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How to manually install Android 2.2 on your Nexus One

Apparently at some point last night a very select few Nexus One owners started getting the Android 2.2 update OTA. So if patience is one of your major virtues you should feel free to hold out for that update notification to hit; if on the other hand you would rather just go ahead and get your Froyo on now just follow the directions below.

Note that this has only been reported as working for T-Mobile users so far and if you are currently rooted you should get yourself back to stock before running the update.

To manually install Android 2.2 on the Nexus One, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the official Android 2.2 firmware for the Nexus One here. Link dead see update.
  2. Copy the file to your microSD card and name it (newb warning: not
  3. Power off your phone.
  4. Hold down the VOLUME DOWN button and power it back on.
  5. The phone will now search for files like, etc. This is normal. Scroll down to recovery and press the POWER button.
  6. When you see the “/!” symbol, press the POWER button and the Volume Up button at the same time. You should be presented with a menu and one of the options should be “Apply”.
  7. Use the trackball to navigate to “apply” and select it.
  8. When you see “Install from sdcard complete”, select “reboot system now”.

Enjoy and once you’ve had a chance to play for awhile let us know what you think.

Update: The original link is dead, options still reported as working.

Update 2: A response from a Google employee to the question of whether users that have manually installed Froyo will also get the final OTA update and whether they have voided their warranties was posted on XDA. The relevant portion reads “When 2.2 (Froyo) is sent via OTA, everybody will get it, including those who have already manually updated to Froyo. No, your warranty is not voided by manually updating to Froyo. But we do recommend waiting for the OTA if you’re still on 2.1 / Eclair.”

Source: Twitter user @Cedric

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  • http://Website 2C

    Have done it already and like what I’ve seen saw far. It’s only been about 15 mins though. I will point out that I am having some app problems cubed music player being one of them. As well as the HTC keyboard…. :-(

    • abronia

      Cubed works fine for me. I wish the htc keyboard would work though :(

      • http://Website 2C

        Is the actual cube working or do you have it on another view? I can only get it to work on boring view. Damn I miss the HTC keyboard.

        • abronia

          Yeah, the cube didn’t work at first. I had to reinstall the program and after that it has been working fine.

        • http://Website sehn

          Actually, you can upgrade your nexus one with Froyo now. And its superbly fast.

      • http://Website 2C

        Actually after reinstalling cubed its back to working.

    • http://Website 2C

      Here’s the update to the Froyo 2.2 HTC keyboard!

      • http://Website 2C

        The voice input doesn’t work but other than that its working fine.

  • Aaron

    Can anybody confirm for me that if I choose to update via this method, if I will be ‘rooted’ or still on stock software?
    I don’t want to void my warranty…

    • http://Website William

      No, you will not be rooted. The only way you can void your warranty on the Nexus One is if you type the command “fastboot oem unlock” into the bootloader. This update is signed and probably the same one that the public will see.

      • http://Website James Finnigan

        If you want to stay rooted after the update, Cyanogen’s posted a way over at xda:

        You will need a custom recovery though, so if you’re worried about your warranty probably don’t bother.

  • http://Website mark

    i don’t have a usb cable around. is there any other way i can still update?

    • http://Website David

      Couple options, do you have a micro sd card adapter? use that and copy the file.
      If not, download the file via wifi or maybe even 3g (it’s only 40mb or so), then use a file manager app like astro file manager or something similar to rename/move the file to where it needs to be.
      This should work, but i’ve not tried it, I just used usb cable.

      • http://Website Kevork

        Use dropbox, can’t go wrong with it. Download the zip file to your computer, rename it to and copy it to your dropbox. From the dropbox app you should be able to download it to your sd card.

  • http://Website adryan

    can this work for the motorola droid? or does the manufacturer make a difference as to whether it works

    • ExtremeT

      No, as far as I know it’s strictly Nexus Ones as it is a ERE27 to FRF50 update

  • Segal

    Anyone in Europe (not on T-Mobile) tried this? Is there any chance to brick device?

    • http://Website mkrmec

      This is original Googles SIGNED verified update.. get it? It won’t brick your phone it won’t root it etc.. it’s just a update.

      I still preffer unlocking the phone so you can make as many backups as you can. I don’t think you can with the unlocked bootloader. AmonRA’s bootloader is best.

  • fabien

    i’m in europe (france)
    and the update worked great !

  • http://Website deno

    Can I use this to update. My Droid Eris

    • abronia

      No, this is only for the Nexus One.

  • http://Website khc


  • http://Website khc

    Https sites don’t work anymore

    • http://Website khc

      nevermind, all the sudden works again!

  • http://Website jayyoung

    do u have to extract the file first?

    • ExtremeT

      No you don’t extract the zip file at all if that’s what you are asking about, just changing the name to is all you need to do with the file

  • dubya504

    Will this work on MT3G original handheld?

    • http://Website Name (required)

      Yes obviously.

  • ExtremeT

    This will only work on completely stock Nexus Ones…no other phones as far as I’ve seen or heard

    • ExtremeT

      T-mobile Nexus Ones that is

  • http://Website arika

    Really not working for ATT

    • http://Website Chris

      When will there be a Version out for The (AT&T) Nexus One i get a error when i try to “apply”

      –Install from sdcard..
      Finding update package..
      Opening update package..
      Verifying update package..
      Installing update package..
      assert failed: file_getprop(“/system/build.prop”
      , “”) == “google/passion/pas
      se-keys” ll file_getprop(“/system/
      op”,”) == “google/passion/
      E:Error in /sdcard/
      Installation aborted.


      • mjkout

        got exact same error.

        • mjkout

          NVM fixed it, flash to stock then upgrade.

          • http://Website Chris

            so what did you do to fixt this please explan so i can get it to work for me ok thanks
            again you are using a ATT Nexus One Correct

          • http://Website Gunderstorm

            I have the stock AT&T and this update is not working for me.

          • Coolpher

            i just was checking something the current build # on my nexus one is not the ESE27 i am running ESE54b i think that is the problem

          • http://Website J

            I’m having the same problem and its killing me! I want 2.2!

      • http://ErrorMessage rcprater9

        Try saving the file as “update” omit the .zip suffix. Also I have to reformat my SD and it worked perfectly!

        • http://Website Luckbuckets

          Thanks a lot, i tied at least 5 times with the suffix and it didnt work, so i screened all the comments and saw your and i dropped the .zip and it worked like a charm! thank you! horray for froyo!

      • http://Website Ivan

        I got the exact same error…here it is!!!! You might’ve selected the WRONG file (sorry for the caps…I’m a hyper person) and here is what I did…

        I tried this file first, for rooted N1′s. – file size 81.74 MB

        If it doesn’t work, then ur N1 isn’t rooted…which means you should use the next link instead – file size 44.44 MB

        It might be the WRONG FILE…not the wrong instructions!!!! Else, then you might be in AT&T and might not work…IT DOES WORK IN UNLOCKED N1′S!!!!!! YAAAAAY!!! Just got finished with the update!!! :-)

      • http://Website a1qkhan

        got mine directly from google, and I’m getting the same problem. Even tried a different SD card. i’ll just have to wait. hopefully not too long.

