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Motorola will introduce new Droid products on Verizon in July

The second half of 2010 is going to be a very busy year for Motorola. The handset maker is fully focused on Android in hopes of returning to profitability and plans to launch at least 20 smartphones this year (eight are already out, so a dozen remain).

Speaking at an investor conference Thursday, Motorola Co-CEO Sanjay Jha announced his company would be bringing two new Android smartphones to Verizon Wireless in July. No specifics were given, but we think Motorola will target the high-end consumer with the Shadow (aka Droid 2 or XTRM) and go for the kiddies with the Flipout.

The Motorola Shadow could top the Droid Incredible and original Droid as Verizon’s fastest Android phone. Android benchmarks have revealed that the Shadow MB810 is the top performer behind only the Nexus One with Android 2.2.

Verizon is quickly becoming the carrier for high-end Android phones. Which Motorola devices do you hope they launch this summer?

“If [customers] think Android, that’s the generic. If they think Droid, that’s going to be the latest and the greatest on our network.”Lowell McAdamCEO Verizon Wireless

Source: WSJ

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  • http://Website JAG

    Maybe ill be getting DROID 2, but SHADOW looks pretty STRONG!!

  • http://Website denim

    I really hope this is the Droid 2 and not just a high end phone only to be outdone by the true successor of the g1 Droid. Can’t wait though as my plan Is up in August.

  • http://Website Simon

    Motorola’s strategy is pathetic in my eyes, because it doesn’t equal brand equality. Verizon will now have 5 different Motorola devices, while Sprint carries none, T-Mobile with 1 and AT&T with 1? This isn’t weird to you?

  • http://Website Me

    Cant wait for the Droid 2 and the Shadow (two different phones) the Shadow with “only” a OMAP ~700Mhz chipset will absolutely blow away that highly over rated Snapdragon processor with ease, even though it already does, hell even a Droid thats overclocked to 800Mhz is faster than the Snapdragon. But just wait until 2.2 hits the Shadow, then its game over for the Nexus One as the fastest Android Phone out(stock for stock) and hopefully the Shadow would get rooted soon after release although MOTO for whatever bone headed reason is looking to stop that.

    • http://Website Monkeydroid

      @ Me

      The Nexus One running 2.2 is STILL FASTER than the Moto Shadow with 2.2 so I don’t see how snapdragons are “overrated.” We’ll see how other snapdragon powered phones operate once they recieve their respective upgrades.

      • http://Website Monkeydroid

        And the Moto Shadow will likey run a new version of Motoblur. Have you read any of the recent blogs on this website?

      • http://Website Sergio

        I choose anytime a solution based on non-qualcomm technology. That’s because I need a truly capable phone, that doesn’t have problem with 3D graphics (just look the latest news here and see how _NOT SMOOTH_ the games are running). Also here: you can see that Motorola Milestone runs the graphics tests just fine.. while the other phones lags..

        And you cannot know exactly what version of Android was used on that Shadow.
        Wait until Galaxy S reach Froyo.. now that’s true power! (1Ghz Hummingbird > 1Ghz Snapdragon, you can see the review from A bird beat up a dragon :)).

        PS: When someone TELLS the TRUTH about snapdragon it gets fast a vote down by the htc fanboys. Well, those people are no different from iphone fanboys.

        @Me well said. Too bad that some people just are pleased with what they have… and some of them are even praising something that doesn’t deserve.
        Hope many other manufacturers will use ARM Cortex Ax+ PowerVR in future (com’on Sony Ericsson!)
        I for sure will not buy another qualcomm enabled phone if we can choose something way better in every aspect. :)

        Now my comment will get so many negative votes ;)

        • http://Website Monkeydroid

          @ Sergio

          Fanboyism? mmmmkaayyy. I said that I don’t see how they are overrated. I never said they were better.

          I said the shadow is “likely” to run motoblur. I based that on the leaked photo and every credible android journalist. I don’t know what version it is, but it looks like motoblur from the icons at the bottom of the leaked photo.

          The Hummingbird is indeed a superior processor chip, but as long as it’s attached to Samsung products, I will not be supporting them if they can’t keep up with new iterations of android.

          • http://Website Sergio

            I was reffering to those that gives negative wotes to posts such as the one writed by “Me”, not on you.

            They are overrated because devices with snapdragon are considered mana from God and the best devices from the market.. But it’s not the case. If we talk about graphics performance then snapdragon is soooo weak. Ok, there may be people that doesn’t care about this aspect.
            Again, the majority of people think that a snapdragon device it’s the most superior platform today.

            And about Samsung.. HTC is better? Nope. HTC Hero users are wainting an update since Dec 2009. Atleast Samsung is using superior hardware.

            I’m starting to stay away from HTC (and I’m using HTC devices since SPV C600 [HTC Tornado].. ) because this company, since the day they switched to Qualcomm started, (remember TyTN II? -> ) started to give us devices with poor performance and generally cheap hardware pieces (see capacitive panels). But now with the competition, they were forced to use better hardware, but still the cheap solution for them (so here are the snapdragons devices). Also, they started to use better capacitive panels in their latest phones (Incredible & EVO 4G), but it’s a shame they used the same old cheap panel (used also in first gen of android phones) in HTC Desire… Whatever. I’m really dissapointed by HTC.

            So no more HTC+Qualcomm combination. My next device: Android, ARM Cortex+ PowerVR, proper display, decent ROM memory (see the difference between internal storage and ROM..). Don’t know if HTC will use some powerful SoC if the people continue to buy their products. They think people are pleased so they have no reason to invest in better hardware.

            Sorry for the offtopic.. but that’s is.

    • http://Website MooQ

      Both snapdragon and the omap 3 are licensed Cortex A8 Cores so they are almost identical in performance per Mhz. The Omap4 is a Cortex A9 and should therefore have a better performance per clock. The shadow has still an Omap 3 so from a dry technical point of view I can say that’s impossible that the shadows CPU can befaster than any snapdragon.

  • keenan23

    How come T-Mobile doesn’t get any really cool High End phones? Don’t tell me about the Nexus. I mean really? After the Nexus what else is there? It seems every time a 1ghz phone comes out, it’s on Sprint, or VZW, what do we have? The HD2? that’s not even android!!! Don’t tell me about the My Touch Slide. I just wish that we would get some cool phones or can keep up with the other 2 Giants. Even AT&T is getting the iPhone 4G. Ugh….. I wish T-mobile would step it up with high end Android phones…. :’(

  • http://Website bumba clot

    I don’t care about phones and I am a blood gang member. Now all my fellow blood members use android droids cus they the bomb. Us hood niggas still need that keyboard nahhh mean niggas

    • JohnnyACEâ™  GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}â„¢

      Aside from the foul language, I agree with you. {{-_-}}

  • http://Website whiskers

    I have an htc incredible. the real question is when will the iphone come to verizon.