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Rumor: Android coming to General Motors

Motor Trend is reporting that car giant GM is in talks with Google to bring Android to their fleet of cars. This is meant to be similar to what Ford has done with Ford Sync, in that Android will either offer an in-car operating system or simply better syncing with phones. Since GM has already made an app (strangely, only for Motorola Droids) that partners its Chevy Volts with its OnStar system, this rumor seems to point to the former option.

GM also recently announced a partnership for this year’s OnStar relaunch with a major outside technology company, but has yet to reveal the partner.

While releasing an app for an operating system is one thing, full car integration is a whole other sack of oranges. The Motor Trend article makes the hypothetical Android/GM partnership to be the start of a major competition against Ford for OS supremacy.

Isn’t it be a little weird to see Android playing both sides of the field? Then again, at the moment Ford’s Sync Applink isn’t Android-exclusive; Blackberries will be able to access the same functionality. In order to avoid pulling a giant “me too”, GM would have to be cruising towards a full in-car system.

As Motor Trend points out, we’re unlikely to hear anything from both companies until 2011, so I guess speculation will have to do for now.

Source: Motortrend

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  • http://Website kenny

    Its pretty dumb to have the GM app pretty much for people who happen to have a Droid and a GM Volt

  • http://Website Jason

    I can’t seem to login to AndroidAndMe (no error messages or anything.)

    Anyway, I think this is good news. Congratulations Android!

  • http://Website kz

    Onstar is listed as an Android sandbox partner at next week’s Google I/O

  • http://None Dikud

    It’s could be an interesting trend for Android Market slang. People will probably say something like “backup my car for tomorrow’s rase, please” or “I’ve just pumped my GM with JITs and have spent less for gasoline now” ;)