  • http://Website Michal

    Worked for me in Poland (Nexus got on Google Dev Day)!

    • http://Website kris

      What android phones do you guys have in poland is there a way to order them with no plan?

      • http://Website Chuck

        @ Kris : To answer your question about what phones are available in Poland (Android) Im an American Citizen living here, and generally its been VERY SLOW to roll out.

        At first the G1 last yr on ERA (T-Mobile), then the HERO (ERA) and then a few others showed up… The wife and I just picked up the Milestone on 2 yr agreement from Play for 299 each… no N1 unless you import it or buy it off of eBay or Allegro… (but you have to pay VAT @ 22% regardless).

        Just seen an ad for the Sony X10 yesterday from ERA on contract no clue about the price though.

        Generally you can buy them but at the same prices as retail on the “auction sites”. And its no different than getting them the other way.

        • http://Website Chuck

          @ Kris – Oh and I forgot the HTC Desire is available in Play as well. Totally forgot about that. The wife didn’t want it cause of the HTC battery problems. ( not lasting long enough!) ;)

  • http://Website Bill

    When will it be available for Droid?

  • http://Website marshall

    Dolphine HD doesnt work

    • AndyH_STi

      It works (somewhat), but force closes for me pretty often. I’ve seen a bunch of comments regarding this on the market, so hopefully the devs will roll-out an update soon.

    • AndyH_STi

      And just like the the devs have updated the app! Check the market for the update, works great for me now.

  • http://Website marshall

    And did anyone got the App 2 sd working?

    • ExtremeT

      I was told Apps2SD won’t work until Apps and Games on the market are updated using the 2.2 SDK since it’s a 2.2 feature.

      You can move anything else though that you installed yourself using ADB on your computer with “adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2″ I believe, could be wrong though

      • http://Website Marshall

        I’m sorry that i am a noob
        What do u mean by 2.2 SDK?
        Will that be an official update through the phone?

        • ExtremeT

          That just means the developers of Apps and Games have to update their stuff with the new Android SDK for Apps2SD to work with them is all.

  • Vt3kbOi

    Not installing. I download the file. Rename it to Followed all the steps but it keeps saying FAILED no such zip file??

    Anyone else having same issue? Stock Nexus ONE

    • http://Website aitorlape

      You must have the file in /sdcard/, not /sdcard/download/ Maybe this is the problem.

    • http://Website Marcus

      Just rename is as ‘update’, because if you rename the file ‘’, that automatically translates into ‘’ since it’s already a zip file.

    • http://Website rcprater9

      I omitted the .zip suffix, and then reformatted my SD and then it worked perfectly.

  • http://Website MIsta2x

    Just tried on N1 T-Mobile USA and it works fine.

  • ExtremeT

    I guess if you have a rooted Nexus One on AT&T you can apply the update as well using Amon_RA custom recovery and Paul’s update.

  • Segal

    Updated. Buggy and slow as hell :(

    • http://Website dested

      Yeah, agreed. This cant possibly be the release version…..

    • nathan118

      what are you talking about…it works great. Flash works awesome once installed from the market, cool new buttons in the camera, hotspot works….no problems here!

    • AndyH_STi

      No bugs noticed here, and the speed is great (shrug).

    • http://Website 3william56

      Give it time. It has to re-sync a load of stuff. Let it go 10 minutes, then restart the phone. Was same for me – a little jerky at first (gave me a scare too), then smoothed out all lovely like.

      (Stock N1 in Australia – works a treat)

      Also note some extra fixes thrown in on the quiet:
      Contacts able to order by surname
      Wifi reconnects after sleep
      Can now rotate in any direction (screen will go 90, 180 or 270) depending on how you hold the phone.
      Seems to be less susceptible to the screen lockout because you touch the edge

      Only thing I have lost is Thickbuttons :( but I think there’s been some tweaks to the android keyboard – seems to be a lot more accurate. Will see how it runs.

      Stunning, stunning update. Was an ace phone before, now it’s just smooth, sweet and creamy – just like a froyo should be.

  • http://Website sid

    Doing it right now on my UK imported Nexus so fingers crossed…..

    I downloaded it straight onto my Nexus, renamed and moved using Alpha and it seems to have all worked.

  • http://Website Hans

    Hopefully Motorola will start their rollout soon for the Droid since it’s also a Google Experience phone.

  • http://Website sid

    Sorry, Alpha was meant to say Astro……

  • http://Website Lego

    is flash available in this?

    • ExtremeT

      Yes Flash 10.1 Beta is available on the Android market for you to download

    • http://Website sid

      Yes….. for a minute I thought it didn’t but you do have to download it separately. Easiest way is to go to, select flash pro and click on the download flash player….. running sweet now.

    • http://Website dested

      It doesnt support mouse over, makes homestar runner much less funny…

  • Segal

    Ok, if you’re not T-Mobile customer, do not repeat my mistakes – DO NOT INSTALL. Phone is now quite slow and half of applications are crashing with errors :(

    • Segal

      On the other hand, Dungeon Hunter now runs MUCH smoother :)

  • http://Website David

    After the first restart things seemed to be slow, but I restarted again and everything is running at normal speed (BenchmarkPi program shows the phone as being twice as fast now!).

    Also, the “not all the available memory shows” problem is fixed, I used to hardly ever see > 100mb free with 2.1, but after this 2.2 update I’m seeing ~ 270mb free!

  • http://Website John

    No problems on my t-mo N1… working great

  • http://Website jayyoung

    yeah this is great it really fast

  • http://Website sid

    Still can’t get appstoSD to work…… above had any luck? New marketplace layout is nice though….

    • http://Website jayyoung

      same here

    • http://Website James Finnigan

      App2sd will only work for applications where the developer has enabled it.

      • http://Website jayyoung

        ok thanks

  • http://Website John

    tried the wifi hotspot with my netbook… worked like a charm

  • http://Website Marcus

    Updated using N1 on t-mobile.

    At FIRST, it was a little slow? Gmail was syncing for a bit. About 10 minutes later, it’s very fast and very responsive for me.

  • TheKoop

    I got to the /!\ screen, but then it would not let me progress any further!

  • http://Website alankrut

    Just updated, its amazing!

    on Lin Pack i got 37-39, compared to the earlier 6-7

    and no, it will not root your device

    one issue though, how do i get apps2sd working?
    The option is grayed out for me

    • AndyH_STi

      Apps2SD will only start working when developers enable the option for their application. Until then, the option won’t be enabled.

  • Demi Adejuyigbe

    Everyone needs to stop asking when 2.2 will come to ____ or if this works with ____. It clearly says Nexus One because it only works with the Nexus One. And we do not know when it will come to non-Google devices. It was even a surprise that it came today.

  • http://Website ChrisB

    Does it free up more ram?

  • http://Website David

    This + flash work perfectly on my N1, loving it so far. Small thing to note, I was using helixlauncher and this went into a force-close loop after update. Had to reformat but all good now.

  • TheKoop

    I got an “E: Error in /sdcard/ (Status 7)
    Installation aborted” message.

    • http://Website Tyvand

      same here

      • http://Website mauricio

        don’t name it “” just rename it as “update” and problem will be fixed.
        I kept getting the same error

        • nathan118

          Better advice is to teach people how to turn on extensions in windows.

