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Mozilla wants your feedback on Firefox for Android

Have you tried the pre-alpha build of Fennec for Android? Mozilla continues to ramp up development on the mobile version of Firefox and now they are adapting the user interface to Android.

Until now, the only engineers working on Fennec were platform developers whose job was to get the back-end code running. The current builds were designed around the look and feel of the Maemo OS, but now UI engineers are beginning to shape the browser to take full advantage of Android.

A new Mozilla employee, Matt Brubeck, has provided a quick progress report on the latest developments around Fennec. The list of issues is long, but Mozilla is listening to feedback and working feverishly to start providing nightly builds. The main areas of improvement include zoom and multi-touch, menu and back buttons, application size, hardware compatibility, and much more.

If you would like to participate in this open source project, join the official Fennec Android group and share your feedback. For the latest updates on new builds follow @MozMobile on Twitter and join the Firefox for mobile Facebook group.

Via: Android Central

Source: Matt Brubeck

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  • http://Website ShaneJamerson

    sorry for a irrelevant comment, but I wanted to point out the “if you give a moose a muffin” book in the background. The fennec team really knows how to have fun :)

  • stalker

    What I can experience right now is to avoid using fennec though it is installed in my phone and I am very excited about it. I know there are some issues because its a pre-alpha version. And issues are expected at this level.

    Some people have already given feedback of fennec. But still what I can see is that less number of people are using fennec regularly/daily as part of their actual usage.

    What I think is that mozilla should come with the new build with the basic usability issues found in the current build (which I think all knows) as soon as possible. I think that will encourage people to use fennec regularly and will provide more feedback to mozilla.

    This is just my opinion. What do you think guys?

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    • Ron Bartle

      18.7.12 the current firefox beta is catastrophic on my odys xelio 7″ tablet. Awefull.

  • http://Website MIKE

    Installed Firefox on my EVO within minutes found first bug. When opening an Email to rate a product had hard time to dot the circle in rating system, instead of the circle you pick like 5 for excellent highlighting with a little green box and then the dot appears. the screen zooms back and forth as you keep trying to check the circle. as with internet box appears around your selection and thats it done. So thats one beef, got discouraged and uninstalled .