1.11GHz with an undervolted kernel results in…


    Underwhelming.. :(

    I want Kang-o-Rama to get 2.2!!

  • http://Website Will

    damn why is my moment w/ 2.1 so horrible hahaha only 213
    i dont understand hahaha

    • http://Website HunterA3

      Mine was not much better at 223. It has mostly to do with the lower memory and the lack of true 3D support by the processor.

  • http://Website Darkseider

    I would like to see the SoC tested on the merits of the processor alone, not the GPU. Granted knowing how nice the eye candy would be is a plus but to know how well the actual SoC core performs is also a nice thing to know.

  • http://none Elderon

    Droid running cm rom 507.1 with bekit 7 slot 1ghz kernel… can go higher =) that’s my normal use kernel.

    I managed 647 and 642 on two different runs. I think i could tweak and get much higher.

    man seeing the gap between 2.1 and froyo im drooling. I can’t wait.

  • http://Website plainbrad

    375 on my mytouch 3g slide right out of the box

  • KrasenK

    Just got 391 on HTC Legend (stock ROM 1.31.405.5). Not bad for a not high-end device.

  • http://Website Roshan B

    Would love to see this with the phones rooted and updated to Android 2.2, and then see how they all compare.

  • http://Website jman

    Droid 2.2 @ 1.2GHZ got 1400!

  • http://Website Dain

    1300 on Nexus One running stock 2.2
    1448 after I killed the calculator and browser.

  • http://Website John

    186 on cm’ed G1 running 5.0.8 test 4 and didn’t reboot or kill any apps. 196 after killing all apps. Not too shabby for the first Android phone running a 2.1 build. Hmmm what Cyanogen can do with the Nexus 1

  • http://Website Anonymous Bogus Number

    Moto Droid OC’d to 1.25 ghz

    Quadrant Score: 1565
    Linpack: 19.543 Mflops

    I’m sure it can go higher, just check Linpack website. There’s people with 52 Mflops records.

    The moto droid has really bad stats as a stock phone, but its overclock potential is a lot higher than any other smartphone on the market today.

  • http://Website Mike

    872 on my Galaxy S with the default 2.1. So with 2.2 I could expect say 1800 points?

  • http://Website david

    I think the galaxy s is currently underclocked to max out at 800MHz, it also seems like many other components like the sgx 540 are underclocked a lot too, only using half the RAM etc. Some of the function seemed unused, lower or not detected (frame buffer, does it have any? or does that come in 2.2?) from the quadrant system info screen and benchmarks. This is probably due to battery, heat and maybe even OS constraints in terms of not supporting all open gl 2 features currently.

  • http://Website flatty

    Moto droid rooted and overclocked to 1.25 ghz quadrant score 1739 , linpack score 19.6.

  • http://Website flatty

    1760 quadrant, moto Droid. Rooted and loving life.

  • http://Website Soggy

    1445 HTC Desire rooted and running OpenDesire 1.6a rom with Android 2.2 and kernel . Not overclocked at all. I noticed that the 3D benchmarks are where the Desire falls down, for example the DNA string one gets around 11fps average. Like someone above said, maybe if the test was run using GLES2.0 rather than 1.1 then the Desire would perform better. 3D graphics are where the phones with a better dedicated GPU (i.e. the Galaxy S) shine.
    Still, the Desire runs very smoothly, and the touch-screen is excellent. I’d recommend anyone with a Desire to try out the OpenDesire rom from AdamG over at the XDA-Developers forums, it’s not a ported rom from the N1 but built from source for the Desire.

  • http://Website Smunchy

    371 on HTC Hero running new Froyo (2.2) -based FroydVillain 1.0.0

  • http://Website dan

    I can get 1400ish on my HTC incredible running skyraiders froyo with hydras ov kernal

  • http://Website Avi

    1278 with my hts desire om froyo 2.2 modaco version

  • http://Website Davo376

    Got a 900 with Stock Droid 1 running Froyo

  • http://Website Marc Ryan


    Here’s a speed-hack which does away with the really poor I/O performance, and it’s noticable in every way, not only in the Benchmark (you get at least 2000+ points in Quadrant)

  • http://Website Matt

    @Mark Ryan

    quite correct. I got 2100+ with my samsung vibrant.

