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Samsung Behold II owners consider legal action over lack of Android 2.x upgrade

T-Mobile launched the Samsung Behold II with Android 1.5, but led customers to believe the phone would eventually be upgraded to Android 2.0 in 2010. This claim came from a promotional YouTube video which has since been pulled.

Now it looks like Samsung might have reversed course as customers are reporting they were told the Behold II “will never qualify for the Android 2X update”. This information supposedly came from Samsung technical support, but T-Mobile has the final say about firmware upgrades for their phones.

We reached out to T-Mobile to see if they had any new information regarding Android upgrades and they responded the new myTouch 3G Slide includes Android 2.1 and they would let us know when they have more details to share about existing phones.

Behold II owners are understandably upset and some are considering legal action if something is not done. Customers are also demanding an upgrade on the official T-Mobile forums and have started an online petition.

If you are a Behold II owner, I would suggest patiently waiting a little longer and see what action T-Mobile takes. There is no need taking your anger out on Samsung Mobile because they will only develop and release an upgrade when T-Mobile makes the request. For all we know, this could have been done months ago and T-Mobile could be waiting till after the Slide launches (June 2nd) before upgrading older Android phones.

At the same time, this doesn’t bode well for Samsung’s reputation. It might be the carriers responsibility to upgrade their phones, but other Samsung Android phones (like the original Galaxy) are also stuck on Android 1.5.

We can’t say for sure who produced the promotion video, but it clearly features the Samsung Mobile logo at the beginning and fits the wacky style of other campaigns for the Behold II. Just the fact that the video got pulled gives the appearance that someone was trying to scrub this evidence offline. A copy of the original video is included below for your viewing pleasure.

“The SGH-T939 will never qualify for the Android 2X update. Your continued interest in Samsung products is appreciated.”Samsung Technical Support

Via: TmoNews

Source: Android Headlines

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  • http://Website Ryan

    Yay! Thank you for posting this! Much appreciated! Need to get the word out while we can.

  • http://Website Austin

    I understand being upset and starting a petition or something, like when the HTC hero took forever to get its update! But legal action? It’s just a phone! Seriously! Put the time and money into upgrading to a nexus one, not suing…

    Seems a little absurd to me.

  • http://Website geekosphere101

    Legal action? seriously? Cry me a river. The petition is good, as are the forum posts to let the company know you are not satisfied with the product. But legal action? Ludicrous.

    • http://Website Kyle

      Im sure you would take legal action as well if this was your phone. I know I would.

  • http://Website kris

    So does this mean the rumor about 2.1 with sense espresso coming to current mt3g’s. Was just a rumor since tmo just said they have no info yet on current phones?

  • weetanhops

    It looks like a terrible phone any way – why would anybody get that over the other Android devices on T-Mobile?

    • http://Website linzie

      More ram and faster processor than any other tmo android device, and more then its competitor at the time (htc hero)

    • Tamahome Jenkins

      Camera app better than stock Android camera, only cam with flash at time of release, AMOLED screen…

      “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” -Mark Twain

  • mp1963

    In the UK the Hero or G2 as T-Mobile call it is STILL awaiting its 2.1 upgrade.. will be interesting to see if anyone takes T-Mobile to task in the UK.

  • http://Website Storm14K

    Theres a problem with legal action? If I buy something based on a set of circumstances then I damn well expect what I paid for or else there will be some legal action. I don’t care if its as small as a phone (and shelling out a couple hundred on a device is not small). Seriously….are you folk grown and spending your own money on these devices?

    • http://Website linzie

      Yessssssssss agreed 100%

  • http://Website reddragon72

    The point of the law suit would be to get a point across to the company that the end user has the last word. Like the signs you used to see in store that the customer is always right. And another point is if they do this to one phone and no-one complains or takes action then they will star doing it to every phone. They will never upgrade any phone and if you want a new OS on your phone then you’ll have to buy a new phone. This causes fragmentation more then anything. So yes in this case a law suit is in order.

    • http://Website Ryan

      Exactly, thank you! Another big reason that a lawsuit may be necessary is Samsung’s track record of customer service in regards to their wireless devices. In the business of smartphones, ongoing support, maintenance, and updating is necessary. They need to understand that without the consumer, they are nothing. And the more this gets out, the better chance they will change their ways. They make great products, but their support is absolutely horrible. Anyone with slight knowledge of Samsung wireless understands this.

