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“Prepare to be blown away” by Froyo Android 2.2

Android 2.2 (aka FroYo) is coming next week and there are many reasons to get excited. No official roadmap is available, but we are expecting many additions to Android including a major performance boost, possible Apps2SD support, Flash 10.1, an updated Android Market, native tethering, and a new desktop.

Google employees are required to keep quiet, but we have spotted them dropping hints. Dan Morrill buzzed, “Oh man, I wish I could talk about how awesome Google is making this vacation with unreleased features for a couple different products”, former employee Cedric Beust said, “prepare to be blown away by what you will see very soon”, and Justin Mattson tweeted that the FroYo sculpture arrived at the Googleplex.

I had been following the Custom Creations Flickr account waiting for new pics of the giant FroYo, but they have yet to upload any. Thankfully TechCrunch also realized a new sculpture was coming and they sent a coworker over to snap a few pics. Pics and video after the jump.

Mmmmm, froyo.

Via: TechCrunch

Source: YouTube

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  • Tynne

    First! Also, the most important thing… will Cyanogen put this on my G1??

    • Anthony Domanico

      Probably not for several months. It was a long time from Eclair release to a stable Cyanogen full eclair rom.

      • http://Website garok89

        actually, now that we have a working graphics driver to play with, froyo should hopefully make it to the g1 and magic quite quickly…….fingers crossed
        the lack of a graphics driver was the only real thing that kept eclair off the g1 and magic for so long

        • jeanpaul145

          Could you please provide me with some info or a link where I could read up on all that? I’d be very interested in reading more about it.

    • velazcod

      When Google releases the source, then it can be looked at, otherwise, yes, it might take a few weeks, even months. Hopefully they release it the same day the announce it (I know, I’m dreaming..)

  • http://Website Art

    THIS NEEDS TO BE ON THE Evo- Out the BOX!!

    • http://Website Ayocuz

      I was shocked when I read that Evo would ship with 2.1
      I thought that’s why they were waiting on frozen yo so it could really be the ish(top dog) glad to be a nexus one owner

      • http://Website Jeff

        Don’t associate the closeness of events as meaning that one naturally should be with the either (i.e. Evo 4G launch near Android 2.2 launch). The launch software for the Evo 4G was finalized MONTHS ago. It is bad business to launch new hardware AND software at the same time without extensive testing. No one wants to buy a phone with non-working software.

        Which is why for the first product in a class, it’s better not to be ambitious and add features as you move along. Trying to do too much at once leaves you with an unfinished product at launch and just causes a bunch of headaches.

      • http://Website Tenoch

        Yay… Nexus One… F… the Evo…

        • TechAddic

          Sounds like the words of a hater, as the EVO is the best spec’d Android phone to date. Don’t hate the player….hate the game!

          EVO = EVOlution of the Android N1… ;)

      • zeeshan

        hahah bro same here, i was actally gonna sell my Nexus one because i thought google is paying more attention to Droid and the EVO and their

        but WHHHHHHHHHAT 2.2 will be on the NEXUS making it faar superior to every phone excpt the fact it has a 5 Mp camera lol but i could care less

  • http://Website benjamin gage

    ah.. i’m so excited for 2.1 on m eris now.. maybe in another 6 months i’ll have 2.2 on it.

  • http://Website James

    Knowing T-Mobile I expect this to be on my Mytouch around the year 2023. God they are slow. T-Mobile will probably pee themselves when they see the tethering capabilities.

    • http://Website Leonides

      Actually dude T-mo is upgrading the MyTouch 3G to the custom espresso rom they created with HTC for the upcoming MyTouch Slide. I know the general consensus in regards to MyTouch 3G upgrades is that google was supposed to handle it but I guess T-mo has other plans. So expect android 2.1 on your MyTouch 3G in the next two months but no word on Froyo. I’m glad I have a Sexy Nexy.

    • fayoosh

      Good let them wet there pants.