        • http://Website daveloft

          OK that’s not the issue. I didn’t even download it in windows I used the phone. I did try that just to satisfy everyone but then it said file was not present.

          I’m still getting that error.

  • Nexus1

    This is Awesome upgrade to great system already.
    Thx, Google you are the best!!!

  • http://Website Tyvand


    just tried renaming the update and it worked

    • TheKoop

      What did you rename it as?

      • http://Website Tyvand

        just update i didn’t put the .zip at the end

  • TheKoop


    What did you rename it to?

  • http://Website Ruben

    will I still get the ota after doing it manually

    • AndyH_STi


  • Tebbe

    Working great on my N1, but I can’t say I like Twitter being added as another non-uninstallable app.

  • tagon

    Got home and patched.

    Now I am seeing the boot up animation and it has been doing that for awhile….is that normal?

    • tagon

      Nevermind right after I posted that it came up…much snappier.

  • http://Website Shiran

    I tried installing it following the directions to the letter but it says installation failed due to some Esignature can’t be verified. What to I need to do? N Thanks for getting this out early!!!

    • http://Website Tyvand

      taken from

      “if you’re using Windows and don’t have “show file extentsions” turned on in the file explorer you won’t see a .zip. Just rename it to “update” (no quotes, of course) because it’s already a zipped file.”

      • http://Website Shiran

        Hey Thanks for the reply but I already did that. What else could be wrong?

        • http://Website shiran

          Ok it worked! Can’t wait to try things out. I had somehow downloaded am empty zip folder or something. I downloaded the file again and it worked! Awesome!

  • http://Website reggie

    Anyone try hulu yet?

    • http://Website mapin

      Hulu does NOT work. Nobody expected Hulu to allow it to work.

      • http://Website Royal

        actually hulu does work.. in your browser type in about:debug then enter..nothing will happen..go in setting all the way at the bottom..u will see UAstring..change it to desktop then voila! works

        • http://Website mapin

          Oh that’s cool… but it’s barely useable even over wifi. Skips too many frames to be watchable on my N1.

  • http://Website blink

    Flash isnt working…

    • magnus

      alas, that’s what i just noticed.

      • Sean Riley

        Did you guys download the Flash beta from the Market?

    • nathan118

      Flash works just fine. You just don’t know what you’re doing.

      Download it from the market. Tested it on several sites, works great.

  • AndyRoid

    Fantastic. Worked without a hitch.

    Everything is humming along. My task manager is now reporting 234 mb memory free, up significantly on the previous 70 mb I was getting on 2.1

    Maps and earth running much smoother too.

    WIFI connection seems to be running much raster too. Now just faster than laptop next to it (laptop 2.3 mbps, phone 2.4).

    Thanks guys

  • http://Website mapin

    Done. Works great.

    To answer some questions:
    Flash: you must install it from the marketplace.
    App2SD: nothing to see here until developers implement it in their apps people.
    Yes initial boot up will take longer than usual, yes will be slow at first while it does all the google syncing and stuff, then it will be nice and fast (37 mflops on Linpack).

    Wi-fi down and up speeds are faster. I went from 8-9 mbps down to 13-14 mbps down. Now it’s same speed as my macbook. So 2.2 helped open up a data throughput bottleneck that was present.

    Browser is very snappy.

    Flash works, but still room for improvement (obviously since it is 10.1 BETA). It struggles while zooming on a playing video, hard to hit the tiny pause button, etc.

  • KHiD1987

    If You Own a unrooted Nexus One you can force the firmware up date by dialing *#*#2432546#*#
    This Only worked on 2 out of 6 N1′s. I have no idea why it work’s on some but not all
    Also Just Dial the code DO NOT PRESS TALK

    • http://Website alex


      not *#*#2432546#*#

      need one more “*” at the end

  • http://Website jayyoung

    flash is workin great except for hulu who’s being a u know what.

  • http://Website Drizoid Dave

    Very happy and jealous of all you nexus one owners. I was sooooo looking forward to buying the sexy nexy once it hit big reds network. Unfortunately that now will never happen, although I have a sweet phone in the Incredible, I have to wait 4+ months longer to get my froyo on!

    • Sean Riley

      I was all set to upgrade to the Incredible myself and then I decided to hang onto the Droid just in the hopes of getting Froyo a little earlier.

      Kind of a funny position to be in clinging to older hardware in order to get the newest OS.

  • http://Website honey bee

    I’m not computer savvy, so people with the likes of me would just have to sit and wait for the update. I’m just afraid I’ll mess something up. But u guys rock…

    • http://Website Pax

      It is rather easy..just follow the instructions…

  • http://Website jayyoung

    i would have thought they would upgrade the music player but they didn’t.

    • http://Website rainai

      Really?! That’s… sad… I love android and my nexus one… but I really think their music app needs some serious update…

      Btw, if I do the manual update, do I have to reinstall my apps? Do I have to back up my data?

      • http://Website jayyoung

        On u don’t

  • http://Website sintis

    having trouble here this is the error i am getting

    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command

    – Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E: failed to open /sdcard/ (No such file
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted

    • http://Website Stratah

      I’m getting the same error. Verification Failed

    • http://Website mapin

      My guess is your file is named

      Common mistake, depending on how u renamed it, happens often to people.

      • http://Website Stratah

        Nope, it’s named correctly. :(

        • http://Website thinkt4nk

          Same here. File named correctly, same error. I did manually patch to patch 1 when it was released. Is this true of others receiving this error?

  • http://Website Yeison

    I updated but since I had helix laucher installed as soon as i ulock the it says helix launcher has stopped unexpectedly, when i hit force close it comes up again, and again and again. How do I stop helix from lauching if I cant access anything on the phone?

    • http://Website lolobabes

      i did the delete all data thing, i had laso helixlauncher2 on when i ugraded but all good now… ahihihi

  • http://Website ronabong

    Got it up and running. After syncing was done from boot, dame thing is bloody responsive, I am loving it. Nice to load a site with flash and having it run, it’s crazy. Camera has some nice additions to it also, but stock music player still remained the same. Tested the WiFi tethering and couldn’t be happier. Thank-you Google!

    • http://Website ronabong

      oh and we now can select text in mail!

      • AndyH_STi

        I can select text in the Gmail app, but not the normal Email app. Oh well, one is better than none.

  • http://Website Matt

    No USB tethering for Mac. Only WiFi. Still very cool, and quite fast.

  • http://Website Rainer

    Hello have a ATT and its
    Dec 17 2009, 13:05:23

    got when in Android System recovery, chose “Flash ZIP from sdcard


    INstall from SD Card
    Finding …
    OPening …
    Verifiying Update package
    E:NO signature (411 files)
    E:Verification failed
    Instalation aborted

    What did I wrong

    • http://Website pax

      @ Rainter…this is for T-Mobile…I read a patch for ATT will be out soon.

      • http://Website rainer

        Thanks i though, but was just curios get the the tmobile Radio in and wipe out the ATT one.

        • http://Website mapin

          umm i dont think it works that way. hardware is different for the different frequency spectrums of their 3G networks.

