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How to manually install Android 2.1 for Droid Eris

Verizon started rolling out the Android 2.1 upgrade to Droid Eris owners earlier this week, but many have still not received it. This is because over the air (OTA) updates normally roll out in stages and it can take 1-2 weeks before everyone sees them.

If you are tired of waiting on the OTA upgrade and have a half-hour to burn, you can manually install Android 2.1 on your Droid Eris right now. Virtually every Android phone has a manual method of flashing new firmwares and all you need is the latest upgrade file.

There is no need to worry because this is the official upgrade file that is being sent out over the air (Just check the download path. It’s from Google’s servers). You can wait a week to get it from Verizon or you can download it from Google now and install it today. This update is only intended for Verizon Droid Eris owners still on Android 1.5. This update is not to be used by those who previously installed one of the unofficial leaks.

We originally reported the Droid Eris 2.1 upgrade would require a wipe, but users who have flashed the upgrade said it did not. Checking Verizon’s support page it looks like they have removed the warning about erasing user data.

Update: HTC has informed us that users updating this way will factory reset the phone. All your contacts are backed up with Google, while your music and pictures should be stored on your SD card. Users will need to reinstall applications that were download from the Android Market. All paid apps are synced with your Google account, so no worries about losing your purchases.

For the list of changes and benefits check out Verizon’s release notes on their official support page.

To manually install Android 2.1 on the Verizon Droid Eris, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the official Android 2.1 firmware for the Eris from: Android 2.1 (2.36.605.1)
  2. Copy the file to your microSD card and name it (newb warning: not
  3. Power off your phone. Hold down the VOLUME DOWN button and power it back on.
  4. The phone will now search for files like, etc. This is normal. Scroll down to recovery and press the POWER button.
  5. When you see the “/!” symbol, press the POWER button and the HOME button at the same time. You should be presented with a menu and one of the options should be “Apply”.
  6. Use the trackball to navigate to “apply” and select it.
  7. When you see “Install from sdcard complete”, select “reboot system now”.

Users who have flashed the upgrade reported it takes about 15 minutes from start to finish.

Via: Android Central

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  • http://Website alex

    i dont have a droid eris, but thanks for taking you’re time and posting it=)

  • http://Website matt

    I noticed you said not for those who have downloaded a leaked version. My girlfriend has a leaked version and it has some issues can she never get Verizon’s version ?

  • http://Website s troxell

    thanks! trying it now..

  • http://Website Aaron
  • http://Website emaninthenation

    has anyone tried to put this on there leaked Eris?

    • http://Website s troxell

      just tried on my leaked, keeps saying:

      Installing update…
      Installation aborted.”

    • http://Website s troxell

      oh, after looking through aarons link, my situation is wide spread

  • http://Website gujupmp88

    only reason im a little iffy about trying this is because on the link, it says desirec/OTA_DESIRE… shouldn’t it have eris, not desire?

    • http://Website Chris Wiley

      No, don’t worry about that. Have you ever been to Facebook on your phone? Or any other site that has automatic phone detection? The Eris always gets picked up as the Desire ADR6200 (I think it was, too lazy to look at my phone). I don’t know if that was the Eris code name or what, but every piece of software out there calls the Eris the Desire.

      And this isn’t another leaked copy, this is official. Google lists it for download for a reason. It’s safe and should go off without a hitch. Applying to mine now.

      • http://Website Herp Derp

        Desire is HTC’s internal code name for the Eris, and ADR6200 is the model number. You can verify the model number by removing your battery and looking at the bottom left of the black area on the back of the phone in the battery bay area. =)

  • http://Website HISTORYGIRL

    Anyone done this successfully?

    • http://Website Chris Wiley

      Absolutely. I ran into a couple issues, which I addressed in my notes below and it still only took about 20 minutes. All should note that you will need at least 40% battery life to make the update according to Verizon. Just do a quick charge before you go installing.