  • http://Website Mauricio

    So glad I bought a nexus getting it first (:

    • Aaron

      Yeah me too!! Let’s hope it comes to us faaassst!!! C:

  • Helge

    God I cant wait to put my n1 threw froyo!
    Just hope some1 will post a howto install the update for those of us that wont get it right of the at automatically. Last update when they introduced pinch to zoom the update didnt come ‘over-air’ to norway a couple days later, I couldnt wait so i installed it manually. Will prolly be the same with froyo I presume…


  • Pkplonker

    Should be able to upgrade to this immediately on desire!!

    • Anthony Domanico

      Seriously doubt it. Desire has Sense UI which is the main reason it won’t be on the Evo at launch.

  • http://Website Jamie

    James – three words: root your phone!

  • http://Website Daniel

    For the list of minor changes, you may want to include file uploads in the browser:

    • Aaron

      This is something that I wanted without even realising it.
      I am so excited for this!!!! I hope it comes to the nexus fast (:

  • Andrude

    Just a thought here …. This is why Android is becoming the predominant choice for serious smartphone users. Google listens to its users, and jumps on any “best-of-breed” hacking efforts made possible due to Android’s open nature. You just can’t beat the exponential improvement that comes from lots of excited people messing around with an open OS. Viva la Android !!!!

    • http://Website Daniel

      Huh? What hacking efforts are you talking about? AFAIK, all of these major features were developed in close. Save for outdated code, I don’t see any of them on AOSP.

    • brykins

      “Google listens to it’s users”? Considering that they asked on their own forums about the “download unsuccessful” issues almost exactly a year ago and have done NOTHING to help anyone work out what the problem is, along with the fact that they offer NO kind of support, feedback or anything for Android, I can’t say that they listen to customers at all.

  • http://Website Chris

    For a point release this sure has a lot of new major enhancements. I can’t even begin to imagine what’s going to be in 3.0.

  • http://Website Chris M.

    Dang 2.2 Next Week and some people don’t even have 2.1 Lol But I Hope They Dnt Start Delaying Like 2.1

  • http://Website Jaymes

    aww im so excited! Now that I am working I will be able to afford my very own Nexus One next month: GO Me! :)

  • http://Website jayy336

    Got my Nexus One 2 days ago, so you know im excited for FroYo 2.2 release next week. FINALLY Flash 10.1, Apps2SD, and Phone Tethering, something i gave up when i went from my rooted G1 to the N1, but it hasn’t hurt for the past 2 days.

    At this pace i wonder what Android 3.0 will bring. Time to enjoy FroYo soon though, at least for us Nexus users :)

    • zeeshan

      hahah me too i cant wait

  • corey428

    Man!! I hope the Droid Incredible gets that 2.2 update! It would be nice to have flash 10.1 running on my phone!!!

  • http://Website phoebetech

    WiFi with an Android phone means no need to buy IPad 3G. In fact, you can probably turn 3 Ipod Touches into 3 IPhones with one Android’s WiFi capabilites especially with 4G and HPSA+ coming.

    Yes, we are going to be blown away for sure and so will Apple!

  • scoopo16

    I cannot wait for this I’m on the android wagon only 3 months with a HTC Hero and i know there has been a lot of waiting for HTC to release 2.1 but I have a feeling it was to make sure that the Hero can be easily updated in the future, which was there official reason for delays, the HTC Hero would be a dream with 2.2 which is rumored to have better performance, apps2sd, tethering, flash (Air 1st gen/Flash 10.1 2nd gen) and I’m sure some other cool features, time cannot move fast enough… heres hoping all android phones see 2.2 as the stable bench mark for android as a OS.

  • http://Website Alex

    Is anybody else surprised that:

    A: More information hasn’t leaked out already
    B: The 2.2 ROM itself hasn’t been leaked.

    I don’t buy that the 2.2 running on select Nexus phones is a “test” version. I have a feeling FroYo is done, and Google is just waiting so they can unleash it at Google I/O.

    Either way, I’m excited for FroYo, and will definitely be getting some real FroYo, when it’s released to celebrate.

