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Sprint EVO 4G data for $10 mandatory premium

We knew special plans were being created for the Sprint EVO 4G and now we have the details. Customers can still use their Everything Data with Any Mobile, Anytime plans (starting at $69 a month), but they will be charged a mandatory (as confirmed by Sprint reps to Engadget) $10 per month “Premium Data add-on” on top of their plan.

Update: The 4G “Premium Data add-on” is optional. Multiple people at the event, including Engadget and Android Central, are reporting the $10 “Premium Data add-on” is mandatory.

John Taylor, a Sprint PR rep, has posted more details on the $10 add-on plan. “If you buy the Sprint 4G EVO, you have to pay this $10 charge each month. This is specific to the device. It’s not related to whether you are using 3G or 4G. It is required if you have the phone.”

This means the cheapest plan you can get with the Sprint EVO 4G will run you $79 per month (plus fees and taxes).

Customers who wish to take advantage of the Mobile Hotspot feature, which allows users to share 4G data with up to 8 devices, will be charge an additional $29 per month. So those who opt for internet tethering will have a monthly bill of at least $108. That is definitely one of the most expensive individual plans you can get for an Android phone, but it is hard to argue with considering what Sprint is offering.

Now that the full pricing options have been detailed, how does this effect your decision to purchase an EVO 4G?

Source: Sprint

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  • Christopher Chavez

    I’m bailing out! No Evo for me…. =/
    Only reason I was gonna switch over was cuz of a cheaper monthly bill AND an awesome 4G phone.
    Now I might not even GET 4G where I live and my bill would be the same as T-Mobile?
    Guess I’ll just give in and use my upgrade for a Mytouch Slide when it comes out… =/

    • Christopher Chavez

      Ohhhhh… The information changed.

      WHEW! 4G is optional at an extra $10 a month.

      The Evo has my heart again…. <3

      • Christopher Chavez

        Nevermind AGAIN! Hahaha…
        Sticking with T-Mo and the Slide/N1 =p

        • Clark Wimberly

          Talking to yourself?

      • http://Website alex

        the 4g usage is not optional. You’ll be able to use 4g in a 4g market or you wont be able to use 4g in a 3g market. no matter what market you are in you will still have to pay the 10 fee per month

    • http://Website Donnie

      I have pre-ordered the EVO. Because I do not live in a 4g coverage are they did not require me to upgrade my plan. Most likely I will but I have not and do not have to.

      • http://Website alex

        they will require you to use your upgrade, and you will have to pay the mandatory 10 fee. the fee is un-waivable. if you don’t want the fee but still want android there is always the hero

    • http://Website tommy Riccardo

      I went to sprint today and even though its maybe not the lowest price…for 4g brand new Iphone killer phone network its cheaper then verison and shitty At&t which is not 4g yet…or t mobile who is also maybe some time away till eventhough its almost as much as the other phone companies or more…ur getting more such as tv with no extra cost or unlimited internet instead of 3g just 69.99 calling.. ur choice…Im going with sprint=)

  • Jason Crabtree

    The 4G is optional. As in, you don’t have to pay for it if you don’t live in a 4G area.

    • Matt Demers

      But really, why would you buy the phone if it wasn’t for 4G?

      • Jason Crabtree

        Um, because the phone is awesome and Sprint has the only good service where I live besides AT&T, and we all know how they treat Android phones. I don’t understand why people keep asking the same question you asked. You think the phone wouldn’t do as well with it’s other features, if it wasn’t 4G capable? I think it would still kick ass.

      • http://Website Jaymoon

        Seriously? If you’re on Sprint, the Evo is a no brainer for an Android fan. The Hero and Moment are so outdated it’s not funny, and the Nexus One is not even an option any more. :(

        • swhall

          Just updated my “outdated” Samsung Moment with OS 2.1 and couldn’t be happier! The EVO 4G looks blazing and cool but I’m happy with my physical keyboard for now…

  • http://Website The One

    I read that the $29.99/month for the mobile hotspot was optional, but I just read the press release which stated, “A $10 per month Premium Data add-on will apply allowing customers to take advantage of a richer data experience than ever before.

    Additionally, an optional pricing add-on will turn HTC EVO 4G into a mobile hotspot connecting up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices,…..”

    Where did you read the the $10/month was also optional?

  • Killa

    I’m curious. Will the wifi hotspot feature work even if you don’t have 4G, but you have 3G?

    • http://Website alex

      the hotspot feature will work if you are in a 3g market or a 4g market. of course speeds in 4g will be faster

  • Canterrain

    We knew from the beginning that the plans would be more expensive when they didn’t announce plan pricing that day.

    That out is only ten dollars is surprising, honestly, considering the speed jump and the challenge to use as much data as you can, and with this phone you will.

    And even at 79 no company offers as many features, especially with included gps (moot I know) tv features (you may out may not use), and most importantly the ability to call any cell phone for free. No dumb circles or caring what carrier you are with.

    On the other hand if 4g isn’t in your area you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

    I’ll definitely still get the evo, but I’ll pass on the hot spot plan.

    • http://Website Jack

      The “dumb circles” that were mentioned aren’t so dumb when one has google voice. With the calling circles, a smart android user can add the outgoing line for google voice and their google voice number and get unlimited free calls to mobile and land lines!!!

      • Canterrain

        Which… you still can do on sprint.

        But with sprint you really won’t need to unless you honestly call land lines alot (perhaps for business conference calls), considering most of the U.S. has cell phones at this point it’s easy to get by with just sprint.

        And if you do need more landline minutes, google voice is there for you too.

    • http://Website Rudy T.

      I had to upgrade my plan in order to activate my son’s Samsung Moment. Sprint sold it to me as the Everything Data Family – with Any Mobile, Anytime Plan. I’m supposed to have UNLIMITED DATA on the Sprint network.

      I now want an EVO 4g. My question is: If I’m paying for UNLIMITED DATA already, how can I be charged $10 bucks a month to use MORE data?

      • http://Website bloper

        i just found out that the extra $10 bucks a month is for the hdtv viewing not the data.. so if you want to watch sprint tv is comes packed with hd quality shows that is what your paying for not 3g or 4g network

  • http://Website Ky1eChen

    Glad to see 4G is optional, but i might get it as well. As Matt mentioned, why bother to get EVO 4G w/o 4G data plan, i mean, even though the phone is cool, but, come on, we are not some superficial girl here, get good both inside and out

  • http://Website Matt

    Nexus one? more like nexus…whatttttt

  • http://Website Keatre

    At the moment, you are the only site still reporting that the +$10 is optional. Please recheck for verification. Thanks.

