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Skype Mobile with video calling coming to all Androids this year

When Verizon launched Skype Mobile for their Android phones earlier this year, we were under the impression they had locked up a long-term exclusive deal. Skype removed the Skype Lite client from the Android Market and only Verizon customers were allowed to download the full version of their app.

Now we learn that Skype Mobile for Android will be coming to all carriers around the globe and it will happen later this year. Skatter Tech questioned Skype when they would release Skype Mobile for the Sprint EVO and they responded with the good news. Android users can currently connect to Skype through apps like Fring and Nimbuzz, but many have longed for the official client.

Skype will also be taking on Fring and Qik with their own video calling service. Over one third of Skype’s calls happen via video so it makes sense for them to implement this feature now that we have Android phones with front-facing cameras.

“We will be bringing a direct to consumer app to the Android marketplace later this year. This application will be available for all consumers globally to download regardless of carriers. We’re betting big on video, and we intend to set the bar on mobile video calling, and it’s something we’re going to do this year.”Brianna ReynaudSkype PR

Source: Skatter Tech

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  • http://Website Andrew

    Big win here for Android, at least that is if Apple don’t open up their front facing camera API or allow this in their market. 2 big if’s there.

    This is how video calling should be done. Not through some closed proprietary thing that Apple will introduce with iChat on the iPhone4.

    • http://Website Stefan

      I didn’t read anywhere that the Skype Client will be released with Source-Code. To me it still is a “proprietary thing” :-/

  • Nickedynick

    When Reynaud says “regardless of carriers”, I’m assuming that includes non-3 devices in the UK too? Because I thought they had an exclusivity deal across all platforms here…

    Good work recently by the way, loving all the updates :-)

  • http://Website just some dude

    Hey Google while your at it why not just buy out Skype. Bam instant video chat capabilities,

  • http://Website sparki

    Great now we can say FU to that $5/mo Qik stupidity.

    • http://Website Se7en2

      Agreed. First the $10 extra from Sprint and now an additional $5 to Qik if we want to use one of the features that came with the phone, ridiculous. Let’s hope this nickle-and-dime behavior doesn’t continue, or I may regret leaving T-Mobile for Sprint and the EVO.

  • http://Website John

    Does this mean I can use it over Wi-Fi and not just 3G? Hate that limitation on Verizon’s Skype app.

  • http://Website Horaz

    This is the only thing I miss of Windows Mobile…, Skype.

  • HipHopIsLyfe37

    Good. I would trust Skype more than Qik. Even though Qik is offering basic functionality for free. I’ll try both out and see what I like. This will be awesome on the Evo!

  • Angel Otero

    You can use Fring to video Chat with Evo4G. No need of Qik and $5.00.

  • Rohfun

    hello i m waiting

  • http://Website John WIlson

    Looking forward to running the skype client on my Nexus One.

    Why they are taking so long to release it for the rest of the Android phones I will never know.

    This will only help google to sell more Nexus One Phones. Skype is an important app

  • http://Website vineeth


  • http://Website Chivas


  • http://Website altia

    I will wait also

  • s dey

    pls start video chat on mobile

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