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Samsung Moment 2 clears the FCC?

A new Samsung phone with the model number SPH-M910 was spotted on the FCC’s site this week. Many are speculation this is the same device as the Sprint Moment 2 which leaked earlier this month. The model number M910 follows that of original Samsung Moment (M900), the M910 was already spotted in a leaked 2010 Sprint roadmap, and the shape of the phone pictured in the FCC documents matches the earlier leaked pics.

Not much else is known about the Moment 2 outside of its model number and shape. The original Sprint Moment was Samsung’s best selling Android phone in the U.S. and users love keyboards, so it makes sense a follow-up is being planned. Rumors suggest the device will feature Android 2.x and Samsung’s latest TouchWiz 3.0 that we have seen on the Samsung Galaxy S.

Sprint has also long been rumored to be working on a 4G device with Samsung, so maybe the Moment 2 will feature that added benefit.

Via: Android Guys

Source: FCC

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