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Required viewing: Android 2.2 Froyo keynote with Vic Gundotra

Many of you watched it live on YouTube, but if you missed the day 2 keynote at Google I/O, then you must check it out.

Vic Gundotra returned to spill the beans on Android 2.2 and gave one of his best presentations yet. Google and Vic have been gaining confidence in their mobile operating system and we can clearly see it come out with all their jokes directed at Apple.

Watch along as Vic shares a story about his first day at Google, demonstrates the five pillars of Android 2.2, and previews upcoming features like the online Android Market and music store.

[Post image via Romain Guy]

Source: YouTube

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  • http://Website jeremy

    God i wish i worked for this amazing company!

  • http://Website Ed

    All these features look incredible, but then he gives an android 2.1 device to them all, from a manufacturer who don’t upgrade their android versions in a timely manner.

    I am an HTC hero user in Europe, still waiting for android 2.1 and I love what’s going on with android 2.2 but I know that I will never get it untill over a year when i can upgrade my device. I didn;t think that this was what I was buying into, i thought i was getting up-to-date google android. Nonetheless, my next device will be stock android on a nexus or droid, despite Sense being lovely to use. These 2.2 features are just too good and there will be more to come that i’m dissapointed to have to wait for… i.e. all this Openness has lost its openness.

    However, i do still love the little green guy

  • xxqbnxx

    I wish i was there !!! …. Openness and innovation is just what Android is all about and its awesome !

  • http://Website lazyborn

    I wish i was one of the 5000 to get my hands on the EVO 4G, them lucky developers. Anyways no developers no Google, and no google no android. I Love my Nexus one!!!

  • MetalMessiah78

    Great video! I also wish I could have been there, but where is the 2nd part? It looks like he was just about to show off something else before it cut off.

  • http://Website Lasselukas

    Come on, you developers have got to stop childish behavior company to company. All of you!

    I really love the Google search and the mail although it scares me a bit that i cannot control my own data. But honestly this is looking like Microsoft over again, luring with overabundant functionality and possibilities, and then we are dependent on several companies will all agree and structure to the newest versions on the hundreds of different devices. I just don’t see that happening.

    Have you tried to scroll a flash page on the Nexus One, not pretty! Plus the overload of ads and banners that annoy my visual view of the page.

    Sure Google want openness, but they’re also in the business of ads information on you is their business, so of course they want to use flash, very understandable. But there are people out there that don’t want flash but Google isn’t helping the competitors to Adobe. That’s a distorted view of openness, that’s more like controlling the market to their liking, which they can do with the immense power Google now has.

    As an endnote i would like to point out that Froyo is awesome but i really want to focus on usability and technology so please stop acting like frustrated teenagers.

    Competition should motivate to do better, not to gloat.

    • http://Website Hamish

      You know the flash app is an optional install from the market, right? No one is forcing you to use it if you hate it.
      Re performance – it’s still very much in beta.
      If Google want to throw a few ads in my face in order to give me products like Google, Gmail, Android, Maps and Google TV – bring ‘em on!

      Also what makes you think you cannot control your own data? You’re in control of what you put online. It should always be assumed that anything you put on the internet is no longer private. (it’s not always the case but that’s what should be ASSUMED)
      Besides all of that – It’s not like Google are going to be doing anything malicious with your “Private” data.
      (I say good form on their part by targeting ads on a per user basis. I, for one, don’t need the latest news in tampon trends or wedding services)

  • http://Website Lasselukas

    PS.: Consumers rarely like ads. And developers must start to realize that consumers don’t care how you make the software they just want somethings that’s easy to use without having any knowledge on standards and whatnot. Our time with “software for nerds” is over or will be soon. Anyway that’s my prediction.