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Sirius XM Radio app is now available for download

We knew that Sirius XM would begin broadcasting to Android devices sometime in May and Sirius managed to get in just under the wire.

Don’t bother checking the Market; Sirius has opted to distribute the app directly from their website (Sorry Backflippers). You can hit this page on your desktop and have the apk emailed to you or navigate to that same page on your Android browser and you’ll just see a “download the App” link. They stated previously that the app would only be available for devices running 2.1 or above, but I’m not sure how they are going to restrict that with this direct apk download so if you feel like giving but according to our intrepid testers in the comments below (and the apps FAQs) it looks like this version is good to go for 1.5 on up so download away.

If you aren’t a current Sirius XM subscriber you get a 7 day trial to see what you think of the 120 channels available to you — when the trial period ends the monthly subscriptions run from $6.99 to $19.99. Current subscribers you’ll need the internet radio add-on for $2.99 a month if you don’t already have it as part of your package.

Just a reminder that MLB Play-by-Play, NFL Play-by-Play, SIRIUS NASCAR Radio, and Howard Stern are among the channels not accessible via this app. The full list of channels available on the Android app can be found here.

With all of the other streaming audio options available for Android I’m not sure how many new subscribers will jump on board due to this app, but if you are a current Sirius XM user this is certainly a nice value add.

Source: SiriusXM

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  • nEx.Software

    Cool, I’ve been an XM subscriber for years but had to give my receiver to my wife. I’ve been driving around without it for a year or so. I’ll have to give it a shot and see if it’ll be worth the extra cost (or if I am better with stuff like Pandora or on my phone). Internet radio used to be included with a hardware subscription, but I guess that changed.

  • http://Website altonb

    Only connects through Wifi.

    • nEx.Software

      Really? Well, then that answers my question of whether it is worth it to me, lol.

      • http://Website tamrod

        its working on my phone w/o a wifi connection…

        • Sean Riley

          I can also confirm that it is running just fine on 3G for me.

          • Josh

            What model & service do you have? I have TMobile w/ Cliq and can only get the music over wifi. I can see the channels, see what’s playing on each, but get an error that the data connection has been lost, attempting reconnect when wifi isn’t available.

  • http://Website fred

    I can confirm that it works great on my Rogers Wireless HTC Magic running 1.5

    I was shocked that the app supports the ancient 1.5

  • http://Website Brian

    Almost 4mb … too big to be useful

    • Josh

      too big? as in you own a startac?

  • http://Website Daniel

    They don’t really need to do anything unusual to restrict the app to 2.1, just require API level 7. Earlier versions of the OS will simply refuse to install such a package. That said, considering fred’s comment above me, they apparently went with level 3 (1.5), despite whatever other claims.

    • nEx.Software

      According to the FAQ at the Sirius XM website, it requires Android 1.5 or higher.

    • Sean Riley

      Thanks to both of you for the heads up.

  • http://Website tamrod

    Works on behold 2 on 1.5 w/o wifi, running it on the 3g connection. takes a few mins at first but works awesome!!!!

  • Haulngas

    I tried to download the app twice on the Motorola Cliq XT. And it won’t download the app.

    • Sean Riley

      It won’t download or it won’t install?

      • Haulngas

        I tried once more today and it did download and install, and is working well.

        • Josh

          in 3G or wifi? I’m on a base Cliq and only works on wifi.

  • http://BOOO Louis Izq

    So if you dont pay the extra $2.99/mo for premium streaming.. then its useless. For someone who has the ‘lifetime’ subscription it doesnt happen.

  • http://Website Matt

    No live sports = No Interest

  • http://Website altonb

    I siriusly can’t connect over 3g. It keeps saying “data connection lost” but works fine on wifi. NexusOne

  • http://Website munk24

    Works greats on Droid, only problem is it doesnt put an icon on to open it, its on applications page, any hints on how to put on desktop or open from application page.

