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myTouch 3G Slide launches June 2nd for $179, original goes free

Mid-range Android phones don’t normally generate a lot of buzz, but the myTouch 3G Slide will likely be T-Mobile’s biggest launch this summer.

The myTouch 3G Slide will be available on June 2 at T-Mobile retail stores, select authorized dealers and partner locations, and online, with additional availability and an expanded marketing campaign beginning on June 16th. Customers can pick up the Slide in three colors (red, white, and black) from T-Mobile for $179.99 (after $50.00 mail-in rebate) with 2 year contract.

T-Mobile has not revealed the no-contract pricing for Even More Plus customers (like me), but earlier leaks suggested the phone will retail for $399. T-Mobile will sell the myTouch 3G Slide for $429 off contract. Customers can also purchase the Slide with T-Mobile’s equipment installment program (EIP) for $21.50 per month over 20 months.

If you are a current Android fan on T-Mobile, then I would probably suggest waiting a couple more months before upgrading. The myTouch 3G Slide does not offer a significant performance boost and higher-powered devices should be available in time for the holiday shopping season.

On a related note, T-Mobile is now offering the older myTouch 3G with 3.5 mm headset jack for FREE with 2 year agreement.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Oskar

    I think this is a sign that there isnt going to be any eclairs nor froyo for the original mytouch… least no official upgrades… :(

    • dubya504

      I agree totally Oskar. You root your phone to get a better ROM, you break the warranty. But the carriers hold back on the updates for the NEW MODEL smartphones to come out leaving with original handheld outdated while always trying to persuade to you buy THE NEXT WAVE of smartphone. You’re damn if you root and it don’t work and You’re damn if you don’t root because you have to wait for the carriers to come out with the updates. Android 2.1 w/ Sense UI. Android 2.2 w/ froyo.

  • http://Website laurie

    @oskar completely agree

  • http://Website cecilia

    ain’t that some sh*t! feels like my mt3g lost it’s value. here i am being patient, waiting for 2.1 when there’s no point anymore. i think the n1 is in my near future!

    • Oskar

      That’s exactly how i felt when i read this….here I am waiting for tmobile to release at least 2.1, since 2.2 just came out I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon…as soon as I’m able to upgrade my phone im getting the NEXUS ONE…just so I can say sexii nexii…Lol….

      • http://Website Dean

        I don’t get it, I thought it was announced already on this site that Android 2.1 with Sense UI (Espresso) was coming to first generation myTouch owners? They better not go back on it

        • http://Website Cecilia

          if the upgrade to sense ui doesn’t come in june, i’m gonna root.

          what makes my stomach turn is knowing i bought the mt3g when it first came out (full price), less than a year, and now it’s free w/ contract. i feel like kicking my own @ss for being suckered into a phone i thought was gonna be great.

  • robhoerning

    pretty sure the Mytouch 3g will get the same 2.1 special edition that’s coming on the Slide. Prolly June. :) Although not so sure I like it….2.1 w/ standard sense UI would be better.

  • robhoerning

    I’m gonna see what the Sidekick Twist looks like…if that sucks too, then it’s the N1 for me.

    • MetalMessiah78

      +1 I’m also waiting on the Sidekick Twist. If they manage to blow it with that one, I’m probably going to Sprint and picking up the EVO. I only get an 8% discount with T-Mobo at work. I would get a 25% discount with Sprint, offsetting the $10 a month mandatory fee. I’m not a fan of CDMA, but my discount is just too sick with Sprint.

  • http://Website Hindle

    mytouch owners, root to cyanogen 5.07. Your phone will run at 528ghz and you’ll have apps2sd. What more you want?

    • http://Website Hindle

      typo alert! Mhz not ghz

      • Ryan McKay

        I want 528Ghz on my phone. nao.

  • Mocha K

    Does anybody know how to a mytouch3g? I need help!

    • Mocha K

      How to “root”…

      • http://Website Hindle

        go to xda forum. Ive rooted about 10 mytouch. Make sure you follow the steps for gold card really well, or else you’ll waste alot of time. Its worth doing, like having a better-newer phone

        • http://Website Mocha K

          Wow! I must be dumb because i just don’t get how to root the phone. I wish there was a “real” how to video, that actually explains “all” the steps of the rooting process.

  • http://Website Jozef

    that sucks that the original is now free (original meaning the 3.5 mm jack) i just got mine like 2 months ago for my b-day..

  • http://Website joeskie

    That mt3g slide has the sickest hi I have ever seen. I think that phones is gonna be awesome. Processor isn’t everything

  • http://Website Bubbles Here

    Bubbles likes this phone and I think it will sell well, however I wouldn’t get one. Looks great and I am sure it runs great also, but what I want from T mobile USA is something with a tad bit more power. I need a big boy device, the kind of a device where you can pull it and out stop a crowd. T mobile needs to take a look at Verizon. They have 3 very nice devices out and an LG coming soon. Yes t mobile has Nexus, not in house yet. T mobile here is what we want, while the my touch slide looks very nice, we want to be like Verizon, bring on a few 1 gig devices, that is all.

  • http://Website chris

    And drop the insurance if you got it. G1 is no longer sold, only option if you have a claim is the My Touch which will cost you a $130 deductible. My G1 almost died in a puddle and my only option to replace would be to pay $130 for a My Touch which Tmo is now giving away for free.. nice. Why don’t you let us “Legacy” people buy an N1 on the same contract.. Then maybe we’d want to renew cuz a did something, a know, customer friendly,,

    • Oskar

      Exactly….having insurance on my phone is point less now…and it would be great if they gave us the N1 instead…I guess we could dream :(

  • http://Website Chuck

    Picked up the slide yesterday and it is quite nice. Does it have a snapdragon? No. Would I like it to? Sure. But damn if this phone doesn’t fly. Running the music player, nimbuzz, browser, and facebook app and no slowdown as far as I can tell.

    Tmobile kinda went overboard with the bloatware but other than that, I can’t really complain. Picked up a myTouch 3g 3.5mm a couple weeks ago and nothing but problems. Swapped out for the slide to give it a try and Tmo has been redeemed. If it was possible to buy a Nexus in-store with monthly payments (w/ even more + plan) I’m sure I would have, but to be honest, having a physical keyboard is so nice. Now I know why all the G1 people were waiting for and crying over a decent android phone w/ keyboard.

    So far so good with the slide.

  • rules1138

    OK so there is not going to be an update 2.1 for the MT3G?

  • http://Website john yosef villamor

    How to set a message tone in mytouch 3g slide??

  • http://Website William

    I already have a mt3gs slide, and it was free on Father’s Day!