  • http://Website David

    I think you guys are wrong. This is from John Taylor, spokesman for Sprint Nextel on public policy issues. “There have been a TON of questions about this monthly Premium Data charge. I hope this will clear things up.

    If you buy the Sprint 4G EVO, you have to pay this $10 charge each month. This is specific to the device. It’s not related to whether you are using 3G or 4G. It is required if you have the phone.”

    Here is the link:

  • http://Website Andre

    According to Sprint Nextel spokesman John Taylor, the $10 charge is mandatory, not optional:

    “If you buy the Sprint 4G EVO, you have to pay this $10 charge each month. This is specific to the device. It’s not related to whether you are using 3G or 4G. It is required if you have the phone.

    Because the phone has a faster processor, a huge 4.3 inch screen and an 8 megapixel camcorder/camera, we expect you will be using a lot more data than you would with our other devices. These features will give you capabilities that have previously never been available on a wireless device and we think they provide a premium experience. (Remember, this is the world’s first 3G/4G Android phone.)”

    • http://Website John Doe

      “””Premium Data
      This phone can do it all and then some. Because we’ve boosted your data experience with this phone’s amazing services and features, you’ll need this add-on. Enjoy:
      A wicked fast processor to make your apps run smoother and faster on our Sprint 3G and 4G network
      Top quality media experience with oversized screen, high resolution video and HD recording
      High-quality pics to snap and share with friends and family”””

      Sprint will get sued!
      You can not charge a service “Premium Data” for something you can not offer and or own. You buy the phone which comes with the:
      Snag Dragon Processor
      Oversize screen
      Great Camera

      The $10 additional does not do anything more for you. Buying the phone out right @ $450 will give you everything Sprint is charging you for an additional $10.

      You would still be able to:
      Run applications
      Watch video feed
      Take pictures

      Without any service!

      So when is it legal to sell a customer features and functions that are not being offered. Also, not to mentioned owned by Sprint. You the owner bought the phone which came with the features.

      Users lets make a change. Please take this to the next level-
      Sprint Contact
      Adriano, Jerry – Customer Experience Executive | 913-762-8080 | [email protected] | KSOPHI0306 – 3C555 | 03503
      GARY FORSEE-CEO (703-433-4040) FAX 703-433-4352

      • http://Website Blkqwon

        I agree whole-heartedly, great phone and great features but Sprint is not only double-dipping (unlimited data is just that so you should not have to pay extra since you have a faster phone) and that faster processor is why i paid $299, its just wrong and we need to make that known to Sprint, to which we have been so loyal . TIf we wanted to pay extra then we would go with ATT or Verizon!!!

  • http://Website webby

    $10 per month upcharge for 4G is MANDATORY! Check other sites. This apparently has been verified with Sprint officials.

    This will be deal-breaker for me since I live in non-4G area that is not on the expansion list, so I’m not interested in paying for something that I will never use.

  • http://Website Ben

    $10 for 4G is a big bummer. I don’t know of a strongly compelling reason to pay for it right now so I won’t. Even without 4g, that 4.3″ screen is to tempting to resist.

    • http://Website alex

      the device has a number of different features and lest we forget that everyone in the country currently uses 3G for their connection cards so it cant be that slow. Also skype has committed to having a video chat app for android out later this year which this phone would be perfect for.

  • http://Website Matt

    So $10 will prevent you from getting an EVO? If $10 will make or break you financially, then you probably should go back to the cheapest phone you can get. A flip phone.

    • http://Website Keatre

      It’s $10 a month.. = 120+ a year = +$240 for your 2-year contract…

      • http://Website Joel

        Its still cheaper that VZ and ATT. Plus T-Mob is only cheaper off contract. Then With sprint you get Unlimited Calling to any mobile in america. Plus an uncapped 4G network. I think that i will just mow a few lawns.

        • http://Website keatre

          But making someone pay for 4G that will not see 4G for almost the entire length of their contract…? That’s $240 down someone paid that will never see that 4G sign on their phone. Is that justified?

        • http://Verizonischeaper David

          Sprint is NOT cheaper than Verizon.

          Verizon has better coverage. Sprint is only remotely competitive if you buy unlimited everything. No one needs unlimited. No one should use SMS. AIM and other apps will do SMS for free on Android.

          I just picked up an HTC Incredible on Verizon. Just as fast as the EVO, same CPU, RAM except with 8GB internal ROM. On a family plan with a basic phone, we get by for $90/mo… TOTAL.

          Sprint… can’t do it. They force you into an everything data plan for both phones, then tack on $10/mo for the EVO just because. Ends up costing a minimum of $140/mo.

          Hmmm. Lets see, $140/mo or $90/mo with better coverage.

          Gee, I’ll go with the HTC Incredible on Verizon.
          Not even close. Sprint is no where near price competitive with Verizon. Sprint keeps losing customers hand over fist for a reason…

          • http://Website LostCozJr

            Sprint coverage is almost identical to Verizon. I have been with Verizon for 8 years and work with people who have Sprint. Sprint also owns a majority of Clearwire which will be helping expand their 4G network. As for pricing, Sprint cannot be beat at the moment.

            Verizon – 700 min./Unlim. Text & Data ($135.97)
            Sprint – 1500 min./Unlim. Text, Data, TV, GPS, etc… ($103.99)
            AT&T – 700 min./ Unlim. Text & Data ($148.39)

            These prices are including the 20% discount I get through work (with all 3 carriers) so the margin is even greater at the normal rate. Plus you only get 700 min. with AT&T and Verizon and no TV or GPS unless paying more. Adding $20 for (2) HTC EVO 4G phones still comes in cheaper than the other two carriers. If anyone has information that can disprove what I have said please do so. Maybe this way we can iron out the truth in all of this.

        • http://Website McGuire

          That’s just it dude, IT IS CAPPED! SPRINT IS WELL KNOWN for banning their phones from the network and cancelling users accounts for using too much data. NO WARNING AT ALL!. The CEO SHOULD BE SHOT IN THE HEAD for theft as long with anyone below him that had the power to say no but did not. Sprint is WELL KNOWN FOR THEFT OF PHONES*meaning, they block the phones without cause*, ADDING FAKE ILLEGAL CHARGES ONTO RANDOM ACCOUNTS, and many other crimes. These people are hiding behind a corporation and think they will not one day be held accountable for their illegal actions. They think they are too big to be stopped. Maybe that shoudl be a thing that our president does next. Attacks illegal corporations and throw a lots of people in jail. If we were in china and if I was the leader. I would not even think twice to kill every single person that has illegally taken advantage of customers while thinking they were safe behind their corp.