    There are live sports, what ESPN and PGA network broadcast

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      @munk24 If this app install it places an App Icon in the App Drawer, then all you need to do is LONG Press on the App icon within the App Drawer. Continue to LONG press when the home screen appears then drag your finger, while still pressing on the screen, to the left or right edge of the screen to select a different home screen page than the one you were on, if applicable. When you have the App Icon located where you want it simply lift your finger off the screen. ;)

      • http://Website munk24

        Dindt think I had the icon, ifound under online instead of sirius or XM, thanks for the help

  • http://n/a Steve Papadoc

    I used to have Sirius in my car and I LOVED IT .. Now that the App is available for the droid I can get a subscription again and play it in my new car! YAY .. This is a nice add since Now I don’t have to front an extra 100 bucks for a receiver! Nice Job!

  • http://Website 5starz


    • Tony

      Installed on a Motorola Cliq, 1.5 (obviously).

      Don’t have a 3G connection here in the boonies, but it’s working beautifully on WiFi.

      I’ve missed the Cinemagic station. It’ll be nice to have it for the next week.

      • Josh

        doesn’t appear to work on 3G but I have 1.4? Tmobile. I checked for updates, could have sworn I had at least 1.5 but it says 1.4 in the system info.

  • http://Website JB

    Installed on Cliq XT no problem. However, I keep getting “data connection lost” also. Won’t play any audio. Must be a T-Mobile data issue. Anyone else?

    • http://Website Derrick

      Same for me on T-Mo 3g on Nexus 1 “unable to aquire data connection” but shows me what songs are playing , so it must be getting SOME connection.

      I called Sirius and they said it isn’t their app causing the problem and to call T-Mobile. Haven’t yet.

      • http://Website Stevey Janowski

        Reply back if you hear anything guys. I’ve posted other places asking the same question. Seems like most people on T-Mobile are experiencing the issue. My bet is that it’s still the app though.

      • http://Website dantemaniaa

        I had exactly the same issue with the connection um i decided to try a wifi connection in there still did not work so its not t mobile issue

        • Josh

          I also have Cliq on TMo. I had no luck on 3G for days…. tired it on Wifi tonight @ home on a whim and blam, perfect. Do you get the song names on 3G? I do, makes it all that much weirder that the actual streaming doesn’t work over 3G.

    • http://Website vtqn

      Same here.

      No connection with T-Mobile 3G. Works with Wifi.

  • Nexus1

    The same for me, only wifi connection on tmobile, nexus 1 with froyo.
    Any news?

  • Nexus1

    I did use wifi to connect then shut off wifi, and still plays.

    • http://Website Stevey Janowski

      Well, that’s atleast a step in the right direction. I’m hoping for an update fixing the issue, but I’ll go ahead and assume we’re screwed for the weekend.

      • Josh

        I can confirm this works on Cliq w/ Tmo.
        I can’t connect for 3G for days since it came out but found wifi worked from home. I turned off wifi and it works…. ah, nm it copped out while I was typing this, maybe a minute tops.

        …screw it. Wifi is still easier then getting another docking station for my Stiletto so I can use an antenna here but it pisses me off because Sirius had no idea that might fix it.

  • themetatron

    The only reason I use this app would be for the sports, if only NFL would go the MLB route and make their own app instead of always being exclusive to one carrier. MLB at bat is worth $15, I pay double for NFL app.

  • http://Website mista2x

    No Howard Stern on mobile version. :(

  • http://Website marc

    Why would anyone pay money for piped radio, that also has ads, and then go through the trouble of this installation process – on an internet enabled phone??? Let me get this straight – inferring from the above comments – the service doesn’t even stream that attracts people to sirius XM?

  • http://Website marc

    “…this is certainly a nice value add”. Doesn’t something have to add vale in order to be a nice value-add?

    • Sean Riley

      Its giving you another method of consuming content you are paying for; I would say that is valuable.

  • http://Website lovetotext

    Just downloaded a free trial of SIRIUS|XM on my G1 running stock 1.6

  • http://Website ageDrage

    Also can’t get to work on 3g initially. Can confirm it does work after wifi is turned on then off.
    N1 Froyo

  • http://Website iwuzwitu

    I am only able to listen on Wifi. 3G on T-mobile does not work. Does work on 3g only when app started on wifi, but when you switch station will be unable to connect. Program is stuck in buffer mode. Have called sirius they have no idea. Told me to call cell provider, but I am having no other issues with streaming music using Anyone else having this problem?

