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Speed tests: How fast is Sprint 4G with the HTC EVO?

Disclaimer: Please do not take these results as the end-all, be-all when it comes to Sprint 4G performance. I’m one person testing in one state. Your experiences will likely differ based on a number of factors. Note this post only pertains to data speeds. Battery performance is another test coming soon.

How fast is Sprint 4G? We already previewed the Overdrive mobile hotspot, but what about the new HTC EVO 4G?

Sprint claims customers should experience download speeds that are “10x faster than 3G” and they base that on a download speed comparison of 600 Kbps for 3G and 6 Mbps for their 4G. Sprint anticipates customers who have the EVO will consume more data and they are charging a mandatory $10 premium data add-on for whatever plan you pick.

Since this is the first 4G handset in North America and one of the most important launches in Android’s history, we felt compelled to do some detailed speed tests and compare them with several other 3G networks. For this round of tests we used a HTC EVO to test Sprint 4G and 3G, a Droid Incredible to test Verizon 3G, and a Nexus One to test T-Mobile 3G.

I wanted to see how the networks performed during peak traffic and off-peak hours so half of the tests were performed in the day during rush hour (4-6 PM) and the rest were performed late at night (1-3 AM).

To measure the download and upload speeds, I used the Android app I’ve seen some people complain about the app, but it produces the most reliable results from any test I have used. is also the app that Sprint chose to demonstrate 4G speeds when they showed off the EVO at CTIA and during the recent NYC pre-launch party.

4G testing

2 days. 3 phones. 4 networks. 200 tests.

All test were performed in Corpus Christi, TX – which was one of the early markets to receive the Sprint 4G WiMAX network. At each location and on each network, I ran the speed test five times. I tossed out the high and low results, then took the average of the other three.

Peak traffic: Daytime testing

Download: During daytime testing, the Sprint EVO on 4G produced the fastest download speeds at the most locations (3). However, the 4G download speeds topped out around 2 Mbps and fell short of the advertised 3-6 Mbps. Surprisingly, the fastest download speeds of the day were achieved over Sprint 3G at my final location, where I was able to hit an average of 2.14 Mbps.

Upload: The Sprint EVO on 4G also produced the fastest upload speeds at the most locations (3). Sprint has capped 4G uploads at 1 Mbps and that is exactly what we found during our testing.

Ping: I’m not sure how important latency is to the average smartphone owner, but we included the results anyways. Sprint 4G offered the highest ping times of any network we tested during the daytime. Sprint 3G had faster ping times at every location I checked.

Daytime conclusion: Overall, the Sprint EVO on 4G offered the fastest download and upload speeds at the most locations. It was not quite as fast as I had hoped for, but Sprint 4G still came out on top

Off-peak hours: Nighttime testing

Download: Nighttime produced some interesting results. I was able to achieve 1-2 Mbps with Sprint 4G, but Sprint 3G was surprisingly faster at three different locations. I assume the Sprint 3G tested faster because the network was less congested, but I’m a little disappointed in the 4G results.

At one location I had three bars when connected to Sprint 4G, but I was unable to gain an internet connection. I tried rebooting the phone and turning the 4G radio on and off, but nothing fixed the issue. When I went over to Sprint 3G at this location, I instantly had internet again.

Upload: Once again, the Sprint EVO over 4G provided the fastest upload speeds at the most locations. I was able to get close to the 1 Mbps cap during most of my tests.

Ping: I measured about the same ping times at night as I did during the day – between 160-190 ms.

Nighttime conclusion: Download and Upload speeds remained about the same during day and night. For downloads, I topped out around 2 Mbps and uploads were at 1 Mbps.

Carrier notes

Sprint 4G: The HTC EVO on 4G generated the fastest and most consistent results. Downloads rarely dropped below 1 Mbps, but they never broke 3 Mbps either.

