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Samsung Mobile not deaf, responds to Behold II owners

Bad news. Good news.  The T-Mobile Behold II will not receive Android 2.1, but it will receive a badly needed update to Android 1.6.

In what appears to be a minor victory for upset Behold II owners, Samsung Mobile posted an official response to the wave of negative posts that hit the blogosphere this week. Samsung and T-Mobile are working to update the Behold II to Android 1.6 (which adds important features like Google Maps Navigation and Google Voice search). Customers will also get a couple of T-Mobile exclusives like the Swype virtual keyboard.

After the 1.6 update, that is the end of the road for the Behold II. Samsung claims the phone “is not upgradeable beyond Android 1.6″.

No reason was given, but we are pretty sure the phone is technically able to run Android 2.1. Our guess is that this comes down to money and someone doesn’t want to shell out the cash to have Samsung engineers spend their time upgrading all the hardware drivers so they work with the newer Linux kernel found in Android 2.1.

For those who are wondering, we are still waiting to hear from T-Mobile on the fate of the G1 and original myTouch 3G. Both phones could also technically run Android 2.1, but T-Mobile has not offered an official death sentence to either phone.

“Samsung Mobile and T-Mobile USA are planning to update the Behold II to Android 1.6 which provides access to Google Maps Navigation, Google Voice Search capability and quick search box for Android. The update will also supply additional benefits including Swype, an improved Media Player, updated core Android applications and improved Bluetooth capabilities. However, the Behold II is not upgradeable beyond Android 1.6.”Samsung Mobile

If you are a Behold II customer, please let us know what you think. Does this news make you happy or sad?

Update: Actually, I think we should blame this entire fiasco on Behold II Man. It was his responsibility to make the phone look cool and sell tons, but his super powers have failed us.

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  • Canterrain

    It’s a start, but I think there are still going to be unhappy people.

    • http://Website nemesys06

      I honestly think that this is bogus. I have seen Android 2.0, as my friend had a phone that supported Android 2.0. When I went to Tmobile, i was looking at one of two phones. The Behold ii or the Nexus One. I guess the dealer really wanted to make the sale…. cause he told me that the behold ii would be getting an upgrade to 2.1 at the end of march/early april. i really liked the behold ii, so i decided to get it, “knowing” that i was going to be getting 2.1. I honestly think that 2.1 is much better than 1.5! now i have waited long enough, they are rolling out a bunch of phones between now and the near future that support 2.1, yet i have 1.5! upgrading to 1.6 is better than nothing, but still isn’t what T-Mobile promised me from the beginning. They guaranty customer satisfaction, yet they do nothing to satisfy the customer. this 1.6 upgrade will help my patience hold a little bit longer. but if i don’t get the 2.1 upgrade i was promised, then tmobile can either give me the option to upgrade my phone, or take my phone and shove it up their a$$! I left sprint because they did nothing but make empty promises…. lied to the customer to make a sale. i won’t put up with that again.

  • http://Website Austin

    Originally I had in mind that Android was going to be used as a backbone for phones to run as an operating system.
    Perfect examples of this include HTC Sense, Moto Blur, etc.
    The phone runs, has a nice UI what more could you want? I thought complaining about a firmware update was stupid until today/recently.

    ITS A SMARTPHONE! Not a normal handset it by all means needs to be updated!!!

    (I have a g1, Love it’s 5 key QWERY and the devolopment going for it.)

  • http://Website matt

    does this 1.6 still have that touchwiz/cube crap?

  • http://Website Matt

    Ridiculous. They are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the consumer… The Samsung Moment, released around the same time, just got the 2.1 update… and that required writing CDMA drivers and everything else… They are just trying to get people to piss more money on new phones… Everyone, do yourselves a favor and buy HTC or Motorola phones.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The carrier is the one responsible for software updates to their phones. You should complain to T-Mobile and not Samsung.

