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Special plans are being created for the Sprint EVO

You want 4G speeds on your Android phone? Show me the money.

Our friends over at Android Central have obtained some leaked Sprint documents which detail the upcoming service plans for the HTC EVO 4G. No pricing was revealed, but the we learned that “special plans are being created” for the EVO because it is the first dual mode 3G/4G handset offered by Sprint.

And what about that mobile hotspot feature that allows up to 8 devices to share the internet connection of the phone? Yup, there is an extra plan for that too.

“The Sprint Mobile Hotspot feature requires an attachable plan code. This code carries a monthly reoccurring charge. The cost of this plan, and the code itself, will be revealed at a later time closer to the launch of the HTC EVO 4G.”Sprint Hotspot Plans

The EVO 4G with mobile hotspot add-on could be one of the most expensive service plans around, but Sprint is offering a premium service that will attract some high-end customers. I’m sure there are many readers who are ready to get the EVO on day one no matter what the cost.

Special plans are coming.

Source: Android Central

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  • http://Website pax

    ” I’m sure there are many readers who are ready to get the EVO on day one no matter what the cost”….that would be the ultimate stupidity.

  • http://Website TechnoSTIG

    And so it begins….

  • http://Website Jon

    Lame. I guess I won’t be upgrading. I’ve been real excited about getting the EVO too, but that’s a total deal breaker. I already had to leave my SERO for my Hero.

    • http://Website drksilenc

      the only changes there making is making it so you can add the hotspot… there are other images that show this. the everything data plans are still going to be there at the same price…

  • http://Website Bubbles loves EVO

    I still want the EVO, just wondering what the plans will be. The mobile hotspot is a rip off, just root and use tethering.

  • http://Website MaxOmus

    Not sure if I get it, if your city already has wimax covered, why would you need the hotspot add on?
    Nevermind I reread, so they want to charge you extra to create your own hotspot right? Heh, no biggie as long as it isn’t a requirement. Man, I already have that anyone in the awesome wireless tether app, sure you gotta have root, but that would be one of the 1st things i’d do anyway, when available…

  • http://Website Icon

    I personally wasn’t really looking forward to the EVO, I’m perfectly happy with my Incredible and VZW, so this has no effect on me. But when LTE devices are launched, I’m sure there will be an extra cost, and I will pay them.

  • Jason

    Make the thing optional I want to upgrade but not pay more….

  • http://Website Gomer

    I’m not sure everyone is reading this info correctly. Either that, or Sprint has stupidly or else purposely written it with ambiguity.

    We can all agree that the mobile hotspot feature will require an extra fee. No biggee. But you could infer from this training stuff that they are also coming up with new plans for regular call/data service.

    Sprint — are you listening — DO NOT DO THIS! You are already shooting yourselves in the foot by coming out with this bad boy the day before the iPhone. Don’t add to your troubles by coming out with a mandatory $79+ per month plan for the EVO 4G.

    Why oh why am I smarter than these billion dollar corporations? Why do I see everything clearly while they walk blindly into the idiot soup? Oh wel…

    • http://Website mykie

      This isn’t a big deal, don’t spread FUD.

      Sprint isn’t going to price the plans any differently for the EVO, they’ve already gone on record saying they won’t charge extra for the 4G service on the device.

      The current plan codes for non-4G devices do not allow for the 4G hotspot add-on, similar to how older Vision phones couldn’t work on Power Vision plans, and vice-versa. The plan codes have to allow for the mobile hotspot add-on, which is exclusive to the EVO 4G, and is not available on any other device at this time. Most likely, they’re duplicating the current plan codes at the same cost as current plans, with the provision to add the hotspot usoc.

      But don’t think for a second that Sprint is going to duplicate legacy SERO plans!

    • http://Website djhead

      I agree that is so dumb. Why drop a phone so close to Apple? Sprint dont drop maybe one good phone a year, so why choose to drop it so close to Apple? If it was me I would have drop it last month and had them boys ready to go as soon as I showed it off in March. Lastly, its a Android device and if there are any bugs just do an over the air upgrade.

  • http://Website Wallingsworth

    this phone is total ballarism at it’s finest.

  • http://Website Klaus

    All I hope is that the 450 everything data can be used with this phone. Otherwise I won’t be saving money and I might as well get the Droid Incredible.

    • http://Website element4life3

      So your logic is you would rather be on a plan that you pay more for, and get a lesser phone than the Evo? Hmm…..

      I doubt Sprint is going to make the plan any more expensive besides the hot-spot feature, but if they do, I very much doubt it will be as expensive as Verizon’s plans.

      Dan Hesse did say they were not going to charge extra for 4G, so I am going to take his word for it for the time being.

      • http://Website Nitrousoxide

        Not everyone needs texting or lots of minutes, the former especially thanks to Google voice. If you don’t need texting and 450 minutes is plenty for you (as it is for me) then Verizon, Sprint, AND AT&T all have pretty darn similarly priced plans. Then it just comes down to the phone and the network

  • http://Website rhodedawg66

    I work for sprint. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. Same plans, same pricing. Wifi wil be an ADD ON. You can still tether for free, but you will be giving up 4g speeds( just like you give up 3g speeds by tethering now). The wifi will be an OPTION. It is actually quite exciting that sprints mifi, overdrive, and aircards require a $60 per month(for 5gigs) when 4g on evo will be unlimited and route up to eight devices at once. Also, it will only be a few bucks more, not $60 a month. Power an XBOX or PS3 with your phone?! Quit your griping! It will be worth it. Bye guys and enjoy!

