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Need for Speed Shift is gearing up for a June 4th launch

I have a need, a need for more high quality 3D games on my Android phone and it looks like EA is set to deliver just that with Need for Speed Shift hitting the Android Market on June 4th to coincide with the launch of the Sprint Evo 4G.

The game was demoed at the Evo launch, but it seems that rather than getting a boost from the high profile event that they got buried by other revelations.

Reportedly the game was running smoothly and looked gorgeous both on the Evo’s 4.3″ screen and playing on a TV via the Evo’s mini-HDMI out.

EA Mobile isn’t a complete stranger to Android as they offer a few apps in the Market at the moment (Spore Origins, The Sims 3, Tetris, and Bejeweled), but notably the two more complex games are sitting squarely at 2.5 stars in the Market and according to users suffer from a lot of force closes. Hopefully EA has been taking notes and gets things right this time around.

We’ve mentioned a few times now that Google is making moves to improve the quality and quantity of games available for the Android platform and seeing a huge franchise like Need for Speed arrive is perhaps a sign that their work and of course the huge growth of Android in general is going to start paying dividends for Android gamers.

I haven’t seen any indication regarding the OS version or hardware requirements, but I will update if I hear anything on either count.

No videos of the game in action on the Evo yet so (don’t kill me) I’m including a video of the game on some other touchscreen phone that will go unnamed. Just imagine the game being higher resolution on a bigger screen and just generally more awesomely Androidish.

Via: i4U News

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    That phone looks like iPhone

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      u wished that phone could be the iphone lol…….

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        You guys need to actually read the article.

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    i hope this will be compatible with 1st gen devices.

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      I doubt that. Snapdragon or PowerVR SGX(Droid/Milestone) should be enough.

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    Sweeeeet! My buddy has it on his iphony and he has been rubbing in my face. Playback time.

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      i know right….with iphone fanboys who love to photoshop everything

    • Sean Riley

      I know, I’m hanging my head in shame.

      I swear I will replace it as soon as I can find a video of it running on the Evo or any other Android phone for that matter.

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    Amazing.. Android rocks. I love you android. And yeah its 5 days to go for google IO and my froyo update. :D

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    you guys need an iPhone the number 8 wonder of the world and stop trying to find anything trying to be better than iPhone please anyone can have an iphone this days,Try That!!

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      You can keep your locked down, over rated, over priced phone. Just like everything else Apple, your paying for the name not the hardware.

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    Where is the game?

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    Thank you ea andorid play frees

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