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Kwaak3 spotted fragging on Nexus One

Back in February we held a bounty for a version of Quake that could be ported over to the Android, and one of the results that was sent into us was Kwaak3. Dubiously-named but surprisingly functional, the game was a port of Quake 3 (who would’ve guessed it?) to the Motorola Droid platform.

While the Droid’s keyboard seemed like a perfect match for the control-heavy shooter, a video (posted after the break) has surfaced of a user who’s mapped controls to the Nexus One.

Controls have been simplified down to three different functions: the volume up button moves your character forward, while the volume down makes him jump. The trackball works as a mouse and firing button, and is set on high sensitivity for on-the-fly fragging.

However, it’s worth noting that the official Kwaak3 Google Code site still only lists the Motorola Milestone under supported devices; this video is a result of fan tinkering, and there doesn’t seem to be any instructions on how to achieve the same results. Users have also reported the game working on their Samsung Moments and G1s, albeit with slowdown due to the lack of RAM.

I’ve never been able to get Kwaak3 running on my phone due to my lacking of the original Quake 3 files that are required to run it, but from doing some research into user posts, it might be as easy as going into the “controls” menu and mapping different functions correctly. If anyone has any luck with running it on their phones, let us know in the comments.

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  • http://Website Petitgregory

    This runs on my Desire. With sound and bots and everything.
    Unfortunately the optical trackpad is harder to use than the trackball…. 1-0 for the N1 ;-)

  • http://Website cedarmadness

    Just go buy Q3 off of Steam. It’s only $20 and it’s completely worth it.

  • http://Website ben

    Sounds fun, but I’m not one for messing with my phone. I have a droid Eris, which is already unstable as it is thanks to sense ui. My phone process has crashed more times than I can count, because of sense ui. I’m hoping if I bug Verizon enough, they’ll get tired of me & give me the droid, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

  • http://Website Vinz

    I have Kwaak3 running on my N1 but I can only shoot but not move :P Is the version with trackball support already available on google code?

  • http://Website David

    I’m running a rooted N1 (Cyanogen) and while I have the necessary files on my SDCard, when I hit “Start game”, nothing really happens.

    If someone has the same issue and found a solution, let me know :p

  • http://Website eman

    Will this work for the Incredible, considering it has sense UI and an optical track pad?

  • http://Website Daniel

    I had this running on my Nexus One almost 2 months ago… Old News.

  • Canterrain

    Do you know what I want to play on my phone? Not Quake. PORTAL.

    It’s a crazy fantastical dream that will probably only happen on the Nexus5 I bet.. but a man can dream. A man can really dream.

    (Android cake anyone?)

  • http://Website jaikben

    Wow low gfx settings, droid really outclasses nexus phone. I dont understand why htc keeps using qualcomm crap since the tytn2 htc users complain about the chipset and opengles support. Htc should go for other cpu manufacturers

  • http://Website letterdisser

    I played it on my HTC Legend like in the video. ^^ nice port

  • http://Website Sean

    Sort of works on incredible, no sound or movement (walking/running), track pad working properly, seems to have decent frame rate, graphics look good. Hopefully someone can fix these issues, otherwise great start, might have to try playing with settings to fix control/movement issues

  • http://Website George

    I don’t get sound on my htc desire z, it runs very fast but no sound is bad.