    On that note, anyone have any good recommendations for FroYo Flavors?

  • rochford77

    I have a hero and i am still running 1.5… with all the issues and delays with getting 2.1 i wonder if i will ever see 2.2 and i don’t want to root my phone b/c i don’t know how to unroot it if i ever need to. :’-( sigh…

    • http://Website shaneaus

      It is actually quite easy as long as one can follow instructions (to root and “un-root” a device).

    • http://Website Eurotrash

      Sorry, The Hero runs Sense UI so You will not see 2.2 for a LONG time …. Just be happy if you get 2.1 in the next few months … and just lament in the fact that you chose a crap network provider like Sprint (cdma) ….

      • TechAddic

        With Sprint I have awesome coverage where I live and go…So. Cal. AT&T is the bad one here…so YMMV. I also enjoy paying about $20 less per month and getting more for each phone on my account. Additionally, I get free voice/data roaming off of Verizon. So, the ability to have coverage on 2 networks for less money, not sure why you said its a crap network provider, I looks like they look after their customers more than the others.

  • Jon

    i wonder if the behold 2 will get the update?

    • http://Website Eurotrash

      NOT likely, at least not for a very long time …. the behold 2 runs touch wiz UI , in fact I would be surprised if it gets any updates…

  • http://Website bubbles says this

    Bubbles cannot wait for 2.2. Bubbles will either switch to Spring and get the EVO and wait forever for 2.2 or will get Sexus Nexus One and get it sooner. I like the Nexus one, Hi Chris Chavez.

    • http://Website nexus

      U are a real f.aggot

  • stalker

    I am so excited about froyo. 6 Days to go for froyo (google IO)..

  • http://Website ronabong

    What about copy and paste in email? All these new cool stuff coming but I don’t hear anything about the stock mail being mentioned.

    • http://Website grasshopper

      Hold the shift key down and select text, long touch to pop up menu to paste

  • ZRod

    FroYo is my favorite! In both real terms and in Android terms =D
    This makes me feel all giddy inside!
    Now I’m holding off on the Incredible to see what I hear about this and updates, etc.
    Android > iPhone, always.

  • SGB101

    wll the HTC desire get this? as they are messing the Hero users about cos of the sense UI. i didn’t think of the upgradeability when i got the desire.

    Fabulous device, i know im bias, but probably the best device at the mo, but i am wondering if i made the right choice long-term????

    • http://Website Eurotrash

      Again, not for a long time. Any phone that runs Sense UI is going to have a long wait …

  • http://Website sehrbaz

    Will it be available for samnsung spica? :-/

  • http://Website Glenn

    Love my rooted Nexus one on Tmobile which has been running Emother 1.81 flawlessly for past month. Can’t wait to see what Fruyo adds. By the time Google releases Gellato I bet the iPhone still won’t have any kind of tethering (which AT&T promised to iPhone users 3 years ago).

  • http://Website ur.gatorbait

    Cant wait to have 2.2 on my moto droid…….really waiting on word about a moto droid ll. If any1 has info please pass it along….

  • xIPhoner

    Looking foward to froyo on the droid!!!!

  • http://Website Nick

    Anyone know when the android 2.2 release date might be for the US?

  • http://Website Dia

    Somebody here said the Behold II will probably never get an upgrade past 1.5. Wasn’t it released that all Stateside mobiles would be getting the 2.0 update by Q2?

  • Ana (TFDT.ORG)

    Android running Flash very smoothly.

    Android 2.2 froyo (Google Nexus One) running a Flash Game:

    Our video here:


  • kerajinankayu

    which one android or ovi …..

  • http://Website james tompkins

    Hi I hop. that this will also work with a 7 inch full toutch screen google Android 2.1. tcc 8902 pc tablet. first time lerning how to use it. and. all. i. get is. copy,copy,copy unable to move programs to folder to make. room in. the pan window. when it pops up I try to move it. to a folder. but. it. make a copy info those two places.
    In. any. case geat looking stuff. keep burrage the good work thanks. I hop this works?