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Micro HDMI dock for Sprint EVO coming to Best Buy

Micro HDMI cables are virtually impossible to find for purchase right now, but Best Buy will be selling a special dock for the Sprint EVO 4G coming soon. The new HDMI 1.4 standard (which established the micro connector Type D) was recently introduced and the EVO is one of the first smartphones to include it.

Devices based on the HDMI 1.4 standard are supposed to be fully backwards-compatible with existing HDMI devices, but users could run into some issues. Early testing done by PCMag revealed mix results and they were “quite disappointed with the HDMI experience on the Sprint EVO 4G.” Select TVs would only recognize the signal as 480p (instead of 1080p) and certain apps like Sprint TV refused to play.

At this point it is unclear if the issues were being caused by software problems, the HDMI cable, or the TV set. Older HDMI (v.1.0 – 1.3) devices cannot be firmware-upgraded to take advantage of the new features introduced in HDMI 1.4 because most require a new HDMI chip to enable them. We do not believe the Sprint EVO includes any new HDMI features (other than the micro connector) so it should work with most existing TVs.

For now we will just have to wait and see. I expect Best Buy will eventually sell the cables, but it could be awhile before we get to try out one of the coolest features of the EVO.

HTC EVO dock

The HTC EVO dock is coming soon to Best Buy.

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  • Mike Leahy

    Well.. Good to know and thanks for the heads up! i was wondering about the micro connector as I’ve not seen / heard of them before the EVO 4G and haven’t kept up with the latest 1.4 HDMI spec. I’m all HDMI here at the ranch and have a reasonably elaborate setup.

  • http://Website andddlay

    Will this dock also be a charging dock?

  • http://Website Cary

    “Micro HDMI cables are virtually impossible to find for purchase right now”


    Here’s the part for 8.40. it’s 2 meters long

    And here’s the manufacturer and specs:

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Thanks for the link. I just saw that on XDA and overnighted one. Hopefully it works out ok.

    • http://Website Donyell

      I got my cord for .99 on either ebay or amazon, it came from hong kong & it took less than a week to get to me in the US even tho, they said it wld be 14/21 days.

  • http://Website Brad

    Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable readily available at Monoprice. I think the dock would be cool but with a kickstand and a cable you essentially have the same thing.

  • ayocuz

    Is there a micro hdmi for the nexus one? That would be really cool

  • http://Website Surge

    The Evo4G does NOT support 1080p output — the maximum is 720p.
    Please update your article.

  • http://Website James

    The dock looks classy, I like the red highlights. I know it’s basically a port replicator, but having a simple dock for my phone usually means the difference between charging it every night and constantly forgetting and letting it die, so I was really hoping for a good one for this phone.

    Speaking of port replicating; what connects to the back of this thing? Is it another type D connector, meaning that we still need to buy a new cable for it? Or does it have a plain-ole HDMI port? I would find it hard to believe that it’s *not* a type D connector, since pretty much all phone/iPod docks use the exact same port as the device itself. Perhaps the dock will come with a cable?

    What about the USB port? Mini or Micro? I suppose there might be some kind of unique/propriatary Y-cable that has USB and HDMI on the other end, which would reduce desk clutter, but I also doubt HTC would go that route.

    This article implies a lot more information than it actually has, which is just a product image.

  • http://Website Kyle

    Try setting your TV to 720p. That is what the phone is rated as. The 1080p setting may be messing things up for you.

  • http://androidandme Jason Moore sells any HDMI cable you want and they are cheaper than any place you might look.

  • Kind Witch

    I just know a company which produce HDMI cable,named Focuslink Technology Co.,
    It’s from shenzhen,


  • http://Website Your Wrong

    Nobody sells Micro hdmi cables? Wrong

    I agree they are hard to find but I found them at

    found it through a youtube video they did

  • http://Foundonehere Matt Biskup

    I bought this cable here when I was buying some other things

    The description on their site (at the time I’m writing this) doesn’t seem clear that this is type D HDMI on one end and type A on the other, but that’s what customer service told me when I ordered it.

  • http://Website mike

    love the phone but cant figure out how to download dvds from my laptop to phone

  • http://Website John

    I received my 5ft cable from yesterday and it’s working perfectly with my playbook. I paid $10, the shipping was free.