    Nexus 1


    • http://Website Same here

      I have an HTC Evo and, I must start the app in wifi then, I’m able to turn off wifi and continue listening. I enjoy the app but, hate that, while at work, I have to leave and go to a coffee house and, hope the app doesn’t shut down on my way back to the office.

  • http://Website Cecilia

    i’m able to play it using edge or 2g, whatever you want to call it. 3g doesn’t reach us just yet but it’s at the gas station area 2-3 miles away, go figure.

    • http://Website Cecilia

      another thing is if this works well during the trial, i’m cancelling my monthly membership and going with just internet radio which is cheaper than a normal subscription. connect via auxillary in the car and go with only this (of course i have an unlimited data plan). sirius will probably catch on and charge more for the internet subscription eventually i’m sure.

    • http://Website iwuzwitu

      So what phone are you using and what version of android software? Trying to figure out if it is a 2.1 issue.


      • http://Website Cecilia

        I have a mt3g (original, non fender), android1.6

    • http://Website Woody

      Wow, 3g at the gas station but not at your home! Where do you live?

  • http://Website Cecilia

    sounds like a n1 issue, at least….from the above comments. i was able to get it to run on a mt3g original, running 1.6…..over 2g, 3g, and wifi. good luck to you n1 guys, hope it eventually works. it may not even be a n1 thing, but an android 2.1/2.2 thing.

  • http://Website iwuzwitu

    Jon you may want to email sirius also. I have called technical support for xm and they do not provide support for the application. I was told that sirius provides support for this application. I have called sirius and the reps are clueless on the app. I agree with Cecil that this must be a 2.1 issue or a nexus issue. We need to send emails and call so they are made aware.

    Nexus 1
    Android 2.1

    • http://Website Woody

      I don’t think it’s a froyo issue. I could not get app to play running on froyo, so I reverted to the latest cyanogen rom, app still did’nt work, so I thought maybe cyanogen was the problem, so I rolled back the stock Nexus rom , install the sirius app again, it still did not work! Either tmo or the app is the problem, considering last fm and pandora worked fine everytime i went back to older roms, Id say it’s the app itself.

  • http://Website Devon

    It’s not just a Nexus One or 2.x issue (unfortunately for me). I’m having the exact same problem on my MyTouch 3G which is 1.6. It doesn’t seem consistent though because Others have noted that mt3g works just fine.

  • http://Website iwuzwitu

    Everyone please send a email to sirius or call so they have a record of this problem. This is the only way they will know to look into this issue. Since we have to download the application as a non market application we can not leave comments about this in the android market. Anyone else having problems with other versions of android?

    Link to send email or call Sirius

  • http://Website JB

    It’s wifi only on both mine and my girlfriends Cliq XTs… so its not just an N1 issue. I emailed sirius yesterday, hopefully they push an update soon.

  • http://Website Mary

    It’s not the app, its got to be tmo. I have a Droid Eris through Verizon and have no 3G connectivity issues. If it is tmo, shame on them for crippling apps with ridiculous issues like this. Do their customers not pay a data charge for having a smartphone?

  • http://Website Mary

    Um… does anyone not think is tmo? Why email Sirius? All of my friends and family on Verizon and Sprint are having no issues. Whether its 1.5 or 2.1!

    • http://Website Stacy

      Verizon and Sprint are both CDMA, where T-Mobile is GSM. Given that 99% of other online radio apps for Android work fine on T-Mobile phones, chances are Sirius didn’t code their app to function properly on both CDMA/GSM data connections. Does that make sense to everyone else?

      • http://Website iwuzwitu

        That makes sense Stacy.

  • http://Website Ryan

    It sounds like this app is having the exact same problem as the iheart radio app. I was going to re-subscribe to Sirius if it worked over TMo 3G… but it looks like I won’t be until this gets straightened out.

    I’m really bummed that I can’t use this app nor iheart radio over 3G.

  • Nexus1

    Looks like is Tmobile, we need to pressure them.

  • http://Website Pax

    Worked great on iPhone, choppy 3g reception on Nexus 1, but great on WIFI.