      Follow the instructions and refer to my notes before installation and you’ll make it through the update with no problem at all. Very easy to do and the post laid things out pretty well.

  • http://Website Brent

    Why does the name of the file reference the HTC Desire???? You sure this is for the Eris?

    • http://Website Brent

      @Chris Wiley thanks for the explanation :) My screen didn’t refresh to see more comments; hence why I asked a repetitive question!

      • http://Website Chris Wiley

        Not a problem. :P

        • http://Website Brent

          My wife’s Eris is seeing TERRIBLE battery life. She does not even use the phone during the day while at work and when she goes to call me on her way home it is DEAD. Is anyone else seeing battery life issues after the manual update?

          • http://Website Carrie

            I installed the update when it was sent to me on Monday. Battery life is terrible unless I turn off all automatic syncing. I just tried to install manually over top, but getting the same install aborted message that leaked people are getting. So frustrated. My battery lasts about 4 hours now if I turn background data back on. I am pretty peeved.

    • http://Website Taylor

      The Eris was called the desire before it launched

      • http://Website Bigriot

        True, and the Desire was called Bravo while in development.

  • sailor

    Works great! Only had to reset wallpaper and sort apps to appropriate screens. Seems worth it so far, response time seems a little quicker and the graphics are cleaner.

  • http://Website Ryan

    So does anyone know the process or a trick to make this install on a Eris with one of the previous leaked 2.1 updates? I have two friends that had me install 2.1 on their Eris and I’d like to update them to the latest ROM.

  • http://Website nknjm

    how do you place this on ur sd card

    • http://Website Chris Wiley

      Here are a few methods:

      1. USB Charger. Plug it into your phone and into your computer. Open your notifications panel on your phone and select “Mount”. It should autorun on a PC, select “Open to Show Files and Folders” then copy the file to your card in the root directory (not in any folders).

      2. Download FTP Server from the Market onto your phone. Set up your user and password. Download FIlezilla on your Mac or PC and insert the IP, Port, and your user info at the top of Filezilla and click “Quick Connect.” You can find that info on your phone in FTP Server. Both your computer and your phone must be hooked up to your Wi-Fi network.

      3. MicroSD/SD converter. If you have a card reader on your computer you can use a MicroSD converter to plug your SD card into your machine and copy the file over just like in the first option here. This method also adds your card as a “Removable Drive” under “Computer” or “My Computer” depending on your OS. Mac OS should mount the drive to your desktop like normal.

  • http://Website Sean

    Worked like a charm!

    Well, kinda. It got stalled on the Verizon splash, so I had to pull out the battery and start again.

    Most of my settings were still in place; my WiFi key at work, my emails, etc. All my apps were intact, too. Google voice was crashing a lot, though, so I uninstalled and reinstalled it.

    The update deleted all my scenes, though! Boo :(

  • http://Website Rex

    it works. deleting all my contacts and scenes though. but works like a charm. very nice and fast

    • http://Website Chris Wiley

      It shouldn’t delete your contacts. I noticed that some of mine were gone at first. Your contacts should be backed up on the gmail account that your phone is synced with. It will take some time for your contacts to initially retrieve them, especially if you have a lot.

  • http://Website Yeoo

    Can you download this right to your sd card

    • Taylor Wimberly

      If you have a file manager like Linda installed, you should be able to download it, rename it, and copy it to the root (main) directory of your SD card.

  • gizmo

    doing exactly what the instructions are telling me but first its says

    E: Can’t open /cache/recovery/command

    then when i click on apply

    it tells me
    –Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    E:Can’t open /sdcard/
    (no such file or directory)
    Installation aborted.

    can anyone help me please????????????
    i would deeply deeply appreciate it


    • Taylor Wimberly

      Sounds like you might have named the file

      Make sure the file is located in the root directory of your SD card. For example, if your SD card comes up as drive E: then the path to the file should be E:\

      Windows sometimes hides file extensions by default, so if the file is already a zip it will be displayed as just “update”.