I’ve seen Sprint 4G do over 5 Mbps with the Overdrive when we tested it in Austin, so my expectations were high. I only did detailed testing in Corpus Christi, but I also used my EVO in Austin and San Antonio. The top download speeds in each city were around 2 Mbps.

Sprint 3G: This was probably the biggest surprise of all my testing. I had no idea Sprint 3G could produce actual download speeds over 2 Mbps. The speeds dropped dramatically during the day, so it looks like Sprint 3G is pretty congested in my city.

T-Mobile: My city has been upgraded to T-Mobile’s HSPA 7.2, but I have seen no difference in download speeds. Only a single location (at night) was able to break 1 Mbps for downloads.

Verizon: For what it’s worth, Verizon had the best latency during day and night. Download speeds were around 1 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up, which is good. At nighttime, I was even able to break 2 Mbps at one location.

Final thoughts

Sprint 4G is fast, but it didn’t live up to my expectations when tested in multiple Texas cities. As you saw from the results, the download speeds maxed out around 2 Mbps, but we were also able to get those results on Sprint 3G.

Having said that, I still see how certain people can benefit by having 4G on their phone. It provides a reliable internet connection that is as fast as DSL. Sprint 4G also performed well during the daytime, when many other networks were bogged down with traffic.

I’ve seen people asking how Sprint 4G performed while moving and in-doors, so I tested that as well. I did not see any noticeable drop-off when using 4G in my apartment and I was still able to achieve the same 2 Mbps that I saw in all my outside testing. I was also able to measure download speeds of 2 Mbps while in a car doing 70 mph.

As I finish writing this post, I’m still questioning how important mobile speeds are to the average customer. I have been with T-Mobile the last two years (which was one of the slower networks in my city) and I have no complaints in my day-to-day use of my Android phone. Even when I was limited to 2G Edge, my Android phone still performed as I would expect it.

Do you think 4G data is worth the mandatory $10 a month? If you are a person who wants to upload a lot of video or share the internet connection with other devices, then yes. Owning a Sprint EVO 4G is like carrying around a a high-speed internet connection (DSL like) in your pocket.

To end on a positive note, other users have been able to achieve greater download speeds in other states. Our friend Dylan Anderson measured an impressive download speed of 4.3 Mbps when testing in California.

Keep in mind this phone has not even shipped yet and speeds could improve over time. Carriers routinely update these phones over the air with new firmware and radio images, which enhance performance.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • http://Website darkfire

    On day 3 sprint 4g won for download and upload. Not Verizon

    • David Shellabarger

      darkfire is talking about the graph for daylight. Day 3 is color coded wrong.

    • http://Website pell

      Well, every superphones has its own limit and just like the 4G it will have as well. So my take is, lets just savor the moment while it last!

    • http://Website Andi Nicole

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      I am a Business Agent for Sprint and can offer you various savings and credits. The $100 porting credit is currently for new lines of service switched from a previous carrier and is only valid for accounts based off of a business tax i.d..

      Feel free to contact me via email or phone to learn more. I will be more than happy to provide you with my Sprint I.D. for your verification.

      PLEASE ask for Andi Nicole if you call!

      Andi Nicole
      Sprint Business Consultant
      877-815-7840 Ext. 2685
      [email protected]

  • http://Website steven

    I have to say, I’m not impressed.

    I just did a speed test with my android device with AT&T. I got 3.0 down and 1.1 up. That’s better than any speeds you were able to get with sprint 4G.

    Of course, we live in different areas so it’s not going to be an accurate comparison.

    I was using HSPA+ with AT&T in California.

    • http://Website PhilR8

      If it’s not an accurate comparison, why mention it at all?

    • http://Website simms22

      i believe tmobile is the only carrier with hspa+ in the united states. if att had it, there would be ads plastered everywhere!

      • http://Website steve

        My AT&T handset gets “H” as it’s reception all the time where I live. Along with “3G” and “E” at other locations.

        I was assuming H is for HSPA+ , am I wrong ?