  • http://Website Mojo Yugen

    So you can’t get the stations that set Sirius/XM apart from Pandora and company?

    Wow, fail.

  • http://Website n1


  • http://Website n1

    Same here. N1 T-Mobile, used the app primarily on 3g, till today

  • http://Website Guest

    Tmobile MyTouch 1.6

    Getting the data connection error on 3G, 2G, and WiFi…all other internet radio apps work perfectly. Emailed SiriusXM yesterday and awaiting a reply. This is so frustrating!

  • http://Website Blitz

    While the App works Great stationary, it does have it’s connection issues while moving which I would gather might be resolved in an update, although I don’t have these issues with Pandora or any other streaming content.

    I do have an Issue though, I read that the reason that Stern and MLB are not offered here is that SiriusXM does not have the rights to do so. Yet they are offered on their Online Content, so that Clam is Bogus, HOO HOOO and MLB declined because they think that somehow they will loose revenue by people listening on phones instead of units. Seems the Self Proclaimed King of all Media wants to control everything.

    Stop Being a Selfish Ass Stern! More people will subscribe to a cheaper web based content, so your $500 Million Dollar contract can be Paid, You too MLB, Like your Not making enough money off Ticket Prices and Product Lic.

  • http://Website danny


  • http://Website Duane

    This app sucks in typical Sirius fashion. It works, but the streaming is choppy, and it will not close. If I choose exit….the app sits for a long while, then disappears, however, when I pull up my apps list….it is still running. If I attempt to kill using advanced task killer…nothing happens. I literally have to reboot the phone to get it to stop. (Droid X)

  • http://Website Jacki

    I downloaded the 7 day trial. I know it’s ‘in there’ but no icon for it under aps, doesn’t come up in search, checked using astro and I can’t find it. I’ve never tried sirius so I was very interested, but I guess it’s a no go for me. I’m on Sprint HTC Evo — tried it with 2.1 and once I upgraded to 2.2.

  • http://Website Mark

    Tried the Sirius app on my new Garminfone from T mobile. Works great on Wifi but nothing on 3g. I keep getting the message that It’s lost the data connection. Sirius customer service is rediculously bad. Four calls later to the Phillipines and 1 hour later I am told that there is a glitch in the software and I must wait until there has been an update to the Sirius app. Really frustrating to hear outsourced calls to people that don’t even know their products and services.

  • http://Website Neil Down

    I have t-mobile MY Touch slider… same problem not connecting to 3G. WE NEED THIS UPDATE! By the way you can listen to stern on Droid Live app. channel Howard 101.5 which is the later west coast feed or piratestation.. The problem is i want to listen to O & A!

  • http://Website can’t download sirius player app to my samsung captivate

    my captivate on att says it blocks the app because it is not on the android market. how do i get around this

    • http://Website Kyle

      did you get the answer yet? I’m having the same problem.

  • http://Website Kevin

    I clicked on the link and all I get is a blank page. I have the T-mobile G1, what do I do?

  • http://Website roland

    With myHTC Evo, I can log on to the app via wifi then, turn wifi off and continue listening. God forbid thoug, I should ever lose the 3g connection…its off to a coffee shop to log on again. Not among my decisions to pay an extra fee to get Howard when, I can download the next day for free.

  • tblount

    Doesn’t work on EVO … just spins and never loads the music. I wonder why they don’t test an application that will bring in revenue? Anyway, pandora and slacker is probably going to kill sirius/xm … a $2 cable will run the droid music through most car radios and give us a more customized selection.

  • http://Website Jote

    January 22, 2011 at 9:14 pm
    Doesn’t work on EVO … just spins and never loads the music. I wonder why they don’t test an application that will bring in revenue? Anyway, pandora and slacker is probably going to kill sirius/xm … a $2 cable will run the droid music through most car radios and give us a more customized selection.

    Call your SP and get your MSL # then call Sirius, they have steps to get it to stream though 3G-4G on the EVO/

    Also the app is not guaranteed to work on all Android phones hasnt been tested/ but it should

  • Connie

    I installed the Sirius app on my Dell android but the update downloads won’t come in so can listen to Sirius. Anyone got any ideas why!