    • http://Website Icon

      First of all you shouldn’t be passing judgment on people because they don’t want to pay the extra $10. And who r u telling them they should go back to “the cheapest phone you can get” if they can’t afford the extra $10 per month. Maybe you should just shut ur mouth. Not everybody is as fortunate as you. You really showed your true character with those comments.

      Now for me, I wouldn’t have a problem paying it, cause you are getting a higher quality experience. The hotspot feature, I would probably skip, don’t really have a use for it. But with that said, im not switching from VZW. I love my Incredible, and LTE when it launches will be the superior technology.

      • http://Website james

        from what i have read clear has the option built to switch to lte if need be.

      • http://Website jd

        Are you really that dense? Wimax is here NOW and is compatible with LTE. It’s just a simple software change.

  • http://Website GeorgeO

    Ok, fine…I will pay that extra $10 a month, but there is NO WAY I’m gonna use less than 5GB a month, so this better be a unlimited plan!

    • Canterrain

      Smartphone data plans by themselves are always unlimited. (Some have suggested going to tiered pricing with that eventually).

      There’s two kinds of plans that get 5 gig caps. Data only plans (such as for air cards) and tethering plans.

      But: Spring has announced that if you are using 4g network for these types of plans (such as with the 3G/4G aircard, and the mobileme) you will not have that data cap limit. Only if you are on 3G.

    • http://Website Ruben54321

      Sprint has always found ways to charge me extra. I just got the evo with the 69.99 m2m + 10 for priemium data + 360 activation n phone mail in rebate $150 .. My qeustion is since I had to pay for something outside of the plan ($10) is that the window in which they can charge me extra for going over 5Gbytes …knowing sprint they will

  • http://Website worldbfree4me

    Wow, what a bunch of tools.. The freakin plan is $69.99 which includes unlimited mobile to mobile, text, nav, web plus an add’l $10 for 4g.. Thats the least expensive in the industry!

    • http://Website JDL

      Its a Google OS… navigation is irrelevant considering Android has its own navigator now. $10/month kills the savings people can make from switching to Sprint.

      With Google Voice even texting is irrelevant.

      I have VZW 450 with data and text for 89.99. I got an Incredible in a non 4g area and if I dumped the $20/month for unlimited text and only used Google Voice its a $69.99/month plan.

      Same speed data. Same 8MPcamera. Same OS. Same navigation….

      Why would I even think about switching? Especially when I hear the current customers complaints.

      That isn’t even considering the fact that the CEO of Sprint denied the extra cost of the plans at CTIA!

    • http://Website joe

      I believe the $69.99 is just for talk, if you pay $99.99 you get the simply everything plain, which is unlimited talk, text, web….etc. So if you add the $10 for the EVO you’re looking $110.00 plus taxes and insurance if you get it. You’re probably looking at $120-125/per month out the door for unlimited everything and another $200 for the phone.

      • http://Website depacon

        Sprint $69.99 plan includes 450 minutes plus unlimited any mobile to any mobile minutes, data, and text.

  • http://Website LipGloss712

    My T-Mobile bill is practically $100 a month so even with the extra $10 for Sprint, my bill will still be a little chaper. The $10 would not have deterred me from getting the EVO because I am in love with this phone and since I have had the G1 since day 1, I deserve an awesome upgrade.

    • http://Website Jaymoon

      Sprint seems to be so content on pleasing “potential customers” to draw them over. Meanwhile current customers seem to be forgotten.

      Yes, compared to your T-Mobile bill, you are saving money. But what about the current Sprint user that has been stuck with a 1.5 Hero or Moment thus far? To me it seems like Sprint is “rewarding me” with a $10 higher bill each month for wanting a faster phone. No way is my town ever going to be a 4G town, so that’s not even a concern to me.

  • http://Website SpellCheck

    Should be: “will be chargeD an additional $29 per month”

  • http://Website raheenb

    Still getting phone…but they lost me with the $29/mo for tethering…would have done it for $10 or $15 but I can’t justify $350/yr for that ability…cheaper to just find a coffee shop with wi-fi :-(.

    Even if they just made it another $15 on top of the mandatory $10 for 4G, I’d be up for it…but at another $30 that’s just gouging the customer.

    • http://Website Jaymoon

      I’m fairly certain the $30 extra a month for tethering will convince a lot of users to root their phone and get the feature for free. It’ll just be a matter of time waiting for a root hack.

      • http://Website webby

        It’s not necessary to root your phone to tether.

        I have a Droid and I tether. I use the PDANet app and it works perfectly. It was a one time charge of $30 after 30 day free trial, and I will be able to use PDANet on my next Android phone, whether it is an EVO or something else.

        • http://Website Jaymoon

          Yes PDAnet makes it possible, but you must try the application “Wireless Tether For Root Users” on a rooted phone. The app turns your phone into a wireless access point that supports multiple client connections via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It’s quick, easy, and best of all FREE on a rooted phone!

    • http://Website Pax

      I can’t believe you can be that mindless. They already milk us left and right and you are justifying the price hike just because it is 4G. Their profit margin is extremely high as it is.

  • http://Website Jay

    As far as I know, 4g isn’t anywhere close to being a standard yet. Isn’t sprint’s 4g just an increase in speed? I’m more excited about LTE coming in that sprints wimax. But honestly if ten bucks a month is what’s holding you back I say go for it, just skip McDonald’s once a month and there’s your ten bucks for a kick ass phone. :)

  • Jonathan

    Anyone know if I would be able to get the EVO 4G on a data-only plan with tethering?

  • Jonathan Frederickson

    What does it mean for me? Simple. No EVO.

    I really would’ve liked the Nexus One too… =/

  • @darifresh

    like everyone else i’m shocked you would expect an extra 10 dollars from me when I won’t even have 4g in my area. I was gonna buy outright but nevermind :-\

  • http://Website Ashelee

    Well considering they can’ t the hero and moment right I think I might switch … although I want that Evo I can settle with the MyTouch slide with tmobile but idk yet June 4th I will make my decision I wouldnt mind paying the extra 10 but considering what i pay now that should be a credit on my bill

  • http://Website Fred

    Quite disappointing. Given that the Sprint CEO has been saying all along that 4G is cheaper to deliver than 3G, I was hoping for no surcharge. The idea that I’m going to use more 3G bandwidth (and hence the charge is for the device) doesn’t fly — so I’m stuck paying more for either the same 3G I have,or paying more that costs Sprint less to deliver to me.

