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Kindle for Android coming to the Android Market soon

Good news for all you e-book readers out there. Amazon has just announced that and Android version their popular Kindle application will be dropping on the Android market very soon. Kindle for Android will allow users to browse the Kindle store, purchase books directly from the Kindle application, and read directly on their Android device.

Kindle for Android will sync with your Kindle Device, or Kindle for PC app to save the page you last read so you can easily transition between places without having to remember where you had left off. The Kindle app will include the ability to edit text size, add bookmarks, and view created annotations from your Kindle or Kindle from PC. More details can be found on the press release in the source link below.

Expect to see the Kindle for Android app detailed the Google I/O 2010 conference, which begins tomorrow. The final app then should be release shortly thereafter, so hopefully we will be able to download this by the end of the month. We will post a full review shortly after the app is released into the wild.

Source: Amazon

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  • Mr.Droid

    Amazon and Google make a great team.

  • http://Website Beige

    Wow, the irony is astounding. I was thinking today “Maybe I should look into some kind of eBook solution because I want to read Sherlock Holmes.”

    • jmgnole

      Beige, you can read all of the original Holmes on Aldiko and it’s free.

      I do want this app. I hope that more magazines add an Android app soon.

    • http://Website timb

      +1 for Aldiko. It’s a great eBook reader and there’s plenty of Sherlock Holmes there.

    • http://Website Pedantic Bastard

      Do you, by any chance, own the same dictionary as Alanis Morissette?

  • AndMac

    The annotation and highlighting features are missing though :(

  • http://Website Justin

    Actually, what is ironic is that Kindle releases an Android app before the Nook.

  • http://Website Aksel

    Could this work with a rooted Nook? :P
    If that’s the case, Amazon will be my e-book provider of choice. I like being able to view my books however I like, wherever I like :)
    A clever move, Amazon, a clever move.

    • Anthony Domanico

      We’ll have to wait and see. The app will likely be released in the next month or so. Hopefully then we’ll have more details on what devices this will work with. Would be really awesome on a rooted Nook though :) I might have to get a Nook if that’s the case.

  • http://Website GuardianAli

    I dont understand people reading books on phones. The screen is way too small. For me anyway. I can do articles like for news and blogs..but long term hour+ enjoyment reading? The eye strain will drive me bonkers.
    I am however looking forward to reading and comics on tablets. I held off on the Ipad craze for the first good android one that comes out. Heres hoping its soon.

  • http://Website appdev34953

    I like the fact that more quality apps are coming out for Android. With all this I hope more reviews will be done for these like there is on the RawApps website.