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Sling Media demos SlingPlayer Mobile on Sprint EVO

SlingPlayer is coming to Android later this summer and we know their private beta is currently underway. It looks like a public release could be nearing after Sling employee Dave uploaded a quick YouTube video of the latest version of SlingPlayer Mobile for Android.

In the quick demo, Dave shares that SlingPlayer on Android is their quickest loading mobile app. We can see a live TV stream playing only ten seconds after the application is launched.  The Android version also has a few exclusive features including a keypad that easily launches your favorite channels.

Sling Media charges $29.99 for their iPhone version so expect similar pricing for Android.

Via: Android Central

Source: YouTube

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  • http://Website c

    Wish the quality of TV was a bit better

  • http://Website sgb101

    Selling this ap is disgusting it should be free, after all you have to buy the sling box this should be a sweetener

    • http://Website marc

      I agree that the iTunes price comparison is grotesque. Gouge Apple buyers, they are apparently quite ok with it and must not care about things like money or value, but the rest of the world pays attention to what their money buys. I junderstand that the cost of developing the app for android doesn’t need to be rolled over to all slingbox customers, but the app doesn’t really do anything more than you can already do without an app, right? The app is not needed to watch your box!

    • http://Website Chuck

      Selling slingbox mobile is a way for them to stay in business. When you buy the sling box unit itself you are ready to go to watch TV over the internet. If you want to watch on your phone you buy the seperate app. I have had one of my slingbox’s I am guessing 7 years. I bought a second unit 4 years ago. And they don’t get any more money from me. So if they want to sell me a program for $30 now and then I am ok with it.

      Now if they will do something about the battery life of the phone.