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More evidence of the Motorola Droid 2 spotted

Many of us have been referring to the Motorola Shadow and Droid 2 as the same device, but new evidence suggest we have two distinct phones. Motorola is reportedly launching two smartphones on Verizon in July, but we never expected two high-end devices would launch so close to each other.

The Motorla Shadow (MB810) is a touchscreen only phone we have seen pictured several times now. Verizon is already printing user manuals for this device so chances are high it comes in July. The Shadow is said to be roughly 9 mm in thickness and does not feature a QWERTY keyboard.

Update: The Motorola MB810 has also appeared in Verizon’s inventory system.

Now Droid Life has spotted a new phone in Verizon’s inventory system that is labeled the Motorola Droid 2 (A955). This matches up nicely with a new picture of a keyboard that appeared on Engadget today. The source claims the keyboard is from the same A955 model and we can see from the keyboard buttons that it is an Android phone.

Do you think Motorola will really launch two flagship devices on the same carrier in the same month? If so, are you going to opt for the physical keyboard or go with the slimmed down slate design?

Droid 2 in Verizon's inventory system.

The Droid 2 (A955) in Verizon's system.

Via: Engadget

Source: Droid Life

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  • Cole Loomis

    Now that there is a choice I have no Idea which one I would want. Can I live without my physical keyboard or not. I guess it will ultimately depend on whether they are equally powerful.

  • http://Website alex

    this means i have hope for tmo maybe they will release the My Touch HSPA+/My touch 2 HSPA+ with the specs i mentioned in other posts=);

    *New Sense UI(Expresso) you have the option to turn HTC Sense off
    *1ghz snapdragon/1.2/1.5(brand new rumor though, )
    *Android 2.2
    *Comes in white, red, and black
    *Loads of accessories
    *4.0 screen Super AMOLED screen with Atmel maXTOUCH sensors
    *Includes 8/16gb micro SD card expandable to 32gb
    *8g/16gb internal storage/32gb internal storage, people get to chose like iphone obviously you chose, and the less memory it has the cheaper it is
    *Touch Sensitive track pad like the my touch slide
    *Promotes/supports t-mobiles Hspa+
    *3.5mm audio jack
    *Camera/video takes 1080p HD resolution
    *Xenon Flash
    *Camera in front 5mp
    *As slim as the Samsung Galaxy S
    *Pre-loaded with Flash 10.1
    *No qwerty keyboard, default on-screen keyboard is swype
    *My modes
    *Genius Button
    *Faves Gallery
    *9 customizable screen
    *Nice Flexible, good looking design appeals to teens/adults
    *Pre-installed with featured apps that are free/paid
    *Mini HDMI output
    *more features

    • http://Website alex

      *Has four hard key buttons, Menu, Genius Button, Back, and home

    • http://Website adryan

      HOLY COW ur asking for a miracle phone. I doubt they will ever at least for a good while put everything we want to into one phone. The 1080p recording might be possible with Tegra 2 cellphone proccessors

    • http://Website adryan

      HOLY COW ur asking for a miracle phone. I doubt they will ever put everything we want to into one phone at least for a good while. The 1080p recording might be possible with Tegra 2 cellphone proccessors

  • Mike Leahy

    I’m pretty surprised to see the Droid 2 coming out so soon if it indeed does in July. I understand the Shadow or whatever it is called still using OMAP3 coming out sans keyboard design makes sense. I always figured we’d see a Droid 2 revamp, but with the OMAP4 processor (dual core!) and very nice PowerVR SGX540. I previously guessed this was going to make it out at the end of the year. I have a general understanding that there should be some OMAP4 devices out at the end of the year, so that is exciting.

    • http://Website ICON

      While I agree it is a little odd that a sequel device would show up less than a year after the launch of the original, I’m sure someone somewhere will say it’s to combat the launch of the new iPoop…err…Phone.

      And as much as I hate all these new faster devices coming out, I’ll wait for that OMAP4 with its dual core that you speak of (plus I’m under contract for a loong time still).

  • http://Website Austin

    Agreed, of course a lot of my friends have the Droid and I’ve been trying to use the QWERY, it’s just too smashed together, no spaces between buttons and this isn’t an exception.

    • http://Website Steve

      You don’t need spaces between the keys. The keyboard on my touch pro is excellent. Slightly domed keys is what is important, this keyboard looks fine.

      It is such a shame it isn’t a 5 row keyboard, but I still think this might be the phone to move me from windows 6.5 to android.

  • http://Website Ben

    I wonder, the genious that shot the qwerty keyboard, didn’t have the kindness to shoot the entire phone???

    • http://Website 2C

      PProbably just wanted to keep his job hence why the whole device isn’t shown.

    • http://Website ICON

      Probably because it’s not the real DROID 2 keyboard.

      While it may not condemn this keyboard to be non-Android, someone on Phandroid pointed out that WinMo phones has “OK” buttons. Plus no “Menu” key? Hmm…

  • Devdroidian

    Even after I called MOTO out durring the Android Hardware Manufacturers Fireside chat on how they had terrible keyboards. The follow up devices have MORE TERRIBLE KEYBOARDS. Why even bother the on screen keyboards are better at this point than the garbage Moto and samsung are trying to force on us.

  • http://Website anthony gannello

    I’m definately going for the physical keyboard. My fingers are too large for the android keypad.

  • http://Website Johnnie

    evidence is beginning to mount?

    Please go read howard forums regularly. The two phone status has been public knowledge for months!

  • http://Website Johnnie

    also, while the 2 phone status has been known for months, there’s also been some tidbits given about phones coming out later in the year, which are more powerful than either the shadow or the droid 2. (also, you make no mention of the proper name… the xtreme)

  • http://Website Johnnie

    lastly, at least one of these phones, is supposedly delayed past July because of changes to the hardware.

  • jjl84

    Interesting…one guy has a -4 for not liking the Droid’s keyboard, and yet the person who replied has a +4 for not liking the keyboard. I’m starting to think that it might be a good idea for Android and Me to get rid of the ranking system…people are just too ridiculous.

  • http://globalphonecapabilities jenn

    Will any of the upcoming android phones have global capabilities like the Blackberry world phones? Important for business purposes! Thanks for any information.