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Motorola Milestone coming to Cellular South?

Cellular South was the first regional carrier in the United States to pledge support for Android and today they announced a “whole new lineup of Android smartphones” is coming soon. No specific models were mentioned, but they did tease us by saying, “a true game-changer” is coming very soon.

If the image on Cellular South’s site is the actual phone, it could turn out to be the Motorola Droid. When the image is zoomed in on, you can clearly see the mic hole and upper bezel of the slide out screen. It would make sense that Cellular South would pick the Droid since their network type is CDMA, same as Verizon. Cellular South’s first Android phone was the HTC Hero, which was the same model as Sprint’s version.

I honestly have no idea how the regional carriers work when it comes to phones and exclusives. Motorola has shipped the Droid/Milestone all over the world, so we assume they would offer it up to Cellular South. The Droid remains the best selling Android phone to date, so we can think of a million reasons why another carrier would want it.

Maybe now that Verizon has launched the Droid Incredible, their exclusive deal with the Droid has expired. I guess we wait and find out.

Note the mic hole and upper bezel.

Via: Cliff

Source: Cellular South

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  • http://Website Andrew

    I doubt it.

  • PixelSlave

    Even if it’s the same phone, it wouldn’t be called Droid. The Droid trademark was licensed to Verizon, not Motorola.

  • Mark

    The HTC Hero was supposedly “exclusive” to Sprint but it came out for Cellular South a month or two later (and other regional carriers not long after).

    PixelSlave makes a great point about it likely going by the Motorola Milestone name.

    Some of us on Cellular South that got our Heroes on day one are wondering if the Droid will be worth getting without an upgrade discount. We won’t be eligible for that until November, and by then, if they really have other Android phones, hopefully, they will be newer and faster and, hopefully, there will also be something else with a hardware keyboard.

    Rumors of other phones coming have ranged from Eris to Desire, so who knows what to expect.

  • http://Website Cliff

    I seriously would have fixed the typo in that image if I thought it would make it to an official blog post. Sheesh…

  • http://Website Darkseider

    Good catch on the photo. The only question is whether or not they just used whatever they had in hand for that promo shot OR if that is the actual surprise device. If it is the actual device then there is no doubt that it is either the Milestone or Droid due to the chin and mic hole.

  • Drew

    Okay, so US Cellular and Cellular South get decent Android phones, but the best in store T-Mobile phone is the myTouch? Granted, we can get the N1, but most of us are on a family plan…

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  • http://Website Donald

    The game changer is the HTC Desire. Coming late summer!

  • http://Website ecto

    the desire would be very nice to get with its 1Ghz processor, I guess it would be a game changer but the incredible or Evo 4G would be really big game changers. Motorola Milestone wouldn’t be that big of a game changer compared to the already available Hero. So lets see the incredible at C South 2 see a true game changer. but what would game change everything is if c south had a special phone using a 1.3Ghz (QSD8x50A) or 1.5 GHz. processor like the QSD8672 before anyone else

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