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Sprint EVO 4G preview of Android 3D games

Reading over the comments across the site, it sounds like the Sprint EVO 4G could be the first Android phone purchased by a lot of people (on Sprint). Since there are a lot of new potential Android owners out there, we wanted to cover all the basics of Android and show you everything the EVO could do.

One of the most requested things that people wanted to see was games so I filmed a quick video showing off the best Android 3D titles. In the early days of Android games were seriously lacking, but that has completely changed now thanks to great developers like Gameloft, Polarbit, and Com2US.

All of the titles I demonstrate are paid ($3-6), but there are still a lot of great free titles in the Android Market. If you want the best 3D games though, you will have fork over a couple of bucks. Most of the games shown in this video can be purchased directly from the Android Market, except for the Gameloft titles which are sold through

When it comes to purchasing games, I would recommend the Android Market first. Users get a 24 hour trial period that allows them to refund a game if it doesn’t live up to their expectations. Users can also download the games to as many devices as they want that are linked to the same Google account that was used to purchase them.

Gameloft on the other hand only allows you do download a title a single time and does not offer a refund after the game is installed. If you switch devices or have to wipe your phone, then you will have to purchase the game a second time to re-download it. This policy is pretty lame, but they currently have the best games that Android has to offer.

Future EVO videos will cover video recording samples, two-way video calling, and HDMI out capabilities. If you want to request an EVO video, please leave a comment.

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  • Kien

    I want this phone so bad, but it’s exclusive to Sprint and I’m on T-mobile! The only other phone that I like by HTC is the HD2, but it runs WinMo (what were they thinking?). My next phone will be an Android phone, but I’m just gonna wait til the fall to see what new Android phones comes out. I love Android and even made a fan commercial:

    • Mike Leahy

      I’d expect Flash performance to be the same as the N1 with FroYo when the EVO 4G is updated. I haven’t done the manual FroYo install yet, but will likely do that now that I’ve established the EVO 4G to be pretty much the same as N1 w/ 2.1. IE I’d like to make some videos pre/post FroYo, but both devices should effectively be the same minus the capping I mentioned in another post in this thread..

    • http://Website Andi Nicole

      If you are interested in trying out the E.V.O. and Sprint, you have thirty days to make a decision. If the network, services, or phone do not suit you, feel free to cancel without usage charges. They call this the “Sprint Free Guarantee.” If you return your device, you can receive a full refund.

      If you are interested in a new line of Service I can assist you in avoiding the long lines at the stores in addition to some exclusive savings. Mention this web page and I will automatically waive shipping and activation on new lines of service.

      I am a Business Agent with Sprint. I can offer you my Sprint I.D. if needed. i am more than happy to answer any questions you may have. PLEASE ask for me when you call in.

      Andi Nicole
      Sprint Business Consultant
      877-815-7840 Ext. 2685
      [email protected]

  • http://Website Wes

    Wow, those look great, I wonder how hard Nova is to control though. I was thinking of buying a psp again,but if developers keep putting effort into making good 3d titles for android I may reconsider. Great job with the quick demo

    • SpykeZ

      Nova runs great on the motorola droid but god, as far as controls go it’s an extreme pain in the butt to get used to em. having to keep swiping your finger across the screen to turn around really kills it lol. If you can master it, it’s not too shabby.

      If you want a fun game for the android look for dungeon hunters, it’s by the same makers of nova

  • LoveToText

    WOW!!! Nice review…This is another reason why I want the EVO phone so bad.

  • mdbray

    I’m going to preorder mine from Best Buy today!

    Can you post a quick little video about how searching the calendar works in Sense UI. This is one of the big issues for me and a substantial reason why I’m making the switch to the EVO 4G (along with the 4.3″ screen and the fact that Tampa is going to be going 4G this summer).

  • http://Website Miguel

    “could be the first Android phone purchased by a lot of people”

    You may want to re-word considering the spectacular sales figures of the Droid and Droid Incredible. G1 sales were not too shabby either.

    I assume you meant Android phones purchased on Sprint.

    • mdbray

      I agree Miguel. I think this has a chance to steal some major sales from another HTC device: The DROID INCREDIBLE.