    I’ll stick with my current Sprint plan, which is still the better deal out there. But no EVO in my future, sigh.

    • http://Website Jaymoon

      If the Nexus One were still coming to Sprint, things would be different. There would be choice. 4G capabilities (even if you could at least use it while traveling), higher video quality, video chat, etc. That would convince me of a need to pay $10 more.

      But since the Evo is the ONLY choice for an upgrade (not counting the ancient Hero and Moment), it makes you wonder if this is just Sprint milking its customers for all they can get away with.

      And on that note of choices, what other 2.1+ Android phones will be coming to Sprint besides the Evo? None this year, so it’s Evo with $10 extra each month, or an outdated Hero/Moment. :/

      • http://Website james

        verizon is dropping the nexus one also.

  • http://Website Ishy

    Weak…. A mandotroy $10 for 4g is bogus and I live in a 4g area but guess what it’s still kit worth it.

    The 4g speeds are good but really nit needed in a phone. I would have never beleived it myself but I took advantage of the 30 free trial the first day it was available in April and got the Overdrive to serve as my data on my iPhone (guess why I was testing out the 4g) and it really is only usefull when I can sit on my butt and do streaming. Well I can only do that at home m, other then that the 3g speeds are fine for usual web browsing and such. Really…. Take the test drive yourself, you can add the overdrive as a second line at no risk, you’ll most linley come to the same conclusion

  • Dee

    im just gonna go out on a limb here,….i have no idea how much it cost to operate a 4g network so w.e…
    but lets say 20,000,000 get the EVO-
    20,000,000×10=200,000,000$ right?
    with that 200mil sprint better damn well be using it to set up more 4g towers.
    i actually really dont mind but i definately want to see more bang for my buck down the line

    • jjl84

      Don’t count on it. CEOs only care about their next quarterly report, not whether or not you get 4G in two years. If they get that $10/month from you without providing a service, what makes you think they ever will give you 4G? All I’m saying is don’t dump money into a company with promises of something in the future. Only pay for something that is worthwhile at this point in time.

    • http://Website Tom C

      “That is definitely one of the most expensive individual plans you can get for an Android phone, but it is hard to argue with considering what Sprint is offering.”

      Are you serious? I see 100 or so comments that would suggest it is NOT hard to argue with.

      Sprint, like the other carriers, is milking customers as much as they can. Technology will defeat these greedy scumbags. Ask the music industry what happens when you nickle-and-dime your user base to death.

  • Dee

    well i live in a major market sooooooo its more of a waiting game for me

  • http://Website manly man

    So how mush the Evo cost!

    • http://Website manly man

      Never mind!

  • http://Website F—O–

    Lets start with the fact that CEO of SPRINT (Dan the Man) said at CTIA “there would be no extra
    cost for the plans” B—S—. CEO of SPRINT (Dan the Man) also said that 4G (wimax) was
    cheaper to to deliver then 3G; so why the extra 10/mo. premium ??? A few months ago
    my bill showed an extra 5/mo. charge (“SPENDING LIMIT PROGRAM CHARGE”) for god knows what. Talk about nickel & dime ugh SPRINT (DAN the MAN) !!! I don’t know about moron MATT
    “if $10 will make or break you financially” but I work hard for my money I prefer it stay in my
    pocket these being tough economic times and all. What is a
    cell phone ?? A TOY , BLING, A STATUS SYMBLE, people got along fine before cell phones
    now we act as if we can’t live without them; talk about marketing. Don’t get me wrong I “LOVE”
    new technology (cell phones , computers ect… ) but at what price? What price will the market
    bear ? ugh SPRINT (DAN the MAN). Your just $5 off of AT&T and Verizon at this point. You get
    a bunch of old greedy farts with a good product and they want to milk it for all they can. Never
    mind this product could bring many many new & old customers and maybe put Sprint in second or even first place (customer base). THINK ABOUT IT !!!!!

  • Anthony Domanico

    I wonder, then, if the EVO won’t be getting Froyo/Android 2.2, which has now been confirmed to include USB tethering standard

    Maybe they’ll get a dumbed down version of Froyo.

    • Anthony Domanico

      Make that USB Tethering and Wifi tethering.

  • http://Website Ken Lin

    Bummed that sprint is charging for tethering and that xtra $10 turns me off even more…

  • http://Website DavidG

    With the Evo and Sprint’s normal pricing plan, Sprint had a great opportunity to gain market share and catch up to AT&T and VZW.

    But with the added costs, it doesn’t seem likely that customers will want to jump ship from those companies just because of the Evo.

    I agree the Evo is a great phone, but the Incredible is very close and the iPhone still and always will have a large following.

    Guess I’ll hang on to my Hero for a while longer, since my plan is only $59 a month.

  • http://Website Derek

    That’s garbage. There’s no Sprint 4G within hundreds of miles of where I live, yet I still have to pay for it?

    Also, Sprint doesnt even have 3G where I live, they piggyback on Alltel’s EVDO network, so its really not 3G its more like 2.5G. It maxes out at about 400kbps.

  • http://Website swazedahustla

    I wish people would actually research things before they start whining about things. The $10 extra charge is not for 4G. Its for all the people who will be downloading things and using 4G data, so its unlimited (in the literal sense). The extra $10 ensures there is NO CAP on your services, whether 3G or 4G. You can download to your hearts content and not have any worries. To me with all the d/ling I do, its well worth it. But in all honesty, all you crying and whining about it, I HOPE you dont get it. Because that will mean less people on my 4G network and better speeds for me.

  • http://Website rocky

    $10 isn’t too bad, but i’m really unclear why they’re charging $30 a month to be able to share the connection with 8 other devices.

    i’m also confused as to why I would have to pay an additional $10 a month on top of me already subscribing to their most expensive everthing plan @ $99.99 a month. They better be waiving that $10 fee for me because otherwise, they’ll lose money from me when I drop to the 69.99 plan and pay the $10….they’d be losing $240 a year from me….a lot of other people will make this switch too, so i’m betting if those of us who have this plan just ask them to waive the $10 fee, it’s a done deal. It would be completely stupid of them not to do this.

    It’s just bunk to charge that fee if you ask me, especially since knowing Sprint and being a customer for over 10 years, even though I’m in austin in a 4G area, I already know the coverage will be mostly 3G speeds and probably rarely will I get 4G connections.