  • http://Website Jason

    Scored 2271 on my Samsung Vibrant. (post lag fix) running 2.1 :)

  • http://Website chap

    moto droid with 2.2 (manual update) score of 853
    wifes moto droid 2.1 score of 338

  • http://Website Soul

    rooted Froyo (Chevy’s SS 4.6) 1Ghz OC at 1288 for quadrant score.

  • http://Website Soul

    rooted Froyo (Chevy’s SS 4.6) 1Ghz OC at 1288 for quadrant score. (Moto Droid)

  • http://Website Tizzo

    Moto Droid (1) just clocked in at 778 off a fresh reboot (running froyo). Not Nexus One (w/ froyo) speed but still pretty darn good, all things considered.

  • http://Website mike

    Got an 1104 on Droid running cm 6.0.0 rc2 with jdlfg 1.2 kernel

  • http://Website Extremus

    Didn’t test my droid w/2.1 but my newly OTA updated droid w/froyo gave a 831.

  • http://lpc Josh

    Galaxy S Vibrant – Rooted and lag fixed-
    Quadrant: 2,304 score.

  • http://Website drtanu007

    got 2,120 -2200 with stock firmware rooted and lag fix 2… before rooting i was in the 800 range… galaxy s is flying now!!!!! lag fix absolutely recommended for all galaxy s users..

  • http://Website drtanu007

    galaxy s LEADS!!!! buy almost 1000 points over n1 with froyo 2.1… imho if galaxy s is updated to 2.2 the score should me around 3000 !!!! THATS crazy stuff…

  • http://Website Banter89

    1227 —> Droid Incredible running Skyraider 2.5.2 Vanilla and King-HAVS kernel with BFS @998 MHz

    gonna try again with skyraider 3.0 and overclocked to ~1.2 GHz

  • http://Website Puapn

    I’m having HTC Desire with 2.2 and it put’s my phone right below Nexus

  • http://Website gizmo

    1364 on Droid with bugless beast v.04 with Chevyno1′s 1.1 kernal. Smokin fast!

  • http://Website Brian

    Galaxy S, Eclair (2.1), 1781 benchmark (Quadrant Free). Benchmark results page put it around 25% over Nexus 1.

    Cannot wait to see what Froyo gives :)

  • http://Website Deon

    2068 —> Samsung Galaxy S, Android 2.1 – Update 1, with lagfix.

  • http://Website Gary

    1218 on MyTouch Slide using Dumfuq’s kernal o/c to 844 mhz.

  • http://Website virtuoso

    got a score of 408 on galaxy i7500 with drakaz 2.2 nightly…………………. great

  • flaim

    my galaxy s actually has beaten the 2200 score easily – rooted with all fixes to the i/o etc. – on android 2.1 …imagine what will happen when we get 2.2 on the hummingbird devices… poor htc

  • http://Website mayhem2408

    Im getting 2274 on the factory Android 2.1 with the lag fix installed. This phone kicks it hard. Can’t wait to see what 2.2 will do.

  • Zacho

    I know the DX is not listed here in this rating, but I have a stock 2.2 Droid X just posted 1428 cannot wait to see what it does after I root it and kill the bloatware.

  • http://Website bruce

    samsung galaxy facinate 2.1 with voodoo kernal 1700 quandrant.

  • http://Website Ben

    2055 on my Samsung Vibrant! Can’t wait to see how much a boost Froyo will offer.

  • Tekmystic

    Motorola Droid A855 Running Ultimate Droid 1.0.0 w/ ChevyNo1 uLV 1.2 GHz kernel

  • http://Website Tony

    i have a htc aria/liberty on android 2.1 update 1 and received a 384 :( damn lol…

  • http://Website Jesse

    HTC Desire HD, Quadrant Standard: 2023.