        • http://Website Chris

          “H” is going to stand for “HSDPA” (High Speed Downlink Packet Access). It’s the 7.2mbps and 3.6mbps upgrades to UMTS (which is what you’re on when you get the “3G” icon.). HSPA+ is a different upgrade, and will most likely need a new icon….

        • http://Website Chayse

          I on iPhone 4 on AT&T in Louisville, KY and I test my speedon 3G and I get 3.66Mbps Down and 1.05Mpbs up and I’ve seen is spike over 5Mpbs on non peak hours.

    • http://Website Daniel A

      About two weeks ago I was recieving 4G speeds that were less than desirable (barely 1.5mbps). I called Sprint and they told me that they were working on a problem with the 4G nodes in my area. It took about week and the speeds since then have been 3-4x faster than those 1.5mbpsish speeds that I was getting then. Clearly there is an issue with 4G network in the Corpus Christi area. Every other speedtest I have seen or done myself, day or off-time, has been in the 3.5-6.5 mbps range. BTW, I noticed nowhere in the article did it mention how strong the 4G signal (RSSI) was in the tests! That bit of info is critically important.

      Here is a speedtest I just conducted with with only 2 bars of 4G coverage in Raleigh, NC

  • simms22

    tnobile hspa+ in nyc…
    speed test taken in rego park, queens, nyc

    • http://Website Zcarman

      I see your results screen and your ping at 92ms will explain your speeds vs. what Taylor was getting above. I ran the test with the app and tried to slow my ping time by changing servers – guess what…

      Going from 42ms in Seattle, WA at 1.76Mbps to 504ms in Wichita, KS at 223kbps really tells the story. The lag time in the tower connection will really tell you more than the actual speed will.

      I’m not sure that Sprint’s 4G coverage will be any faster than even the most basic 3G coverage for a while. I’m in the Snohomish area of Washington which has a beautiful tower servicing us here. As soon as my Evo gets here next week I’ll run some 4G testing and see how various ping times affect it.

      And I want to give T-Mo a big congrats on this one, sounds like they are getting the jumpstart on the competition to a faster network – even if LTE is going to be it going forward, 5-7Mbps will be more than adequate for some time! Good job T-Mo!

  • http://Website Bremb0

    My 3g results in So Cal is good, I just hope when 4g finally launch that it is actually faster than my 3g .Speed test link.

  • Christopher Chavez

    Wow… very in depth testing. Good work, Taylor.

    I just think its a little early for people to make a solid judgement based solely upon these tests.
    just like Taylor said, this will be different for EVERYONE.
    Not to mention, Sprint just started rolling out 4G so I could imagine it will be spotty and unreliable in this early state.
    I do think its rather sucky charging a mandatory fee for something not everyone even has but maybe a lawsuit will set them straight.

    In side by side testing with my G1 on T-Mo and my Evo on Sprint I’ve noticed 2 bars less with Sprint but always a constant 3G connection. Also, near identical 3G speeds between the 2.
    I’m in the LA/Inland Empire area.
    No 4G where I’m at. =[

  • http://Website K

    MT3G in Philadelphia 3.15DL and .42 UL.

  • artesea

    Just wondering what will happen when you get a city full of 4G devices to the speeds.

  • Dylan Andersen

    Good stuff as always, Taylor.

    For those of you wondering what 4G speeds are like in California – Taylor posted a link in the article to a little test I did in the Bay Area for 4G speeds. Give it a read..

  • http://Website Chris

    What makes me sad about these results is that T-Mobile didn’t come in second place or nearly tie the 4g results… In theory, The HSDPA 7.2 network of T-Mobile is much faster than the EVDO Rev. A networks that Sprint and Verizon have. I’ve been a loyal T-Mobile customer for several years now, and I’m starting to eye up the Verizon Droid Incredible with a worrying amount of lust. :-\

  • http://Website Jeff

    This should remind people of an important point, the weakest link in mobile broadband connectivity is often not from the phone to the tower, but from the tower to the Internet. While Sprint may have 4G towers ready and working, I doubt they have fully invested in the tower infrastructure needed for everyone to hit 3-6Mbps consistently.