      • http://Website El Seven

        No manufactures just test and distribute the updates, the manufacturer writes the code for the update.

    • http://Website Fredrik

      I would NOT look towards HTC as they behave in exactly the same manner if not worse. A lot more interested in releasing new phones than to care about their existing customer base. Just made the move away from HTC, not going back in the foreseeable future.

  • http://Website christeezy

    I think the 1.6 update would be awesome. I mean it’s better than the 1.5 boring stock update. even though the 2.1 would be great, I’m pretty happy they didn’t forget about us behold II users. :)

    • http://Website Ryan

      They haven’t forgotten about us. They’re specifically determined to leave this phone in the dark. The phone is upgradeable to 2.1, and anyone with some degree of knowledge regarding Android can figure that out.

      This is all about them wanting to get people to purchase their latest and greatest. Not happening.

  • schwiz

    That is a bummer for both owners and devs alike. I just hope moterlla doesn’t give the cliq the same treatment.

  • http://Website yoda

    Samsung is not supporting this phone. I know Tmo reps are not pushing this phone anymore, because it is quirky and the whole cube thing is useless. The mytouch is a lot better. Call Samsung and complain!

  • http://Website Ryan

    I’m sorry but this is BS. This isn’t a victory because 1.6 is already available to us. Sure it’ll be nice to have an official 1.6 kernel to work with, but good luck finding devs that even want to mess with a dying phone.

    A law suit will come up at some point, and since that video was snagged prior to them taking it down, they’ll be in a bad spot.

    T-Mobile needs to keep applying the pressure as well. Their customer service is in jeopardy because their name is all over this phone.

  • http://Website tk

    Wow what a pathetic response from Samsung. I don’t know how anyone could defend Samsung’s actions here. 1.6? Are you joking? And that’s the end of the road? You MUST be joking, right Samsung?

    The phone is barely a few months old from what I remember. How can you possibly end the updates at the Android version that was already old when you RELEASED the phone (yes let’s not forget that 2.0 as out when the Behold 2 came out, maybe even 2.1, i’m not sure).

    On top of that, didn’t the Moment come out before the Behold 2? And it just got the 2.1 update. This whole thing is just beyond hilarious. It seems that since the Moment was mostly stock Android it got the update, but since the Behold 2 runs the garbage TouchWIZ UI even Samsung doesn’t want to waste their time updating that horrid joke of a custom UI.

    I never even thought about getting the Behold 2 since it had crap hardware and software before it was even released, but this definitely makes me never even look at getting ANY Samsung phone, not even the Galaxy S. It already had their ugly UI on it, and whats to stop Samsung from pulling this crap again. Then you’ll have a $500-600 phone that’ll be outdated in just a few months.

    I really wish Google would just go ahead and keep releasing their own phones. Its nice to have partners, but they all seem to be run by idiots. First they couldn’t even make good OS’ themselves, now they can’t even do a simple task of keeping an already made OS updated.

  • Prince77

    Why are some of you guys talking about it’s a start? This is a beginning and a end, this phone so garbage. I am going to wait til after the summer and see what is out or coming out and I am ditching this phone. I have it on the payment plans which means I have to still pay for it, but it’s cool at least I will get something I want and that will be upgradeable.

  • http://Website Brent

    Even the Vodafone Australia HTC Magic is getting an update past the 1.6 So the Samsung Behold II is more then capable to have move then 1.6

  • http://Website Matthew

    And to think I just bought a tv and this phone from samsung, after a sunt like this im never going to purchase another samsung product and recommend that advice to all my friends and blog followers. Sorry samsung but you have lost all trust.

    • http://Website Drew

      I totally agree! I’m so, so mad right now! For me at least, this is the end of the line for Samsung in my life. I just feel flat out betrayed.