  • http://Website john

    Galaxy s using Doc froyo rom : 2301

  • http://Website Mral

    Galaxy s vibrant 2029

  • http://Website Nick Martin

    Samsung GALAXY S (GT i9000) running Android 2.1, rooted and with MCR Scripts, achieves a benchmark result of 2,116 using Quadrant, compared with the Nexus One 2.2+ which scores 1,300. It more than doubles the standard laggy performance of my version of the Galaxy S, which manages 800 in 2.1 Android form.

    How? Apparently the MCR Scripys utility creates a VIRTUAL EXT2 filesystem inside the stock RFS filesystem on the internal SD card, with a 4KB block size. This means it creates a buffer between the real filesystem and the android system. This buffer should reduce the amount of disk I/O required for all operations by utilizing EXT2 buffering, as well as not writing file access times to disk, etc. It allows only 1GB for application data at this stage, down from the 2GB of application data when running stock. That matters not a bit.

  • http://Website Nick Martin

    Retest of Samsung GALAXY S (GT i9000) running Android 2.1, rooted and with MCR Scripts, achieves a benchmark result of 2,215 using Quadrant.

    Seriously fast, way faster than several other phones running Android 2.2. See previous post for how the MCR Script works. NB you need to root the phone first.

  • http://Website Ikhlaq Hussain

    No lie, i just overclocked my HTC Desire HD to 1.53 Ghz. i just scord 2671 thats with loads of apps and wifi running.

    running custom Lee droid.
    using Apaches 1.53 GHZ overclock kernal.

    power is limited to 0.3 ghz when the screen off which makes sense, no point using lots when ur not using the phone, but as soon as u turn it on it boosts to 0.8 ghz and then varies upto 1.53.

    benefit is, power comes as u need it. :D

  • http://Website svinepelz

    781 on a HTC Legend running CyanogenMod 6.1 RC2

  • http://Website dc435911

    2033 on a samsung captivate root with froyo and lagfix, 1ghz cpu clock

  • http://Website Jay

    My Galaxy s i9000 overclocked is 2229 !!

  • Mak

    Benchmark and Results!

  • http://none samyy

    with the new HTC Desire HD:

    1928 !!!

    not overclocked or something like that…
    running with HTC Sense

  • http://Website crawli

    387 on an htc hero running cyanogen mod 6.1 RC1 (Android 2.2)

  • http://Website RAM19HN

    Xperia X10i mini pro v2.1
    3 times in a row run…

  • http://Website androidfan

    I have 1449 points with ZTE Blade 2.2 512mb and overclocked to 766mhz :)

  • http://Website androidfan

    new test with killed tasks: 2032 points!!

  • http://Website androidfan

    new test with 994 mhz:2822 points! thats incredible (ZTE Blade)!

  • http://Website PGleo86

    1761 (Droid Incredible, Uber Sense RC2.0.0, OC’d to 1.152GHz)

  • http://Website Jazzwa

    1668 Galaxy S, 2.2, rooted + lag fix

  • http://Website svinepelz

    Previous: “781 on a HTC Legend running CyanogenMod 6.1 RC2″

    Now: 943 on a HTC Legend running CyanogenMod 7 nightly build # 19 (fairly fresh reboot, but no modifications besides the custom ROM)

    Very smooth UI, great Angry Birds performance (used to be very choppy on unmodified 2.1 with Sense)

    • http://Website svinepelz

      Found my very first post as well: “Scored 383 on a freshly rebooted HTC Legend”.

      My full Quadrant history so far is then:
      1) Android 2.1 with HTC Sense: Score 383
      2) CyanogenMod 6.1 with 2.2 (no Sense): Score 781
      3) CyanogenMod 7.0 nightly # 19 with 2.3 (no Sense): Score 943

      So, the HTC Legend is almost 2.5 times faster on Gingerbread than on HTC’s stock implementation of Eclair + Sense. Very nice!