      I really like my DROID but the EVO 4G has got it outgunned in horsepower, not to mentionthe Sense UI is great and Sprint’s plan pricing with unlimited calls to ANY cell/unlimited texts + 4G capabilities. AND the Incredible is experiencing shortages…

  • David Shellabarger

    The maxTouch screen is suppose to be able to work with gloves right?
    I’d love to see you demo that if it works.

  • Mike Leahy

    I am a dev working on real time app / game middleware and I just got my hands on an EVO 4G yesterday and noticed that the CPU / event system limiting that reared it’s head in the Droid 2.1 update for 2D performance is now in effect for 3D OpenGL ES rendering at least on the Java side. Both Android 2D and 3D OpenGL ES is limited to 30 FPS. From what I understand it’s a config setting of the ROM/firmware itself and can only be overcome with root / custom ROM. This is very noticeable from the most basic 3D example (spinning cube) when comparing between the N1 running at 60FPS and the EVO 4G running at 30 FPS.

    I understand that battery life is a big issue, but I do believe that each app should have the ability to use the full functionality of the device and this includes 60 FPS rendering as it makes a difference for real time apps / games and such. An option say in the battery section of the settings to uncap the event system / rendering for all apps or limit all apps would be appropriate so gamers or those interested in full performance can easily make the switch. IE ship it with the cap in place but make an option available for users to uncap easily. Just like being able to turn off 3D or GPS to conserve battery there should be a similar option for FPS / rendering capping.

    I haven’t tested NDK / native apps with and FPS display, but it does seem that all Java based 2D & 3D apps have this limitation now enabled by default.

    On multitouch. This is the best hardware so far I’ve held in hands for an Android device, but there is 250-400ms latency in response and this is most evident when making circles with 1 finger. Try the “Multitouch Visible Test” from the market to see this. Also you can have phantom touch points by leaving / not moving one finger and releasing the 2nd and the 2nd touch point will remain until the 1st finger moves/updates. Overall these problems are less severe than the N1 hardware limitations.

    Almost there…

    2 things:
    A) User settable throttling of the event / rendering system to cap/uncap all apps
    B) Still better touch hardware needed.

  • http://Website l3reak

    Man, you guys are pros. This site has some of the best Android coverage out there, very in-depth, accurate, and insightful.

  • http://Website Bobo

    Woah! Assassin’s creed lagged real bad on the Evo :O

    I’ve never had that kind of lag on My Droid.

    • http://Website penguin :D

      thats because gameloft hasnt worked out all the kinks in for qualcomm format

  • http://Website Dr.Evo

    None of these games, in fact, no games from Gameloft at all, are supported on the HTC Evo 4G. Don’t buy them. If you do, and they don’t work, you’re screwed. They won’t refund your money.

    • http://Website penguin :D

      its supported but still dont buy it on any android with qualcomm until gameloft formats it. probably not too long

  • http://Website SHO_ONE

    Taylor Wimberly, Dr. Evo…

    How is it that the games are not supported…. Taylor how did you get NOVA on your EVO? I’ve been over to the gameloft site and it seems that the download is for the Droid only…. Verizon is the only selectable carrier… should I simply select Verizon and move on or have things changed… On another note…. has gameloft removed or modified there DRM policy to include multiple installs as they claimed they would a week or two ago?

    I really wanted to download Modern Combat and Nova, could you tell me what you think of the game / game play and if you’d recommend them? Thanks.

    • http://Website Derek V

      I dont know if anyone responded to your question, but after alot of internet research I found how to download the games that you cant directly through your phone. Go to Gameloft and sign up for an account with your credit card. Then you choose the game you want to purchase, in this case NOVA, choose the carrier and phone model (evo), then confirm the purchase. A download link will be sent to your phone and you can connect and download it via that. For some reason you cant use the gameloft hd menu you install on the phone to download. Hope that helps.

  • http://Website FooWho

    These games look great, but I go to the Gameloft website and the only carrier you can choose is Verizon. How did you get these games for the EVO on Sprint?

  • Addictive Games

    That’s a fact that 3D games always appeal human eye but if we see it logically the truth is they damage the battery age and the space of any android devices. That is why usually people look for addictive games in 2D and smart developers are developing highly addictive apps in 2d like Sky Traffic Route or Angry Birds.