  • http://Website Jarl

    the magic getting an update beyond 1.6? i havent even seen 1.6 here!

    i dont believe a 2.x update will ever come for the Magic/Mytouch

    so i feel for you Behold 2 owners. i gave up on htc and got myself a Xperia X10

    didnt want to wait anymore for the Galaxy S and now with this going on, i’m wondering maybe i made the right choice not waiting for Samsung…

    • http://Website Eric

      I talked to an HTC rep the other day and he said the MyTouch will receive 2.1. Didn’t say anything about 2.2 though. The T-Mobile rep also said the Cliq would be receiving 2.1 … its just us BH2 owners or are SOL.

      • http://Website Mocha K

        Which MyTouch? 1.0 or 1.2?

  • http://Website Scott

    That is it for me and Samsung. I will never by another Samsung product ever. I am also considering walking from t-mobile as well.

  • http://Website joi

    that’s dirty you can always root it and put on a new rom

    • http://Website Mocha K

      But users like me have a hard time doing it. It’s so confusing. I tried rooting, but none of the reviews explained every step.

      • http://Website Daniel Lee

        And type in “how to’s samsung behold 2″
        It shows you how to root the phone step by step and more. Specially, shows you what to do before and after you root the phone. Try it! I did my behold 2 and it is great to have 1.6….

  • http://Website Bugdog

    Yup, I am done with Samsung as well – and maybe Tmo, but the wife and I are on a family plan so that’s more complicated. It’s disgraceful to both of them that this phone was ever released, it is such a disaster. It’s far, far better running the Galaxy 1.6 ROM from BH Man/Eugene. Not sure whether I’ll go for this upgrade when it’s released, b/c I kinda like having a search button instead of that stupid cube. And if I never see TouchWiz again it will be too soon – that crap gives me nightmares.

    What I really, really love about reading this post is the fact that this f’ing piece of garbage is listed on this site under “Newest Phones”, right next to the EVO – way to twist the knife, guys. Ouch.

  • http://Website Tony Bullard

    Eliminate the fear, open up your gear. Root it, and put a ROM on it. I have 2.1 on my G1, and I’m told 2.2 shouldn’t be too far along.

    • Drew

      You can technically run an unfinished 2.2 ROM

  • Steven Jones

    Same deal they pulled with the Original Galaxy, stuck on the official 1.5, sure there are roms about but none that FULLY work. If Samsung aren’t going to support Android based phones with updates, they need to just stop making them!

  • http://Website mkrmec

    BASTARD Samsung… open you phones encrypted kernel… so we can do upgrades ouselfs if you are too lazy.. idiots..

  • Uncemister

    It does sound crappy as my fiance used to own a behold II. (Heck its sitting on the shelf right next to me) But I have a feeling they want the BH2 to be their new entry level android phone, with the MT3G and the MT3G slide being the next level up and the nexus one as their flagship. I just get a sneaking suspicion that they want the BH2 to be the “current g1.” If they really are leaving it at that then this could definitely go down in history as the most short lived android phone.

  • http://Website ROb

    What a slap in the face TM0/Samsung. Both of theses companies are responsiible for this mess of a deviice. Let’s just forget about android versions 2.x for a second. What about all the known issues with this deviice. I mean can we fix this phone already? Diid Samsung even test this crappy device before releasing it? Its all about the money. TM0s broke I bet. They would rather invest on future high end devices then fiix thiis Samsung Niightmare. Ps. I just chucked my Behold 2 over the freeway! GOOod riiddence!! I luuv my Nexus babii!! <3

  • http://Website seeeye

    Its extremely sad!!! And its not t mobile fault bh man/ Eugene spoke out and was told last week by a higher up in Samsung that behold 2 is only gonna get 1.6 nothing better he did all the work not Samsung they don’t want the phone to be as compatible as the galaxy s really Google should help us out and apply pressure.. we should all give thanks to bh man/ Eugene for getting us 1.6 and middle finger to Samsung it is their fault we all know this phone can get 2.1 and probably better!!! Boycott Samsung!!!!!!