      • http://Website Kristopher Brown

        I am getting a similar problem. I have the 2.1 leak installed on my Eris. I want the official because of all the bugs. When I go in and try and install it, I get:

        – Install from SD Card
        Finding Update Package…
        Opening Update Package…
        Verifying Update Package…
        E:Failed to verify whole-file signature
        Installation Aborted.

        How do I fix this?

    • http://Website Chris Wiley

      Refer to my notes below.

    • AJ

      you need to have at least 25MB of space on your phone. so delete any apps that you probably dont use to create 25MB of space. Hope that helps..

  • gizmo

    wow i feel like a complete idiot…
    and it even said in the directions not to put

    thank you so much! it seems to be installing it now.
    Thank you again Mr. Wimberly!

  • http://Website ben

    HOME button? It doesnt vibrate when I press it and when i press that and POWER, nothing seems to be happening.

    • http://Website ben

      also, i’m running v3

    • http://Website ben

      Sorry for the third thread. Actually now that i’m reviewing the steps, after I power up with Vol Down, it prompts me to go into Recovery by pressing Vol Up, no scrolling or prompt to press the POWER Button.

      • http://Website Chris Wiley

        True story. That is a bit of a misread. You don’t scroll to recovery you just hit VOL UP then the screen will show up where you hit HOME and PWR.

        Sorry for late posts… it sounds like a couple of you figured out your own issues before I responded. I’m trying to refresh as much as possible.

    • http://Website Chris Wiley

      Refer to my notes below for help.

  • lomenciad

    Verizon said those who installed the leak would still get the official. Will we still get it even though this can’t be manually installed? What would be the difference?

  • gizmo

    one more question….
    is it supposed to stay frozen for a while on the Verizon Wireless logo after turning the phone back on?
    and if not….what should i do?

  • http://Website Crystal

    Kudos to all of you who have managed this. After much struggling and downloading a new file manager I managed to rename the file. I have no idea how to move it though. It will just forever be stuck in sdcard/download. :(

    • http://Website Crystal

      Got it moved. Followed all the steps….but it never gets to “install from sd card complete.” It gets to “copying files” and the phone just reboots itself.

  • http://Website RaRa

    IS it supose to say Deleting files while its downloading???

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yes that is normal. The upgrade removes old system files before it replaces them with new ones.

  • http://Website RaRa

    ok thanx so much man does it really wipe your phone??

    • http://Website Chris Wiley

      It will not wipe the applications, contacts or anything else from your phone. It does, however, delete your Scene presets and you’ll need to set up your wallpaper, shortcuts and widgets on the home screens to the way you like it.


  • gizmo

    how do you use the contact HTC widgets?
    none of the ones i had before, for instance, the group contacts, picture frame, email widgets and such….

  • http://Website RaRa

    no all it did was erase my scenes but thats fine youtube works like a charm and its all so much smoother im so glad i finally got my upgrade

  • http://Website Chris Wiley

    Notes on Installing 2.1 Manually:

    I got this working without much issue. Here are some important notes that address most of your problems above:

    1. Using Mac Snow Leopard if you download the file it will auto unzip the file, where you will then need to compress again (or so I thought). Doing this caused the update file to not be recognized. Mac compression method may have caused an error. Using a PC I downloaded the file keeping it a natural .zip file and changed the name to Worked like a charm.

    2. When I went to install pressing Home and Power did nothing. Soft keys tend to lag on the Eris sometimes. Press Home about a half second before power and it should work. It will NOT vibrate when you press Home.

    3. Then I got the error listed above in the comments by Gizmo. When this happens, power your phone back up and be sure that your phone memory has AT LEAST 25MB free. If you don’t you will not be able to install the update. You may need to uninstall a couple apps, which was my choice. You can also delete messages, contacts, etc until you have enough room. Check under Settings>SD Card and Phone Storage.

