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OnStar partners with Google for new Chevy Volt app

The OnStar app we previewed at CES is set to get some more Google love for version 2.0. A new navigation tab will be added to the OnStar Mobile app for Android which allows users to locate their car in Google Maps. These features are in addition to those that allow drivers to control car functions like charging their Volt, unlocking and locking their doors, remotely starting the engine, running diagnostics, and receiving automatic alerts.

OnStar’s first app was more of a demo instead of a fully functioning app, but the company is expected showcase their new app at this week’s Google I/O. Check back tomorrow for a full hands-on report.

“While OnStar will never lose sight of our core focus on safety and security, this relationship is an example of how we’re evolving our leadership position in connected vehicle technology. What we’re talking about today is only the beginning.”Chris PreussOnStar president


Source: Engadget

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  • http://Website BrandonG777

    Lame, another fake app like the iPhone version. I’m going to write an app that just has a couple buttons that takes you to another screen that displays bogus info and see how people respond to that. I was excited when I first heard about this until I figured out it was fake. Hey lames I already have a car with Onstar & remote ignition how about you just make the app actually do something to my real car. Do yourself a favor and check out for the Onstar replacement that just connects via Bluetooth to your existing phone. A2DP is supposed to be coming soon!

    • http://Website patm

      Why is it fake? It is shown on the official Chevrolet Volt website.

      • Alan Reboli

        Haters hate my dear patm, haters hate.

  • http://Website mihaelb

    First cool thing GM has done since the EV1 (which, in its wisdom, it promptly killed).

    More decisions like this, upping of the quality of its cars, and maybe it will be desirable company!

  • http://Website joeskie

    wow…so let me get this straight. a company who took billions from tax payers is diverting these funds into integrating android? f that. i love android but its not enought to make me get a car from these crooks. pay back the people whos retirement and lives you stole not to mention the tax payers whos backs your standing on. ignorant car manufacturers. if anything id like to see this on ford becaus they were the ony care company to not take the bailout.

    • http://Website Daniel

      Do your research before making arrogant comments. GM has already repaid all $8.1B of they’re government loans, with interest, 5 years ahead of schedule.

  • http://Website Terrell


  • http://Website jsherm2

    Hey, looks to me like GM wasn’t the first to come up with this- look up this Automatic Collision Response app, looks like Onstar but takes it outside the car.

  • http://Website SmartReview

    GM – great car manufacturer but seriously stick to your knitting. My911 from is focused on the occupants, besides is not automobile bound, nor model bound, comes with a ton of stuff. My money is on My911. I was one of the folks to evaluate Volt prior to release, they should have listened. GM you need to chat to My911….fast