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Motorola Droid successor coming to Verizon later this year

Motorola is planning to launch 20 Android smartphones this year, so we know there will be a steady flow of releases coming in the second half of this year. We have seen some interesting designs (like the Flipout), but many of us are still waiting to see what Motorola does with their high-end lineup.

We have heard rumors of the Motorola Shadow, but nothing solid has come out on a next generation device yet. Now someone over at Howard Forums has posted an image of the manual for an upcoming Motorola device.

No official product name was provided, but we can clearly see the Droid branding being used. Possible names include the Droid 2, Droid Shadow, and Droid Xtreme.

If the rumors and speculation are true, we will find another Texas Instruments processor inside the next Droid. Look for the 720 MHz OMAP3630, which is an upgrade to the OMAP3430 found in the Droid. The OMAP3630 features a faster clocked CPU and is built on the new 45 nm process which reduces power consumption.

The device is also said to be roughly 9 mm in thickness, so it looks like a physical keyboard is not an option this time around. Four physical buttons are located on the front of the phone and it looks like Motorola has adopted the optical trackball (like we have seen on newer HTC models). We will have to wait and see which version of Android this phone ships with, but expect it to feature the next revision of MOTOBLUR.

If you are on Verizon, does this Motorola device have enough to make you bite? It looks like a pretty even match-up with the Incredible, but I do like the larger display and HDMI out.

Rumored specs of the upcoming Droid include:

  • 4.1″ TFT FWVGA screen
  • 720 MHz Texas Instruments OMAP 3630 Processor
  • 2GB -8GB internal memory
  • Android 2.1 (Eclair), possibly 2.2 (Froyo) upon launch
  • 8 MP camera with 720p video recording
  • 1080p output via HDMI port
  • Roughly 9mm in thickness

Via: AndroidGuys

Source: Engadget

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  • http://Website dave

    If this had the standard Google os I would buy this phone even though I just bought the incredible. My ideal phone would be a 5 inch EVO with Google’s standard android. I like the kickstand on the back.

    • http://Website Ben

      Totally agree on the standard google android, large screen, kickstand suggestion. I wonder how much customization carriers absolutely have to do for the phone to work on their network. Don’t really want to turn to a hacked rom since who knows what kind of malicious code could be included, but it certainly would be tempting if they offered a way to get standard google.

    • http://Website Name (required)

      Isn’t that like the Dell Mini 5? Not sure what dell does to the OS but assuming you can root it, you’d be set.

  • http://Website Genetic_Bloom

    The Droid Xtreme? That’s the worst name I’ve heard. Motoblur also kills it for me. Is there ANYONE who actually prefers Blur over stock? Why do they keep producing phones with it? Hopefully the other rumored Moto phone is the true successor to the Droid; updated specs and better keyboard, keep it simple.

    • hollyw0od

      I hate comments like these, individuals who like to speak for the 100′s of thousands of consumers who activate a new Android phone daily. Listen, just because YOU dont prefer motoblur, doesnt mean others dont. Unless you’ve done the research to prove that literally NO ONE uses motoblur over stock android (I happen to agree with you, I love getting updates the second they come out) I find your line of thinking pretty ignorant. Thats the beauty of Android, unlike the iPhone it caters to every type of individualistic preference out there. THAT being said…. I do have to agree with you on the fact that the specs of this phone is wayyyyyyyy too high to incorporate motoblur. And yes, I bought into the hype and bought a cliq when it first came out. :(

      • http://Website Genetic_Bloom

        I didn’t say no one prefers motoblur over stock, I simply asked if there was anyone who prefers blur over stock as I’ve never heard of anyone say they do. I don’t see people saying to Moto “Give us more phones with Motoblur!” just people saying “Stop giving us phones with motoblur!”.

        I didn’t mean to sound ignorant I just don’t understand why Moto keeps producing these crazy-shaped phones and putting blur on everything they make when it seems the people who will be into these high-end new phones don’t want it.

  • http://Website Ben

    I see this appealing to is those 15 people that for some reason just have to have 720p video capture and also have to have a Verizon phone. Otherwise, everyone potentially buying this phone will have already purchased either an Incredible on Verizon or an EVO on Sprint. Being this late to the party, Motorola needed something more significant. Dropping the qwerty keyboard was also a bad idea.

    • http://Website Jordan

      they didn’t necessarily drop the keyboard. They are going to release two different devices, this one being the one without a keyboard. The other phone will be the true succesor to the droid and will be much like this phone however i think they stayed with a 3.7 screen on the other.

  • http://Website heroid007

    This makes me think it is highly unlikely VZ will be getting iPhone next month!! More power to Android!

    • http://Website Icon

      I could have told you 3 months ago, that VZW isn’t getting the iPhone next month. IF they get it, it won’t be until next year. But why would you want the iPhone with all the Android goodness?

      Now for this device, I’m on the fence. While I like the bigger screen (not as big as the EVO for some reason) and the HDMI port, I can’t figure out why they (Motorola) keeps putting MOTOBLUR on their devices. To me, that is terrible software, and for a lot of people (including myself), a deal breaker. The other thing is why only a 720mhz processor. With all the new devices coming out with 1ghz snapdragon processors, why this? As it sits right now, I would pass. But we all know how these specs can change as it gets closer to launch, but I would have a hard time getting rid of my Incredible to get this.