    • http://Website webby

      What are you talking about? You do NOT give up 3G speeds to tether. I have been tethering since Android phones came out, first with a G1, and now with a Droid. If I’m on 3G, I tether my laptop or netbook on 3G, and it actually manifests faster than on the phone, which is due to a faster processor on the laptop/netbook.

      And to others, you don’t have to root to tether. I rooted my G1, but the novelty wore off, as I got tired of the hassle of needing to upgrade roms due to bugs, etc (for those who like to root, to each his own). Now instead I just upgrade to a faster phone every 6-9 months. On my Droid, I tether using an app called PDANet.

      I will tether using PDANet on the EVO after I purchase it also. It works perfectly. I won’t be purchasing the extra mobile hotspot feature — not necessary for me, as I only tether occasionally.

  • http://Website going_home

    Uh oh. Possible huge deal killer with the extra dollars for WiMax ! If its more than the $69.99 unlimited everything I’m sticking with T-Mobile. I have $74.98 unlimited data and minutes with them and I tether the phone to the laptop all the time with no extra charges. :-D

  • http://Website Rev

    Not as convenient as having 4G in my phone, but a lot cheaper:

    - Clear’s No Contract account , unlimited: $25 /month ($50/month for two dongles)
    - 4G Clear WiMax dongle: $49.99
    - ClearSpot mobile router: $139.99 (or any other mobile router that accepts usb dongles)

    Router connects up to 8 devices through WiFi: phone, laptop, iPod/Zune etc.

    Hell of a lot cheaper than Sprint, no contract required, no need to deal with their inane support.
    Sure, you have to carry a mobile router, but it’s small (pack of cigarettes-sized) and you’re no Sprint’s slave.

    I run my N1 on T-Mobile’s 3G, and when in 4G area and I need the higher speed, I connect it to Clear.

  • SGB101

    what i dont understand is why in the US is there more than on type of mobile phone system. here in the uk nomatter which provider your with you can use your phone anywhere in the UK and even Europe.

    i just cant understsnd the logic of two different setups!?

    the EVO looks a very good device, its got a look of the Desire

  • http://Website MaTiCeK

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but this Evo phone will actually do WiFi tethering without rooting? I thought it couldn’t be done. Well I guess HTC has deeper access into Android than regular developers do. i wobder whether the app will be extracted and made run on other Androids without rooting them.

  • http://Website erik

    I can share a few things with everyone on this forum. I’ve had all 3 iPhones for the past 4 years. In the mean time I tried the Droid for 3 days and hated it also bought the nexus one used it on Sprint for a week the git the mobile plan and I was still on edge for 90% of the time. So I took it back and waited for the incredible to come out. I’ve had the incredible for a week and I’m not happy. Because I have 1 bar most of the time and when I go to network signal strength its going from -90 to -107 I’ve done star 228 and reset roaming also took the battery out. Oh did I mention I talked the the Verizon rep and they said if there isn’t an update before the 30 day trial take it back. Im in downtown Orlando so there is no problem with towers everyone except incredible users and n1 users have 5 bats no matter what carrier. Moral of the story if HTC can’t figure out how to make a quality cell phones with good reception I’m out. The Evo is there last hope. So please HTC get it right or bye bye for good.

    • http://Website ObsceneJesster

      I have owned 3 HTC phones in the past year on 2 different carriers. I never had a reception issue with any of them. They must be doing something right with the amount of profit their showing.

    • http://Website Me


      Its interesting that you had problems getting a signal with your Droid and Incredible in Orlando. I have both devices, and signal and call quality have been great for me all over Orlando. Also have several friends here with Incredibles, and they have no issues either.

    • http://Website tiger1367

      You used Nexus one on Sprint? No wonder it wasn’t working LOL!

    • http://Website dan jones

      i think you’re lying b/c htc doesnt make the droid, motorola does, and the nexus one will not work on the sprint network (gsm & cdma are not compatable). and you’re 3 iphones….. ya ya ya

  • http://Website erik

    I had the nexus one on t-mobile sorry about the typo

  • androidashley

    I have a feeling it’ll be something between 10-20 bucks extra a month for the hotspot feature.

    Ten bucks? I’ll add it.

    Twenty? Not worth it.

  • http://Website jms

    I had the mifi wifi hotspot the battery sucked & got very hot otherwise it worked very well if the Evo wifi add on is $30-40 i will get it Verizon has it for $40 on the palm I only wish the Evo had a keypad not a big fan of touchscreen

  • http://Website AdamT

    I hope i don’t have to get a more expensive plan even if i dont want 4G.

  • http://Website James C

    I will try the hot spot but not for too much more I want to use the EVO like a net book and phone if hot spot was included ok as long as I don’t have to add all the better. I really need info on how to pre order this I called 2 Radio Shacks and they knew nothing about pre orders I live in Hayward Ca .SFbay area