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Incredible would “definitely outsell” the Droid minus supply constraints

Verizon sold 100,000 Droid Incredible phones in the first two days after launch (which sounds impressive), but that number could have been much higher. We reported that the Incredible was sold out on day one and now Verizon is telling customers they will have to wait till June 4th before new orders are shipped.

Who is to blame for this shortage? We could point the finger at a lot of people, but Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam called out Samsung in an interview with MSNBC. McAdam’s cites component shortages, such as the advanced AMOLED displays made by Samsung Electronics, as the reason for the supply constraints.

“When a shipment gets to a store now, it’s gone in a matter of hours,” McAdam said. “We’ve had to pull way back … Right now supply is a big problem.” If not for the shortages, McAdam thinks the Incredible would “definitely outsell” the Motorola Droid.

Now that potential buyers have to wait till June 4th to get their hands on the Incredible, some might be eyeballing the Sprint EVO 4G which launches on the same day. Sometimes companies limit supply to generate hype about demand, but it sounds like Verizon genuinely missed the boat with this launch.

Via: BGR

Source: MSNBC

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  • http://Website The_Omega_Man

    Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda! “Do or do not. There is no try!”

  • http://Website Droid Dave

    Interesting stuff here. I thought the Droid launch had 200% more hype via commercials etc. It’s surprising how well the incredible is doing/did with its lack of marketing punch. I’m guessing it will pick up around June 4th when Verizon actually has phones to slang.

    • http://Website kesh

      Well, they should do something for it to materialize, Droid is a good phone but of course, like all phones, its affected with moore’s law and just like the incredible its sales will slow down when a new phone arrives.

      Hopefully, incredible can pull out a good sale before the EVO officially unveils.

    • PixelSlave

      To many uninformed people, the Incredible is a new model of the “Droid”. The money Verizon puts into the Droid is having a halo effect here. That’s why they still sell well w/o a big campaign like the Droid.

  • http://Website TechnoSTIG

    Sprint take note on last two HTC devices : HTC HD2 sold out and left people wanting more. HTC INCREDIBLE sold out and left people wanting more. Give the people what they want. Give them the EVO!!!

    • http://Website Phil

      You forgot the HTC infront of Evo? lol. The Evo may very well see the same shortages. I know I’m about to sound like a serious conspiracy theorist but….

      Is Samsung also making the AMOLED’s for Apple’s new iPhone? Could they be putting their production efforts behind that?

      • mmitchum

        Doesn’t the EVO have a TFT display? If so, that kinda kills the theory of shortages being blamed on the AMOLED displays.

      • http://Website tony

        If you look at the prototype pictures of the iphone 4th gen and if you own an amoled phone (nexus). You can reasonably assume that the new iphone update will NOT use an oled-variant display. You can notice this more in the videos since black levels look washed-out (lcd) and it has the surface glare of an lcd. I repair phones as my profession & this is one of the first things i noticed. It may be possible it uses oled for the production unit but so far every prototype is lcd with possible higher res

  • http://Website Pax

    Give me a break. This phone is no different than Nexus one only with the FM chip enabled. This shows how stupid consumers can be.

    • http://Website thawkth

      Ummmm….Verizon? Retail channels? Marketting? Sense? It’s not the same phone. Nexus was a reference phone…and did that job just fine

    • http://Website Jaymes

      Preach! Reference phone? N1 has better camera quality and most likely has an imminent future with Android 2.2. It’s a bit more that an reference phone

      • http://Website Phil

        The N1 is very much a reference phone. Do you really think Google would try out such an obviously market changing phone with an online retail store with only T-Mo plans and at full price? Google wanted to make a phone to set the bar and it has worked. They also wanted their own marketing piece to display Android instead of picking a phone on the market and looking partial to one carrier or manufacturer.

        Yes the Incredible is the same phone. But you can get it in a Verizon store. Thats basically why its selling. Had the N1 been in a store it would have sold too but thats not the purpose Google had for it.

  • http://Website avi

    Well those phones offered by Verizon and Sprint are great Android devices but I’m more than happy with my rooted Nexus One right now!

  • http://Website Bob

    I reckon incredible alone will sell 1 million in a month and HTC evo maybe 1 to 1.5 million in a month, so these two phones alone will ship 60K phones per day.

  • http://Website maya