  • http://Website Pax

    I cannot format my SD card from inside the settings any more. Anyone having the same issue?…other than that, everything checks out and is flawless so far.

    • http://Website Pax

      I figured it out.

  • http://Website mark

    just upgraded to froyo on my non-rooted n1 (tmo). everything works great! i did uninstall launcherpro beta before upgrading. also, my swype works fine and dandy, as well as my skyfire. i’ve also seen my memory availability increase. it’s tripled to be more precise!

  • http://Website Edgar

    Ha! Iphone got nothing on this.i love my nexus. thanks google. Thanks every one who got this far everything works fast for me especially when scrolling down all these I just found out you can now flip your phone 3 ways now before it was just two our did I not notice it before. Hot spot is awsum.

  • wwJOSHdo

    Damn, you all are lucky! I have a samsung moment and we JUST got Android 2.1 a few days ago! I can’t wait for a leaked 2.2 rom to appear for the samsung moment! I might get the HTC EVO 4G because it has twice as much ram as mine, and a much better processor, 8mp camera, 720p recording videos, hdmi, and so much more. Damn the htc evo is sexy!

  • lalomartinez

    this is so bad ass!!! I installed it with out a hitch, OS is so much faster so much more responsive, love it!! thank you for sharing this!!

  • http://Website BT

    Worked for me I even did this all on just the phone with Astro! Thanks to everyone here!

  • http://Website archboy69

    I’m loving my new desert! The only caveat is that many of the developers haven’t updated their apps with it so I’m getting a lot of fc from my favorites apps….:(

    How do I live without handcent for the time being! LOL

    • http://Website Ronald

      Lol…I feel ur pain…I’ve been thinking the same thing

  • http://Website Tyler

    anyone with touchscreen issues with froyo installed?

    • Tebbe

      It seems to have fixed my touchscreen issues. Sometimes hitting letters on the keyboard would register as one of the four keys at the bottom. Turning the screen off, then back on would fix it. But, it hasn’t happened since I upgraded to Froyo.

      I probably just jinxed myself.

  • http://Website Mike

    1. No flash. Boo.
    2. Can’t move apps to sd card
    3. Marketplace is having a lot of problems not finding apps.
    4. Can anyone confirm that 802.11n was turned on? Or is it the general speed boost from froyoy that I’m seeing.
    5. Tabs in Xscope no longer are able to be tapped.

    • http://Website Jaron

      1. Flash is downloaded separately in 2.2. It’s in the market place, just search “adobe”.
      2. No apps support it yet, not even Google apps AFAIK. Give it a few weeks.
      3. I had the same issue. I searched “flash” and it didn’t show up. “adobe” pulled it up fine though.
      4. I’m not seeing a real big performance boost. I’m not a heavy app user but they seem to be just as fast to me. 802.11n works for me however, only if my router broadcasts it using 2.4ghz. 5ghz n isn’t detected by my nexus.
      5. I don’t use Xscope so I can’t comment there. Just wait for the devs to fix it with the 2.2 APIs.

      Also, multi-colored trackball looks to be working I guess. Someone texted my Google Voice number and it flashed green. I don’t know what other situations make it turn different colors. My only gripe is the updated Facebook app came with it. I liked the old app that let you snap a pic and upload from the main screen instead of the inbox button. I wish I had the choice of what I want on the main Facebook screen.

      • nathan118

        Haven’t seen anything but white trackball here. Tried all different kinds of notifications too. Gtalk, Texts, email….just white.

        • http://Website Jaron

          Weird. Before I updated today Google voice had an update, maybe that did it? Are you using the Google voice from the market? Also, all I’ve experienced is green so far. My email hasn’t synchronized at night like usual, but other than that there’s nothing out of the ordinary. I’m an at&t user on a T-Mobile phone, so maybe that does something however unlikely? Also I’m able to setup a wifi network for internet sharing even though I’m always on edge, I thought you had to be on 3g. Is anyone else experiencing this too?

          • http://Website Jaron

            Small update. Gmail finally sync’d and new email is a white pulse. Google Voice is still a green pulse though. I did install Google Voice from market to get updates instead of the stock app that came with the phone. Maybe the latest versions of some apps off market use multi-colored alerts? Try installing the stock apps from the market as well and see if that does it.

  • http://Website Ronald

    Anyone now How to go back to 2.1 after manually updating to Froyo?

  • http://Website Bennet

    Works like a charm – the instructions are perfect.

    - got wifi tethering t work
    - wondering if anyone has got the radio and track ball lights to work?

  • David Giesberg

    Been reading and looking around, wondering about where the iTunes/Music streaming stuff is.

  • http://Website EnemyZero

    I’ve done the install. I’ve had to uninstall Handcent SMS and Lookout so far as they just do nothing but force close over and over again. Hopefully they fix this soon as I use both of those all the time. The only other thing I’ve noticed is it seems I’ve completely lost my dictionary and auto correct on Better Keyboard. Sucks as I like it so much better than the stock android keyboard.

    Aside from those things, it runs much faster and smoother and having flash is awesome. It’s got my Droid friends quite jealous as of now.

    • Lemon

      Yeah, bummer. I’m sending the BK guys an email – just in case they’re not aware.

      • http://Website EnemyZero

        I did last night as well. Hopefully if enough people send in info they’ll get on a fix. I miss BK and Handcent so much already

  • stalker

    Hello guys,

    Just have a few question. I am located in india and have a nexus one non-rooted and unlocked version. I want froyo update on it but I am not able to get OTA update though update option. I’ve few question.

    after installing this update manually, does my N1 converted to non-rooted?
    what about warranty?
    what is the difference between this update and the public update when it will be available?
    can I switch back to the 2.1 after installing this upgrade ?

  • nathan118

    Trying to make a complete list on my site. We’ve heard about a lot of the BIG things, but it looks like there are some smaller things we hadn’t heard about. Help me with the list!

    1) JIT Compiler (2x-5x speed increase)
    2) Dedicated phone and browser buttons on the home screens
    3) USB Tethering and Wifi Hotspot
    4) Flash 10.1 capable (when downloaded from the marketplace)
    5) Marketplace upgrade allows comments to be ranked as “helpful, unhelpful, spam”
    6) Copy and paste in Gmail
    7) Apps 2 SDcard
    8) Auto upgrades/Multiple upgrades in the marketplace
    9) Bluetooth Voice Dialing

    • http://Website mapin

      I get dramatically faster down/up speeds over wifi now (probably JIT related).
      Updated “Car Home” App.
      Google Talk App and Messaging App are now white background with black text (reversed).
      Small tweaks in Gmail App (fwd back buttons, etc).
      Calendar App using small blue dots instead of large green bars in month view.

    • Lemon

      * Long press on home shows 8 apps now (not 6)
      * Volume all the way down doesn’t allow silent without vibrate any more
      * New security unlock options – pattern, password, PIN
      * Turn off data connection in Wireless settings
      * Extra display setting in power widget (Auto)
      * Native Trackball colours

  • http://Website ChrisM

    Just installed 2.2 in the UK one standard N1 and everthing appears to be working…

  • http://Website Jonathan Cherry

    I have a Nexus on T-Mobile and it won’t download. Any other tips? Thanks!