    4. Reboot and try the process over again.

    5. It will restart several times during installation and the first boot up will take a little while. Don’t panic. If you see “HTC Quietly Brilliant” then you’re probably on the right track and 2.1 will be working without a hitch in no time. Be patient.

    Other than that, follow the instructions listed in this post and you should have no issues installing the Android 2.1 update to your Eris (aka Desire ADR6200).

    If you need help I’d be happy to walk through the process step by step with you. Shoot me an email at [email protected] if you absolutely can’t get it working.

    • http://Website ben

      Thanks so much. I’m on Mac OS and the unzipping was probably my problem.

      • http://Website Chris Wiley

        Not a problem, Ben. I’m kind of glad I had all of the hang ups that I did. It allowed me to work through them and provide some help to people. Luckily I have all of the major OS’s on several machines, otherwise I’d have probably been pretty upset when it didn’t initially work on my OS X machine.

      • http://Website colton

        I had the same problem at first

  • http://Website mkrmec

    Maybe people should wait for official OTA to come… cause from reading posts here it’s clear that allmost none of you have experience with this and might brick your phone to the stone age!!

    • http://Website Chris Wiley

      I somewhat agree. But it is a rather simple process and the phone has so far addressed that there are issues before it messes anything up. There were just a few things that people needed to know further in preparing for the update. This is not a difficult process at all and if people know how to download, rename and put files on their SD card, there really shouldn’t be an issue.

  • http://Website Chris Wiley

    It shouldn’t be deleting files until you’re installing. Which will take a few minutes. Don’t panic. It will flood your screen with “Deleting Files…” I suggest downloading the file on your PC and using your cable to transfer to your SD root directory. FTP works also if you have FTP Server on your phone, but sometimes FTP transfers can cause corrupt files so I felt safer doing it with the cable.

  • http://Website Chris Wiley

    If all else fails… OTA is scheduled over 13 days, meaning about 10 days left. There is an easier/safer way out there. Remember that everyone. Don’t brick your phone when there’s a sure thing hovering in the air about to hit your phone. We’ve all waited a long time, a few more days won’t hurt. :P (at the same time, I know how it is to want it NOW, obviously. lol)

  • eslinder

    Just updated mine and it worked great! It wiped all my contacts and my screens but other than that its working great! Thanks again for letting us know about this!

  • Spencer

    does not work for 2.1 L

  • Brye

    Is this the real OTA of V3? Because:

    1. No Pinch-Zoom in Google Maps

    2. There is no Gallary App (The new 3D one, INRS is that was supposed to be included but it was the first thing on the improvements PDF)

    3. The unlock is the same (I thought it was supposed to be different, maybe not)

    Thats about it, the only real issue for me is the no P-Z in Google Maps, is there a fix for this?

  • http://Website Albert

    Im jus gonna wait

  • gizmo

    Got my HTC Widgets back. Just had to reboot my phone.

    • http://Website Chris Wiley

      Awesome. Glad that worked for you. Thanks for letting everyone know.

  • http://Website justin rhoades


    how did google release this, i can’t find anything or any page from google that has it? just out of curiosity

    • http://Website Chris Wiley

      I didn’t post this article. I’m not sure how they got a hold of the link but it is being hosted on the server (note the link address) and if you try JUST it’ll take you to the Android site. As far as public access to the file, you’d have to ask the author of the post. I looked into its origin to assure myself that it was real but I couldn’t point you to the original link. Judging off of this it may seem as though it didn’t take much to convince me (it didn’t) but if you’re still unsure after researching yourself you’re welcome to wait for the OTA. So far I’m still up and running after all day of use and I’m impressed with the update. I have not tried pinch zoom in maps. Is it maps or navigator giving the issues? Navigator seemed to be working for me perfectly today. Pinch has never been a need for me on maps and stuff. The maps would still need to load and would be just as slow as if you just hit the zoom buttons.

      Anybody notice the minor pinch zoom on the main screens? I wonder what the purpose of that was (for zooming in, trying to zoom out is what brings up the jump screen feature).