  • http://Website swazedahustla


    If you pay the $99 everything plan now, do you really need to? Im just saying because I am on that plan too, but I don’t use more than 450 minutes a month calling land line phones. So I was thinking of switching to the $69 plan for 450 minutes and unlimited everything. But now that this is announced for pretty much the same thing, ill be getting unlmited 3g/4g and wifi hotspot along with everything else for what I was paying for the $99 unlimited. So really theres not much difference in what you are paying now. And if you wanted a cheaper price, and you don’t go over 450 minutes to land lines a month, you could go with the $69 + $10 and still have unlimited everything. Just saying.

    • http://Website rocky

      you’re right. I do mostly mobile to mobile calling now, which is the only reason I’d even consider downgrading, but I’m just saying it’s dumb of sprint to try and charge those of us who are paying 99.99 a month this $10 fee. It makes no business sense whatsoever. I will absolutely downgrade my plan when the EVO comes out, if the policy doesn’t change…but the backlash over this is pretty fierce, so I have a feeling they’ll back off the fee….at least for Sprint Premier customers.

  • http://Website Wojtek

    This is not about $10,this is about a principle!
    Would You pay extra money at movie theater for 3D experience,but You watched 2D film?
    Would You pay extra at supermarket,because they told you,that they build new,better store 1000 miles away?
    Sprint use marketing to fool You.
    Shame on Sprint!

    • Dluxx99

      You aren’t getting it. The extra cost is for the extra 3g bandwidth used in markets that don’t yet have 4g. Sprint is essentially saying this phone is so advanced that it will encourage more usage on the more expensive to deliver 3g.

      The extra cost has NOTHING to do with 4g.

      • http://Website Corey

        Actually it has everything to do with 4G. I just got off the phone with Sprint customer service and they informed me that they would waive the $10 per month charge since I do not live in a 4G coverage area. They simply asked that I call Sprint customer care once I receive my phone and they will make the change to my account.

  • Dee

    IMO sprint is going to have no choice but to separate the 4g service. since 2.2 is packing tethering that means 2 things.
    A) sprint is going to outright DENY an upgrade to EVO
    B) sprint will separate the 4g services
    the people buying the EVO im sure have done their research, and if moving forward with android is going to be denied to me, my answer is simple. the phone isnt for me.

  • http://Website Gregsvo

    Verizon tried to charge people for the tethering plan for the Palm Pre Plus when it first came out. That failed, and now it’s free to tether.

    I’m hoping the same with sprint.

    Charging people $10 extra per month, even if their are NOT in a 3g area, is unfair, and will hinder the early adopters.

    Personally, I think this is a BAD choice.

    • http://Website Gregsvo

      Clarification: When I say “tether” I mean, “wireless hotspot.” Sorry.

  • http://Website Duke

    I called Sprint this morning (5/13/2010)…they said that as Minneapolis/SaintPaul currently does NOT have 4G, I would not be charged the additional $10/month premium; but when 4G does arrive in the Twin Cities later this year, I will get a letter in the mail, and the extra $10/month will be added to my plan. (Just telling you what Sprint said today).
    Getting the HTC EVO 4G……beyond awesome….best phone on the market this year!

  • http://Website Shak

    …essentially the cost of 2 phones on a shared plan are going to be :

    Phone 1 = $200 + $240 over the lifetime of the contract
    Phone 2 = $200 + $240 over the lifetime of the contract

    so its $880 for just the phones…. hmmm. ??!!

    • http://Website BOBBY

      as opposed to close to $1400, if you bought the two phones together,, flatout. the retail price is $699 for this phone at launch.

  • http://Website Irritated
  • http://Website alfie

    well this is a deal breaker for getting it on opening days. Any news as to Los Angeles 4G sites going online? Cuz I’m waiting till it comes on line first then get it

  • http://Website Darrkman

    I find the comments in here interesting. No matter how Sprint tries to spin it the extra $10 is for the 4G service. For people living in a 3G area the extra bells and whistles on this phone don’t make enough of a difference compared to other smartphones on Sprint to warrant a $10 fee. users of the Hero, Moment Pre and others have the potential to use just as much data as an Evo user but will never be hit with the fee. Now if Sprint says that the fee is for 4G usage then how do you explain that to people like myself that live in a non 4G area (NYC).

    To me this fee is the same as if your neighbor goes on a date with the hottest woman in your area. He takes her a a great nightspot and the woman is so impressed she gives him a night that he will remember for the rest of his life. However after all that YOU have to pick up the bill for the evening.

  • hermyhalloween

    hahaha. no. if it had a full physical keyboard I wouldn’t mind too much.

  • http://Website F—O–

    Someone added the cost of two phones on a shared plan;
    that equaled $880 over the lifetime of the contract.

    I might be wrong but I think the minimum plan for the evo is
    $80/mo. ( $69.99 + $10) not incl. TAX
    That equals $1,920 not incl. TAX over the lifetime of the contract

    $880 + $1,920 = $2800 DOLLARS not incl. TAX

    $2800 = two phones on a shared two year contract NOT INCL.TAX

    ……………….Hmmm. ??!!

  • http://Website Georgie

    Here is how it probably went down on the premium data charge add-on:
    1. Sprint was going to charge $10/month mandatory for the 4G usage (but it would have been unethical to charge people for 4G even if they had no coverage which would also lead to potential lawsuits)
    2. Sprint then considered $10/month optional for 4G usage (but the marketing and business clowns realized Sprint wouldn’t make much money by making it optional)
    3. Sprint decided to change the marketing from 4G usage to the “experience” or “extra usage” of this phone via its data plans, allowing them use the $10/month fee as mandatory.

    Pretty clever marketing….but will it win Sprint fans? We shall see. Yes, the EVO will be a hit, but would it have been as a big hit to really surge forward against ATT and VZN? I think not.

  • John


    The $10 fee is MANDATORY on the EVO whether you have 4G in your area or not. I was so excited about getting the EVO and in fact I was the first to to Pre-ordered one at my local Best Buy yesterday and I am sure won’t be the first or last to cancel that pre-order out of principle. I live in NYC and we don’t have 4G so I am canceling my order because in principle, Sprint is ripping people off. I’m a 16 yr. sprint customer w 4 lines and a USB Broadband card. I’m becoming a new Verizon customer soon after my contract expires and getting the Palm Pre Plus that comes with the MiFi feature FREE and no mandatory $10/month complete robbery Sprint fee since I don’t even have 4G in my area. It’s a matter of principle. Sprint is robbing it’s loyal customers and making new Verizon customers. Just my 2 cents.
    People, please read this with an open mind: you may be a loyal fan of Sprint (I myself am a loyal customer for 16 yrs) but please stay objective and realize that Sprint is RIPPING you off! The $10 Fee again is MANDATORY whether you live in a 4G area or NOT! Sprint is ARBITRARILY charging it’s most enthusiastic base…the early adopters a fee that is completely unjustified because if you don’t live in a 4G area and therefore DO NOT have 4G service, why are you being charged a $10 surcharge just because you are an enthusiast and want the latest and greatest phone???? Sprint is holding all enthusiasts hostage! Furthermore, Verizon includes it’s MiFi functionality on the Palm Pre Plus for FREE!!!! Sprint wants to nail you for $30 plus TAXES! and the $10 MANDATORY fee! Wake up!!!!! You are being ROBBED!!!!! Please write to Sprint and let them know that as loyal Sprint subscribers and enthusiasts, please don’t rob us Sprint!

