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myTouch 3G Slide rumored for $149 on June 16th

T-Mobile handed out the myTouch 3G Slide to a bunch of their employees for testing purposes so we have learned pretty much everything about the phone except for its price and launch date. New documents posted over at TmoNews suggest the phone will sell for $149 with 2 year contract or $399 off contract. We knew T-Mobile was aiming for the mid-range audience so this price fits in with their current Android lineup. The normal myTouch 3G is still going for $149 with 2 year contract as well, but we expect that price will fall next month.

Earlier rumors had placed the Slide launching June 2nd, but it looks like it has now been pushed back to June 16th. We’ve heard reports from Slide testers who have recently received OTA updates on their phones, so it sounds like HTC and T-Mobile are still fine tuning the software. If the Slide launch is indeed moved back a few weeks, we expect the Android 2.1 upgrade for the normal myTouch 3G is bumped as well.

If you are looking for an entry level Android phone with full QWERTY keyboard on T-Mobile, the myTouch 3G Slide is probably your best pick till maybe Christmas. Those looking for a high-end phone just need to wait a little longer.

myTouch 3G Slide price

Leaked myTouch 3G Slide pricing.

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website plainbrad

    AWESOME. Cannot wait.

  • http://Website Freddy P.

    I’m not feeling this phone or the UI at all

  • http://Website yup

    I currently have one and the sense UI is the best one I’ve seen so far. Its user friendly and easy to navigate.

  • http://Website JaylaPHNX

    I just handled one of these puppies at a mall kiosk. Dude whipped it out of his pocket and let me play with it (that didn’t sound quite right). It’s actually better-looking in person than in the pics. He had a lot of the Sense Espresso elements turned off and it behaved a lot like a regular-but-slightly-different-looking Android. It wasn’t super heavy or bulky either (unlike that round brick they called Cliq). I think my wife’s sold on this phone. I have a Cliq XT, so I’ll wait for the Galaxy S or this Sidekick Twist thing before I get anything new. He said the Genius Button speech recognition worked well, but was a little slow. Then he said it was getting faster over time, so maybe it’s indexing functions by frequency of use to make things faster as you go. Either way, for mid-range this kicks @$$.

  • cobaltleo

    i watched the video of the of the sense U.I. on a g1 phone and it moved along pretty good granted it was a hacked ver. so it didn’t have all of the carrier branded apps so that may have a performance impact. personally the only thing in the sense U.I. that i really liked was the clock. im mostly interested in the 2.1 update but only if its gonna give a performance boost to the keyboard and accelerometer.

  • http://Website Othertkid

    I’m really looking forward to this phone. For someone who doesnt have a contract and have the even more plus plan I can afford 25 dollars a month for this phone definitely. I’ve played around with the sense UI port for the MT3G and it was pretty smooth if it was loaded right it was really nice. I like all the features and stuff it has. Plain ol android gets boring after a while need something to freshen it up. Plus I’ve been looking for an android phone with a damn keyboard for so long I’m glad I finally get one for tmobile.

  • Chic

    wondering should I wait to see whats coming around the corner? If this phone is labeled entry to mid user there most be a flagship phone coming soon?

  • http://Website zachattack052

    i want this! is this 32a or 32b?

  • http://Website rj

    can’t wait till the updated software they should fine tone the one or the mytouch and then work on the phone. due to the mytouch is everywhere. that’s what I think should be done.

  • http://Website McLovin

    I just got this from a friend that is anxiously awaiting the release of this phone.

    The wait is over!

    Available June 2nd, 2010!
    Good news! The new myTouch 3G Slideâ„¢ will be available for sale on 06/02/10. Get your hands on one and start learning all about innovative features like:

    – Faves Galleryâ„¢ keeps your family crazy-close.

    – myModes takes you from on-the-job to off-the-clock in an instant.

    – Genius Buttonâ„¢. You speak, it acts.

    Priced as low as $179.99
    with 2-year agreement

  • Darkwingduck20

    400 with no contract right?

  • http://Website TIM


  • http://Website nemezyz

    I bpught my phone on June 2nd 2010… this phone is Badass… Im telling you I went from the HTC HD2 Windows phone (piece of crap) to this wounderful device … definitively thumbs up