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Motorola Shadow is in the limelight yet again

The Motorola Shadow has not exactly been living up to its name lately. We caught a few choice glimpses of it at the end of April, then a shot of its user manual was splashed across the internet, just yesterday it was caught pumping iron in Washington, and finally today we have it posing on a desk for all to see.

This most recent photo comes courtesy of longtime Howard Forums user wnrussell, the same gentleman that brought us the user manual image last week.

While we have now seen almost every square inch of the Shadow (or the Extreme/Xtreme) the specs haven’t quite come into focus yet. As wnrussell by all appearances has the device in hand — rather than simply having some time with the device prior to its proper owner laying claim to it — I’m slightly more inclined to trust his version of what is going on inside the newest member of the Droid family.

Combining his newest report with our previous information we come up with these specs:

  • Verizon
  • 4.1″  TFT FWVGA screen
  • 720 MHz OMAP 3630 Processor
  • 8 GB of internal storage
  • 8 MP Camera
  • 720p Video Recording
  • mini-HDMI out
  • Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • MicroSD support up to 32GB
  • ~9mm at the bottom of the device flaring to ~11mm at the top
  • Android 2.1 or possibly 2.2 with a new version of MOTOBLUR
  • Launch window: July-August

Other than the bump in screen size this doesn’t seem like anything to make a new Incredible owner too jealous, but if Motorola has managed to match the sturdy build quality of the Droid with the speed of the Incredible they are at least offering Verizon customers a compelling alternative.

Via: Engadget

Source: Howard Forums

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  • http://Website steve

    motoblur will make me pass. you dont need that crap with froyo. i just want a hardware phone with android 2.2. no crap loaded on top that makes us have to wait longer to update. ill stick with the droid untill another phone comes out without some crappy ui added.

    • Sean Riley

      I certainly would prefer stock as well, but if it launches with 2.2 I might be willing to tolerate MOTOBLUR as it is relatively easy to hide and I’ll have a whole 5-6 months before I’ll start whining about not getting Gingerbread.

      I’m really hoping that either the Droid 2 or the Droid Pro will deliver a stock experience; the landscape is littered with skinned Android phones at this point and I don’t want to be solely dependent on Google to turn out stock devices.

    • http://Website sep

      Love the part when the phone was found on a company gym. Could be great if they will explain more about its procs.

      If this is correct (4.3 screen size) then this phone could have the largest screen for all android phones (even larger than Xperia X10)…

  • sandmanssicjoke

    Motoblur = useless software; But with that out of the way, that is one sexy looking device. That makes my Moto Droid sniffle with jealousy. I hope this phone lives up to the hype.

  • http://Website denim

    I hope it is as light as the incredible. I still would like a 4.3 inch screen :)

  • http://Website The_Omega_Man

    Note to Motorola, where is my good Hardware Keyboard?

    • http://Website JAG

      Wait for DROID 2!!!

  • http://Website Dan Meyer

    I agree with the overall superior build quality except for one thing; the headphone jack. I use the headphone jack 5 times a day and it wears out quickly. Any one else have this problem? Other than that though, I can throw it on the ground, drag keys across the screen, and it still looks new.

  • http://Website pepe

    I have the same prob with my headphone jack. Sent one droid in on warrenty because of this prob!! The droid won’t get its 2.2 update until about a week b4 this comes out watch!!

  • http://Website Dan Meyer

    I’ve had 3 already and on my way to the fourth. I wonder when Verizon will just let me purchase the new droid or the incredible for the new every two deal, instead of going through this awesome process every month or so.

  • Mr.Droid

    Awesome Phone, but why did they get rid of the QWERTY Keyboard?

    • Sean Riley

      This is not the true sequel to the Droid; that is rumored to be coming in July or August as well but apparently the guys testing that one aren’t hitting the gym as hard so we have yet to catch a glimpse of it.

  • http://Website Tobi Droid

    This device looks awesome, but I hope the touchscreen and the CPU will be better than the one of the Droid.

    Another thing I worry about is that the amazing OS android will be destroyed by those f****** custom UIs of all the producers…

    Hey, we want stock android and nothing else!!! I love the look of the simple stock android, and if you want to customize it (which is not necessary) just put shit like HTC sense and MOTOBLUR to the market, so that anyone who likes it, can download it.

    Please stop using those custom skins, this just fragments the awesome new os, which could easily beat the iPhone…

  • jjl84

    I’m just wondering, is the FBI or whatever investigating this? Haha being totally sarcastic. It’s just funny that on the side it says “Confidential” and I don’t hear any outrage from those people who went nuts about the “stolen” iPhone. I’m starting to think Apple really is a cult…hmm.

    Anyway, I love when a phone gets “lost” cause then I get to see it sooner :-)

  • E-man

    Bigger screen than the incredible but a lesser processor, nothing to special.

  • Zandog

    Here’s a great image of the comp phone:

  • http://Website adam

    I thought I needed a physical keyboard but I rarely use it on the Droid. With predictive text and great touch screen I would 100% go for a lighter phone without physical keyboard. Crazy sexy phone though.