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HTC Legend on its way to Canada?

Canadians looking for more Android in their lives will be happy to hear that they may be receiving the HTC Legend in the near future. Canadian Android news site Mobile Syrup was tipped off that the 2.1-sporting, 3.2-inch-AMOLED phone will be appearing as an exclusive to provider Bell.

Bell has had a run of bad luck with exclusives, as they were the only Canadian provider to offer the Palm Pre. With Palm’s recent sale to HP, the company could use a good strong phone to offer; at the moment the only other Android phone in its stable is the Samsung Galaxy.

This post will be updated as more details emerge.

Source: Mobile Syrup

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  • http://Website andrew

    Why wouldn’t Bell get the legends big brother the HTC Desire? The legend is a pussy phone compared to the desire.

    • Matt Demers

      Probably to offer a middle-of-the-road price phone to its customers while being able to advertise Android.

      It already sells the iPhone as a high-price point phone; it probably wouldn’t want anything that could compete with that while it’s reeling from the Pre’s failure; a nice mid-priced Android phone could be what they need to rope in new customers and get people used to the OS in order to bring in more in the future.

  • http://Website Sined

    Bell will try to reel people in with the Legend’s looks.

    The internal hardware isn’t exactly the best, but it should definitely be a step up from the first gen Android Phones.

    I can see the UBA case being very appealing to the average consumer.

    But as Andrew said if they wanted a real flagship Android phone they should have gone after the Desire.

    Also word in the rumor mills is that Telus is getting it’s own variant of the Desire as an exclusive. There are Industry Canada (Canada’s version of the FCC) filings that backup these claims.

    Telus has been smoking the competition when it comes to Android Phones (First with the Hero then the Milestone/DROID and the trend might just continue as a I don’t see the X10 being a true flagship Android Device (Android 1.6 and only 2.1 in September, OUCH) nor do I see the ACER Liquid E making a a huge splash (ugly phone IMO) for Rogers, and Bell has a whole lot of nothing at the moment.