    • http://Website alvin

      Reason why i’m wont buy evo as of yet. Android 2.2 is just around the corner. this os is apparently more superior than current android 2.1; namely faster (450% faster, usb tethering, ‘i’ll be able to avoid the $30 fee’, and will allow apps to be saved on external microds chip).

    • http://Website Corey

      Try talking to Sprint yourself before making untrue accusations. I just talked to Sprint Customer Service and the rep informed me that my $10 per month fee for 4G would be waived because I do not live in a 4G market (greater Boston area). I felt the same as you did when I found out that the data plan was “mandatory.” However, Sprint has always been quick to satisfy the customer and they continue to stand true to this policy.

    • http://Website alex

      4G is set to be released in NY this year. by the time you get tired of you palm pre plus and want another phone you will be surrounded by 4g and regret.

  • http://Website BOBBY

    i dont know why everyone is freaking out about the whole tethering thing. its an android phone, come on. There are apps for this, if your really worried about just get PDANET.

  • http://Website plainbrad

    I sure won’t be jumping over to Sprint with that price gouge.

  • http://Website Sin City

    When I first seen the tweet that the EVO 4G was $199, I was so amped. A few seconds later, Simultaneous Voice + Data confirmed over 4G, and I was on the moon. Something just screamed at me that this is too good to be true, and what happens next? $10 mandatory fee to use the EVO no matter what. Back to Reality. I’m still waiting to see if a EPRP could be used for the phone, and just add the $10 fee, and if my plan isn’t valid, I’ll just have to wait for something else. The fact that 4G won’t be activated in NYC till 4Q is what makes it worse. I wouldn’t mind the extra $10 then.

  • http://Website Rex

    The Evo just made sprints plan the most expensive in america. Evo is nice but monthly rate not convincing enough to buy phone.

  • http://Website Brian

    OK So Sprint pretty much F.U.B.A.R’d this. So i’ve been a long time sprint customer and have a friggin htc touch. Yea the very first piece of crap touch they made. I’ve been waiting for sprint to make a move on a next gen phone and they finally do it. BUT they tend to be leaning more towards bringing in new customers which is understandable because they need it. Yea its cheaper for all you new people but what about us LOYAL sprint customers??? Our bills get raised??? NO THANKS….and your excuse for the mandatory 10 bucks is that i’ll be using more data??????? Ummmm prolly not since I dont get 4G here anyway. Now I can understand if I was in a 4G market, then hell yea i’ll be blowing that 4G up, but sadly Im not. SO ONCE AGAIN. SPRINT FAILS

  • http://Website depacon

    If you guys don’t like the $10 that Sprint will jammed down your throat for the EVO, then go to AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile bend over and get reamed for a mandatory $30 for their smartphones.

    • http://Website JohnN1980

      please read my Sprint unlimited Vs Verizon unlimited with wireless tethering for 5 computers above. Sprint $140 ($99.99 “Simply Everything” + $10 Evo Fee + $30 Tethering) vs Verizon ($69.99 Unlimited talk + $20 Unlimited Text + $30 Unlimited Data) before telling people to go else where bend over. We LOYAL SPRINT CUSTOMERS are getting the raw bending over treatment by Sprint! Let’s stop attacking each other and united and tell Sprint to stop bending us over and giving it to us raw. Stop Sprint corporate greed not intelligent academic discussions among board members.

      • http://Website alex

        if were having an academic discussion then lets be realistic. to add the tethering fee into a price comparison is silly since u know there will be an app for that. Moreover, the 29.99 fee for the hotspot will allow sprint customers that have cell phones and connection cards to let the connection cards go giving them an overall savings if one opts to pay the 30 fee even when the 10 fee is brought into the picture. Lastly if you happen to be in a 4G area (which most of us are not) you’ll finally be able to talk on the phone and access data at the same time on sprint.

  • http://Website BOBBY

    yeah $80 for an unlimited plan is cheap. iphone cost my friend $115 a month for 450 min, unlimited text/data, and the iphone charge… And sorry to say the Iphone is out of date, especially compared to this phone. You would have to be blind if you cannot see that (just read the specs). Sprint is offering a great deal. I get 1500 min, unlimted everything, shared 2 phones. $130 a month. $150 now with the newly $10 charge. Thats still way less cheaper, than a no unlimited plan for an Iphone with two lines. (only reason I am comparing Iphone is because I dont know much about Verizon). And sorry to say this but AT&T service doesnt have anything on Sprint service (I had them for 1 year before cancelling!!!) . I travel ALOT, and in the 2 years Ive had them, Ive maybe dropped a total of 3 calls. Great deal! Hopefully Sprint stays on top and actually markets this phone (so far just a lot of internet hype) because this device is the best thing to happen to them in a long time. Haters are going to hate. but its about time a new technology is being seen over the iphone. Iphone has been out dated for a year now, and the 4g Iphone will only make its speeds comparable to Sprint or Tmobiles 3g speeds. lol. have fun Iphone fan boys, with your ooberly over priced, device of the past!!!

  • http://na Indiana

    There are a few things that bother me about the whole thing.

    #1 – How can you legally charge a mandatory fee for something you actually cannot provide?
    I will probably never see 4G in my area but I will be charged for it. That is like buying a GM car that is not equipped with OnStar but still having to pay for it because other models have it…..

    #2 – When Sprint announced 4G publicaly they stated it “would be free”. Now they say that they are going to charge for it?????

    #3 – I have the outdated OS on my HTC Hero although other carriers are updated. The sad part is that this and the outdated Moment are the only other alternative to the Premium based EVO. The new trend is the larger screened Android devices. If other carriers continue to update phones and software and Sprint leaves you with a Premium fee on their flagship phone were does that leave Sprint in the not so far future?