    • http://Website Triangle

      You’re talking about backhaul. You’re correct that backhaul is often the bottleneck, not the towers or equipment. Clearwire uses a microwave backhaul network that is capable of much higher speeds that traditional T-1s that are cobbled together.

  • http://Website Zcarman

    I love the speedtest app, but something I have noticed is that when I am running things like K-9, Weather Widget, and Twitdroid – the download stream sucks on my Moment (Sprint 3G). When those are shut off, it goes from 300k to 1.7Mbps, without a location change.

    With the bloatware that is running on Sense with the Evo, I can imagine that it’s chewing up about a third of your data stream right there. Would be interesting to disable Sense and run that test again…

  • http://Website mytharak

    My experience with the evo on 4G in Boise was also much less phenomenal than I expected. In my home area on 4G I get between 200 and 500 kbps down and a meg up. 3g is at least 1 mbps consistently. In other parts of town at the right times of day I can see between 1 and 2 mbps on 4G. For me, most of the time the 3G is faster and more reliable.

  • http://Website josesxi
    • http://Website Chris

      Not all of us are that lucky. :)

      I usually hit about 75 kilobytes per second downstream on the myTouch 3g with a strong 3g signal, and see 100 to 150 kilobytes per second when downloading files/apps. Still nowhere near to what it *should* be doing connected to a 7.2 megabit network. (I would expect it to be doing 500-600 kilobytes per second, to account for overhead.)

  • http://Website Blah

    it would be interesting to perform this test again but indicate bars of reception for each carrier for each test as well. i just tested 3G on my tmobile G1 inside my house and depending where i am i get 1, 2, 3, or 4 out of 4 bars and get approximately the following results with the app (chose the best results after a few tests with each level of reception):

    1 bar: ping 270ms, download 381k, upload 330k
    2 bars: ping 249ms, download 559k, upload 421k
    3 bars: ping 262ms, download 772k, upload 422k
    4 bars: ping 147ms, download 1108k, upload 436k

    this was at about 11pm in the Seattle area

  • http://Website Dre

    Interesting, I’m glad you did this test. I would expect better results for the EVO, my moment matches most of those stats on 3G here in Dallas, max is usually about 2.17 avg around 1.15. Really makes me wonder if the extra 10$ is really worth it just for a constantly slightly faster connection that can be outdone by they’re own 3G network on occasion.

  • http://Website B

    Obviously, cell phone data speeds are relative to your area, but I get WAY faster speeds on my Nexus One with T-Mobile in NYC and North Jersey than in these tests. In good areas, I probably average 2mbps, but its not rare to frequently get higher than that. That ping is horrible too. Just the other day I was consistently getting 4mbps with 101 later in the evening. I would sincerely hope that the Evo can perform better than that on a regular basis.

  • chart9891

    I get from 2 to 4 Mbps 3G speeds on my Nexus one in Canada. So really don’t see the need of 4G which is even bad average download rates in the states to begin with. I with Rogers :)

  • http://Website mo

    I have obtained 2.5 Meg in some areas with Verizon 3g and my Droid.

  • http://Website Dave


    I live in Corpus — Flour Bluff to be exact. When Sprint started their 30 day guarantee program, I got one of their laptop 3G/4G devices to test it out. At my house, the 3G signal was very strong and I was getting 1.5mbps on Speedtest, but was lucky to get .5 on 4G. I talked to a guy at the HEB Mobile store (The HEB Plus in the Bluff), and he told me theWiMax repeater was on the roof of the HEB. So I took my laptop to the Whataburger there for a test. Again, the 3G worked great, but not the 4G. I know this isn’t the phone, but aircards usually work better than phones so I’m a little leery. Of course, this could just be a Bluff thing. My friiend borrowed the laptop and used it further intown and got some decent speeds (4-5mbps at times). All that being said, I’m still considering the EVO because T-Mobile’s 3G signal is lousy once you cross the Oso, and the EVO is one great 3G phone! And the $10 ain’t nuthin when you compare unlitmited family plans with T-Mo. I’m still on contract till next April so A LOT can change by then!!