  • xaueious

    At least with .29 source they can port 2.1 now with less issues…

  • http://Website Droidpwner

    In other words, the behold is a piece of crud samsung put out for 100 bucks for people to waste their money on, if people did their research they would know that the behold is terrible and hard to use. I think samsung wanted to waste people’s money on a phone they probably didnt even try they screwed around with people’s money to make profit

  • http://Website Brent

    Good news now is we have a Dev on 2.1 atm, he’ll probably release it tomorrow if he keeps at it. Bad news is since we dont have drivers from Samsuck, we are having trouble getting things working.

    Just release the kernel Samsung, and we just might leave you alone….

  • http://Website Daniel Lee

    I spent over $600 for this phone. Phone itself, cases and invisible shield etc. And I rooted the phone and got the custom rom from b_h man’s latest version(1.6)
    I was waiting update but I couldn’t wait. However, Samsung is saying we are not getting update to 2.1?
    This is BS!!!! I want refund! From tmo and samsung.

  • http://Website Jonathan

    this is ridiculous we were told we would have 2.X and now we might be left with this firmware that looks almost primitive to the other phones

  • http://Website angie

    Hahaha Behold II man…

  • http://Website ray

    the behold is not getting the update for this reason…1 tmobile has told samsung so many few have this phone do not update pass 1.6…samsung didnt advertise this phone untill 4 months after release…the moment was advertised and people bought it off sprint thats why it got the update.Yes they want you to buy the galaxy S and you should for one reason they will not forget about this phone because its getting launched in 110 diffrent countries and its going to sale…There sending it to 110 countries soo that thos incident will not happin again.the behold 2 was jus a failure in the phone marketing business. The galaxy S will not be the same..

  • jhc619

    Don’t buy Samsung Galaxy S! You would end up like us, sad people, owners of Behold 2. You sure you will get update after whatever OS that comes with it? Samsung lied to us Behold 2 owners. They even made a video and promised that we will get our 2.X update. What do we have now? 1.5. 1.6 later? Well, it’s not here yet today at least! My gf has HTC my touch. That has 1.6 in it already when she bought it in Feb, and guess what, she will get the update to 2.2.

  • http://n/a S.Pratt

    This shows you just what the carrier thinks of the consumer; they made a promise and then broke it without batting an eyelash. You would think they would want to reward our patronage and early adoption of the android OS. I think I will have to go ahead and move to AT&T for an iPhone afterall.

  • http://Website arlid

    Well about this “OTA Donut roll-out” for the Behold 2. I am happy to know that it has supposedly started since June 20 whenever, but I am pissed as hell because I haven’t received this update as yet. Especially since I am now picking up all the force close messages and restarts and the general slothfulness of the phone; Oh not forgetting the phone locks up every time I try to use video recorder. These things I may have overlooked previously. I went as far as calling t-mobile and the person to whom I spoke said she would put me on the next scheduled roll out list which would be Monday, since it is already 4 O’clock Friday afternoon and the roll-out period for that day has already passed.
    So I waited patiently until Tuesday and then waited…,…,…,and waited some more. What do you know I am still waiting for this Donut to roll my way. The initial call to t-mobile was made almost two months ago if not longer. My wife called something subsequently and when asked if there is anything else she needs, decided to mention getting the update for my Behold 2.
    Guess what we were told then? The android platform is experiencing some problems currently, so we may not be able to get that update right now. We should give it a few weeks and see what happens. Well a few more weeks have passed, still no update.

    Thank you t-mobile for the update.

  • http://Website Sam

    That is sad cuz I have behold 2 and waiting for 2.x update on it…

    i dont know what else to say…..

  • http://Website Heather

    i must say I now REGRET getting the Behold 2. Apps dont run as good. I had games nd other apps on my phone nd have friends with the same stuff with more recent versions of android nd their phone works much better. Where as mines force closes, runs slows or fails to download. I sometimes feel like throwing my phone at the f*n wall but I cant do that until I get a new one! Oh well…