  • http://Website cjs

    Followed the directions and it worked great! Thanks for the info.

  • http://Website Colton

    Hi, I just followed all the steps and am in the middle of downloading. However, my phones been stuck at deleting files for at least 10 minutes now. Is this normal? Everything else flew by quickly. The status bar progress doesn’t appear to be moving at all.

    • http://Website cjs

      That happened to me too…also the verizon screen may seem to hang for a long time. Just be patient…it’s worth it.

  • http://Website Colton

    None of my contacts have come back. Other than that it’s great, but i’m a little upset.

    • http://Website cjs

      Go into settings and sync your google accoount…should restore your contacts

  • http://Website Brent

    Flashed successfully but no Pinch to Zoom in Maps (and I did go to the Market and download the update.No additional voice to text functionality either.

    • Brye

      Me neither, is there something wrong with the update or did we do it wrong? Anyone else with this problem?

  • http://Website Eric

    i am debating trying this .Is it missing some of the features the verizon mentioned in the pdf such as pinch to zoom photo gallery.and is it the whole upgrade which includes htc sense changes.when verizon gets around to me in the next few days will i get a notice even though i did this down load and will it effect 2.2 if we even get it

    • http://Website cjs

      Pinch to zoom works in the photo gallery…but not in maps

  • http://Website lkvmdlvmk

    haha no that everything is set up, i’m realizing how much sicker this is than 1.5. Thank you!

    • http://Website Chris Wiley


  • http://Website Jennifer Lyn Clark

    So totally worked! Looks like the real deal to me. Looks like the incredible when I was playing with it. I was amazed at some of the stuff. It seems to be going fast at times and at others sluggish but that might be cause I am redownloading stuff and updating apps. Not to mention too much on my sd card!!! Lol. My contacts disapeared for a bit but came back after awhile. I did have to redownload my sms though. I had wave secure so one click and all the messages I needed redownloaded. :) All in all so far as of a few hours I am happy with this download.

  • http://Website ben

    so i tried again later today, installed VMware trial things so i could transfer the .zip file over Windows and I still get nothing when it comes to the /!\ screen. I’m pressing home and POWER, even tried pressing Home a little earlier to compensate for lag.

    • http://Website jennifer

      @Ben I had trouble at first. Make sure it is named update and just that Aaron make sure its not in any folder on your SD card. That’s when it final recognized it for me.

  • http://Website edro1320

    Once you have the update intact can you erase the file from th SD card?

  • http://Website eric

    how do you get rid of the lock

  • http://Website mark coulter

    omg i was just getting ready to panic until i seen this post. thanks for the help and thank GOD i kept reading. lol

  • http://Website Dave k

    The upgrade to 2.1 went smoooooth, but how do I get my contact info back on my phone from my google account?

  • http://Website zui

    Just wondering if anyone else had their computer warning them about the site where the zip file was downloaded from> im using Ubuntu and using both firefox and chromium I was warned to check the trustworthiness of the site before my comp let me download the file.

    I figured it was okay and am in the middle of installing right now on my phone, but if we cant get the -inch zoom properly maybe this is only v3. How do we get in contact with the creator of this article and find out where they got the link from.

    Also, does anyone know someone who got the update over the air yet and if they are experiencing the same issues as us?

    • http://Website Jennifer Lynn Clark

      My computer did warn me (using firefox) however my schools website for their blackboard does the same thing so since I researched about a million articles about this I figured that it would be ok to try. I just saw the specs off of another site from someones OTA and it is the exact same one down to every number in the columns except the PRL which is location based anyhow. The only pinch to zoom that wouldn’t work was the maps one. The only other issue I have seen on mine so far was that one of the keys on my virtual keyboard doesn’t seem to work all the time (the one that hides the keyboard away). Kinda random but it may be a glitch. I am going to restart my phone and see if it fixes it.