  • http://Website Steve Garon

    That 4G network is really slow. I get an average of 3.5 meg per sec in Canada with Roger. The 3g network is actually faster than my home wifi connection (which is about 3 meg). Paying 10 bucks extra for this is a rip off!

  • http://Website Steve P

    I have had my EVO for almost a week now in Kansas City, which is noy offically a complete network. However I have been able to test the 4G in different locations and have got 6.2 Mbps in one particular area. I have consistently got around 4Mbps in other parts of the city.

  • http://Website msgnyc

    3G only 600kbps?
    I just ran speedtest on my Magic on AT&T and got 4.14MB/s.
    Doesn’t sound like it’s 10x faster to me. Charging an additional 10$ ontop of the data charge for that much of a difference is blasphemy.

  • http://Website TheFiasco7

    I think the Corpus Christi area is a poor example where to test service. It should be done in an area that maximizes service of all carriers – for example, in the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast area where the top end of all services are available. Even better yet, this test should be done in several cities in different areas of the country to give a more clear picture of what’s happening nationwide on average. For example, in Baltimore on T-Mo I get 2.4 down, 755 up, ping 61 ms on a pretty consistent basis on my Nexus One. The 2.4 down is better than anything on that test, with my ping time much faster. The 755 up looks pretty median in comparison to the results here. I just think one fun of tests in south Texas doesn’t make a test worthy enough of an article for the whole community. It makes the author look more like a Sprint fanboy and less of someone who’s actually interested in seeing who really has the fastest network. Journalism at it’s worst. Sorry. :(

    • http://Website TheFiasco7

      run of tests…not “fun” of tests…my bad for not spell checking. :)

    • Clark Wimberly

      Did you miss the disclaimer right up top?

      • http://Website Trevor

        Can you guys do some digging and find out why the speeds are so bad in your town?

    • http://Website Dave

      Perhaps if the dislcaimer had been in both boldtype as well as italics, you wouldn’t have missed it.

  • http://Website Miguel

    I’m satisfied with T-Mobile 3G speeds in Providence on my Nexus One. This morning I am getting only1.71 Mbps down and 1.16 Mbps up (116ms ping). I used the app also

    However, looking at my test history, my avg speed since 5/13/2010 was around 3 Mbps down and 1.2 Mbps up.

    Obviously, I wouldn’t mind more speed (for free). But for what I use it for, it seems adequate so far.

  • http://Website mapin

    Something is not right with your t-mobile tests there, i dont think you are on hspa+.

    I’m in Philly with a t-mobile and a nexus one running Froyo 2.2 that was unofficially released last weekend. I’m getting consistent 2.5-3 Mbps download and 1.0-1.5 Mbps upload using the same app as you.

    It’s blowing that Sprint 4G out of the water!

    • http://Website anthony

      @Mapping just curious are you in a hspda + area and does your N1 show a H instead of 3g

      • http://Website mapin

        I don’t know if I’m in an HSPA+ area, but those are the speeds I’m getting. My Nexus One running Froyo shows 3G. I have not ever seen an H on there. Would it really show an H ?

      • http://Website mapin

        Ah, i just checked and the stock Nexus One Rom will NOT show an H for HSPA+. It will only show the 3G icon. You would have to root the phone and install cyanogen rom where he has enabled the “h” icon feature. So given my speeds, I say it’s pretty certain I’m on HSPA+.

