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Prototype Android tablet runs Flash, AIR flawlessly

At this very moment San Francisco is playing host to the Web 2.0 Expo, which, as the name would suggest, is home to lot of discussion about where the web is heading, and the content of the web itself.

Two interesting videos that have cropped up, however, are of a prototype tablet running the Android OS. The voice in the video is a little difficult to hear, but they’re clearly showing Adobe’s AIR and Flash platforms running quite smoothly on the unnamed tablet.

As this is the first time I’ve seen an Android tablet in the wild, I can’t exactly act like I’m flabbergasted; I mean, it looks like any other model. The fact that it’s running two notoriously resource-heavy platforms so smoothly, however, does make me take note.

I was curious about the interface until I saw the below two videos – I was expecting something different than a giant version of my phone’s UI. Then again, this is just a prototype, probably just in place to show off the capabilities of Adobe products.

Source: Zedomax

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  • RayMatthew

    Woah, Seems cool. Apple can’t do that now can they. XD
    Any other news on the rumored “gPad” by Goggle?

    • Matt Demers

      I think the last thing Google needs is to be accused of being an Apple imitator.

      • http://Website brandon

        well its not really google making this products, the other companys like htc ans samsung are just using there os so if you wanna call anybody a imitar its the companys making these devices

    • http://Website lita

      Well the schmidt tablet remains a concept now. Hopefully it won’t die like the courier tablet.

  • Sean Riley

    I think every Android tablet prototype we have seen so far has started looking that way and by the 2nd or 3rd time we see them they have at least cleaned up a bit (the phone icon still being there is usually the dead giveaway that they haven’t take a lot of time to optimize things.)

    The Bumptop acquisition by Google could certainly mean we are going to see some serious differentiation in the look of Android on tablets by the Fall or holiday season.

    Oh and imagine being able to actually surf the whole internet on a tablet, it will probably be “the best web browsing experience you’ve ever had.”

    • Alan Reboli

      Bumptop on an Android Tablet would rock my world. Eyecandy + Functionality = Win.

  • Ramon

    LOL in the last video flash crash the browser!! How unstable will adobe make our phones now? Its enough having flash crash all time on the pc, but on my phone? Wow I really hope the tablet software is just buggy. Oh well one more month until we know!

    • http://Website meh

      You’ve had flash crash on your PC? You must’ve had a really crappy PC trying to play a 1080p video on YouTube. Srsly I never had my Asus crash due to watching a flash video or anything related to flash.

    • http://Website timb

      Who said Flash crashed the browser? It wasn’t even running.

    • Ramon

      You guys act like flash NEVER crashes and that its PERFECT. It hardly crashes on my pc and not at all while watching video. In all cases when my browser crashes or freezes its because flash. How I know? well with chrome it tells you that.

      @timb then what was that playing in browser? Di youtube player? I didn’t know Android had the new youtube player just release this week.

      • http://Website meh


        That’s what you get for watching Full HD flash videos on your $125 netbook.

        Flash isn’t perfect, but it’s not as bad as every n00b out there makes it out to be.

  • http://Website bubbles likes

    Bubbles likes this, bubbles is getting a tablet sometime this year,it blows away the ifad

  • http://Website Chris

    Every tablet is going to have some of the same cosmetic characteristics. Its a tablet, there is only so much you can do with the design before you start saying it was copied from some one else. The implementation of the user interface is what is really going to separate tablets from one another, and of course speed, price, and more.. lol

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  • http://Website Chris

    It is promising except for it being like 2 inches thick. They might as well be showing off how well flash runs when it is the only thing running on a laptop!

    Common Adobe slim that Hummer down to a Prius.

  • http://Website Eric

    *yawn* Just more vaporware. Apple needs competition, but they need descent competition. Adobe has been saying this works for last last year or so, but are just now getting around to showing it off? And on a device that is 2 inches thick, and connected to a power cord…. So its a AIO computer at that point.

  • http://Website CeZ

    please dont call it “GPad”

    I m not buying any Pad thanks very much

    • RayMatthew

      LULZ. Apple next production will be iTampon?

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