  • http://Website Pathanu9

    Will my settings, apps, and data that is not backed up in the cloud (SMS, MMS) still be there after such an update?

    • AndyH_STi

      Yes, I didn’t back anything on my phone up prior to applying the update and I didn’t lose anything, nor did I have to reinstall anything.

  • http://Website wilku

    3-5 minutes , Poland , nexus from t-mobile.

  • http://Website Jonathan Cherry

    I got it installed, and Im loving it. However, it’s not letting me move apps to my sd card. I can see where it would be an option, but it’s not an option. Any tips?

    • AndyH_STi

      Until the app developers enable the option for their applications, you won’t be able to move any apps to the SD card.

  • http://Website ZR0E

    You DONT NEED to be on STOCK rom if your ROOTED. Go to and they’ll show you how to do it. fast and easy worked for me. :) Spelled just like that btw.

  • http://Website FinallyDroid

    I dove in for the update against my initial judgement/thought to do so until the “official” OTA came out, but I sure am glad I did. Worked perfectly with no issues installing. I was having problems with some on-screen buttons not working (all market selections, open folders from the home screen, etc), I had to use the trackball to navigate the market. But then I installed Flash 10.1 BETA and it is working perfectly!

    Primary reason for buying N1 last month was knowing we’d be the first to get all the latest and greatest, having the official Google phone and all! Glad I wasn’t disappointed! I bought unlocked and am on T-Mobile. The only reason I waited so long to buy was no apps2sd.. glad that’s done! just need the devs to get it going!

    Thanks for all your comments above, I read them ALL before proceeding, but woo-hoo!!!

    And yes, all the SMS are still there.

    Too bad data speeds still so slow here (Phoenix) :(
    I can’t wait til HSDPA+ comes!!!!!

  • http://Website O.Gee

    I did the upgrade, and all is lovely…

    It took me three tries, but I figured out that I needed to copy the .zip to my SD card first, and then rename it. Once that was done the install went off with no problems.

    My N1 is running much smoother with all the listed features and my benchmarks have jumped from 6.285 MLOPS to 40.386 MLOPS Wow…

    A few added features that I like that were not listed in anyones review are
    - The call log now combines multiple calls to a contact instead of listing each one numerous times.
    - I see a few more options in the settings menus. Once you do the upgrade go through your settings one by one and adjust whatever you need.

    A few apps needed to be uninstalled and reinstalled to get them working right, but it was a small thing.

    I’m loving the Flash 10.1, and the new camers settings with zoom.

    I’m testing out Tethering and it is working well without using Easythether, or PDaNet.

    Great update. I got tired of waiting and had to do it. Now give me 3.0 aka GINGERBREAD… LOL

  • http://Website RhineFire

    Are existing settings and datas like SMS, APNs and stuff still on the phone after updating?

    • http://Website Matt

      YMMV of course, but my data (APN, SMS and other) stayed intact for the upgrade. Doesn’t seem to touch the SD card, either.

  • Arun

    Installed on an unlocked Nexus One (in India).

    There is a clearly visible improvement in performance overall and all applications seem to be working fine except now my phone does not ring or vibrate during incoming calls! :(

    Does anyone know why?

    • http://Website Matt

      The update has a lot of settings changes/additions. You should go in and make sure your (sound) settings are the way you want them.

      • Arun

        Matt – I’ve seen all of the settings and they’re fine. The problem persists…

        • http://Website Matt

          Any applications installed that change ringtons/sound settings that were installed previous to the upgrade?

          Are the options available in settings (vibrate, change ringtone, volume) and if so, are they actionable or grayed out?

          • Arun

            Yes. Zedge and Quick Settings. I’ve tried to install 2.2 after uninstalling Zedge and Quick Settings but the problem persists. The phone rings/vibrates about 20% of the time. Very erratic and inexplicable.

  • http://Website pureaoysauce

    I’m from Indonesia, bought N1 from Hong Kong unlocked. Just upgraded, everything went smooth. New things i noticed:
    - Trackball now flashes purple color.
    - Contrary to people say there is at least one change regardimg music player/engine. Now it can read AAC tag in compilation album properly.
    - Email can now open attachment with space in the filename.
    - Stock launcher is supersmooth, no longer needs launcher pro.

    There are a lot of things going on underneath. Google listens to most of the complaints in the developer’s forum. I was feeliing a bit if of regret buying N1 a month ago coz it didn’t feel as complete as iPhone. Now i’m not sure i’m interested in getting iPhone 4.

  • http://Website Jeff

    I’m in Europe (Luxembourg)

    works fine for me

    much faster and seems to be stable (for now that is )

    wlan hotspot and usb tethering also work

    flash too testet it on ^^

  • uhanrodric

    Success. Updated this morning. It runs smooth as butter. I ran into only one snag. HelixLauncher sent it into a never ending “FORCE CLOSE” loop. Make sure you have the stock ‘Launcher’ set to default before updating. I was able to fix it by reformating back to factory. Though now it’s a pain in the butt, as I’m at work, and I have to re-download everything via EDGE. (Which only works when it wants in this area lol)

    T-Mobile – Stock – Nexus One (Update 1)

  • http://Website Patrick

    I can confrm that it works. But still no copy/paste in emails and still no vpn cisco and still ….etc.

  • Arun

    Is there any way to rollback to 2.1? The sound notification system is a little messed up. Does not vibrate or ring during incoming calls. Same with text messages… pity… this seemed to be an awesome update… :(

    • AndyH_STi

      Check all your settings, you must be overlooking something. No issues here with notification sounds.

  • http://Website patrick

    I actually do not have wirking flash here in froyo. Anyone else?

    • http://Website Jorge

      You have to install the app…

  • http://Website ZC

    I just switched over from an iPhone 3G about a month ago and was already loving my Nexus. After installing 2,2, the iPhone is officially blown out of the water. Froyo is insanely fast, the tethering rocks, the flash is there and watchable, and even the touchscreen is much more responsive and I love the new music button added to the car home. iPhone can go off to pasture now for sure, I am never switching back.

  • http://Website MKrmec

    Hello people gonna do this now or never!

    1. This update is ONLY FOR T-MOBILE NEXUS 1 !! stop asking if it works on other phones
    2. when you download the update DO NOT extract it. RENAME it to and NOT!! enable the damn extensions in windows to see the *.zip, and place it into /sdcard/ directory
    3. This update will NOT root your phone, warranty will NOT be voided
    4. Move App2SD WILL NOT work untill the app developers convert their apps to 2.2 SDK that will take some time
    5. For FLASH you must visit the market and download it.

    Best thing I can advise to people is NOT to update if you don’t have the N1 rooted and have a backup tool available, you never know what will happen. If you do happen to get stuck and the phone doesn’t work, you will have to reload the whole original software. And no it will not break warranty etc. Instructions on the internet just google: “nexus one stock firmware”

  • http://Website daveloft

    I just bought my phone 2 weeks ago and its the AT&T version. It says its Firmware version 2.1-update1. Is that the same firmware version everyone else had.

    When I try to update I get an “E: Error in /sdcard/ (Status 7), Installation aborted” message. Its not because of how its name, I’ve checked and double checked. I’ve redownloaded.