        • http://Website Anthony

          Aahh Thanks so much for that info. I also see those speeds in NYC but the 3g icon threw me off Thanks again

  • themetatron

    sprint’s 4g will consistently win for now, as the numbers aren’t there to create any traffic. the number of people on tmo3g, at&t3g and vzw3g each greatly outweigh those on sprint 4g. plus tmo has to upgrade the backhaul for their towers, all tmo3g towers are capable of 7.2hspda, and some 21hspa+, but the actual coaxial lines to the towers have not been upgraded. oh and hsdpa is still gonna show as 3G by default, hspa+ will show H

    • http://Website Miguel

      My Nexus One shows “3G” at the top, despite getting 3 Mbps download speeds. So this is hsdpa and not HSPA+

      I’m confused…

      • http://Website mapin

        It won’t show an H unless you have a custom ROM like cyanogen installed. The stock N1 Rom shows 3G for both HSPA and HSPA+. Given your speeds, looks like you are on HSPA+.

  • http://Website Ivan78

    Was looking at your numbers and was wondering about AT&T, so I did a test on my N1 (2.1 still) in SF city…avg DL – 2340 kbps and avg UL – 1300 kbps. Wondering if the 2.2 update will add anything to this. Done around 7:30am…

  • http://Website c

    Did you make sure to change the server to closest city. For me the program picked the wrong city 300 miles away instead of the city I live in.

  • http://Website abi

    iam very upset with this result for tmobile i have a tmobile g1 with that speedtest app and well i want to show u i get differnt results and its a tmobile g1 here in kissimmee florida orlando how can email the results cuz iam so upset its not funny. anyone else out there test ur tmobile with the speedtest app on android market it will show different results then the ones here

  • http://Website Greg

    Thanks for the article! I’m seriously thinking about an Evo, and I will probably get it, but the slower speeds will definately deter me from the $30 extra per month hotspot. Oh, and the extra ten bucks pisses me off to. :)

  • http://Website CL

    In OC California. I have an average of 3 to 5 mbs down. at my house with my phatty G1 running almost any rom. The fastest rom I’ve tested using the same application (Speedtest) is Super D. I’ll get 4 to 5 mbs down. and 1.2 up avg. And like I said, my overclocked phatty G1 ;) is blowing out of the water any new phone in my area. I’ve tested the evo 4g in my area, it gets an avg of 2 to 3 mbs down, .8 to 1 mbs up.

    • http://Website tracerit

      we have 4G in Orange county already?!? I’m in Huntington Beach, wonder if there’s 4G here and in Irvine/Lake Forest….

      I get 1.5down/.5 up with 3G on my Touch Pro2 currently.

  • http://Website Marques

    Great Comparison, but I’d be interested to see a side by side comparison with the Overdrive card. I live in Houston Tx, and I average between 4-6Mbps. I’m really interested in seeing this because I thinking of canceling my overdrive once I activate the EVO, and add the $29 Hotspot feature. I’d also be intereseted in know weather any of you guys out there think the $29 hotspot feature is go to be worth it? I pose this question simply because, as you know once you root the device you will be able to install the wifi tether ability. So essentially all you would need to do is pay the $10 for 4G data access, and utilize the wifi tether in stead of the hotspot add on. GOOD IDEA HUH!!!

  • http://Website Tumbleweed

    Your Day 3 results have incorrect highlighting. You’re showing Verizon as the winner in all 3 tests, when Sprint 4G numbers are better than Verizon in up and downloads (but not ping).

  • http://Website Janson

    On my ATT Tilt, I’ve had increasing speeds inside my home over the last year but always exceeding 3 mbps down – usually closer to 4 and over 1 mbps up. I tether and regularly watch streaming movies and upload a camera full of photos and the network is frankly blazingly fast. I guess I should be worried about the radiation I’m getting from having an antenna in my back yard.

    I already put my deposit down for an Evo and if it doesn’t exceed what ATT is doing for me (which looks unlikely according to this test), there’s no way I’m keeping it – I’d be pissed, too.