  • http://Website RAMII

    I did the steps.everything worked out great….can anyone tell me how to get the new Photo gallery app & new settings? Mine still looks like the old one & does not give me the option to view picasa web albums! I really wanted this option for my wife’s phone. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

  • http://Website emaninthenation

    I don’t believe its the official because I talked to Verizon many times and asked them about if this manual update is the real deal and they said no. Also the name of update said OTA DESIRE I’m pretty sure if they had an update for this long it would say Eris. Also the VERIZON ENHANCEMENTS PAGE clearly states it WILL have pinch to zoom and voice to text. Verizon also told me tht leaked users will still get the update.

    • http://Website cjs

      I think you might be right…it would be nice if the author would update with some clarifications. I trusted this site to verify the info before posting…maybe they didn’t (my fault , not theirs). Anyway, it worked with a few exceptions and didn’t brick my phone…I will eventually get the official update one way or another (if this is not it), and the new features are way cooler than 1.5…so it was worth it either way!

    • http://Website Jennifer Lynn Clark

      According to the specs on the OTA I have seen the numbers match exactly. Verizon Reps don’t know everything that is going on. I talked to one about the update and they didn’t have a clue about it.

      Pinch to zoom isn’t on the maps only. It is however on the photo album and the sense pages. Not sure about the voice to text though

  • family wRXagon

    No live wallpaper. That’s the only downside for me. Love the new market. Will we still get the ota update?

  • http://Website edro1320

    After doing the MANUAL UPDATE I had several issues, ONE; was the HTC weather would crash when you tried to open it, TWO; there is a bit of a lag on startup, THREE;contacts would not sync. So I went ahead and Pulled the SD card and did the FACTORY RESET and reinstalled the few apps that I have downloaded, and redid setup,……NOW WERE IN BUSINESS! everything seems to be running like a champ, ( INCREDIBLE JR. )

    • http://Website Jennifer Lynn

      Did the factory reset restore it to 1.5? I am curious.

      • http://Website edro1320

        No….. it remained on 2.1 and actually operates really nice. It is my understanding that updating to a differant OS regaurdless if it is Leaked or Official there is no rolling back to the OS you started with, At least until someone figures out a loophole. But after FACTORY RESET it is on 2.1.

  • http://Website andy

    i got the OTA update.. but lost all my numbers. how do i get them back?

    • http://Website edro1320

      Wait awhile it will refresh through Google, OR resync your accounts in SETTINGS.

  • http://Website Tim

    Downloaded and installed with no problems except speed dial will not retain numbers no matter how many times I try and set it. Any ideas?

    • http://Website jason

      Tim, I have the same problem with the speed dials. I went to the Verizon store today and their equipment specialist looked it and and found out it is a “known issue” with the update.

      • http://Website Tim

        I searched the web and apparently it is happening to a lot of people. WTF???

  • http://Website zellmayzao

    Thanks so much for the article and everyone with the helpful tips. Ran into a couple of problems others had as well working with a mac. I was installing the unzipped file on the sd card instead of just renaming the zipped file and installing that which caused me some issues but after I got that figured out the process went smooth and am loving 2.1

    My wife got the OTA update late last night and I was jealous because she got her phone after I got mine and was under the impression it went out by order of activated phones so I couldn’t wait to get 2.1 to catch up.

    Thanks again for the great info and write up. Fell in love with my phone all over again

    • http://Website jennifet lynn

      Have you compared.the two phones to see if the are acting the same? Did you notice any app differences between the two i.e. speech to text and pinch to zoom on maps on her ota?

  • http://Website kim

    Got 2.1 last night! Looked my phone around 12 and there it was. Oklahoma.

  • http://Website RRod

    The software update states that we can access yahoo mail by signing in, How is this done?

    • http://Website zui

      Hey RRod,

      I was actually impressed with how well this worked on my phone with this update. I used this manual update and have been really impressed with how well some of these new features are working. If you look in your apps you will find one called setup. One3 of the last steps in it asks you to set up email accounts and has a button for “other accounts”. It worked like a charm for me and it has been really nice to finally have Yahoo coming to my phone.