    Any ideas.

    • Jorge

      Daveloft, you can upgrade you N1? I have an AT&T version but I want to know if this update works?! thx

      • http://Website Jorge E

        It won’t work for the AT&T Nexus One.

  • http://Website Sean

    I tried to update. there was something wrong with my zip and it aborted. I went to move the zip back over to my sd card (via usb) and while transfering my N1 ejected. now I can’t connect it to my pc. everytime it connects it ejects and says, “preparing sd card – checking for errors”. It never did this before. I don’t know what’s up!

    • http://Website daveloft

      If you got a card reader you may want to format it on your PC than put it back in your N1 and it should work fine.

    • http://Website Sean

      I tried again with a different sd card. for some reason the file I downloaded keeps ejecting my sd card. halfway through it says the card is not located in the same place on my computer and my N1 ejects the card. Both cards eject themselves halfway through copying the file.

      does the file need to be renamed AFTER it is on the sd card? that’s the only thing I can think of…

  • http://Website daveloft

    It doesn’t work on EPE54B models running version 2.1-update1. So anyone who bought their phone in the last month or so. THIS UPDATE WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU. You will get the Status 7 error.

    • http://Website Seb

      So what do we do if we’re on the EPE54B ?

      • http://Website daveloft

        Just wait. I’m sure the release for EPE54B will hit the web sometime this week. Or you can wait for it to be pushed to you sometime in the next few weeks.

  • http://Website Tony

    The website or server is down, can’t download the update. Any suggestions?

    • http://Website rainai

      LOL!! I just tried it too… and i got a 404 (not found) error… maybe google removed it? T_T

      • http://Website Tony

        Yeah I guess they removed it. Oh well…I will just wait until the official android 2.2 comes out for nexus one.

  • islander

    Anyone know if wireless N drivers are part of Froyo? and if they now have an FM radio?

    • AndyH_STi

      I haven’t seen any signs of the FM radio.

  • Uncemister

    Man i cant download it, says 404 not found =(

    • http://Website Ryan

      Same thing for me. Link doesn’t work anymore.

    • http://Website Foobart

      The file to download is gone… 404 Not found. Doesn’t Google like impatient N1 owners?

  • http://Website nandelbosc
  • roland99

    The 2.2 upgrade is cool, the sd storage is not working, In time. What happen to the extea RAM

  • http://Website David

    Left handed rotation means the volume button is on top whining in landscape mode this is great when using lastFM on the treadmill.

  • http://Website Patrick

    I actually do not like that the gmail accounts allow copy/paste in mails, but the normal email accounts (the orange letter symbol, not the red one) do not.

    Also scrolling in the wireless essid’s list is laggy.

    Other than that I am quite blown by Froyo :)

  • http://Website Andres1516

    The Link Is Not Working For My.

    So The Update The They Are Going to Send By The Air Is The Same One The That They Are Giving

    Now And How Do U Know The This Is Not A Fake One?????

  • kokumuo

    After I updated I’ve bee getting some odd errors in the browser.

    “This page contains the following errors:
    error on line 193 at column 17; EntityRef; expectiing ‘;’
    Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.”

    This is stopping me from loading a lot of pages including ones with flash. Any ideas?

  • http://Website anakin78z


    If you use a home replacement, clear the default before you upgrade, so that Froyo can boot into it’s own new launcher. I made the mistake of leaving HelixLauncher2 as my default, which apparently is not yet 2.2 compatible. Imagine not having a home screen :) All I got was a loop of force closes.

    F.y.i, the fix I found was to somehow get into the market, so that I could uninstall HelixLauncher2, which then reset the home button to the default launcher. I managed to get into the market by pulling down the notification tray between force close messages and clicking on an e-mail which happened to have a web link in it. That opened the browser and I used that to navigate to a website which had a market link on it (you could try any androidandme app review). That opened the market, and from there I was saved.

    • http://Website lolobabes

      this happened to me too but i had no other recourse but to delete all apps and datas on the phone but all good now

  • http://Website Andres1516

    The Link Is Not Working For My.

    So The Update The They Are Going to Send By The Air Is The Same One The That They Are Giving

    Now And How Do U Know The This Is Not A Fake One?????

  • Dharmabhum

    Loaded it up last night late night and it was awesome to see. Looks pretty smooth and a quick Market download of Flash and everything looks good!

  • http://Website Stratah

    Anyone know how to access the tools used to load apps onto your sd card?

  • http://Website David

    Is the grouping of phone calls in the log new? I don’t remember seeing this behavior in 2.1.

  • Jorge

    This update works on AT&T’s NEXUS ONE version???

    • Sean Riley

      This version of the update will not work on your AT&T Nexus One. No word yet on when to expect that version.

      • Jorge

        thanks man!. NOW my perfect word is PATIENCE!…

  • ayocuz

    I’m really in love with my nexus one now. This thing is the Ish

  • Brendan

    Is there any way to get this to work from Build number EPE54B, Firemare Version 2.1-update1? I would love to get my Froyo on.

    • Coolpher

      i Really want to Get my Froyo on Also

  • http://Website rainai

    Has anyone tried the new links (mediafire and rapidshare) above? Including the one nandelbosc posted (

    Can anyone confirm if they’re legitimate?

    • http://Website Stratah

      I was getting an error with the above zip so I used and it worked like a champ. I got so involved with my phone I burnt my dinner! no lie, be careful, the update can be hazardous! lol

      • http://Website rainai


        Ok… thanks for the tip!!

      • Sean Riley

        Updated the post, thanks.

  • http://Website lolobabes

    am from the Philippines i downloaded last night on my stock N1 and am loving it… but i cant figure out how to move applications to the sd card the move on sd card button cant be pressed, anyone can help?

    * if you download on windows OS, rename the file just “update”.

    * after the the exclamation mark with the android just press the “Power” and “Volume Up” buttons( i counted 3 seconds before releasing, be patient here)i hope it deosnt have any other effect because am not from the US… ty

    some applications suddenly were not working well like handcent and HTC_IME is that normal? ty

    • http://Website Stratah

      Hello! sorry I can’t help with the application sd problem because I’m having the same problem trying to figure it out myself. This is basically a *BUMP so maybe someone else will see it and help us! :)

      • Coolpher

        read all of the above comments the developer have to re deply there apps through the 2.2 SDK to
        get apps 2 SDcard

  • ryandude10

    How do we know this manually updating wont blowup in our faces?

    • Coolpher

      that would be cool i cant install it i am using a Nexus One AT&T with EPE54b
      the update is for EPE27 the Tmobile Nexus One

  • Coolpher

    i am going to have to Wait for The OTA Update for 2.2

  • http://Website Lfigueroa

    I’ve installed froyo on my nexus and so far is running flawless. A happy owner of nexus one in Puerto Rico. Android rules!

  • http://Website Tony

    I kept gettIng an error that says “installation aborted” I don’t know what went wrong. I have a nexus one with android 2.1 update 1 build EPE27 tmobile. Any suggestions?

  • http://Website Ranko

    I installed it without a problem on an unlocked N1, on Croatian T-Mobile. Not only is the performance boost visible but there are additional minor tweeks and bug fixes that I didn’t see in any announcement so far.