  • http://Website iMaUser

    Just north of Philly and across the river in Jersey along the 130 corridor, 4G speeds are anywhere from 1.5mbps (going through Burlington), 2-4mbps in Florence,NJ and Bristol, Pa to over 7mbps in the city. High quality video and finally being able to simultaneously talk and use data while mobile – YES! Google Nav with Sat layer been so smooth.

  • http://Website Europe

    Oh my, the 4G network really sucks over there. Here in europe our 4G network has around 30-50mbps

  • http://Website Chad

    I used the Evo in Austin and never got over 2.5mbps. And that was only in one of the very few areas that actually had coverage (which weren’t many). Going inside anywhere usually negated that coverage.

  • islander

    ATT Nexus One getting 2.8 – 3.3 mbits down in central IL. Everyone I know that has a Droid is getting 1.0 – 1.3 mbits down.

    • HipHopIsLyfe37

      Yeah that’s because AT&T has the FASTEST 3G network, and Verizon has the MOST 3G coverage…..or so they advertise lol

  • HipHopIsLyfe37

    I honestly don’t care if I have to pay an extra $10 per month. That’s only $120 a year….that’s nothing. And I would use this as just a 3G phone even if 4G wasn’t invented yet, this phone is outstanding. The specs are unlike any phone in the industry right now. Some phones come close, but do not surpass the specs IMO

  • http://Website swazedahustla

    Like someone said earlier, it depends on where you run the test, but in areas where 4G has been established, 4G is indeed faster than anything else. Even T-Mobiles HSPA+. Of course since its still being rolled out, it may be slower in those new cities. DUH!!!! Noone puts up a network overnight and has it running at its peak. But at the end of the day, it is the fastest out in my area (Baltimore) anad obviously other places too.

    • islander

      from what I can tell this article did not compare 3G speeds on ATT to Sprints 4G. As far as I see it, Verizon/sprint is pretty lame at 1mbit; and 4G blows chunks right now if it is only 4mbits when ATT has better 3G coverage at 3 – 3.5 mbits down.

      Nexus one on ATT is the way to go – and if you really want to be Wily about it; It’s possible to pay half as much for ATT’s 3G.

  • BOB – USA

    What do you thing is the better DEAL for the Cost/Service/Plans ?

    1. The HD2 on the high-speed HSPA.2 at 5Mbps downloads


    2. Sprint EVO 4G at about 2.5Mbps downloads


  • http://Website AK

    I’m in Portland, OR. It’s midday and I am getting about 2200-2400 kbps down and 930-980 kbps up with latency of 140 ms on 4G. Dropping into 3G mode, time within 5 min, same location, I get 1000 kbps down and 600 Mbps up with latency of 175 ms. This is the average of 5 trials for 4G and 3G. I noticed that the 3G has more wild swings (500 kbps on down and 200 kbps on up) because sometimes it got up to 1200-1500 kbps download on 3G vs a more stable, consistent number on 4G (within a two hundred kbps on down and within 100 kbps on up) .

  • http://Website MO

    I’m in Boise here some results, 10pm local time 2nd floor app. hitting the Boise server.


    1.05 mpbs down 0.47 up 370ms
    1.08 mbps down 0.56 up 382ms
    0.91 mbps down 0.56 up 368ms

    4G signal not the best at my house. Usually 1 bar max.

    0.89 mbps down 0.99 up 384ms
    0.37 mbps down 0.76 up 369ms
    0.38 mpbs down 0.73 up 388ms
    0.52 mpbs down 0.93 up 335ms

    These 4G results are sadly typical for my house. Really puts a damper on my ideas of dumping my cable internet to pay the Evo’s added monthly cost.

    In 4G’s defense driving around town I can get better signal and results normally 1.5 mpbs to 2.5 mpbs. Parking today under a tower I suspect to be a clearwire unit due to my pegged signal it delivered 2.5 mbps down 1.0 up 3 out of 4 times.