  • http://Website Acer_Liquid_Owner

    I think it’s Samsung’s fault (Original Galaxy with high-end specs & stuck at 1.5 too), T-mobile may not be helping much either. Samsung could at least release a firmware that users could download and upgrade on their PC’s with a flash utility (Acer does this).

    OTA updates means T-Mobile has to test it on their network & deploy it in their network & take support calls, which they’re probably not thrilled about and would rather sell newer devices with new contracts. Either way I support the Behold 2 owners in this. It sends the right message to manufacturers & carriers: Support your phones after release!

    • http://Website sunil

      i agree with you. since smartphones come with several high end computing devices like ARM 1 GHz, it is crime to not provide updates over atleast 3 years. Device manufacturer should treat these devices as customer’s investment like in PC world, we can choose what OS/Platform we choose, vendors make necessary drivers available themselves or 3rd party or through open community. Demand for smartphone is ever growing so operators and Samsung has no need to force its old customer to throw their devices in order to sell them new devices. To provide a decent upgrade, they can charge $10-20 which is fairly reasonable to recover upgrade development cost.

  • http://Website joeskie

    This is well beyond garbage. Read the end user licence agreement that come with your phones and you will clearly see that YOU are in the wrong. Im sure those who feel like they spent a fortune feel like they got screwed but pu- lease legal action? You bought this device knowing that it is a lower to mid range type device and to boot its running a touchwiz overlay same thing with sense and blur as far as upgrade go. But of course you knew that right? Of course you read your end user licence agreement. These are the kind of people that need a phone first- type device something that never gets upgraded. Your expectations are too high and your wallets are too low. If you want cutting edge android then you purchace a nexus one. If you need a budget phone with a decent user interface you get a lower end (cliq, behold 2, hero …ect). Shit in one hand and wish in the other and see wich fills up first. N1 FTW

    • http://Website fosta

      Ur a fucking idiot go read the end of ur user agreement and tell me what it says and ill explain to u that ur user agreement and a verbal agreement and sent an email that Tmobile recieved notifying us sales men ( I’m a tmobile floor Rep aka salesman) that we could tell behold II users they would receive a 2.0 update so when Samsung did not put out a update or approach tmobile with idea of a ota they did nothing but abandon the phone and told there customers a lie so if u purchase a item and then ur told that u can’t get what u were promised and no refund that is something called fraud which gives them the ability for a law suit. Don’t come on here not knowing what they hell ur talking about.

      • http://Website RyanF

        Thank you fosta!

  • http://Website sunil

    dont you think it would be better to demand for froyo also. hmm, if we are promised to give froyo then would it still make sense to demand eclair?

  • http://Website pik

    i own the i7500 galaxy and have the same problem as you guys. i hope the lawsuit goes through and samsung suffers for their arrogance and incompetence

  • http://Website Ron

    just bought the phone and i cant even get the upgrade for 1.6.

  • http://Website Martin

    And here Google thinks a Nexus Two is not needed. Damm, yes it is needed to teach them all to keep updating there phones. To be true, if a Nexus Two or Three is up for sale I would not consider anything else because my non-subsidized Nexus-One has 2.2 “Frojo” already.

  • http://Website MadBob

    [quote] my non-subsidized Nexus-One has 2.2 “Frojo” already.[/quote]

    FroJo :D is that Frozen Jogurt.

  • http://Website Michael Davis

    Arrogance? Incompetence? T-Mobile’s final say in software to control hardware? Get real people. Samsung makes this phone. Samsung MUST be the one to obtain in some form the code for controlling its components. Doing so for Android might not be feasible. Research before you buy something. Not doing so makes you ignorant. Thinking you can control a company because you make up a SMALL part of stakeholder concern is arrogant. If you think you have an argument, you are incompetent.

  • http://Website aldain

    Thanks for posting this because i was just wondering how the hell am i suppose to send and receive files on my behold 2. I will be real with you its a nice android but the blutooth problem just pisses a guy off and not to mention the bugs but its good and fun to use am sure we can all find problems with the battery life but what the heck. Its a android from samsung enjoy it.