    I was considering leaving Sprint till I heard they were bringing the EVO to their market. Now my thoughts are to leave once again after all of the Sprint BS has shown its ugly face. Are they going to now charge a premium for updates? Are they going to start charging a monthly premium on all of their new phones?? Advertise a price for one plan then charge more for something they cannot even offer to over 90% of the customers. Shame on you Sprint for playing the greed game!!

  • http://na Indiana again

    Forgot to add that the 4G and extra usage is free?? Here is the CEO of Sprint telling all about the “free” 4G and usage.

  • http://Website John

    Do the math all the fanboys and fangirls.

    Sprint: “Simply Everything” Plan $99.99 (what a joke) + $10 Mandatory Rip Off Fee + $30 “hotspot” fee = $140/mo plus taxes and fees for ONE Evo phone

    Verizon: Unlimited talk to land/mobile $69.99 + Unlimited Text Messaging $20 + Unlimited Data Plan $30 = $120/mo for truly unlimited everything including the “hotspot” capability on the Palm Pre Plus for up to 5 computers from the NUMBER #1 Cellular provider in the country with the most comprehensive coverage as opposed to Sprint’s far far third place position and dismal customer service records.

    geez… be a fan but be intelligent and know what you’re getting…. RIPPED OFF by SPRINT!!!! If you’re cool with it because you want the EVO, by all means, buy it. But please stop with the rationalizations and belittling of people about how incredulous you are that they want the “hotspot” which Verizon provides for FREE to it’s valued customers & take a bending over by Sprint a smile.

  • http://Website John

    I think Sprint is blowing it big time. I have been a loyal Sprint customer for 16 years (4 personal lines, 1 business “Simply Everything Plan”, 1 broadband usb card) and I feel very slighted and ripped off. I live in NYC and there is no 4G or “enhanced experience” Sprint is now $20/mo more expensive than Verizon if you compare 2 unlimited talk/data/text w wireless tethering.

    I am updating my work phone to the EVO so I will do a price comparison for everyone to see.


    $99.99 “Simply Everything Plan” + $10 Evo Fee + $30 “hotspot” or wireless tethering fee = $140.00/mo plus taxes/fees


    $69.99 Unlimited Talk + $20 Unlimited Text Messaging + $30 Unlimited Data Plan = $120.00/mo plus taxes/fees

    Sprint is $20/mo more costly if you do an apples to apples comparison for 1 unlimited talk/data/text phone

    I am a “fanboy” myself and will probably end up taking the bending over by Sprint with a forced grin but will no longer be a loyal customer. I will jump ship as soon as my contract expires and one of the other providers have a better product. I believe Sprint is being unethical and unworthy of customer loyalty.

  • http://Website Joe

    I’m an old time Sprint (Nextel) customer, and I have no desire to change my current plan. I am hoping Sprint will let me upgrade, I will pay the additional $10.00 a month, but wouldn’t spend teh @30 a month for using the phone as a hotspot. If they force me to change plans, I’ll stay with my HTC Touch Diamond (EnergyROM WM6.5).

  • madboots

    I was just told by Sprint customer service that the $10/mth is only required if you have 4G in your area. Otherwise, not, but you will be able to purchase temporary 4G service when you travel into covered areas. WOOT although I’d rather pay and have 4G in my area. Fingers crossed

  • http://Website Brian

    I say we boycott phones and start using pagers LOL. I still cant get over his excuse for the 10$ charge. “using more data” WTF ARE U TALKIN BOUT!?!? I cant use more data than whats available running 3g! If I had 4g then of course I would use more data than on 3g but I DONT HAVE 4G and never will! F*** your mandatory fee!!! GIVE ME 4G AND I’LL GIVE U MY 120$ A YR.

  • http://Website hanibal

    if you cant afford the10 fee get a job that offers a discount with sprint. heck, my credit union membership entitles me to a 10% discount on my acct. if your at 69.99 + 10 – 7.99 only equals a an increase of 2.01 over the 69.99 fee. of course this wouldn’t help you on the simply everything plan cause sprint wont discount that one

  • Tom Secreto

    Well I can not say I am happy to pay an extra $10 a month but I am still getting the EVO Friday morning. I think the total package has the value and when I go to Miami and NY I will be able to use the 4G this year.
    I will add that Sprint should consider if it is worth making people angry or taking as much market as they can as quick as they can since this industry moves real fast. If Sprint were to modify their plan on adding the $10 to either $0 (maximum benefit to gain more customers) and then either charging &10 for the 4G service OR add the $10 as an option to the router package.
    Pretty simple the customer pays no additional charge for the EVO at inception, when a customer wants to add the hotspot (router) feature they pay the $29 per month with a feature charge for the 4G hotspot. This would make sense to any customer because the value of having a 4G hotspot is unquestionable and it would make it that much more difficult to compete with. Even the iPhone and Mac people might get an EVO.

  • http://Website Rob

    Fine.. I’ll accept all that sprint and you guys are saying. But what about this. The phone is a phone! I can move to ANY phone I want and still have the same plan. The catch is that 4g can consume a LOT of bandwidth.

    If it’s BECAUSE of the DATA then why do they MAKE you buy a DATA plan? What if you disable internet on my phone then? What if I just buy a voice plan? Why am I still forced to? If it’s VOICE only and DATA is what they are charging extra for….I’m really only “Leasing” a phone I BOUGHT from them… even if I paid the full price and OWNED the phone!!!! It’s a tax which I have a problem with.

    You goto » and it’s DOWNLOAD, DOWNLOAD, DOWNLOAD. No where does it say ANYTHING about voice.

    Early adopters DO pay. That is fine. Just like HD required more bandwidth as well. So it SHOULD cost more. Hell, I ordered it! I loved it. HD provided VALUE!!!

    With the EVO you are FORCED to order it and CANNOT receive it without a large expense..IE MOVING to another city that has it.

    I think baiting them with one of the best phones ever released to get them to buy a service they cannot use is wrong. The phone and the service should remain separate.

    They tell me EVERY DAY how much data I use (*3) and you’re telling me they can’t cap me? Cap me then. I use about a meg a month.

    Hell, just like someone was explaining before with the different tears of internet service. Even if I HAVE 4g.. they could CAP me to 3g speeds so it WOULDN’T MATTER!!!!!!! if I used 3g or 4g. Or heck, deny me access to the 4g towers entirely.

    I too am OUTRAGED and I’m glad I’m out of contract with Sprint. I’ll buy an EVO outright, hack it (It’s already been rooted) and pop it on Verizon or T-mobile where they don’t STEAL from people.