  • Alex

    I don’t know what you guys are doing wrong but I get 16Mbit down and 1Mbit up on my 4g wimax connection at home.

    • Alex

      maybe wimax is less throttled then sprint’s 4g wimax?

  • http://Website Ryan Hollis

    I just tested my EVO 4G speed while in atlanta at 4:58 PM, using wired tethering on my MacBook Pro.
    4.58 MB/s down .64MB/s up 241 ping
    My phone is much faster than the articles numbers, even at peak time.

  • http://Website William

    I know on my 4G data card here in Kansas City I am getting 5.50 Mb/s. Not sure if it matters that it is not a cellphone but way better then what they are saying. Then at work my 3G speeds are right at 1.5Mb/s. I dropped my road runner, for it.

  • http://Website james

    I just tested my evo for the first time and got 6.06 download in Baltimore.

  • http://Website Jorge

    Last week I did a speed test on 4G at Walmart.

    Download: 10.46Mbps
    Upload: 0.95Mbps
    Ping: 91ms

  • http://Website brad

    Using the g2 in pa on hspa. 6.2Mbps up and .77Mbps down.

  • http://Website jc

    ya there is no doubt, Sprint continues to work on their network, as speeds in cities that it was established last year are now seeing double their initial tests. ie. Greensboro NC in 2009 was 3-4mpbs, im now getting 9mbps

  • http://Website adham

    I live in the inland empire san bernardino,ca
    And I have the Evo 4g I was wondering when ima be able to use 4g in my area..and is Sprint coming out with any other better phones in 2011 then my Evo 4 g please let me know.thank you

  • http://Website jmanpc

    I typically average 4-6mbps on Sprint 4g in Jacksonville, FL

    The 3g speeds are dismal, though. Typically about 100kbps.

  • http://Website Jovan

    I turned on my 4g today on sprint and was surprised to get some bars.. I live in Piscataway but my coverage map is New Brunswick NJ
    using I got these download results
    5.72Mbps on the 1st try very impressed
    few minutes later I was not able to come close at 5 min intervals got thesedownload results..
    2.65, .99 and 2.82 and 2.36 Mbps ;( indoors by the way
    I love sprint and my Evo but right now Im better off using wifi hotspots..
    come on Sprint I got faster 4g speeds in Nevada in the desert.. expand NJ

  • http://Website isser

    I was able to get six mbps at some spots here in vegas

  • http://www.iaxservice.euservices/index.html Website

    Somebody necessarily assist to make significantly posts I’d state. That is the first time I frequented your website page and so far? I surprised with the research you made to make this particular put up incredible. Wonderful activity!

  • Pikavippi pankkitunnuksilla

    Great read! Trying to figure out which way to go myself and this helped a bit. Thanks

  • chicken

    I altered some settings and am now downloading up to 6

  • kdr

    GETTING .5Mbs download with my Sprint HTC EVO and using it as a hotspot. Not good. Dallas Tx.

  • ATT User

    I have ATT using 3g on iPhone 3Gs. DL was 1.29Mbps UL 0.23Mbps Ping 569ms

    Does anyone have any Sprint 3G results in Phoenix,AZ area?

  • john smtih

    So I tested my Sprint network speeds through the day, today out of curiousity.

    My 3g Average Speeds Were: 0.51 Mbps Down / 0.32 Mbps Up (Avg From 8 Results)
    My 4g Average Speeds Were : 1.68 Mbps Down / 0.46 Mbps Up (Avg From 10 Results)

    The highest 4g speed I recorded out of 10 tests was 3.6 Mbps
    I had 3 bars for most of the tests.

    I don’t really use my data too often, I’m mostly on a wifi network 90% of the time. But I had NO IDEA how bad the speeds were that I’m getting.

    This article was written 2 years ago and it doesn’t look like there is any change, if anything speeds have gotten worse… Remind me why I pay an extra $10/month again?