    So far:
    Connecting to a hidden WiFi is (mostly) fixed. As in, I can connect to them, but have to do it manually.

    In the text input box you can see another box with common items like @ sign and coma. Inserting a coma from that interface will not only insert it but also remove the extra space.

  • http://Website Koxx


  • http://Website rainzz

    I installed this update to my Nexus One this morning and everything works fine. I’m from Finland if someone wants to know if it works in Europe. Thanks for the instructions!

  • stalker

    After updating to froyo a.k.a android 2.2 on my N1 (as per the steps in article). Everything went good. OS is super fast now. Anybody knows why my trackball always glow white ?

  • http://Website kyle

    Uh, does anyone know what the checksum of the original zip was to compare against the rapidshare zip? I.e. I don’t want a malware infested fake rom.

  • http://Website jeremy

    What I want to know is does this void your warranty and is this manually update from Google or did someone make this??

  • http://Website rojach

    I have used froyo for sometime now and it’s superb but why does it seem like Google are ignoring the 2 problems that a lot of nexus one owners want fixing?!
    1. Pink hue in the camera.
    2. Touchscreen malfunction issues.

  • http://Website rossell

    wow, so glad i updated this on saturday. now i’m a happy camper providing a free secured wifi network here at work for my friends and their iphones. camera updates are awesome, love the tactile zoom bar they’ve added.

    flash 10.1 is pretty good, i’ve watched some southpark episodes and videos from espn. the actual video controlls are pretty difficult to manipulate, gotta zoom far in to register a hit on one, but the scaling looks good when panning up and down during video playback.

    someone said the N1 was nothing more than a referrence device on this site a few days ago. i’m sure they’re staring at their Incredible right now (or fawning over a print-out of the Evo) and wishing they were lucky enough to have such a “measely piece” of tech

  • http://Website rainai


    I’m a noob when it comes to this manual updating… I haven’t done it yet before… From what I read with the steps above, it seems pretty simple… But, I would like to ask if there is a way for me to revert to the stock 2.1 in case something goes wrong when I do the update (of if somehow I am not satisfied with the update)…

    Hope you guys can anwer me…


    • http://Website rainai

      I just updated mine using (it’s the same as the mediafire one)…

      got me worried as it was booting up coz it took quite a long time… and when it finally showed the homescreen, it became unresponsive… then it restarted by itself… then after restarting, the homescreen still wasn’t responsive… i thought it was probably initializing some stuff inside (as others said)… so i left it alone… after about 5-10 minutes, it became responsive… i had a few forced closed apps…

      but after the initial hiccups, wow! it’s noticeably fast!! there are also some changes in the UI…

      I haven’t yet explored Froyo… but i’m liking what i’m seeing on my Nexus One…


      - Rai

  • http://SignatureNotVerified Michael S

    I downloaded the file from mediafire link (see above). I renamed it (not – VERIFIED). I used Dropbox (as suggested above) to get it on my SDcard and moved it to the root of /SDCARD. After following the steps above for manually installing, I get an error that the “signature not verified” and the install is aborted. Ideas?

    • http://Actualerrormessage Michael S

      I also tried copying the file to /sdcard using a USB connection, but I get the same “Installation aborted” result. The actual output on the screen is:
      –Install from sdcard….
      Finding update package….
      OPening update package….
      Verifying update package….
      E:signature verification failed
      Installation aborted.

      As I said before, I downloaded from the mediafire link listed in the article.

      • Sean Riley

        Michael, sorry about that, here is another source to try. It was confirmed as working by a few users on XDA forums.

        If it does work let me know.

  • http://Website Juan

    I did installed the froyo program but somehow its giving me a pain in the … can someone please tell me how to return it back to 2.1 android version. I did call to Google support and they told me one you make the update even though its not the official release of the froyo you cannot turn back. i know and have faith that someone here knows how to return it back to 2.1….. please help me!!!

  • http://Website tony

    Michael , Please chanes the file name from “” to “update” Then it will work for you. I ran the same problem like you early todate.

  • http://Website Matt
  • http://Website Dgavi

    How do I get the fm radio to work? !!HELP!!

  • http://Website Mark Lin

    Success! Was able to get Froyo into ATT N1. Which I was able to do quite by accident. Please follow the follwing:

    1. follow these instruction. but use the Froyo .zip file
    2. When you get the screen with android falling out of the box, reboot again but this system do system google proprity restore instead.

    I did this and to my surprise I got Froyo on my ATT N1

    • Coolpher

      i do not understand please explain in more detail please

  • http://Website Erik

    Can confirm that it works great! I Live in Sweden (using Telenor) and everything is in order!
    Thanks a lot!

  • xios1912

    how do i get the HTC keyboard on the nexus one?

  • d33zilla

    begin “COOOOOOOOOOOOOL” i change the name of my WiFi Hotspot on the 2.2update…. NOW it WONT reconnect, & i cant get the settings back 2 change it, ANYONE HEEEEELP?


  • http://Website fullmetal211

    android dev’s confirmed that they released a test froyo to key people, and that they will be releasing the official one shortly.

  • http://Website fred

    did not work, will wait for tmobile to roll it out to me.

  • qdewolf

    when it releases officially will it update this update?

  • http://Website Daniel

    I seriously hope this is not the official release.. I have been using this release for a few days now and I can say it is BUGGY!

    My stuck UP 3G arrow / loss of data transmission for 30-60 seconds issue is a lot more frequent now.

    I get a lot of force closes on apps that worked fine on 2.1 and some don’t work at all anymore

    I get some pretty bad audio skipping over bluetooth now (phone in car dock connected via bluetooth to my Kenwood car stereo), on 2.1 I had no skipping.

  • stalker

    anybody got to work multi-color trackball? I am not getting multi-color trackball while SMS/Missed call notification.

    • http://Website Jon

      I was able to get the multicolor trackball working using Handcent SMS. If you change the settings for LED Notification, it changes the trackball color.

      • http://Website rainai

        It’s not working for me… I tried Handcent SMS and chompSMS… neither worked for me… in fact, i think i’m having some issues with SMS notification on the trackball… even with the stock SMS application, when i receive a message, the trackball doesn’t light up… anyone having this problem too?

        a few hours ago, i received a facebook message and i noticed the trackball lit up blue!

        • http://Website rainai

          i take it back… it works!

  • http://Website Saroop

    I was hesitant at first about this..but went for it last night. I have the T-mobile Nexus, but using it on At&t. After going through the steps of installing it I realized that this was the BESTTT move I made. It works flawlessly and I have not had ANY problems. Things are significantly faster and all the new updates and programs available are a great addition! I love the N1!

  • qdewolf

    the problem i am seeing is that copy protected applications are missing from the Market due to an issue with registration of the image. either this will get resolved or will we see an update to the actual release?

  • bt

    So say we did only get a test version of froyo. Will we have to manually install the full version when it is released?

    • http://Website Dirtyredsoxhat

      I was worried about the same thing until I found this! So it looks like all of us early adopters should still be ok to get the OTA once it drops. Yay!