      So can Anyone who go tthe official OTA confirm if this is the same or not?

      • LG3

        Yes, you can now access free Yahoo mail accounts using the built in Mail app following the OTA 2.1 upgrade.

  • http://Website Andrew

    I heard that even the OTA update lacks the pinch-and-zoom and voice-to-text features. Can anyone confirm this? This download seems a little sketchy, I mean don’t get my wrong I’m stoked to get 2.1 and I was just about to download this, but decided I’m going to wait it out since no one can really confirm the origin of this download :S

    • daddio

      Hey Andrew. I got the push last night. I still can’t find a way to get the speech to text to work, so maybe that isn’t included. After all, we have a comma on our virtual keyboard where the Nexus One has an icon of an old school microphone to push to use speech to text. I had the pinch to zoom on my old 1.5 version already.I still have it after the update. I was also able to get Google Goggles and Knocking which I could not get with the old 1.5 version. So I’m happy as a pig in shit right now as I sit here adding app after app and trying everything out.

      • daddio

        I added the app “Talk to me” and it prompted me to install the Androis TTS (Text to Speech) program, so it is now on the phone. It doesn’t do anything to the emails, messages, or anything else yet, but I’m sure someone will tel us what we need to do to get the Text to Speech or Speech to Text the upgrade was supposed to include.

      • http://Website Andrew

        Hey daddio thanks for the quick reply and the app recommendation! I’m just curious—did you have pinch and zoom in Google Maps in 1.5? Or are you referring to the pinch and zoom features while viewing photos and web pages?

  • daddio

    I would suggest just waiting. Once you rot your Eris, you can not get the 2.1 update on your phone. Despite the people saying the update push is a rumor, and I was one of those people, it really is taking place. Last night at midnite I got the update to 2.1. My son in law couldn’t wait and rooted his Eris a couple weeks ago. Now he’s ticked because he can’t gget the push. I’d just wait since the reports are that every Eris should receive the push within 2 weeks of May 13th.

    • daddio

      I forgot to say I am from Colorado for those who are tracking the states that have the push so far.

  • http://Website david smith

    I have tried doing the manual download all day and it keeps saying that it doesnt recognize the download how do I fix that?

  • http://Website D-dawg

    Ok guys, i am not a techie or anything, and this will not work on my rooted phone. I rooted it with that pd******* whatever numbers. Will i get the OTA update if i did this?

    However, i played around a little bit with this manual update file, and I put the orignal file onto my sd card. Then i found it in ASTRO and i renamed it to there, and then i tried again and my download started and actually got halfway through, and then it aborted because of some signature not being found, so im gonna play around a little more and see what happens

  • http://Website Andrew

    OTA Finally came!

    • http://Website Zui

      So can you tell us if it seems the same as this manual one?

  • http://Website TJ

    So i originally updated via the prompt and for some reason a ton of features are missing on my phone now. (widgets mostly – weather, email, messages, clocks).. So i tried to do the manual install and i get prompted with the installation failed.. msg. I have labeled it correctly and everything..

    Anyone have any suggestions on how i can reload the update, hopefully getting full features back?

    thanks for any suggestions

  • http://Website Aaron

    Sadfully there is no live wallpaper support on the droid eris. I have the files on my computer and it won’t let me install them on my eris. I got the 2.1 update on Saturday

  • family wRXagon

    Since I did this update will I recieve the ota? Just curious.

  • http://Website Ed

    I have a Eris with the leaked 2.1 already. Will this work on mine? Or do I have to wait until 2.3 and hack it again?

    I found my leaked version 2.1 I cant display JPG files anymore

  • http://Website Chaz

    I just finished this thank you so much for all of the help to all of you.

  • bear111

    how do i get to the file?

  • chadders

    I think this is the only thing that will fix my brick. Problem is google has removed the file and megaupload has been taken down. Any idea where to get this update package so I can make use of it?