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Possible Droid 2 passes Wi-Fi certification

There’s been rumblings around the Internet of two new Motorola devices that could be coming at us in the near future. One is the Motorola Shadow, which has been floating around for awhile. The other which hasn’t been named yet, is speculated to be the successor to the Motorola Droid.

While there hasn’t been much in the way of evidence of this phone, something cropped up today that lends serious credence to the idea that the Droid might be getting a bigger brother

A new Motorola phone just passed Wi-Fi certification that bears the model number A955. Those familiar with Droids and Milestones know that those phones have model numbers of A855 and A853, respectively. A Twitter feed claiming to monitor Android device signatures has posted an update from a phone marked¬†¬†“cdma_droid2/A955/droid2_vzw/mot”, pointing to a new Motorola Droid 2 on Verizon.

Hopefully more information will emerge, but this is all we have for now.

Via: Droid Life

Source: Wi-Fi Alliance

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  • cb2000a

    Could it be that they will announce these phones at the Google I/O?

  • http://Website Veronica

    Motorola…meh. They’ve become so gimmicky and pre-teen. Those types of phones don’t do so well in the long run.

    • http://Website blaw

      Really? explain how is it that the Droid still the biggest android act to date.

      • http://Website Veronica

        Uhhh…marketing? Wasn’t the Razr the most popular phone for 3 straight years? Didn’t Motorola have nothing but gimmicky phones after that? Did they not go into a deep depression because of it? Just sayin’.

        I’m not hating on anyone who bought a Droid, I just don’t like Motorola’s artistic engineering. Like I said, it comes off as being a bit preteen (ie the Backflip, the rotate…and whatever else some idiot engineer can think up). The Droid was the hit, now they are making gimmicks.

        • http://Website JAG

          I think u hate motorola!!

          • http://Website Veronica

            No, I really don’t. But I’m an engineer and I thoroughly detest design flaws.

  • st4xor

    I’ve loved my Droid since I got it in November. I have no intention of upgrading any time soon (as long as I keep getting software updates), but I might be persuaded by a snapdragon phone w/ a keyboard…

    Please let it have a keyboard, I want options!

    • bdveteran18

      I think it’s safe to assume that particular phone model line will continue to have physical keyboard. At least one would think that from a logical standpoint.

  • http://Website Derek

    This really doesnt make sense. The Droid is still selling pretty good. Why come out with a Droid2, and basically make the Droid outdated while its sales are still strong?

    • bdveteran18

      Why not? People may be content with the Droid now and that’s fine but if you can improve on it, then why not go ahead with it? Android is about options and giving people the option to have a better version of their phone doesn’t exactly doom the previous phone. Some owners may just want more while others may remain perfectly happy with what they have.

  • http://Website rich lofton

    Motorola invented the mobile phone and the black 9qh is still one of the best ive ever. Current using droid incredible and past are: nexus one, moto droid, iphone and rhodium. Iphone is the worst…..