  • http://Website colby

    Does anyoneave a clue as to when the 2.2 will come out for the moto droid. R us droid users gonna b waiting a while

  • http://Website BadBoysDriveAudi


    I don’t think anyone really has a clue when the updates will be available. Even for folks with the T-mobile N1s aren’t getting OTA updates in what we’d call a timely manner, which is why we manually updated.

    So, for all folks that have updated, I wonder if you’ve happened to stumble upon an undocumented feature (at least I haven’t seen it written down anywhere). As my colleague and I were playing with our phones after the update yesterday, we came across something we liked and then we proceeded to sound like two 4 year olds with the latest flying Buzz Lightyear toy that actually flies. I told him he can blog it first but apparently he forgot.

    Wanna know what it is?

    Remember when you could tilt your phone counter clockwise to view landscape mode, but couldn’t tilt it clockwise like Apple’s iPhone? Well, go try it now.


    • http://Website rainai

      also, the trackball now changes colors… the default facebook app’s notification makes the trackball glow blue… i’ve also tried handcent sms with its option to change trackball color notification and it works!

      • http://Website BadBoysDriveAudi

        I hadn’t noticed that yet. Someone hit me up on Facebook! =P

  • http://Website Blaze

    Has anyone noticed that the battery life seems a lot better after the upgrade?

    I am running a rooted verision.

    • http://Website BadBoysDriveAudi

      I’ve noticed that too! So my phone has been unplugged for about 13 hours and still is 66% power. By this time under 2.1, I was under 50% easy.

      I also noticed that under settings–>about phone–>battery use, it tells you how long it’s been since you unplugged. Maybe it was there before and I didn’t see it, but that’s nice to know. It gives you some idea about how fast the battery is discharging based on your consumption.

  • http://Website blink

    This doesnt mess up any future over the air updates, right?

    • http://Website BadBoysDriveAudi

      From what I hear, no, it won’t affect future OTA updates. In fact, Google says that the official 2.2 launch will overwrite the manual updates we’ve done.

      As long as the official version works as good or better, I’m fine with it…

  • http://Website anon

    I didn’t check the md5 sum, and I think the file was corrupt. It won’t power on now. What do I do if I bricked the phone?

    • http://Website Tammy

      I think I also bricked my phone doing this. Help please!

  • http://Website Carl

    Hey please help i did this update like the same night it came out and everything works ok but the only problem I am having is the browser does not work on my edge data but it works on wi-fi, and everything else works on the edge data. Please if anyone is experiencing this same problem please please please help.

  • http://Website RuloBC

    I’ve made it on my N1 as easy as you explain above and in less than 10 minutes. Froyo is gorgeous what a great OS. Thank you so much!

    Greetings from Mexico!

  • http://Website Ron

    NEXUS ONE AT&t VERSION- Has anyone found a new version 2.2 for the AT&T N1 yet? ( build EPE54B )

    I tried 2 or 3 version but they are all for the T-Mobile N1.

    Please give us the link to download. Anyone know the date that Google will release the upgrade for the AT&T version yet? OTA or manual download ?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Healthy

    one new feature i haven’t heard much about, but love, is the updates to Gtalk.

    i constantly go from chatting on the phone to chatting on the computer and then back to phone. the conversations will actually update on the phone with what you chatted on the computer! such a little thing, but oh so welcome!

    other than that, my 3g performance is improved (time without signal in the battery menu for “cell standy” has gone way down. my house must be lined with lead, because i’ve never had good 3g coverage, but it changes between 3g and edge much quicker now.)

  • nexusonederful

    Froyo sounds great, but I can think of lots of reasons not to update quite yet, which I just posted on my blog:

  • tag159

    Will the OTA update be available if you are out of the U.S.? I am posted and won’t be back ’til next summer.

  • http://Website Geir Otto

    Update whent likea charmon my open Nexus One 2.1 and have now 2.2
    Nice “main button with phone and browse button+ + + but
    No Share contact via SMS still, it must be a “major we forgot to implement” error?

  • dawkins20

    Two things: (Thanks for your help in advance)

    1. I keep getting an error message, i saved to my desktop, and then copied the file to my SD card. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. (Yes, I am running a Tmobile N1)

    2. can I brick my phone if I do this wrong, or can I just hard/soft reset?

    Also I found this interesting….

    I have Touchdown installed, and asked their support if it was compatible. Here is the response.

    Hi Joey!

    This is a hacked custom ROM and is not supported in any way.

    In spite of what some of the blogs and forums want you to think, it’s NOT an official build. (plus, it’s already two revisions behind the current testing build.) Google has not begun the OTA deployment of 2.2.

    We confirmed with Google this AM that the OTA update people are talking about simply doesn’t exist yet. It’s not been released to anyone, in spite of what some of the blogs are saying.

    There is no way we can troubleshoot this as it’s not even using the standard radio stack.
    I would strongly suggest that you wait for the official 2.1 ROM and install TouchDown (if needed) until the official update is published OTA.

    Ron Goins

    • rock hopper

      Dawkins20 name the file update will auto the .zip because its a zip file

  • rock hopper

    Downloaded it runs flawlessly cant wait to play with it more

  • http://Website Mayank

    In the steps give above. I cant seem to get beyond step 6. When I see an exclamation mark, I am supposed to press and hold the “volume up” key and the “power button”. I do all that but nothing happens. The next menu doesn’t appear.

    Please help.

  • http://Website J

    So does this really not work on At&t, I’ve been trying to figure this out for hours and can’t get it. I’ve tried both files. I’ve named it both update and When I do it with the non-rooted file and update it starts to verificies and then fails saying error 7!!! I also reformed my sdcard for this and nothing….

    Please help!

  • http://Website mark

    I have tried several methods to download froyo. I receive the message that the content is not supported on this device. Dispute having the box checked to allow outside Alps. Anyone have any ideas.

  • http://Website Solrac924

    work perfectly fine for me now. had 2 minor issues:
    1-Swype had to be reinstalled
    2-Google Voice icon had to be refreshed

    Android rules!!!

  • http://Website giantfoot

    Hi all I just received my OTA 2.2 android update, it asked me whether to install now or later, I chose install now, the phone rebooted and then the screen shows android with loading bar, then after few seond it shows android with big excalamtion mark, then its stuck there, for hours, so i reboot and now the OTA update doesn’t show up anymore…

    please help what did i do wrong, Im using nexus one with 2.1 android ERE27, non rooted.


  • http://Website MajorMartian

    I just recieved my HTC Desire which is now running on Android 2.1/Eclair. I want to update it but i don’t know where or not i have to flash it or if there is a dedicated installer. This is my first Android phone because i use to use Windows Mobile and i thought using Android might be a good change but so far i’m not liking it because of this problem. Or as an alternative, can i use the same link that was used above at the top for Nexus One with my HTC Desire!!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thxs!

  • http://Website mosayeb

    i Downloaded file manager for my phone .but when i try send this to my phone whith bluetooth
    ‘my phone dont give this .and my phone is htc google nexus one .i must have file manager to my phone to can install another program. plz help me

  • http://Website Android

    is android 2.3 upgrade for nexus one was release?
    Phones with dual core

  • motorola droid

    I downloaded 2.2 on my droid…and then I downloaded flashplayer. I am
    overjoyed. everything works..including smart keyboard pro. now we’re
    talking !