      • http://Website steve

        dont look at just the speed of the processor. The OMAP3630 will smoke a snapdragon in performance. Its like saying a ford f150 is faster than a Porsche because the truck has a v8 and the car has a little v6.

        • http://Website john

          Not only is that not true but that’s a horrible use of an example.

          Porsche’s don’t have V6 motors. Save for the little experiments they’ve been delving in recently, they use a flat 6 motor.

          • http://Website Brantyr

            a) Get your facts straight, the Ti OMAPS perform much better per clock than the Qualcomms, compare the 550Mhz Droid/Milestone to the 528Mhz Hero/Magic. Not completely sure that the 3630 would beat a snapdragon but it would be very close (and it’s definitely got a much better GPU)..

            b) OMG THEY HAVE A STRAIGHT 6 not a V6? Way to be petty. The analogy still illustrates the point, even though it’s backwards. I would say ‘just because your petrol engine redlines at 6k RPM doesn’t mean this diesel which redlines at 4k is less powerful’. Please don’t embarass yourself by picking apart the analogy again though.

  • http://Website jack

    I just want stock android. Motorblur is ok, but make them widgets and not as integrated as they are. That would be nice. They can probably do more with motoblur, than making it part of the OS.

  • http://Website Brent

    How can one consider this to be a true successor to the Droid without a hardware keyboard? Right now, it’s just added to the list of other Verizon Android phones without hard keyboards (eris, incredible, etc.)

  • Jim Nutt

    I’m with the keyboard faction. I’ll take a little extra thickness in the phone to have physical keyboard. As for the processor, I’m guessing that the 720MHz OMAP is about equal to the 1 GHz Snapdragon (and if it’s anything like the original Droid, will be quite overclockable). Still, it’s not really enough to get me to upgrade. Actually, I’ll probably wait for the LTE phones to start coming out before upgrading again.

  • jjl84

    Lol that’s the Droid manual with modified picture placed on it. The words “draft” are covered up by the phone, and most likely it wouldn’t just say “Droid” on the front. If it is real though, maybe Moto can get the FBI, CIA, or whoever to kick the door down of the people who took it…Haha. Or maybe only Jobs gets special treatment?

  • http://Website dan

    I have never heard of anyone using the physical keyboard. I’m glad they scratching that out of the design or hopefully they do. Weight wise? Can we assume a drastically decrease in weight compared to the first moto Droid?

    • jjl84

      The only thing I like about the physical keyboard on my Droid is holding it while playing games. It’s much more comfortable to play games like Asphalt 5 while it’s slid open. Other than that, I hardly use the physical keyboard for typing.

      • http://Website aaron

        Iown a moto droid and I use the keyboard for everything I do on my phone including writing this comment. I personally love the keyboard on my phone but its not for everyone by any means but just because some don’t like it isn’t a reason to get rid of it on all android phones especially a successor to the droid.

        • jjl84

          And that’s absolutely fine. I actually used to use my physical keyboard a lot more. I bought the phone because I liked the option of having both. However, if Motorola has discovered that only 10% of Droid users actually use the keyboard, they will likely omit that feature on the next phone. It costs significantly more money to include a keyboard (due to extra hardware and increased complexity) so if it’s not a selling point for most users, Motorola will not include it. Like I said, I like having the keyboard for holding my phone, but Motorola is working on phones for the masses, not for my personal desires. Just coming from a business perspective…

    • http://Website Pete

      I’ll use the physical keyboard at times for cursor placement, or where the autocomplete is driving me nuts.

  • http://Website Pete

    I was gonna be jealous (well, that’ll probably happen regardless in some way with all the other handsets coming out) that my original Droid will be obsolete…but if it’s coming with MotoBlur I don’t really have any interest. Call me a purist or something, but frankly I have no interest in Sense or Blur or whatever…give me stock Android and the intended Google experience any day!

  • http://none jmotyka

    Well from what i can tell is from the picture im looking at its not froyo aka2.2. Because in froyo they changed the AM/PM to a smaller font. Now im not saying it isnt going to ship with froyo. But from the picture i can say that its currently not running froyo.

  • http://Website JAG

    What about a GSM version, I wanna get this baby on AT&T!!!

  • http://Website Jonathan


    Oh Please Oh Please Oh Please read the forums more carefully.

    I’m a member over at HoFo, and if you read back in the forums, you’ll find a number of complaints about the number of websites reporting erroneous information, and you’re contributing to the problem here.

    The current “leaked” info from the insiders who contribute to that forum, is that the Droid 2 and the Shadow are 2 separate phones. One of them has a physical keyboard and the other doesnt. The Xtreme is the current internal name of one of those two completely separate phones.

    Please read these more carefully! As it stands you’ve just contributed to the ongoing misinformation which is circulating the web regarding these phones.

  • http://Website ralphynator

    Hmm. Might take this phone into consideration. I own a Droid Eris, so this phone would be an upgrade. It performs just like the Incredible, MOTO might have something here….

  • http://Website Brantyr

    I would love if this was accurate since that would mean the Shadow (hopefully Nexus Two) is the one with the physical keyboard. I’d buy any bootloader unlocked 4.3/4.1 inch phone with a snapdragon class processor (or the even better 3640!!) instantly!

  • http://Website patS

    Moto Droid to get the froyo update?

  • Xperia arc x12

    Moto droid 3 when it comes, but i’ve something that make me not believing on motorola marketing,so i choose to wait nexus prime

  • HTC desire vs desire HD

    hopely is not like another moto phones