  • http://Website Joe

    This is the exact reason why I left ATT. Why would I pay just to have a certain phone? It is not just $10 as everyone thinks, it is $240 extra over a two year contract. In the end you have a $440 phone that is nothing more than a high-end Hero.

  • http://Website Average Jane

    So I am not sure who Sprint’s financial director is, but its seems like Sprint will take a financial loss by charging prospective users the $10.00 fee.Too bad no one from sprint will read this

    Lets say there are 500,000 persons interested in the EVO @ $70.00 (I have rounded the numbers to make this easier). With a 24 month contract that would equate to 840,000,000 over two years, plus 100,000,000 in phone sales.

    500,000 x 70.00 x 24 = 840,000,000 + (500,000 x 200) = 940,000,000.

    Now lets say they charge the extra 10 dollars. How many potential candidates did they lose? I measured it at 10%, 15%, and 20%. I would assume the numbers would be closer to 15%, but that is just a guess.

    @ 10% 450,000 x 80 x 24 = 860,000,000 + (450,000 x 200) = 950,000,000 (they have a gain of 10 million)

    @ 15% 425,000 x 80 x 24 = 816,000,000 + (425,000 x 200) = 901,000,000 (that is a lost of 39 million)

    @ 20% 400,000 x 80 x 24 = 768,000,000 + (400,000 x 200) = 848,000,000 (that is a lost of 92 million)

    As you can see above, Sprint does have a 10 million dollar gain at a 10% loss of possible customers, but that number will be squashed once people buy accessories. In fact, that 10 million mark will most likely be surpassed quickly.

    With Sprint already on the edge of bankruptcy, it would seem as though the logical answer here (based purely on numbers) would be to not charge the extra 10 dollars.

  • http://Website Jess

    So, the $10 charge is for the “privilege” of using the phone? If you already have unlimited data and call plan, why pay that extra $10 a month, because you might use 1kb or 1000mb? It should not matter how much Is used, because you already playing for an unlimited amount. Sounds more like an excuse to make an extra $240 after the 2 year contract, which is the cost of the phone to begin with. Please do correct that comment if It’s wrong.

    Also, ,if they say it’s for the 4G, it does not apply to all cities, so if yours does not have it, why would you have to pay for 4G.

    Lastly, $10 for the following:

    * A wicked fast processor to make your apps run smoother and faster on our Sprint 3G and 4G network
    * Top quality media experience with oversized screen, high resolution video and HD recording
    * High-quality pics to snap and share with friends and family

    Why? When you buy the phone, it already has all of those feature, what are they charging for??

    Why? IF you buy the phone, it already has all of them

  • http://Website Eric T.

    I’m going to beat this dead horse to a pulp until Sprint stops the nonsense!

    This $10 fee is an affront to Sprint users. It is ridiculous to think I have to pay $120/year, forever, just because this phone is faster. Within 6 to 8 weeks, HTC is releasing similar, and faster, versions of this phone to other carriers. So, the EVO will no longer be faster and “richer”, yet that $10 fee remains forever. You will repay your “loyalty” discount over the two years of the contract, and then you will continue to pay an extra $10 as long as you own this phone.
    It makes no difference how much data you use now or then. This $10 is a premium for the phone itself… hardware. Sprint says as much. So, don’t try to sell me on this $120/year fee to use a phone that won’t be “special” in another month’s time. It would be fine if it were a limited fee, or if it was to pay for 4G, or anything specific but Sprint just sells it as a nebulous “richer experience” fee. Common Sprint!! Retract this nonsense fee and you’ll get plenty of takers!

  • http://Website Eric T.

    Please, everyone who disagrees with this nonsense, write to Dan Hesse, Sprint CEO:
    [email protected]

    Call Dan Hesse’s office:

    Also write to HTC:

    Write to the FCC and complain:

    Join the “Explain the fee” facebook page:!/explainthefee

    Voice your concern over at “Explain the fee”:

  • NotHappy

    My understanding the $10 “Premium Data” is for navigation and Sprint TV etc. features on the phone and not for the 4G network. The problem with the Premium Data charge is the customer may not want it until going on vacation so by Sprint requiring the customers to have it will be extra revenue for Sprint. The customer mind as well use it since he/she is being charged monthly for it. If Sprint didn’t have the unlimited data they would not be able to required customers to have the “Premium Data” because the plan required internet access.

  • http://[email protected] justcurious

    The EVO is very cool. And even after reading all of the previous posts about Sprints $10.00, 4G fee ; this device is still almost irresistible to me. I ended my long term relationship with Verizon who btw has great customer service and coverage. Verizon plan’s became too pricey for me. Next I tried Boostmobile (a Nextel, and Sprint IDEN network), and never could get reception.
    Now I’m considering signing a contract with sprint and buying a HTC EVO.
    My QUESTION is with the “Sprint Everything Data 450 plan” plus the $10.00, 4G fee, can one still receive any of the discounts sprint offers to their customers? If 4G EVO users can, I would only be paying $40.05 a month. Any info about the quality of your sprint service, or an answer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ppl.

  • Noland bawer

    Sprint have’s a bad rep.I can’t see no one investing For sprint .I’ll go with cricket before I
    Go with sprint.but I have an iPhone

    As for that evo. It just a wanna be iPhone

  • http://Website RandalR

    Making people pay $10 extra for 4G even if they can’t utilize it or don’t want it…

    Does your ISP charge you more if you have a faster computer?

  • http://Website auggy

    I just purchased this awesome phone. It is fantastic! Maybe the 10 charge is for the awesome apps that you can get through android market for free!…No other phone I have used can compare to this phone. Other phones you have to pay for games and apps..there is no limit to what you can download on your evo..and best feature it is free. Ringtones, games, apps, books. Has a can use blockbuster, and so many other fabulous apps. 35,000 to choose from.
    and the new evo with slide qwerty …
    Voice activated search and I also use voice to text with. few kinks to work out with the voice and text..but I LOVE MY EVO 4G

    • samala

      except sprint didnt build all those awesome apps. they are open source and sprint is taking advantage of it

  • http://Website Jermaine

    ok so I know the $10 per month for the Premium Data is mandatory but what about the $15 per month for the Sprint Data Pack? can that be waived?

  • cheap term life

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  • rio

    I’m switching! I thought my Sprint bill was ok till I got the EVO. Now its way over the top!! My bill was $130 before the EVO, but now because of insurance and an extra data plan my bill is $186! Man, don’t talk about the hidden fees! Forget this, I’m switching to someone else!