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Sprint EVO 4G hacked before release, Froyo coming next?

HTC is our favorite handset maker because their devices have traditionally been the most hackable. As Motorola put it, if you want an Android phone for experimenting with Android system development and re-flashing custom ROMs, then buy HTC.

Google and Sprint handed out 5,000 HTC EVO 4Gs at Google I/O and it only took a few hours effort for developers to gain root access to the device. The three person team of Matt Mastracci, ozzeh, and Joshua Wise have released a few screens and videos of their hack, but have yet to detail the process.

This hack is worth mentioning because the EVO does not go on sale till June 4th. The device will ship with Android 2.1, but at this rate I would not be surprised if the development community back-ports Android 2.2 months before HTC sends out their official release. Google has yet to release the source code for Android 2.2, so it could be a few weeks, but keep an eye out for an upcoming release.

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  • schwiz

    woot! I had be favoring my nexus over my evo because it had 2.2 on it

  • http://Website Rodrigo

    I received the Evo at IO and I must say that it is a nice piece of hardware. The problem is that is full of crappy Sprint applications running on background. I just want to get rid of them. Ill root my new Evo and install stock Android on it.

    Spanish translation SUCKS BADLY. But just on the EVO, not on the N1.

    • zer0her0

      Yea, I really like the Evo, don’t like the Sprint software, and to a certain extent the Sense UI stuff. Rather have a stock Android experience. Wish google required it to be easy to switch back to stock Android on all devices.

      • http://@bkbonner bkbonner

        You can remove HTC Sense as the default action for the home button. Go to manage apps, then choose clear defaults. Then you can set launcher as the default.

        • http://Website MJ

          Yes You Are Correct

  • E-man

    The Incredible needs as root!

    • http://Website brad

      theoritically the incredible should be able to be rooted bu the same exploit consideribg its already out n cant be patched

  • http://Website Daniel

    The comparison with Motorola is really unfair here. The only “officially hackable” phones are the ADPs and N1, so the Evo being by HTC has nothing to do with it. They just found a flaw in the system, just like people found one on the original Droid and, later, another on Milestone.


    It’s been amazing seeing how the Evo has made a mark in the community. Since the files where shared Ive been making themes for it so once it gets rooted we have different designs for everyone to enjoy. I’ve been an android fan since the vogue got the OS working via sdcard. I look forward to the unlimited possibilities and fellowship with the Evo and android.
    Be safe!
    G :-)

  • http://Website MaxOmus

    Great news! Glad to see root basically is out of the way,(no waiting around forever like the sprint hero) can’t wait to see what the community pumps out for the Evo, looks like we will hit the ground running…

  • Canterrain

    I knew this wouldn’t take long, but that was fast.

    With rooting, and root wireless tether, I can see even less sales for the 30 dollar a month option.

  • http://Website jay

    this phone is very difficult idk how to video chat