  • http://Website Name (required)steven

    1600 with xperia x10. running beta froyo with cyanogen. the rom isnt even optimated on performance.

    ps i hate sony, they arent gonna update the software anymore. (stock 2.1)

  • http://Website Tommy

    Dell Streak using DJ_Steve’s custom rom.


    been as high as 2000+, but I have a few apps running.

  • http://Website Scott

    1857 on a stock HTC Inspire with apps killed. Second Gen Snapdragon proc. Lin Pack score was 39.544. This phone just out of the box is rock solid.

  • Koowie

    got a score of 408 on galaxy i7500 with drakaz 2.2

  • http://Website Elmo

    3164 on my Galaxy s2 2.3.3 ……………. I’m happy with that :-) I could probably get it higher if I killed all the running apps!

  • http://Website james

    Moto Atrix 4G = 2158

  • http://Website DevilDoneGood

    I have a samsung captivate running os 2.2. before i rooted and lagfixed my captivate ran a quadrant score of 918-930. after rooting and installed the lagfix my score is now 1800-2100. Hope this is a goos score!?!

  • http://Website rats


  • http://Website Bods

    Galaxy s running at 1.6 GHz got a score of 4003 finaly broke the 4000 marker

  • http://Website Jet

    WOW I love this App, installed it on my HTC HERO, running Cyanogen 7.0.3, Android v2.3.4, and I only get 429 TOTAL Score….:’( I even overclocked to 691MHz anymore and my freezes, fresh boot too……Oh well it’s still very fast for me. Big difference from 1.5 XD And, a LOT less buggy then 2.1, less errors and crashes!

  • http://Website Ruben

    Quadrant: 1997
    Neocore 57.4
    Linpack 33.11

    On a Desire Z running at 800MHz (which is fully stock).

  • http://Website Ruben

    Quadrant gives me 2865 Points when I overclock to 1560 MHz.

  • http://Website matt

    Stock droid x2 running 2.2.2 – 2507

    After a factory reset and some app killing (no overclocking) 2627.

    I love Tegra 2

  • caoi

    i use samsung galaxy 5. OS 2.3.5 gingerbread. 600MHz processor. GPU Qualcom. Renderer Adreno. OpenGL ES-CM 1.1

    Points: 1700!!

  • danyal

    3500 somthin on my sgs2 just took out of box!!

  • neil

    Hey from where. Did u get android 2.3 for galaxy 5…? Plz reply I am also using galaxy 5….

  • billz

    3664 on infuse 4g MIUI ROM. Stock is about 2200

  • billz

    Also, forgot to say it was @ 1.6 ghz. On the infused Tom with the infusion kernel it gets about 2900 @ 1.8ghz

  • Josh

    I got 1467 on a HTC Desire

  • Dewald Els

    I got 3032 on my HTC Desire Z running CyanogenMod 7 :)

  • mike

    Is this app acurate? Because I tested my Samsung Epic 4g running gingerbread 2.3 (not rooted) and it got 1824. I tested it twice more and the scores barely differed


    Scored 1311 Samsung Charge

    Hardware Version: I510.06
    Model Number: SCH-I510
    Firmware Version: 2.3.6
    Baseband Verson: I510.06 V.EP4 and SCH-I510.EP4
    Kernel Version:
    Build Number: SCH-I510.EP4

  • jose

    i got 2059 in my samsung transform ultra ginger bread.EG29
    model number: SPH-M930BST

  • thebryce

    Motorola Triumph running CM9 V 6.8.9 oc’d to 1.5 Ghz ran a 2562.

  • Anand

    dnt 4get d intel X1000 havin high benchmark scores even htc ONE can be beaten!!!!

  • Anand

    intel q800 too have quad core CA7 matchin high end phones and PowerVR SGX544 graphic core !!!!!!! who is d best >???????? CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jimmy Stotts

    Scored 11891 on new HTC one

    • Ron Burgundy

      I scored 12,448 with the S4

  • Dinoremo

    Xperia Sp:
    Scored 8004

    :) Peace, what’s your scores?